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MARTINEZ,Edgar FWP  AL .529 1.294 5 17 9 4 0 3 8 10 0 5 0 0 1 0
MARTINEZ,Pedro CHI  AL 2 2 0 0 2.25 12 3 3 9 8 4 0 0 0 0 1
BUHNER,Jay WGE  NL .500 1.346 6 26 13 1 0 7 9 19 9 4 0 0 0 0
MARTINEZ,Pedro CHI  AL 2 2 0 0 2.25 12 3 3 9 8 4 0 0 0 0 1

Corktown Bootleggers @ Mexico City Chihuahuas
Series Summary: Mexico Cty wins one!
Castle Rock Hounds @ Detroit Stars
Series Summary: Detroit sweeps CRH 6-0.   But four of the games decided by 2 runs or less.
Long Beach Titans @ Santa Rosa Beach Bums
Series Preview: Old rivals meet. Long Beach brings a rebuilding team to Santa Rosa Beach to apparently play the Bums who look to be on the downhill side of a nice run.
Game #1: The Titans send Cordova (1-3, 2.66) to face Bums Rosado (2-1, 1.48). In the 3rd, Bums Cangelosi banged a leadoff single, worked his way around to third and scored on a Caminiti 2-out single. After a White single, Myers brought Caminiti home, 2-0. Alomar ripped an RBI single in the 4th for an insurance run. Rosado leaves after six giving up 0-hits. Cangelosi connected on a solo shot in the 6th and Thomas and Caminiti followed with 2-out, 6-0. The Titans come roaring back in the 7th culminated on a 3-run homer by Strange, 6-4. Titans fill the bases with 2-out in the 8th. Montgomery replaces Castillo and he beams Meares, 6-5. But get Boggs to fly to right. Titans bring in x-Bum Vanlandingham. He knows the batters well, but he doesn’t know Cangelosi who singled and with 2-out Thomas doubled him home to provide some cushion, 7-5. Bums Crabtree enters and holds the Titans rush.
Long Beach 5 5 1 LP: Cordova HR: Strange; HBP: Meares.
Santa Rosa Beach 7 12 1 WP: Rosado 2b: Thomas; HR: Cangelosi, Thomas, Caminiti; SB: Caminiti; H: Castillo, Montgomery; S: Crabtree.
Game #2: The Titans call on Brocail (0-2, 16.88) and the Bums go with Adams (2-0, 1.47). Hudler puts one on the board with an RBI single in the 1st. In their next at-bat after Strange in intentionally walked with 2-out Voigt banged a single to tie the game. Titans Hill followed in the 3rd with a 2-run shot. Meares adds a solo shot in the 4th, 4-1. Bums Alomar lead off the bottom half with a solo shot, 4-2. In the 6th Sanders and Gagne double to make it 4-3, Titans. Singles by Stillwell, Alomar, and Hudler tie the game in the 7th. Titans Boggs lead off the 8th with a double. Bums replace Fetters with James. Titans bring in Justice to pitch hit for Strange. He grounds to deep short, Gagne grabs and wings it to first for the out, but Boggs advanced to third. Bums pull the infield in. James from the stretch. Voigt grounds it to short and refuses the play at home. What! Titans 5-4. (I think I forgot to push the i). Manager cost that one. Oops, pay attention.
Long Beach 5 12 1 WP: Karchner 2b: Santangelo 2, Boggs; HR: Meares, Hill; Sb Hill; H: Garcia; S: Mesa.
Santa Rosa Beach 4 12 1 LP: Fetters; 2b: Cangelosi, Sanders, Gagne; HR: Alomar.
Game #3: Titans send Williams (1-2, 6.35) to the mound to face Boskie (1-3, 8.22). Resting the regulars did not work last game, but their back in today. Titans Hill starts off the scoring in the 1st with 2-out with a solo shot. Bums Sanders ties it in the bottom half with a 2-out infield single off King’s glove. Bum Brumfield guns Strange out at the plate to keep the gamed ties in the 2nd. Sanders puts the Bums up with a 2-out solo shot to lead off the 4th. Bums promptly fill the bases and White banged a 2-run single chasing Williams, 4-1. Bums Myers adds another in the 5th with a double followed by a Brumfield homer, 7-1. Boskie can’t finish the 6th as the injury bug continues with the Bums.
Long Beach 1 6 2 LP: Williams 2b: Samuel; HR: Hill; HBP: Ayrault 2.
Santa Rosa Beach 9 14 0 WP: Boskie 2b: Thomas, Myers; HR: Sanders, Brumfield, Hudler; H: Castillo.
Game #4: Titans call on Benes (0-4, 8.42) to face Bums Finley (3-2, 2.79). Bums get one in the 2nd on a Blauser miscue. White then scored on a Brumfield single, 2-0. Titans respond in their next at-bat as Strange banged his second homer of the series and season, 2-1. Titans fill the bases in the 4th and Finley gives Boggs a free pass, tie game. Bums fill the bases in the 4th and Alomar banged a single scoring two followed by a Thomas 3-run dinger, 7-2. Hill keeps the Titans in the game with a 2-out 2-run double in the 5th. In the 6th Meares leads off with a double, Boggs singled and Meares scored on a Myers passed ball, 7-5, chasing Finley. In the bottom half, pitch hitter Stillwell banged a leadoff homer, 8-5. Brumfield added a run in the 7th with an RBI single.
Long Beach 5 8 1 LP: Benes 2b: Santangelo, Hill, Meares; HR: Strange; HBP: Ayrault.
Santa Rosa Beach 9 13 0 WP: Finley 2b: Caminiti; HR Thomas, Stillwell; Sb: White; H: James, Montgomery; S: Crabtree.
Game #5: To stop the Bums hit parade the Titans go to Telemaco (0-0, 5.30) to face Appier (3-4, 3.88). Titans Hill again starts a game off with a 2-out homer in the 1st, 1-0. Homer bug still haunting Appier. Titans score another in the 3rd. Meares singled, advanced on a WP and scored on a Santangelo double. MacFarlane got the Bums on the board with a homer in the 4th. Titans respond with a run in the 5th. With 2-out Meares singled and scored on a double by Santangelo, 3-1. Titans King adds an insurance run in the 8th with a solo shot. After singles by Alomar and Thomas in the bottom half, Caminiti tied it with a 3-run shot. Later Sanders put one over the left-field wall to give the Bums a 5-4 lead. Crabtree closed it out, 1-2-3.
Long Beach 4 8 1 LP: Telemaco 2b: Santangelo 2, Oliver; HR: Hill, King.
Santa Rosa Beach 5 11 0 WP: Fetters 2b: Brumfield; HR: Caminiti, MacFarlane, Sanders; S: Crabtree.
Game #6: Titans go back to Cordova (1-4, 2.94) and the Bums call on Rosado (3-1, 1.19). Bums Alomar singled, stole and scored on a Caminiti 2-out single in the 1st. King responds with a leadoff homer in the 2nd, to tie the game. Thomas puts the Bums back on top with his own leadoff homer in the 4th. Thomas gave a curtain call with a 2-run shot in the 6th, Bums 4-1. Bums bullpen does the rest.
Long Beach 1 6 0 LP: Cordova 2b: Justice, Meares, Strange; HR: King; HBP: Blauser, Boggs.
Santa Rosa Beach 4 7 0 WP: Rosado HR: Thomas 2; Sb: Alomar, Caminiti; H: James, Montgomery; S: Castillo.
Series Summary: Bums pull out a much needed 5 wins, almost the sweep, at the expense of the Titans.
DeWitt Tigers @ Chicago Demolition
Series Preview: Chicago playing better ball than they could have imagined & looking forward to seeing what the Tigers have in store.
Game #1: Four Home Runs (Lance Johnson, Eric Davis, Carlos Delgado, & Edgar Renteria help the Demolitions Pedro Martinez to a Victory.

