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FIELDER,Cecil CHI  AL .385 .731 6 26 10 0 0 3 6 12 5 2 0 0 0 0
TRACHSEL,Steve CBL  AL 2 2 0 0 2.38 11.1 4 3 9 4 5 0 0 0 2 0
CAMINITI,Ken SRB  NL .423 .808 6 26 11 1 0 3 6 11 4 2 0 0 0 0
GLAVINE,Tom WGE  NL 2 2 0 0 0.00 14 0 0 7 5 11 0 0 0 0 0

Portland Mavericks @ Castle Rock Hounds
Series Preview: 3rd place Castle Rock hosts the 4th place Portland Mavericks. The Hounds are hoping to gain some ground in the division.
Game #1: The Hounds jump out to an early 2-0 lead, but the Mavericks come roaring right back and take the game by a 7-2 count. Both teams are hampered by poor defense. Bones was strong for Portland giving up 0 earned runs. Conine and Haselman homer for Portland.

WP: Bones (4-3)
LP: Miranda (2-7)

Game #2: The Hounds bat around in the 1st inning, and continue to pile on the Mavericks relief corps. Sean Berry hits two homers, Bonds extends his on-base streak to 44 games and Dickson pitches a quality start for Castle Rock. While the Mavericks had 12 hits, 10 of them were singles, and they were never close in the game. The final is 11-4, Castle Rock.
WP: Dickson (2-2)
LP: Spark (0-7)
Game #3: The Hounds jumped out early again, thanks to a Pagnozzi 3-run homer in the 2nd. But, the Mavericks chip away at it. It is 4-2 going into the 9th, and the Hounds bring out their closer, Adams. The Mavericks responded by plating 5 runs, including a grand slam by Joe Carter to take a 7-4 lead. Bonds adds a solo HR in the 9th, but a dejected Hounds team takes the 7-5 loss.
WP: Petkovsek (3-2)
LP: Adams (3-3)
S: Stevens (2)
Game #4: The Hounds look to even the series with Rogers facing Rodriguez. 8 runs are scored in the 3rd inning by only 5 in the rest of the game. The Hounds put together two big innings (5 in the 3rd and 4 in the 8th), and their pitching does well enough to get the W. Bonds extends his streak to 46 games on base.
WP: Rogers (4-6)
LP: Rodriguez (5-8)
Game #5: Castle Rock sends its ace out to the mound for Game 5. But, Pettitte gets injured in the 3rd inning. The Hounds bullpen does a nice job the rest of the way, giving up just one run, but the offense can’t muster enough to get the win. The final is 3-2, Portland, and they guarantee at least a split.
WP: Springer (3-4)
LP: Eichhorn (1-2)
S: Stevens (3)
Game #6: The Hounds feel pretty good after taking an 8-0 lead after 4 innings, but the Mavericks come storming back to score 14 unanswered runs and bury the Hounds and take the series. 14-8 is the final.
WP: Lopez (2-2)
LP: Myers (1-2)
Series Summary: The Mavericks take 4 out of 6 from a frustrated Hounds squad.
Mexico City Chihuahuas @ Chicago Demolition
Series Preview: Top and bottom meet south of the border down Mexico way.
Game #1: Juan Guzman was a stud allowing 2 Hits, 4 Walks & goes the distance in a complete-game shutout. Cecil Fielder has 2 Home Runs & 4 RBI’s.

Final Score: Chicago 8 – Mexico City 0

Win: Juan Guzman 10-0 (2.28)
Loss: Chris Bosio 2-3 (4.47)

Game #2: Up 1 Run in the bottom of the 9th with two outs, one on and down by one with the Chicago closer Mike Timlin on the mound, Phil Plantier goes yard for a 2 Run Home Run Walk-Off win for Mexico City.

Final Score: Mexico City 6 – Chicago 5

Win: Mike Timlin 1-2 (1.89)
Loss: Greg McCarthy 2-1 (2.84)

Game #3: Gregg Jefferies is 3 for 4 with 2 RBI’s & The Chihuahuas bullpen hold on for the win.

