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Winnipeg Goldeyes @ California Quakes

The 1996 MWWL World Series was played over team viewer.

Like the 1992 World series between these two teams, a strong California lineup failed to hit. Congrats to George and it was too bad he hitters didn’t hit we were both hoping for a long tough-fought series.

Winnipeg Goldeyes




GAME #1 – Curt Schilling 17-3 (3.05) vs. Alex Fernandez 23-6 (2.52)

Mike Lansing hits a homer off Curt Schilling and Quakes win – 1-0 as Alex Fernandez gores 7 strong innings. Trevor Hoffman got the save 1-0 California win.

GAME #2 – Tom Glavine 19-7 (2.35) vs. Jeff Fassero 26-6 (3.04)

Javy Lopez has a great game driving in 3 on 3 hits and 2 doubles. Tom Glavine the Winnipeg ace proved strong going 6.1 innings and Jeff Shaw same in with 7 up 7 down to get the save was a 2-1 game when he bailed out Glavine in the 7th. 7-1 Winnipeg.

Series tied 1-1.
GAME #3 – Mike Bielecki 10-3 (3.61) vs. Andy Benes 14-9 (3.36)

Mike Bielecki was awful for California allowing 5 runs int he first. That’s was all Andy Benes would need as he shuts out the good hitting Quakes. Rich Becker and Mark McGwire homered in the 7-0 Winnipeg blowout.

GAME #4 – Alex Fernandez 23-6 (2.52) vs. Huck Flener 7-1 (3.23)

A Tim Salmon error really hurts allowing two runs as Winnipeg goes up 3-0. Huck Flener once again shocks in the playoffs nearly gets the shutout but got tired in the 9th and Kent Bottafield saves him. 4-0 Winnipeg.

GAME #5 – Jeff Fassero 26-6 (3.04) vs. Curt Schilling 17-3 (3.05)

The most fun game of the series and a must-win for California.  A new strategy hit and injured Jeff Frye and Rich Becker in the same inning. It did result in a 3 run inning for Winnipeg but showed they meant business when a bunt Single by Kenny Lofton got a big hit.  Curt Schilling trying to protect his Winnipeg batters hit John Olerud and is ejected in the 4th inning of a World Series Game!   Would the luck finally change as the Winnipeg pen is ok but not great and Beck fails to hold a 3-1 lead allowing John Briscoe and Buddy Groom runners to score. Game tied 3-3 int he 6th.

Trevor Hoffman the Quake best goes 9 up 9 down but Mike Holtz goes 2 innings for Winnipeg and its 3-3 after 9. It works for Hoffman so Shaw went 3 innings for Winnipeg in extra innings facing just 10 Quake hitters.   In the 12th Mike Trombley with one out allowed Rick Becker and Kenny Lofton to single 1st and third for Big Mac – Mark McGuire, but Ken Ryan gets a comebacker and gets McGwire at 1st runners on 2nd and 3rd for Robin Ventura who had been cold but he safe at first on a single to 2nd base beating it out for an infield World Series Walk-Off Single.   It could be with modern instant replay that he was out a first but not in 1996 MWWL World Series as the Ump called him safe. Winnipeg wins 4-3 in 12 Innings for their 3rd World Series Title.

Winnipeg improves to 3-0 in the World Series, and California falls to a 1-2 and did not get their revenge for 1991 loss to Winnipeg.
Omar_Vizquel96WSMVPWhat seems like the Quake advantage wasn’t as Winnipeg pen goes 12.1 innings allowing just two runs, saving 2, blowing 1, but getting the win. Jeff Shaw went 5.1 innings allowing just one hit.

The Quakes pen went 0-1 and was 1-0 in save chances in 20.1 innings but they walked 12 and allowed 9 runs.

Pitching Winnipeg had a crazy 0.96 team ERA & just 29 hits, 2 homers, and 5 runs allowed in 47 innings

Alex Fernandez was amazing for California, 11.1 innings 1 run but went 1-1.  Mike Bielecki was awful.

Hitting – Winnipeg hit .256 with just 2 homers and a poor 2 for 4 stealing.  But Omar Viqzual takes home MVP with a .421 average.  Rich Becker, Jeff Frye, Kenny Lofton did the quakes in.   Very surprisingly it was not Mark McGwire, Jay Buhner, Robin Ventura, and Lavy Lopez that did the Quakes in.

The Quakes hitting was Dean Palmer as he went 7 for 19 with a homer. The rest was horrid going 22 for 145 with 1 homer. These were great cards of Jose Canseco, Paul Molitor, Bernard Gilkey, John Olerud, Paul O’Neill, Tim Salmon, Terry Steinbach just brutal…

Series MVP is Omar Vizquel as he was pesky all series and played excellent stellar defense.

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