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HAMELIN,Bob CRH  AL .577 .962 6 26 15 4 0 2 # 12 7 2 0 0 0 0
MARTINEZ,Pedro CHI  AL 2 2 0 0 1.26 14 2 2 9 15 2 0 0 0 1 1
GONZALEZ,Juan CIN  NL .556 1.056 5 18 10 3 0 2 6 11 1 1 0 0 0 0
RADKE,Brad MIC  NL 2 2 0 0 0.57 15 1 1 9 17 4 0 0 0 0 0

Hampton Huskies @ Winnipeg Goldeyes

Series Preview: After a slow start to the year, last year’s champion Winnipeg (32-20) has been playing much better baseball and Long beach stumbled so first is insight. Hampton(27-25) is a very good team with playoff dreams. Should be a good series.
Game #1: Hamptons Stottlemyre 5 runs in 2+ innings and Assenmacher was bad to 5 in 3.2 innings for Hampton. Thompson was solid 2 in 6 innings. Alfonso homers and drives in 5 in the 12-5 Winnipeg blowout. w- Thompson 8-3 L- Stottlemyre 5-2
Game #2: Winnipeg’s Benes solid 2 in 7 and McGwire homers in the 5-3 Winnipeg win,. young homers in the loss. W-Benes (5-3) S_Shaw (10) L- Park (2-8)
Game #3: McGwire homers and Winnipeg wins 4-1. W-Caderat (1-0) S-Shaw(11) L-Gordon (4-1)
Game #4: McGwire homers Glavine pitches great Winnipeg wins 3-2. W-Glavine(6-3) L-Loiselle (2-3)
Game #5: Hampton hit Schilling hard early, and he was out after 2 innings but Orel was not good and it was a bash fest. The game was tied 6 – 6 after 11 innings but Winnipeg won on Alfonsos 4 hit of the game. Winnipeg 7 Hampton 5 (12) W_Beck(4-1) L-Fetters (0-3) Reed, Clark, and Rodriguez homered in the loss.
Game #6: Finally, the worm turns a Clark and Reed homer off Thompson and Belcher was excellent going 9 innings allowing 1 run in the 4-1 Hampton win, W-Belcher (8-4) L-Thompson (8-4)
Series Summary: Winnipeg keeps the pressure on Little rock with a 5 to 1 series win over a solid Hampton team.
POW Alfonso 8 for 21 with 8 RBIs.

Castle Rock Hounds @ Corktown Bootleggers

Series Summary: Castle Rock comes to Corktown and puts up 73 runs and taking 5 of 6.

Valdosta Bombers @ Long Beach Titans

Series Summary: Long Beach continues to struggle, dropping 4 of 6 to Valdosta.