Final Score: Mexico City 6 – Chicago 5

Win: Sean Bergman 1-5 (8.08)
Loss: Pedro Martinez 6-7 (4.17)
Save: John Hudek #1

Game #4: Todd Stottlemyre goes 8 strong allowing only 3 Runs. Brian L. Hunter has 3 RBI’s & Lance Johnson chips in with 2 RBI’s as Chicago wins game #4

Final Score: Chicago 8 – Mexico City 3

Win: Todd Stottlemyre (5-8)
Loss: Jason Isringhausen 1-12 (7.62)

Game #5: Doubleheader day game has Terrell Wade go the distance for Chicago allowing only 3 Runs (2 Earned) but he picks up the loss. Kevin Foster Struck Out 8 in 6.1 Innings & the Mexico City bullpen goes 2.2 Innings giving up nothing.

Final Score: Mexico City 3 – Chicago 2

Win: Kevin Foster 1-1 (3.63)
Loss: Terrell Wade 2-4 (6.07)
Save: John Hudek #2

Game #6: Game #2 of the Double Header – Bobby Witt pitches decent (8.1 Innings 4 Runs). Cecil Fielder has 4 Hits & 4 RBI’s. Lance Johnson & Tony Phillips both have 4 Hit games. Randy Velarde & Rickey Gutierrez have 3 Hits as Chicago pounds out 23 Hits & scores 3 Runs.

Final Score: Chicago 13 – Mexico City 4

Win: Bobby Witt 3-1 (4.95)
Loss: Chris Bosio 2-4 (7.74)

