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JOYNER,Wally HWE  AL .526 .895 5 19 10 4 0 1 5 12 0 7 0 0 0 0
KILE,Darryl DET  AL 2 2 0 0 0.56 16 1 1 6 7 7 0 0 0 1 0
GRIFFEY,Ken Jr. SLS  NL .400 1.000 5 20 8 3 0 3 7 8 2 4 0 0 0 0
SCHMIDT,Jason STO  NL 1 1 0 0 0.00 9 0 0 6 3 4 0 0 0 0 0

Harper Woods Expos @ Hollywood Vampires

Series Summary: Not surprisingly, Harper Woods sweeps Hollywood to open the season. It’s going to be a loooonnnngggg year.

Castle Rock Hounds @ Portland Mavericks

Series Preview: The Hounds look much improved in 1997 with an A and two B starters, and the rest Cs. Portland? Well… it will be a long year for them, as they are still 3 years from challenging for the playoffs
Game #1: Hounds waste no time in finding a gem, oh wait… they are no Rock Hounds, just hounds, as they score 5 runs on 5 hits before and out is even recorded. Hounds are up 10-0 in the 6th on their way to an easy opening season win.
CRC 11 POR 2
Game #2: Bonds leads the game off with a home run for Castle Rock. Portland takes its first lead of the season in the 6th, and a Rusch pitches a gem after the mistake to Bonds as Portland gets the win.
Game #3: Another 5-run first inning for the Rock Hounds. But… Portland bounces back with a 5 spot of their own in the 3rd to tie it up. A ton of runs scored in this one… but the Rock Hounds get another easy win.
CRC 15 POR 9
Game #4: Portland scores 8 runs in the 5th inning for on offensive output that Castle Rock can’t match.
POR 13 CRS 2
Game #5:  This one was close until the 9th inning when the Hounds scores 3 to put the nail in Portland’s coffin.
CRC 10 POR 5
Series Summary: The Hounds win 3 of 5 in a series where neither team won 2 games in a row.