Blarney Drive Bandits @ Manhattan Gas Hornets

Series Preview: The first week the new pitchers really get to impact the Gas Hornets, will it be a good one? They face a rebuilding Bandits team, but that still means facing Randy Johnson twice!
Game #1: Randy Johnson vs. Kevin Tapani (in his 1st appearance for Manhattan). Gas Hornets get 5 hits in the game including a solo homer by Ray Durham (7) in the 2nd. Garrett Anderson drives in Durham in the 5th and that was all Manhattan could do. However, Tapani goes 5 and yields 2 hits and no runs. Then the bullpen took over and four of those guys go the rest of the way giving up just 1 hit for a 2-0 Gas Hornets win.
BDB 0-3-0 LP Johnson (8-2)
MGH 2-5-1 WP Tapani (1-0) S John Wetteland (8)
Game #2: In this game, the Bandits outhit the Gas Hornets 5-3 as David Wells and Tim Wakefield are pitching masters. The lone run in the game came in the 1st when Manhattan got 2 of their 3 hits, a Derek Jeter double followed by a Jason McDonald triple. That was IT!
BDB 0-5-0 LP Wells (3-6)
MGH 1-3-0 WP Wakefield (5-5)
Game #3: The Bandits end their scoring drought when the beat up on Gas Hornets ace Rick Reed. Ryan Klesko unloads a 3 run homer (7) in the 1st but it didn’t stop there. Dean Palmer and Shawn Green follow with singles and Dave Magadan singles driving in one for a 4-0 lead after 1. Darrin Fletcher hits a 2 out solo homer (8) and it’s 5-0. Then a 3 run 6th by Blarney Drive negated a 2 run 5th from Manhattan and the Bandits hang on easily to win 8-3!
BDB 8-12-0 WP Mike Oquist (3-5)
MGH 3- 6-1 LP Reed (5-4)
Game #4: Gas Hornets come back with a firm determination as Kevin Foster makes his home debut for Manhattan and does it in fashion. 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 run! Matt Stairs homers (12) for 3 runs in the 1st and Dean Palmer answers for the Bandits with a solo homer (6) in the 2nd, but that was their last gasp. Garrett Anderson adds a 2 run homer (2) in the 8th to ice it and Manhattan wins 6-1.
BDB 1- 4-0 LP Dave Wengert (0-8)
MGH 6-12-0 WP Foster (5-2)
Game #5: Manhattan’s best starter so far this year, Matt Morris takes the hill in this one against the Bandits Mike Hampton. The game is scoreless through 4. Then in the bottom of the 5th, Garrett Anderson on 2nd and Jason Kendall singles to RF scoring Anderson, but Kendall is nailed at 2nd trying for a double. So, when Shawn Green homers (6) in the 6th with Dean Palmer on 2nd, the Bandits take a 2-1 lead! However, Hampton can’t keep it Manhattan explodes for 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th including a PH 2 run Matt Stairs homer (13). And that was enough to give Morris the lead and despite a solo homer from Ryan Klesko (8) in the 7th, the Gas Hornets win 6-3.
BDB 3-10-0 LP Hampton (3-6)
MGH 6-13-1 WP Morris (10-2) S John Wetteland (9)
Game #6: That brings us back to a Randy JohnsonKevin Tapani rematch. And neither guy disappoints. In fact, Johnson cracks a 2 out single in the 3rd, then Tapani issues a walk to Brian Giles. That sets up Quilvio Veras rbi single for the games 1st run. The score stays that way until the bottom of the 6th when Manhattan takes advantage of some sloppy play by the Bandits which put a dent in Johnson’s performance. Matt Stairs leads off with a PH walk and Deion Sanders comes in to run for him. Jason Kendall then grounds to Dean Palmer at 3rd and he throws it past Dave Magadan at 1st, Sanders holds up at 2nd. Derek Jeter then sacrifices the runners to 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Jason McDonald follows with one up the middle that goes off Veras’s glove – single and 1 run, tie the game. Two down and Dave Hollins rips down the LF line and Kendall scores, McDonald holds at 2nd, 2-1 Gas Hornets. Dave Martinez then singles through the hole at short and another run scores and Manhattan takes a 3-1 lead after 6 – the last two runs were unearned!
Top of the 7th, the Bandits get 1 of those unearned runs back with 1 of their own. Magadan leads off with a walk. Mike Bordick reaches on a Derek Jeter throwing error, Magadan to 3rd. Ricardo Rincon then fans the next two batters, but Veras comes up and he grounds to 3rd but Dave Hollins boots it, and a run scores. Two errors give the Bandits one and it’s 3-2 going into the bottom of the 7th.
Rick Aguilera comes on – he faces 4 batters and gives up 2 hits, a walk, the other batter reaches on an error. All 4 runners end up scoring, in fact, 1 more guy scores (off Eric Plunk), and after 7 it’s 8-3 Gas Hornets – and 2 more of those runs were unearned. 5 TOTAL errors in the game.
BDB 3- 6-3 LP Johnson (8-3)
MGH 8-10-2 WP Tapani (2-0)
Johnson had 2 good starts but lacked support and dropped them both.
Series Summary: Manhattan likes their new pitchers and they need to keep the offense going to support them. This week they got 5 of 6, next week they host Sugarland for a tough battle.

Steel City Sluggers @ Sugar Land Skeeters

Series Preview: A matchup of two first-place teams in the NL.
Series Summary: Steel City wins four of six from Sugar Land. Graffanino needs to have his DL stint extended through the next series.

