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Winnipeg Goldeyes @ Sugar Land Skeeters

Winnipeg GoldeyesPreview – TwSugarLandSkeeterso very equal teams. Both had similar hitting, Winnipeg had better starting but Sugarland had a killer pen. This series should have gone 7 games.

GAME #1 – Justin Thompson 20-8 (3.00) vs. Bobby J. Jones 22-9 (3.45)

Winnipeg blows a 5 run lead after Thompson leaves the game. Sugarland wins it in the 9th 7-6. W-Sullivan(1-0) L-Escobar(0-1)

GAME #2 –Tom Glavine 16-9 (2.90) vs. Jose Mercedes 16-4 (2.50)

Winnipeg goes up 5 -0 but barely held it as Sugarland scored 3 late. W-Hudson S-Shaw(1) L-Mercedes(0-1) 5-3 Winnipeg

GAME #3 – Butch Henry 6-6 (4.06) vs. Andy Benes 19-5 (3.13)

Thome drives in Griffey to make it 1-0 then homers, but Lopez homers off henry to tie it. But then Thome the 6th to take the lead 2-1. But in the 8th Alfonso and Mcgwire drive in two. 3-2 Winnipeg. But Shaw blows the save as Bell is the hero in pinch-runner kelly. But in the bottom of the 9th Bell makes an error and Winnipeg pinch hitter walks it off with a double Scoring Vizquel. WIN 4 Sugar land 3 L-Myers(0-1) W- Shaw(1-0)

GAME #4 – Bobby J. Jones 22-9 (3.45) vs. Justin Thompson 20-8 (3.00)

Sugar land was up 6-2 in 6th as Benes allowed homers to Thome and Merced. But Heredia was awful allowing 5 runs including 2 homers. Winnipeg two homers from Buhner, Lopez, Alfonso, and Vizquel. In the 8th Sugar Land got 2 off Escobar as Shaw blew the save to tie the game 8-8 Vizquel doubles and Becker scores him from 3rd. 9-8 Winnipeg W-Shaw (2-0) L-Nelson (0-1)

GAME #5 – Jose Mercedes16-4 (2.50) vs. Curt Schilling 11-15 (3.78)

Vizquel drives in 2 in the second. Lopez doubles in Buhner in the 4th. But with a 3-0 lead in the 7th Schilling allowed Ward to score Hanson to stop the upgrade. With the pen not in great shape, Winnipeg asked the workhorse schilling to pitch the 8th, oops Merced hit a game-tying 2 run homer… But in the bottom of the 8th off Sullivan Frye doubles in Franco for the 4-3 lead. Shaw after two blown saves and his 4th game of the series got the call He does it 1-2-3 Spiers Biggio and the great Ken Griffey jr. Winnipeg 4 Sugar land 3 w-Schilling s-Shaw (2) L-Sullivan 1-1

I would have thought the better pen would help Sugar Land win the series. But it was awful 1-3 3 blown saves 5.50 era. Winnipeg’s wasn’t much better with a 5.65 era but somehow went 3-1 with 2 saves and 3 blown saves.

More upside-down Winnipeg league’s best fielding was awful with 5 errors to SLS 3. Winnipeg’s pitching was better 4.50 to 5.70. Sugarland hit for a higher average .274 to .263 but Winnipeg outhomered the Skeeters 10 to 5 as Griffey only hit one solo shot for the Skeeters

A complete upside-down series as Winnipeg wins 4 games to 1. Sorry John, you deserved better as Winnipeg won the 1 run games(3 of the 4 and the two-run game) as Griffey never hit with runners on base…
Winnipeg lost Lofton for all the LCS and most of the World Series as he’s down 14 games with a hamstring. Glavine should be back at least for the LCS.


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