Hampton Huskies @ Manhattan Gas Hornets

Series Preview: 1997 – will Manhattan return to their glory days, or will it just be another season filled with offensive thrills and pitching woes. If series 1 is any indicator, it looks like the latter will prevail.
Hampton scores 34 runs to Manhattan’s 33 – but who won more games?
Game #1: Well, game one was filled with 2 wild innings for the Gas Hornets! In the 2nd they scored 5 times and then in the 8th, they plated 8 runs! Every started got at least 1 hit – except Matt Stairs, but he did get a walk in his 2 PAs. Mike Cameron came in to replace him for defense and knocks in 4 runs (3 on his 1st homer of the year and a SF). T.J. Matthews and Mike Fetters had rough goes of it in the 8th – between the two of them they gave up 8 hits, 3 walks, 1 HBP, and 9 runs (1 was in the 7th). Tony Clark got 2 hits and 2 RBIs among the 10 Huskies hits. Starter Tim Belcher burped up 5 runs and 5 hits in his 4 innings.
HAM 3-10-1 LP Belcher (0-1)
MGH 15-15-0 WP Morris (1-0)
Game #2: With the season off to a good start, the Gas Hornets sent their perennial workhorse Allen Watson to the mound for game 2. Manhattan gets up 1 in the 1st, but then Kurt Abbott hits his 1st double of the game in the 2nd driving in 2. But Manhattan starter drives in 2 as does Jason Kendall in a 4 run 2nd and the Gas Hornets are up 5-2. It was a surprise when Chan Ho was asked to leave the Park in the 2nd inning – Chan Ho Park did not have it today, 6 hits, 5 runs, 1 in his brief stint. The team’s traded runs in the 6th for the only other scoring. Kurt Abbott did manage another double.
HAM 3- 6-1 LP Park (0-1)
MGH 6-12-0 WP Watson (1-0) S Martin (1)
Game #3: Rick Reed, the presumed Gas Hornets ace, gets his 1st start and it lasts 3.2 innings. He walks off the mound with a stellar era of 19.64! 11 hits, 8 runs, 1 walk and he gives up 2 dingers (of the 3 the Huskies hugely hammered). Leading a 19 hit attack that produced 14 runs was Jeremy Burnitz – 4 for 6, 5 RBIs and his 1st homer. Kevin Stocker got 3 hits and a homer (1) and B.J. Surhoff managed just 1 hit, but it was a 3 run bomb (1). Starter Tom Gordon put it in cruise control for 8 innings giving up 6 hits and 3 runs (very little sweat). Matt Stairs (1) and Lenny Harris (1) homered for Manhattan.
HAM 14-19-1 WP Gordon (1-0)
MGH 4- 7-0 LP Reed (0-1)
Game #4: With all that lack of suspense, it was time for an extra-inning game. Terry Mulholland gives up a solo home to Bill Mueller (1) in the 1st. Former Gas Hornets back-up backstop, Jeff Reed (not Jerry Reed) hits a homer (1) in the 3rd and it’s 2-0. Well, the Gas Hornets decide to score 2 in the bottom half. A walk, a sacrifice, and a Jeter double gets the 1st one. Then a Jeff Juden WP and a Jeremy Burnitz error and they get a 2nd run to tie it up. In the 7th, Eric Young hits a 2 out rbi double to get Hampton back on top. Young had a fine week, hitting .417 in 26 plate appearances! Then the big heroics start. Bottom of the 9th, Arthur Rhodes pitching, Wil Cordero up (in on a double switch) homers (1) to tie the game and send it into free baseball land. Oh, the landscaping is done, Mr. Rhodes.
So we go to the 11th, Tom Martine still pitching (because for the 2nd time this week, I forgot to PH for the pitcher. But he hangs in there for a 3rd inning (ouch) – but it was a perfect 9 batter 3 innings and he sets done the Huskies. The bottom half, Garrett Anderson leads off and rips a double off Rhodes – also still in there. Well, we didn’t draft Deon Sanders just for his name – he can run (and steal). So he comes into PR and steals 3rd. David Hollins is in the batter’s box with Neon Deon on 3rd and Rhodes unloads a WP and Sanders trots home with the winning run!
HAM 3-9-1 LP Rhodes (0-1) BS (1) 11 innings
MGH 4-7-0 QP Martin (1-0)
Game #5: Gas Hornets are now poised for a big opening week. Newcomer Manny Aybar is out to face former Gas Hornet Orel Hershiser. Hershiser gives up 10 hits, 4 runs 2 homers and wins the game with no sweat involved. It was tight through 4 at 1-1, but then the Huskies tallied 4 in the 5th, 2 in the 6th, and just for good measure to counter the 2 Manhattan got in the 7th, they add 4 more in the 8th. It was one of those days that no matter who came to the plate, he got on and no runners were ever out. Eric Young goes 4 for 6, scored twice, drive in 1. Tony Clark drives in 3 on 2 singles. Kevin Stocker hits 2 doubles, 3 hits, and scores 3 times. Eh – it was a big disappointment to the home fans.
HAM 11-15-0 WP Hershiser (1-0)
MAN 4-10-2 LP Aybar (0-1)
Series Summary: All in all, it was a fun series, but one wonders how far the Gas Hornets can go with this pitching.

DeWitt Tigers @ Corktown Bootleggers

Series Summary: The home team takes 3 of 5 from Dewitt. Alex Rodriguez and Scott Rolen both start the season batting over .475