New Hampshire Nighthawks @ Chicago Demolition

Series Preview: New Hampshire heads into the windy city of Chicago for 6 games.
Game #1: Chicago scores 4 in the 1st inning & doesn’t score again. However, the Nighthawks only chip across 3 runs as Chicago holds on.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – New Hampshire 3

Win: Pedro Martinez 7-1 (1.87)
Loss: Aaron Sele 3-4 (4.16)
Save: Billy Wagner #4

Game #2: Rober Person is the man for the Nighthawks in this one. 7 Shutout Innings, 3 Base on Balls & 1 Strikeout, but he is dominant & holds the Demolition at bay. Lee Stevens has 3 RBI’s as New Hampshire shuts out Chicago.

Final Score: New Hampshire 7 – Chicago 0

Win: Robert Person 2-6 (2.93)
Loss: Dave Mlicki 4-6 (6.44)

Game #3: Ed Sprague Jr. has 2 Doubles & 2 RBI’s for the Nighthawks. Jeff Cirillo & Shannon Stewart have 2 RBI’s each. Chicago edges out the win.

Final Score: Chicago 6 – New Hampshire 4

Win: Roger Clemens 6-5 (2.10)
Loss: Tony Saunders 4-5 (5.60)
Save: Billy Wagner #5

Game #4: Kirk Reuter goes the distance in this one as Chris Gomez drives home Lee Stevens for the only run of the game.

Final Score: New Hampshire 1 – Chicago 0

Win: Kirk Reuter 5-4 (2.64)
Loss: Geremi Gonzalez 1-5 (3.76)

Game #5: Pedro Martinez was solid going 7 Innings allowing only 1 Run while Striking Out 11. Five of the Chicago lineup had 2 hits each.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – New Hampshire 3

Win: Pedro Martinez 8-1 (1.82)
Loss: Rick Helling 3-6 (4.21)
Save: Billy Wagner #6

Game #6: Chicago poured it on in the last game of the series. Carlos Delgado & Jeff Cirillo both had 3 Hits, Brian R. Hunter & Tony Womack each had 2 RBI’s. Chicago emptied the bullpen to get some guys off the itchy & some work.

Final Score: Chicago 11 – New Hampshire 2

Win: Kevin Millwood 2-2 (2.93)
Loss: Aaron Sele 3-5 (4.39)

Series Summary: The final results of the series were 4 games to 2 for Chicago, but another way to look at it was/is – if Chicago scored they won. If they didn’t score they lost.

