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Michigan Marauders @ Steel City Sluggers


Michigan slaps itself a little, as they didn’t expect to be in the playoffs.

This series was played in Steel City via team viewer.

GAME #1 – Shawn Estes 4-5 (3.68) vs. Juan Guzman 16-5 (2.72)

Michigan puts Estes on the mound and Steel City has Jose Guzman take the hill.

Estes weaves in and out of trouble, but the Sluggers score runs in the 1st and 2nd innings. Michigan scored one in the 2nd. It’s 2-1 as we go to the 5th.

The Sluggers breakthrough against Estes in the 5th inning, as he should have probably been pulled earlier. Estes walks a few and gives up a few big hits. Steel City plates 4 runs in the fifth. Then, he is really left in too long as the Sluggers get 3 more in the 6th. Rusty Greer with a big 3 run homer to put the game away. Guzman goes 5 for the Sluggers. The pen does the rest for a while. Edmonds and Ripken hit homers late for Michigan, but they fall short.

Steel City 9 Michigan 4

Michigan 4 10 0
Steel City 9 12 0

WIN: Juan Guzman 1-0
LOSS: Shawn Estes 0-1

GAME #2 -Charles Nagy  17-8 (2.48) vs. Danny Darwin 16-7 (2.62)

Here we go with game 2. Danny Darwin takes the hill for the Sluggers and Charles Nagy pitches for Michigan.

Very well pitched game particularly for Darwin. No runs until the 5th when Steel City scores 2 and then, they score 1 in the 6th. Dunston with the 2 run blast and Morandini with the RBI in the 6th. Michigan kicks up its heels in the 7th inning and gets 2 runners on base. Jim Edmonds comes up big with a 3 run blast, which quiets the Sluggers faithful. Nagy pitches tough, and in the 8th, Brady Anderson singled in the winning run. Nagy is able to throw a complete game and Michigan with a nice comeback to tie the series.

Michigan 4 7 0
Steel City 3 9 0

WIN: Charles Nagy 1-0
LOSS: Antonio Osuna 0-1

GAME #3 -Brad Radke 16-12 (3.43) vs. John Smiley 16-6 (2.43)

We go to an unexpected game 3. Brad Radke pitches for Michigan, and John Smiley goes for Steel City. Michigan scores first with 2 runs in the 2nd inning. Castilla hits a 2 run homer. The Sluggers get 2 of their own on Gwynn and Grace hits. In the 5th, Michigan pushes 2 runs home in the 5th. We go to the 8th, and Bernie Williams hits a homer for Michigan and they score again in the 9th. Radke gets stronger as the game goes on and pulls off a complete-game victory. Michigan wins 6-2.

Michigan 6 12 0
Steel City 2 6 2

WIN: Brad Radke 1-0
LOSS: John Smiley 0-1


Summary – 

Michigan sneaks into the playoffs. It gets beat easily in game 1. Then, in game 2, Edmonds plays the hero with a 3 run homer. Game 3 featured Brad Radke gutting out the game. Michigan takes 2 of 3.

Edmonds – MVP, .583 BA, 4 runs, 1 triple, 3 homers, and 5 RBIs.


2020 MWWL
SUNDAY 06/28/2020
AT 9:00 PM - ET!