Steel City Sluggers @ Santa Rosa Beach Bums

Series Preview: Santa Rosa Beach welcomes the Steel City Sluggers to the panhandle. The Sluggers have been busy augmenting their roster in the offseason and a few familiar faces are on their roster that the local fans will recognize. These two teams battled nip-tuck all last season and it came down to the final series, final game to decide the pennant winner, which Steel City probably doesn’t want to be reminded of. Let’s get this season started.
Game #1: The Bums will face x-Bums hurler Appier (19-10, 3.31) to face Smoltz (20-6, 2.55) to start the season. Sluggers Gwynn rolls one to third to get the season started. In the 3rd Gwynn smacks a hot grounder past Caminiti at third and Wilson scored from second to get the scoring started. After an Alomar single in the 5th, Bums Thomas goes yard, followed by Caminiti and Sanders dingers, 4-1. In the 7th Sluggers Morindini singled, Wilson doubled, and pinch hitter Johnson dunked one into right for a run, followed by a Gwynn blooper, 4-3. Stanton comes in to relieve in the bottom half and Thomas goes deep on the first pitch. Caminiti followed with a single and Sanders a double. Perez singled them home. And MacFarlane goes deep for a 2-run homer, 9-3. With the game seemingly over, Smoltz tired in the 8th and was removed after allowing 2 runs and leaving runners on second and third and 2-outs. Daal in to finish it and immediately gave up a 3-run blast to pitch hitter Howell, 9-8 Bums. X-Bum reliever Montgomery came in for the Sluggers in the 8th and puts’em down 1-2-3 to set up the 9th for the Sluggers. Greer singled and with 2-out Naehring singled him to third. Rodriguez replaces Daal on the mound to face Dunston. Sluggers go to Bogar on first. And Dunston parks it, 11-9 Sluggers. Osuna to pitch for the Sluggers. Pitch hitter Myers reached, but pitch hitter Hernandez grounded into a double play. Then pitch hitter Loretta singled and pinch hitter Hidalgo…K’ed. Well, looking good through seven. Maybe the naysaying fans are correct.
Steel City 11 13 1 WP: Montgomery; 2b: Gwynn, Greer, Morindini, Wilson; HR: Dunston, Howell; HBP: Dunston; SH: Appier; S: Osuna.
Santa Rosa Beach 9 16 2 LP: Daal; 2b: Sanders; 3b: Perez; HR: Thomas 2, Caminiti, Sanders, MacFarlane.
Game #2: The Sluggers send another x-Bum to the mound, Finley (16-9, 4.52) to face Rosado (11-4, 2.47). Sluggers load the bases in the 2nd and Gwynn banged a 2-run single, followed by a Grace 2-run double, 4-0. Gwynn tripled in the 4th and scored on a Grace sacrifice fly chasing Rosado. Oh my.
Steel City 12 15 0 WP: Finley; 2b: Grace; 3b: Gwynn; HR: Daulton, Bogar; SF: Grace.
Santa Rosa Beach 0 6 1 LP: Rosado; 2b: Whiten; Hidalgo, Perez.
Game #3: Sluggers call on McDonald (11-6, 3.76) and the Bums x-Slugger Beech (traded draftee). Sluggers Gwynn and Grace led off the 1st with singles and a couple of ground balls scored Gwynn. Slugger singles by Posada, Sandberg, and McDonald load the bases in the 2nd with 1-out. Gwynn then banged an RBI single, Grace a 2-run single and after loading the bases again Greer banged a 2-run single 6-0. Bums go to Jarvis and the Sluggers only score one more. Oh my my.
Steel City 9 14 0 WP: McDonald; 2b: Vaughn; 3b: Bogar; HR: Posada; SF: Posada; H: Corsi, Montgomery.
Santa Rosa Beach 1 3 0 LP: Beech; HR: Baitista.
Game #4: Sluggers bring Williams (3-2, 3.00) to the mound and the Bums Hammond (2-0, 2.00 w/unknown). In the 1st Bums, Loretta drew a walk and Caminiti brought him home with a 2-out double. After five and a half innings of goose eggs, Bums Caminiti went yard, 2-0. Sluggers fill the bases in the 9th but manage only one as Hammond held on for the complete game.
Steel City 1 3 0 LP: Williams; 2b: Gwynn, Orie.
Santa Rosa Beach 2 3 3 WP: Hammond; 2b: Caminiti; HR: Caminiti.
Game #5: For the final game of the series, the Sluggers call on Hamilton (11-5, 4,82) to face Bums Jarvis (0-2, 3.95 w/DET). Slugger fills the bases in the 1st as Gwynn and Grace single and x-Bum Daulton drew a walk. Naehring followed with a 2-run single. Dunston singled to fill the bases again. And Jarvis beamed Wilson with 2-out for the 3rd run. In the bottom half, Loretta doubled and Caminiti brought him home with a single. Sluggers Daulton added a 2-run shot in the 4th, 5-1. Sluggers Gwynn added a solo shot in the 8th, 6-1.
Steel City 7 15 0 WP: Hamilton; 2b: Naehring; HR: Gwynn, Daulton; HBP: Wilson.
Santa Rosa Beach 1 2 0 LP: Jarvis; 2b:Loretta.
Series Summary: Steel City comes to town and without remorse overpowers the hapless Bums taking 4 of 5 games.

Sugar Land Skeeters @ Michigan Mauraders

Series Preview: Sugar Land visits Michigan for the opening 5 games of the season. The Skeeters look to have a strong offensive team. The Marauders look decent, but not as strong as the Skeeters.
Game #1: Michigan 7 Sugar Land 6 (10)

Michigan has a 4-1 lead, but the Skeeters respond with 5 runs in the 8th inning. Michigan ties it in the 8th with 2. Michigan pulls it out in the 10th. Palmeiro hits 2 homers and Ripken adds a homer. Thome has a homer and 4 RBIs for the Skeeters. Fossas gets the win and Taylor receives the loss.

Game #2: Sugar Land 11 Michigan 6

Mercedes pitches 6 and gives up 2 for the win. Griffey, Ward, and Graffanino hit homers for the Skeeters. Ward and Griffey each have 3 RBIs. Michigan actually outhits Sugar Land,15-13.

Game #3: Sugar Land 3 Michigan 1

Better pitched game. Alvarez tosses 7.2 innings and gives up no runs. Magnante picks up the save. The Skeeters get homers from Griffey and Bell. Bernie Williams has 3 hits for Michigan.