Cincinnati Outlaws @ Santa Rosa Beach Bums

Series Preview: Santa Rosa Beach welcomes the Cincinnati Outlaws to the panhandle. The Bums and Outlaws appear to be in rebuild mode, so we suspect a competitive series.
Game #1: The Outlaws call on Karl (1-6, 4.48) to face Bums Beech (2-5, 5.93). Chipper commits a throwing error allowing the Bums to score in the 2nd. In the 5th Brogna walked, Nieves rolled an infield hit, Gil walked followed by a Stynes 2-run single, Outlaws 2-1. Goose eggs the rest of the way and that nail biter is in the books.
Cincinnati 2 4 1 WP: Karl Sb: Brogna.
Santa Rosa Beach 1 4 0 LP: Beech 2b: Whiten, MacFarlane.
Game #2: To keep the streak going the Outlaws go with Leiter (3-3, 4.58) and the Bums Smoltz (6-3, 2.05). To start the game Bums Loretta doubled and Alomar and Thomas drew walks to fill the bases with 0-out. Caminiti grounded to short to score Loretta. Hidalgo walked to fill them again. And with 2-out Leiter walked Sanders for a run, 2-0 on 1-hit. Smoltz sat down the first ten he faced, then Jones chippered one over the fence. Bums collect another in the 6th on back-to-back doubles by Alomar and Thomas, 3-1. The Bums then fill the bases and reliever Clontz beams pitch hitter Sutton, 4-1. The Outlaws string together three singles to start off the 9th, 4-2. Is Smoltz gassed? After a double play, Gonzalez looped a single, 4-3. Sorrento lashes a double bringing pitch runner Olivares all the way around, tie the game. In the 10th Outlaws, Nieves drew a walk, advanced on a ground out, and scored on a McLemore single, 5-4. Outlaws steal another.
Cincinnati 5 8 1 WP: Reyes 2b: Sorrento, Stynes; HR: Chipper; Sb: McLemore.
Santa Rosa Beach 4 11 0 LP: Manzanillo 2b: Loretta, Alomar, Thomas, Hidalgo; HBP: Sutton.
Game #3: Outlaws will use game 2 hero Olivares (3-4, 4.70) to face the Bums Jarvis (0-7, 6.99). In the 1st Jones chipped one and Gonzalez doubled him home followed by a Sorrento homer, Outlaws 3-0. In the bottom half Bums, Thomas singled and after Sorrento dropped a foul ball, Caminiti doubled him home. Outlaws Nieves started off the 2nd with a solo shot, 4-1. The deep bottom of the Bums ordered responded in the bottom half as VanderWal, Fasano, and Strawberry all singled for one. Jarvis grounded into a double play to score another, 4-3 Outlaws. With 2-out in the bottom of the Caminiti and Gagne stroke back-to-back doubles, 4-4. Never a dull moment. VanderWal singled, his second and second in a row, to score pondering Gagne, 5-4. In the 5th Chipper reached third with a little help from errant Strawberry and Pizza walked, 1-out. Gonzalez lifted a sacrifice fly, 5-5. Game reset. Nieves put the Outlaws ahead in the 6th with a leadoff solo shot in the 6th. Gonzalez added an insurance run in the 7th with a 2-out solo, 7-5. In the bottom half, pinch hitter Alomar stroked a leadoff double followed by a Whiten RBI single. Outlaws Canseco responded by going yard to lead off the eight. With 2-out in the bottom of the 9th pitch hitter Hidalgo goes to the wall to score Whiten and now ‘The Hurt’ is up. Ooo that hurts as Thomas whiffs.
Cincinnati 8 10 1 WP: Olivares 2b: Gonzalez; HR: Nieves 2, Gonzalez, Sorrento, Canseco; SF: Gonzalez; H: Munoz, Henry; S: Frascatore.
Santa Rosa Beach 7 16 1 LP: Jarvis 2b: Caminiti 2, Hidalgo, Gagne, Alomar.
Game #4: Outlaws are hot and they send x-Bum Mulholland (5-3, 3.55) to the mound seeking retribution. The Bums, uh, well Miller (0-3, 7.71) who has pitched even worse than Jarvis. The Bums have been playing so hard some of the regs get a rest. Outlaws Nieves smacks another homer, this one for 2-runs in the 2nd. VanderWal filling in today goes deep with a 3-run shot in the bottom half, 3-2 Bums. Bums Caminiti adds a solo shot in the 3rd, 4-2. Nieves responded with an RBI single in the Outlaws next at-bat. Gil did the same, tie the game. In the 5th Outlaws Stynes leadoff with a single, the other Jones walked, Pizza walked filling the bases, and…Brogna grounded into a double play. Getting boring, Nieves banged an RBI single in the 6th for the lead. And here come the Bums with 0-out in the bottom half with leadoff singles by Caminiti and Hidalgo. And…nothin’. Stynes banged a leadoff triple in the 7th and the other Jones singled him home for an insurance run. The Bums get one back in the bottom half on an Alomar long sacrifice fly. Whew, I need a breather. Doesn’t take long as Outlaw leadoff hitters Brogna and Canseco bang back-to-back doubles in the 8th. Nieves is walked, just in case followed by a Gonzalez RBI single, 9-6. Stynes then followed with an RBI single, 10-6. Later, in the inning, Jones chipped a 3-run homer. This one’s probably over as Guthrie is trying to beat Miller and Jarvis’ ERA.
