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leagueguideA)    Dispersal Draft

1)    If a Dispersal Draft is needed, all Carded and Non-Carded Players, as well as all draft picks, belonging to the franchises involved, will be placed in the Dispersal Draft Pool.

2)    The order of selection will be determined randomly by the Commissioner’s Office.

3)    The draft order will snake through the rounds (example- Team 1, Team 2 then Team 3 will pick in Round One, then in Round 2 the order will reverse with Team 3, Team 2, and then Team 1 picking).

4)    The draft will continue until all players and draft picks have been selected.

5)    Dispersal Draft picks are eligible to be traded during the draft ONLY and ONLY to Dispersal Draft Owners.

(a)   A pick may be traded to ONLY a team, participating in the Dispersal Draft.

B)    Pre-Season Draft

1)    The pre-season draft will be at a time determined by the Commissioner, after checking with a majority of the league members.

2)    The draft will consist of 20 rounds.

(a)   Each Franchise will be given 1 pick in rounds 1-12, which they can trade at their discretion.

(i)    Draft Picks starting in Round #13 may not be traded.

3)    There are no minimum or maximum number of draft picks that can be owned by a Franchise.

4)    The Draft Order will be in reverse order of the team’s record from the previous season – with the exception of round #1, based on the Lottery (see below).

5)    The draft will be under a Lottery based System consisting of 105 Balls.

(a)   The team with the worst record will receive 14″balls”

(b)   The second team would receive 13 “balls”

(c)   All the way down to the team with the best record among non playoff teams – who would receive 1 “ball”.

(d)   The lottery would commence by pulling for the first 3 draft positions only.

(i)    So the team with the worst record could not receive a place in the draft lower than 4th – if that team’s “ball” was not selected in the first three picks.

6)    The Lottery Adjusted Rounds will only apply to rounds 1 only.

(a)   Rounds 2 thru 20 will be solely based on reverse order of the team’s record from the previous season.

7)    The draft may last past round 20 for any team below the season starting 38 man roster limit.

8)    The ten playoff teams will draft in the last eight positions based on the following criteria, regardless of record.

(a)    24th – World Series Winner

(b)   23rd – World Series Loser

(c)    22nd – LCS Loser with better record

(d)   21st – LCS Loser with worst record

(e)    20th – Division Series loser with best record

(f)    19th – Division Series loser with 2nd best record

(g)   18th – Division Series loser with 3rd best record

(h)   17th – Division series loser with worst record

(h)   16th – Wild Card series loser with better record

(h)   15th – Wild Card series loser with worst record

9)      The order for ties will be determined by teams’ HOME record for the previous season – with the team with the better HOME record drafting first.

10)  The Commissioner will post the Draft Order prior to Draft Day. This includes information on all traded draft picks as available at time of the draft.

11)  ONLY un-owned CARDED players currently on the current MWWL ‘disk’ will be eligible for drafting.

C)    Waiver Draft

(1)    There is NO Waiver Draft.

1996 MWWL
11:00 PM ET