Final Score: – Chicago 11 – DeWitt 6

Win: Pedro Martinez 3-4 (4.61)
Loss: Osvaldo Fernandez 0-5 (6.69)

Game #2: Down two Runs headed into the Bottom of the 9th & the Demolition walk it off.

Final Score: – Chicago 6 – DeWitt 5

Win: Mark Wohlers 1-1 (2.17)
Loss: Mike Henneman 0-3 (5.23)

Game #3: Roger Clemens pitches well, but Mark Wohlers lets the tying run score in the top of the 8th.
Chicago walks it off for the second day in a row and Wohlers vultures the win.Final Score: – Chicago 8 – DeWitt 7Win: Mark Wohlers 2-1 (2.92)
Loss: Grahme Lloyd 1-1 (2.20)
Game #4: Chicago puts a hurting on the Tigers as they pound out 15 Hits. Cecil Fielder & Ricky Gutierrez both have 3 RBI’s. 8 of the 9 runs were scored in 1.2 Innings.

Final Score: – Chicago 9 – DeWitt 2

Win: Terrell Wade 2-0 (4.68)
Loss: Tim Wakefield 2-2 (7.81)

Game #5: Mark Portugal is solid for 7.1 Innings. The Tigers bullpen pitch 1.2 Scoreless relief & the Tigers hold on to win it.

Final Score: – DeWitt 2 – Chicago 1

Win: Mark Portugal 2-2 (2.70)
Loss: ToddStottlemyre 3-5 (4.10)
Save: Mike Henneman #3

Game #6: Chicago scores 9 Runs in 3 Innings. Pedro Martinez goes 5 Scoreless Innings & is pulled for a long relief spot by Marc Wilkins & Bobby Witt. Demolition holds on to win it.

