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Chicago Demolition @ California Quakes

Chicago DemolitionPreviewCaliforniaQuakesOne solid American League contender & one American League pretender show off in a Division Series that could be over quickly.

GAME #1 – Gio Gonzalez 7-13 (4.92) vs. Alex Fernandez 21-5 (2.56)

Alex Fernandez was nearly untouchable, pitching 7 IP while giving up 2 hits and no runs. Geremi Gonzalez was also solid, but not as good, going 5.1 while giving up 2 earned runs, including a solo HR by Tim Salmon in the bottom of the 3rd. And, that’s all it would take. California wins 2-0 and takes a 1-0 series lead.

CHI – 0
CAL – 2

W – A. Fernandez (1-0)
L – G. Gonzalez (0-1)
S – T. Hoffman (1)

HR – T. Salmon (1)
2B – T. Salmon (1), P. O’Neill (1), M. Williams (1)

GAME #2 – A.J. Sager 8-3 (2.04) vs. Jeff Fassero 23-3 (2.62)

Chicago jumped out to the lead with a Tony Clark solo home run in the top of the 1st. But, the Demolition rotation was in shambles and was forced to start A.J. Sager, who had only one start on the MLB season. He wasn’t bad, giving up the tying run in the 2nd on a Tim Salmon solo home run, and the lead on an RBI double by J. Valentin in the 3rd inning. Still, 2 runs in 5.2 innings isn’t bad. Entering the 9th, the Quakes call upon Trevor Hoffman once again. This time, though, he gives up a game-tying home run to Carlos Delgado. Game tied 2-2, the Quakes trot Hoffman back out in the top of the 10th and he holds his own. In the bottom of the 10th, Mark Pisciotta walks Darren Erstad, who subsequently steals 2nd and is driven home by Matt D. Williams to win the game. The Quakes lead the series 2-0.

CHI – 2
CAL – 3

W – Trevor Hoffman (1-0)
L – Mark Pisciotta (0-1)

HR – T. Salmon (2), T. Clark (1), C. Delgado (1)
2B – J. Valentin (1), T. Clark (1), J. Cirillo (1)
SB – T. Womack (1), A. Galarraga (1), Erstad (1), S. Javier (2)

GAME #3 – Brett Tomko 17-7 (3.46) vs. Pedro Martinez 21-7 (1.70)

Pedro Martinez was vintage Martinez, giving up only one run into the 8th inning. Meanwhile, the Demolition pound out three runs in the bottom of the 2nd and two more in the 4th—all from the bottom third of the order. Renteria, Johnson, and Hunter collectively hit 3 for 8 with 2 BB, 4 runs, 5 RBI, and a SB. California gets two cheap runs in the top of the 9th, but not near enough to make a difference.

CAL – 3
CHI – 5

W – Pedro Martinez (1-0)
L – Brett Tomko (0-1)

HR – N. Garciaparra (1)
2B – J. Valentin (2), P. O’Neill (2), M. Williams (3), S. Javier (1), C. Delgado (1), E. Renteria (1)
3B – E. Renteria (1)
SB – E. Davis (1), B. Hunter (1)
CS – B. Hunter (1)

GAME #4 – Alex Fernandez 21-5 (2.56) vs. Roger Clemens 21-10 (1.80)

California up 2 games to 1. Alex Fernandez absolutely dominates the Demolition, pitching a complete-game shutout, giving up only four singles and one walk. Meanwhile, the Quakes pound out 12 hits and 7 runs, cruising to a 7-0 victory.

CAL – 7
CHI – 0

W – Alex Fernandez (2-0)
L – Roger Clemens (0-1)

HR – S. Javier (1)
2B – T. Salmon (2), J. Valentin (3), P. O’Neill (3), T. Steinbach (1)
CS – A. Galarraga (1)

GAME #5 – Jeff Fassero 23-3 (2.62) vs. Todd Stottlemyre 16-9 (3.42)

With the Quakes up 3 games to 1, Jeff Fassero and Todd Stottlemyre battle it out into the 8th inning, with Fassero giving up the game’s only run, a towering shot over the centerfield wall by Carlos Delgado in the bottom of the 4th. That’s all the offense to speak of. Billy Wagner closes it out and the Demolition takes close the series to 3-2.

CAL – 0
CHI – 1

W – T. Stottlemyre (1-0)
L – J. Fassero (0-1)
S – B. Wagner

HR – C. Delgado (2)
2B – A. Galarraga (1), P. O’Neill (4), E. Renteria (1)
CS – T. Womack (1)

GAME #6 – Pedro Martinez 21-7 (1.70) vs. Brett Tomko 17-7 (3.46)

Another pitcher’s duel in the making. California gets on the board first in the bottom of the 4th when Andres Galarraga singles to left, steals second, reaches third on an error—what should have been the third out—and driven home on a Nomar Garciaparra single. California held the lead until Trevor Hoffman entered the 9th and promptly gave up a game-tying home run to Carlos Delgado, his third game-changing home run of the series and the second blown save handed to T. Hoffman. Tied 1-1, T. Hoffman trots back out to shut the Demolition down in the top of the 10th. In the bottom of the 10th, the Demolition pulled P. Martinez, who went 9 strong giving only 4 hits and 1 unearned run, and brought in Arthur Rhodes. Stan Javier promptly singles to right and advances to 2nd on a J. Olerud ground-out. With two outs and Javier on 2nd, A. Galarraga steps to the plate and grounds to second base … but Tony Womack throws it past Tony Clark at first and Stan Javier races home and scores! The Quakes win 2-1 and advance to the ALCS.

CHI – 1
CAL – 2

W – T. Hoffman (2-0)
L – A. Rhodes (0-1)

HR – C. Delgado (3)
2B – A. Galarraga (2), B. Hunter (1), T. Goodwin (1)
SB – A. Galarraga (1)


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