Cincinnati 12 17 2 WP: Mulholland 2b: Canseco 2, Pizza; 3b: Stynes; HR: CJones, Nieves; Sb: Stynes; H: Mills, Hill.
Santa Rosa Beach 5 8 2 LP: Miller 2b: Loretta; HR: Caminiti, VanderWal; SF: Alomar.
Game #5: Outlaws really trying to embarrass as they go with Frascatore (2-2, 3.86) for the Bums Clark (0-3, 8.70), who leads everyone in ERA. In the 1st, Outlaws order out for Pizza with a homer, 1-0. Bums respond in the bottom half with a Caminiti sacrifice fly, 1-1. Just pointing out that to start the 6th Clark’s ERA is below 8. Gonzalez and Sorrento leadoff the inning with back-to-back doubles to raise it to 7.97 and the score to 3-1. The Outlaws scored in the 3rd on an error. In the 7th Clark leaves the game with a 7.68 ERZ, but now he must rely on others to keep it there as McLemore and Chipper were on first and second with 1-out. And Manzanillo does drawing a double-play ball.
Cincinnati 3 7 0 WP: Frascatore 2b: CJones, Gonzalez, Sorrento; HR: Pizza; H: Munoz, Clontz; S: Reyes.
Santa Rosa Beach 1 7 1 LP: Clark 2b: Loretta; SF: Caminiti.
Game #6: Outlaws call Karl (2-6, 3.94) for the sweep and the Bums Beech (2-6, 5.45) to save some face. In the bottom of the 1st, Whiten and Alomar singled and Thomas walked to leadoff the 1st. Caminiti banged a 2-run single. In the next at Bat Outlaws Canseco drew a walk and Brogna doubled. Second and third and Gil stroked a 2-run single. Tie game. After a Karl sacrifice bunt, Stynes singled Gil home, Outlaws 3-2. And it continues as Chipper banged an RBI single and Gonzalez a 2-run double, 6-2. Bums Alomar added a run with a single in the bottom half. Bums Perez makes a game of it again with an RBI single in the 4th. Gonzalez feeling neglected connected for a 3-run homer with 2-out in the 6th, 9-4. After pinch hitter Sutton doubled and Whiten walked to lead off the bottom of the 6th, Alomar ripped an RBI single followed by a Thomas walk and Caminiti GRAND SLAM and now the score is 9-9. Everyone needs new scorebooks as they are filled. Followed by Hidalgo and Sanders back-to-back doubles, Bums 10-9. Two batters later MacFarlane went deep, 12-9. Don’t leave the Bums are just trying to make it interesting. Chipper, Pizza, and Gonzo reply in the 8th with leadoff singles, 12-10. Canseco walked and Nieves singled for 2 more, 12-12. Yippee Kayea. Outlaws take the lead on a pinch hitter Fernandez grounder, 13-12. Bums Sanders leadoff the bottom half with a solo shot, 13-13. Then Perez tripled and scored on a Loretta FC, Bums 14-13. And with 2-out in the 9th, Outlaws Chipper singled and Pizza and Gonzo drew walks, then Canseco looked at strike three. Who broke out the softballs.
Cincinnati 13 17 1 LP: Reyes 2b: CJones, Gonzalez, Canseco, Brogna; HR: Gonzalez; SH: Karl; Sb: Stynes.
Santa Rosa Beach 14 18 0 WP: Hudek 2b: Alomar, Hidalgo, Sanders, Sutton; 3b: Perez; HR: Caminiti, Sanders, MacFarlane; HBP: Alomar; S: Manzanillo.
Series Summary: A couple runs here and there and the series would have been reversed, but the Outlaws steel the series 5 games to 1.

DeWitt Tigers @ Fort Worth Panthers

Series Summary: Panthers win 4 of 6 at home against the Tigers.

Hollywood Vampires @ California Quakes

Series Summary: California disappoints at home, drops one to Hollywood.

Michigan Mauraders @ Stockton Wings

Series Summary: Series split.

Harper Woods Expos @ Flossmoor Flying Squirrels

Series Summary:  4 – 2 Flossmoor.  NF

Detroit Stars @ Portland Mavericks

Series Summary:  Series sweep for the away team.  NF

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