Series Summary: Chicago & Mexico City split the series in Mexico.
Hampton Huskies @ Steel City Sluggers
Series Summary: Steel City shears the Huskies, taking 4 of 6.
New Hampshire Nighthawks @ Corktown Bootleggers
Game #1: Corktown 14-0
W. Trachsel 6-4
L. Rueter 3-7
Game #2: New Hampshire 9-6
W. Sele 4-2
L. Baldwin 7-3
Game #3: Corktown 3-1
W.Valenzuela 4-4
L.Belcher 5-6
S. Percival (7)
Game #4: Corktown 9-3
W. Sanders 5-4
L. Worrell 3-10
S. Slocumb (3)
Game #5: New Hampshire 4-2
W. Person 3-5 CG
L. Martinez 5-4
Game #6: Corktown 8-4
W. Trachsel 7-4
L. Rueter 3-8
Series Summary: Corktown wins the series 4-2 in another series that was not lacking offense.
Detroit Stars @ Harper Woods Expos
Series Preview: The High powered Detroit Stars travel to 8-Mile to take on Harper Woods
Game #1: Expos take game 1 7-3
W Erickson 5-6 4.61 era
L Leiter 6-5 3.59 era
Game #2: Stars win 5-1
W Valdez 6-6 3.90 era
L Grace 4-4 6.52 era
Game #3: Harper Woods 4 Detroit 0
W Astascio 6-4 3.83era (Complete game shutout)
L Ogea 7-3 3.00 era
Game #4: Detroit 7 HW 4
W Linton 4-6 6.14 era
L Mussina 5-5 3.30 era
S Rivera 16 2.14 era
Game #5: Stars win 7-6
W Schourek 5-3 6.59 era
L Erickson 5-7 4.50 era
S Rivera 17 2.09 era
Game #6: -2 Detroit
W Carmona 1-1 3.63 era
L Mercker 0-3 11.29 era
Series Summary: Detroit cleans house 4 games to 2
Fort Worth Panthers @ California Quakes
Series Summary: California takes 4 of 6 from division rival Fort Worth.
Manhattan Gas Hornets @ Santa Rosa Beach Bums
Series Preview: The Gas Hornets come to Santa Rosa Beach or some fun in the sun and a six-game set highlighted by a twilight doubleheader on Wednesday. Both teams still vying for a playoff spot in the early season.
Game #1: The Hornets will start off with Haney (6-5, 4.69) against the Bums Smoltz (8-1, 2.18). The Hornets start fast as Durham scored in the 1st on a Martinez single after being beamed. In the 2nd after filling the bases, Smoltz singled in a couple for a Bums 2-1 lead. Cangelosi followed with a single, 3-1. After filling the bases again Caminiti went yard for a GRAND SLAM, 7-1 2nd inning. Only two of the runs were earned, but Haney is chased anyway.
Manhatten 2 5 1 LP: Haney 2b: T. Martinez; HBP: Durham.
Santa Rosa Beach 12 12 1 WP: Smoltz 2b: Cangelosi, Brumfiled; HR: Caminiti, MacFarlane; HBP: White; SH: Smoltz; H: Adams, Villone, James.
Game #2: The Hornets called on Krivda (3-2, 3.63) to face Bums Adams (2-0, 2.12). Hornets start fast again in the 1st on an Alicea leadoff double and Jeter single, 1-0, 0-out. Martinez followed that with a double, 2-0, no outs. The Bums come right back with an Alomar double and Thomas RBI single followed by a Caminiti 2-run shot in the bottom half, 3-2. Hornets Martinez doubled to leadoff the 6th, Kendall was beamed and Hollins stroked an RBI double, 3-3. James then held. Tie game into the bottom of 6th. In the 9th Hornets Martinez went yard on a solo shot, but the lead, 4-3. Bums Gagne, in a pinch-hit role, went yard on a solo shot in the bottom half, tie the game. Finally in the 14th inning Hornets Martinez reached on a 2-base error, advanced on a passed ball and scored on a Durham single, 5-4.
Manhatten 5 14 0 WP: Painter 2b: Alicea, DMartinez, TMartinez, Hollins; 3b: DMartinez; HR: DMartinez; HBP: Kendall; Sb: Jeter, Durham, Harris.
Santa Rosa Beach 4 17 1 LP: Fetters 2b: Alomar, Caminiti, Hudler; HR: Caminiti, Gagne; SH: Fetters;
Game #3: Hornets call on Mulholland (4-4, 4.66) to keep the momentum going against the Bums and Finley (7-3, 4.03). Caminiti walked in the 2nd and scored on a 2-out Loretta single. Finley followed with an RBI single to make it 2-0. In their next at-bat Hornets Mulholland and Durham singled and Shipley banged an RBI single. Hornets 6th started off with consecutive singles by Jeter, Shipley, and Martinez to tie the game and later Anderson stroked a 3-run blast 5-2. Later Caminiti threw it in the stands and Jeter singled, 7-2.
Manhatten 16 21 1 WP: Mulholland 3b: Durham; HR: Santiago 2, Anderson; Sb: Shipley, T. Martinez.
Santa Rosa Beach 5 11 1 LP: Finley 2b: Hudler, Myers; HBP: MacFarlane; SH: Finley.
Game #4: Hornets look to Watson (6-4, 4.69) to keep the ball rolling against the BUMs and Appier (6-5, 3.67). Hornets Young ripped a 3-run homer in the 2nd. Hornets Jeter singled in the 3rd, advanced on a ground out and scored on consecutive passed balls, 4-0. Bums get two back in the bottom of the 3rd as they fill the bases before a Thomas single, Caminiti then followed with an RBI single, 4-3. After Alomar and Thomas walks in the 6th, Caminiti goes yard, 6-4. Caminiti banged another RBI single in the 6th scoring Alomar who had walked. Bums Gagne added a run in the 7th with a leadoff homer. 8-4. Bums add 3 in the 8th to virtually lock things up.