Game #4: Sugar Land 7 Michigan 3

11 hits for the Skeeters. Griffey with 3 hits and Moises Alou hits a bomb. Brosius and Edmonds hit homers for Michigan.

Game #5: Sugar Land 7 Michigan 3

Michigan has a 3-2 lead going into the 9th. Bob Wickman comes on in the 9th and gets bombed. Griffey and Alou hit homers. Griffey with 3 RBIs. Ripken hits 2 homers for Michigan.

Series Summary: Sugar Land leaves Michigan with a 4-1 series win. The Skeeters displayed a fabulous offense.

Cincinnati Outlaws @ Valdosta Bombers

Game #1: Valdosta 8-4. Outlaws’ Jose Canseco homered twice but it wasn’t enough to overcome an ugly 7 run 7th inning for the Bombers.
Game #2: Cincinnati 4-1. Juan Gonzalez hit a 3-run HR off of Jamie Moyer and that was all the Outlaws needed. John Wetteland notched a save.
Game #3: Valdosta 11-1. Not much to say about this one. Eric Karros knocked in 4 runs for the Bombers.
Game #4: Cincinnati 8-4. Outlaws cruise in this one. Bombers got 4 runs late to make it look a little closer than it was.
Game #5: Valdosta 5-2. Armando Reynoso tossed 7 strong innings and John Franco came on in the 9th a saved the 236th game of his long career (14 years) in Valdosta.
Series Summary: Bombers win 3 of 5 from the heavy-hitting Outlaws. Prepare to see your team ERA rise when you face those guys this year!
Eric Karros hit .421 for the series with 7 RBI’s for Valdosta.

Blarney Drive Bandits @ Stockton Wings

Series Preview: Stockton opens the season by hosting Blarney Drive for five games.
Game #1: BDB 6 – STO 4

WP: R. Johnson
LP: D. Oliver (CG)
SV: Swindell
HR: BDB–Klesko

Game #2: STO 10 – BDB 8

WP: Garces
LP: Swindell
HR: STO–Greene (2), Wilkins, V. Guerrero

Game #3: BDB 11 – STO 2

WP: D. Wells
LP: VanLandingham
HR: BDB–B. Giles

Game #4: STO 8 – BDB 5

WP: Lieber
LP: Oquist
HR: STO–V. Guerrero

Game #5: STO 4 – BDB 0

WP: J. Schmidt (CG)
LP: Wengert

Series Summary: STO takes the series 3 games to 2.

Winnipeg Goldeyes @ Long Beach Titans

Game #1: Winnipeg jumped out to a 5-0 lead after 2 innings with Everett getting the big hit a 2 run double in the 1st. Long Beach pulled to within 5-3 on a DiFelice 2 run HR but couldn’t get any closer and lost by that score. Glavine went 7 strong innings and Shaw picked up the save.
Game #2: Winnipeg took an early lead again and was ahead 3-1 heading to the bottom of the 4th when Baerga hit a 2 run HR to tie the game 3-3. It stayed that way until the bottom of the 8th when Hammond hit a 3-run bomb to give Long Beach a 6-3 win.
Game #3: No early scoring in this game and it was scoreless until the bottom of the 6th when King doubled in Santangelo and Smith. Winnipeg scored an unearned run in the 7th but couldn’t get the tying run in as the Titans won 2-1. Garcia gave up just 2 hits over 6 2/3 and the Long Beach bullpen didn’t give up a base runner to close out the win.
Game #4: After McGwire hit a 2 run HR in the first, the Long Beach offense got going and took over the game. Oliver hit a 3 run shot in the bottom of the 1st, Justice added a 2 run HR and the Titans had a 12-5 lead heading to the 9th. Then it got a little scary. After Lopez hit a grand slam, Buhner singled and Ducey doubled bringing the tying run to the plate. Karchner came in struck out Ventura to end the 12-9 Long Beach win.
Game #5: Nunnally led off the game with a HR and tripled in a run in the 5th as Long Beach went on to a 4-3 win. The key point was in the 8th. After the Goldeyes cut the lead to 4-3 they had a runner on 3rd but Boehringer struck out McGwire & Lopez to end the threat.
Series Summary: Long Beach opens the season by winning 4 of 5 against division rival Winnipeg.

Chicago Demolition @ Detroit Stars

Series Summary: Detroit takes series 3-2 over Chicago.

Fort Worth Panthers @ California Quakes

Series Summary: California hosts Fort Worth and takes 4 of 5 at home.

New Hampshire Nighthawks @ Flossmoor Flying Squirrels

Series Summary: Flossmoor sweeps the five-game series against their division opponent.

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