Final Score: – Chicago 9 – DeWitt 3

Win: Pedro Martinez 4-4 (4.23)
Loss: Osvaldo Fernandez 0-6 (7.71)

Series Summary: Chicago takes the series 5 games to 1.
New Hampshire Nighthawks @ Fort Worth Panthers
Series Summary: Panthers win the first 4 games and Nighthawks take the last 2.
California Quakes @ Harper Woods Expos
Series Preview: High powered California travels to ok powered Harper Woods.
Game #1: Chili Davis walks it off with a grand slam as the Expos win game 1 10-6.
W Wainhouse 1-0 0.00 era
L Jordan (BS) 6.39 era
Game #2: Quakes win a nail biter 2-1
W Fernandez 3-3 3.76 era
L Mussina 3-3 2.61 era
Game #3: California wins it in 10 9-7
W Guthrie 2-1 3.96 era
L Wainhouse 1-1 6.00 era
Game #4: California wins another one in extras 4-3
W Ryan 1-1 5.85 era
L Eckersley 2-3 6.48 era
S Hoffman 6 2.22 era
Game #5: Quakes are too much 7-4
W Clark 6-2 2.15 era
L Astascio 2-2 4.86 era
Game #6: California kicks our asses 19-5
W Fernandez 4-3 3.98 era
L Grace 2-2 7.53 era
Series Summary: California separates the men from the boys. They are true contenders winning 5 of 6.
Winnipeg Goldeyes @ Sugar Land Skeeters
Series Preview: First Place Winnipeg visits last place Sugar Land.
Game #1: Winnipeg’s Buhner drives in 2 and Thompson goes 6 shut-out in the 9-0 Goldeye win.
Game #2: Buhner homers drives in 2and Glavine wins in this 12-1 Goldeye blowout.
Game #3: Buhner hits 3 homers and drives in 7 as Winnipeg wins 11-6
Game #4: Buhner homers and drives in 5 as Benes goes 7 shut-out in the 12-1 Goldeye win
Game #5: Buhner homers and drives in 2 as Flener pitches a 2 hitter. Winnipeg wins 9-0
Game #6: Buhner homers and drives in 2 more in the 15-2 blowout
Series Summary: An ugly series for Sugarland but Buhner had one of the best series ever for Winnipeg.
Player of the week: Buhner goes 13 for 26 .500 with 7 homers and 18 RBIs hits homers in the final five games and had two runs driven-in in each game.
Pitcher of the week Flener 2 hitter with 4 walks and 1 strikeout,
Cincinnati Outlaws @ Manhattan Gas Hornets
Series Preview: Manhattan rolls into Cincinnati for a six-game set.
Series Summary: Series split, 3-3.
Steel City Sluggers @ Michigan Mauraders
Series Preview: First place Steel City visits Michigan for 6.
Game #1: Navarro outpitches Estes. Estes walks 6. Navarro wins to go to 4-0. Michigan outhits the Sluggers, 7-6, but can’t get any big hits.

Steel City 4 Michigan 3

Game #2: Another 1 run game that the Sluggers take. Rusty Greer hits 2 homers. Brosius and Lieberthal hit homers for the Marauders. Harnisch goes to 4-1.

Steel City 6 Michigan 5

Game #3: The Sluggers explode against Steve Avery on their way to 20 hits. Former Mauradere Slaught with 4 RBIs. Raines has 4 hits and 3 RBIs. Darwin wins his 4th.

Steel City 9 Michigan 1

Game #4: Michigan comes on strong in the 8th and 9th innings to tie the game. They win it in the 10th inning. Brady Anderson with the game-winning hit. Greer and Slaught hit homers for the Sluggers. Anderson hits his 9th homer for Michigan.

Michigan 5 Steel City 4 (10)

Game #5: The Sluggers win this game in 11 innings. Naehring with a huge homer in the 9th to tie the game. Bernie Williams hits a homer for Michigan. Plunk with a win in relief.

Steel City 3 Michigan 2 (11)

Game #6: Nilsson with 3 RBIs and Morandini strikes 3 hits. Naehring also has 3 hits. Navarro goes to 5-0. Anderson hits his 10th for the Mauraders.

Steel City 7 Michigan 2

Series Summary: Steel City wins 5 of 6 from Michigan. There were 4 one-run games and 3 games go the Sluggers way.
Hampton Huskies @ Blarney Drive Bandits
Series Summary: Huskies take 4 of 6 while stealing a ton of bases.
Stockton Wings @ Valdosta Bombers
Series Preview: Stockton visits Valdosta for a 6 game set.
Series Summary: Valdosta sweeps the 6 games and holds the Wings to just 5 runs in the series. Pat Hentgen won both his starts for the Bombers to improve to 6-2.
Portland Mavericks @ Flossmoor Flying Squirrels 
Series Summary: The Squirrels get blown out in the first two games but come back to take the last four.

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