Manhatten 5 9 2 LP: Watson 2b: T. Martinez; 3b: Alicea; HR: Young;
Santa Rosa Beach 11 13 0 WP: Appier 2b: Cangelosi, Thomas, Gagne; HR: Caminiti, Gagne; HBP: Thomas, White.
Game #5: Hornets call on yet another lefty Hitchcock (3-3, 4.44) as the Bums go with Smoltz (9-1, 2.16) on short rest. Cangelosi drew a walk to lead off the game for the Bums in the bottom of the 1st and Alomar and Thomas followed with singles for a run. After a Caminiti single to fill the bases Sanders lifted a sacrifice fly, 2-0. In the 3rd a Young double and Durham and Jeter singles scored a run. Hornets Anderson tied it in the 5th with a leadoff homer. In the bottom of the 10th with 2-out Sanders singled, stole and after an intentional walk to White, Gagne banged the game-winning RBI single.
Manhatten 2 5 0 LP: Powell 2b: Young; HR: Anderson; SH: Hitchcock; Sb: Anderson.
Santa Rosa Beach 3 9 1 WP: James 2b: Thomas; HBP: Cangelosi 2, Sanders; SF: Sanders; Sb: Sanders 2.
Game #6: Hornets make it 6 straight lefties to try to even up the series with Haney (6-6, 4.81) who will face Bums Boskie (4-5, 6.44). In the 2nd Harris singled and stole and Haney plated him, Hornets 1-0. Then Boskie walked both Alicea and Jeter for another run. Young leadoff the 3rd with a homer, 3-0. Singles by Alicea, Jeter and Martinez made it 4-0 and the Hornets were off for a pounding. Loretta made his 2 errors of the game and allowed another run and Boskie was down 5-0 on one earned run. Rookies! Second-year ROOKIE!. Will he live up to potential.
Manhatten 9 12 0 WP: Haney 2b: Anderson 2, T. Martinez; HR: Young; Sb: Harris; S: Patterson.
Santa Rosa Beach 6 11 4 LP: Boskie 2b: Thomas, Brumfield, Loretta; HR: Thomas 2, Alomar; SF: Myers.
Series Summary: Series split between two evenly matched teams
Blarney Drive Bandits @ Winnipeg Goldeyes
Series Preview: Blarney Drive had been slipping out for the rare vs Winnipeg and this series of 6 games in 5 days was a chance to get back in it.
Game #1: Glavine the Winnipeg ace was great with 8 shutout innings and gold eye bats got 7 runs as Vizquel and Ventura homer. 7-0 Winnipeg
Game #2: Pinch hit 2 run homer by Lopez gives Winnipeg a walk-off 2-0 win in the 10th
Game #3: Third shutout in the row for Winnipeg as McGuire homers in the 4-0 Winnipeg win
Game #4: Blarney finally scores getting 3 runs but Winnipeg scores 9 without a home run!  Winnipeg 9-3
Game #5: Vizquel gets hurt, McGuire gets hurt, Alfonso ejected, but Buhner’s 3-run home run even though forced by injuries Butler played SS and made an error and Buhner played 1st and made 2 errors., Schilling improves to 8-0 as Winnipeg wins 3-2.
Game #6: Still crippled by injuries Winnipeg sweeps with a 3 run Lopez homer and 6 shutout inning by Glavine but Buhner got hurt int he 5-2 Winnipeg win.
Series Summary: An ugly series for Blarney who had real trouble scoring and all low-grade starting was a disaster. Glavine goes 14 shutout innings and 2 wins as he has a chance to be the pitcher of the week.
Cincinnati Outlaws @ Michigan Mauraders
Series Preview: 2nd place Cincinnati travels to 3rd place Michigan for 6 games.
Game #1: Karl vs. Morgan – Mike Piazza blasts two homers and has 3 RBIs. Scott Karl throws a complete game and wins his 6th game. Mike Morgan drops to 2-5. Vinny Castilla hits a homer in the loss.
Cincinnati 5 Michigan 1
Game #2: Tapani vs. West – Melvin Nieves hits a 3 run homer in the 8th to come from behind and tie the game. Cincinnati scores a run in the 9th, and Michigan fails to score. Bernie Williams hits a homer for Michigan. Bonilla with 3 hits for Cincinnati.
Cincinnati 8 Michigan 7
Game #3: Prieto vs. Radke – Williams, Palmeiro, and Edmonds hit homers in the Michigan win.
Michigan 5 Cincinnati 4
Game #4: Kile vs. Nagy – Brady Anderson returns from an injury and hits a homer. Michigan only gets 2 hits and wins the game. Cincinnati scores 1 in the 9th.
Michigan 2 Cincinnati 1
Game #5: Tapani vs. Gardner – Jim Edmonds smacks a 2 run homer. Toby Borland with a 2 inning save.
Michigan 3 Cincinnati 1
Game #6: Cormier vs. Avery – Palmeiro, Anderson, and Edmonds hit homers. Steve Avery wins his 6th game.
Michigan 5 Cincinnati 2
Series Summary: Michigan wins 4 of 6 to take over 2nd place.
Long Beach Titans @ Stockton Wings
Series Summary: Series split, with two extra-inning games
Valdosta Bombers @ Sugar Land Skeeters
Series Preview: Valdosta visits Sugar Land with the Bombers manager playing the games as the visitor this week.
Series Summary: Bombers take 5 of 6 from the Skeeters.
DeWitt Tigers & Flossmoor Flying Squirrels
Series Summary: Flossmoor takes 4 of 6 in some great games, including down 4 in the 9th & scoring 5 runs to walk it off in game #5.

1996 MWWL
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