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Germantown Grays @ California Quakes

Germantown Grays
N.L. West leading California Quakes (92-18) take on the A.L. East leading Germantown Grays (73-37) in the 1994 World Series. One of the very best teams in MWWL history, Germantown is no stranger to the post season. Heading into the 1994 season, the Grays had achieved a 1,678-1,506 (.527) record, three World Series appearances, and two World Series Championships (1977 and 1980). With only 5 years in the MWWL, California entered the 1994 season with a 476-334 (.588) record and one World Series. California enters the series with the edge both offensively and defensively after posting a .318/.402/.493 triple slash, 7.4 RC/G, .984 FLD %, 3.14 ERA and a +432 run differential, compared to Germantown’s .270/.351/.443 triple slash, 5.1 RC/G, .986 FLD %, 3.56 ERA and a +127 run differential.

GAME #1 – Jim Bullinger 12-0 (2.74) ) vs. Alex Fernandez 18-3 (2.71)

Scoreless into the bottom half of the 3rd when W. Boggs socks a 1-out solo home run over the right center wall, giving California the 1-0 lead. P. O’Neill followed up with a single, and J. Olerud brought him home on a double into the right field corner. 2-0 California. Bats remained quiet until the 6th inning, when K. Mitchell walked, L. Frazier, running for Mitchell steals 2nd and reaches 3rd on a throwing error by MacFarlane. Frazier on 3rd and Molitor steps to the plate. Molitor hits a hard line to the gap in right center, scoring Frazier easily. But, Germantown answers right back in the top of the 7th with a F. Thomas solo home run. 3-1 California. California returns the favor in the bottom half of the 7th with a walk by L. Whitaker and a picture perfect W. Boggs hit and run. Runners at the corners, and P. O’Neill hits it hard to Gagne at short for the double play, but Whitaker scores easily. 4-1 Quakes. Nothing for the Grays in the 8th before the Quakes put the nail in the coffin. A no-out walk to Molitor, a prompt stolen base, a single by Valentin, a Steinbach double, a HBP to D. Palmer, a bases loaded walk to P. O’Neill, and a single by Olerud, and the Quakes find themselves with an 8-1 Game 1 victory.

Final Score: California 8 – Germantown 1

L – J. Bullinger (0-1); 2B: Huff, Thomas, Caminiti, Gagne; HR: Thomas; CS: Alomar
W – A. Fernandez (1-0); 2B: Olerud (2), Molitor, Steinbach; HR: Boggs; SB: Frazier, Molotor

GAME #2 – Jeff Fassero 12-1 (3.60) vs. William VanLandingham 8-3 (3.62)

With the 1-0 series lead, California jumped o an early lead with a T. Salmon RBI double scoring J. Valentin in the bottom of the 2nd. California extended its lead in the bottom of the 4th with single by Steinbach, back-to-back walks by O’Neill and Olerud, and a bases loaded 2-RBI single by K. Mitchell, and again in the 5th inning following a leadoff triple by T. Salmon and a RBI single by Whitaker. 4-0 California. Germantown finally got on the board in the 6th inning with a K. Caminiti solo home run, but both bullpens shut down the opposing offenses for the remainder of the game.

Final Score: California 8 – Germantown 1

L – W. Vanlandingham; HR: Caminiti
W – J. Fassero (1-0); 2B: Valentin, Salmon, Whitaker; 3B: Salmon; SB: Frazier, Molitor

The California Quakes the American league champion comes to Germantown with a 2-0 lead in this best of seven series.
GAME #3 – Kevin Foster 10-1 (3.83) vs. Kevin Appier 8-4 (2.83)

Quakes go with Foster (10-1, 3.83) in game 3 versus Grays Appier (8-4, 2.83). Goose eggs until Quakes O’Neill led off the 4th with a solo shot to right. Mitchell then walked and with 2-out Salmon doubled him home, 2-0. The Grays come right back in the bottom half, Caminiti singled and MacFarlane went yard. Game reset. Goose eggs again until the 7th with 2-out Huff singled, PR Tarasco stole, and Alomar banged an RBI single, Grays 3-2. In their next at bat, the Quakes Mitchel doubled and Molitor singled to make it first and third with 1-out. Grays pull the infield in. Campbell replaces Fetters. And Campbell gets Valentin and Salmon to ground it back to him to hold the Quakes. In the 9th Quakes PH Olerud banged a leadoff single, Frazier put in as a pitch runner. Assenmacher replaced Campbell and Whitaker grounds Frazier to second, who steals third, 1-out. D. Sanders then pops to Caminiti, 2-out in the 9th, Frazier on third and Boggs to the plate with O’Neill on deck. Castillo replaced Assenmacher. Castillo to the stretch. Boggs grounds to Abbott who throws to Thomas to close the game.

Final Score: Germantown 3 – California 2

LP-Foster.   2b: Mitchell, Salmon; HR: O’Neill.
WP-Appier.   2b: Thomas; HR: MacFarlane.

GAME #4 – Alex Fernandez 18-3 (2.71) vs. Jim Bullinger 12-0 (2.74) )

Quakes call on Fernanez (18-3, 2.71) and Grays counter with Bullinger (12-0, 2.74).  Quakes strike first in the 2nd with a Molitor solo shot.  In the 4th Molitor singled , Valentin was beamed, and with 2-out Steinbach banged an RBI single, 2-0.  In the 6th Valentin drew a walk and Steinbach executed an excellent hit and run.  First and third 1-out, 2 down, Assenmacher replaces Bullinger and gets Whitaker to ground into a double play.  In the bottom half Alomar drew a walk, Thomas, and Sanders singled for a run and chased Fernandez.  Grays pull MacFarlane for PH Pegues to face Aquino.  Pegues rips a single.  Game reset.  Quakes Mitchell and Molitor leadoff the 8th with doubles, 3-2.  Thomas steps to the plate to leadoff the bottom half and hits a monster shot to dead center,…3-3.  In the 9th Quakes Whitaker and Boggs singled, 1-out.  Germantown pulls in the infield and brings in Castillo to face O’Neill.  O’Neill walks.  Germantown decides to play deep for the double play.  Mitchell lifts it into left.  Whitaker down the line.  Here’s the throw, not even close.  Quakes go up one.

Final Score: California 4 – Germantown 3

WP-Howe.   2b: Mitchell, Molitor; HR: Molitor.
LP-Campbell.  HR: Thomas.

GAME #5 – Mark Clark 11-4 (3.68) vs. John Smoltz 11-5 (4.36)

Grays have given the home crowd two nail biters and now their backs are to the wall. Quakes send Clark (11-4, 3.68) and the Grays make a game day change with Smoltz (11-5, 4.36). Weight is on Smoltz as the Grays bullpen has many rubber arms and Mack has been showing fatigue. Suck it up Grays. Quakes waste no time. In the 1st Boggs singled, Mitchell walked and Molitor banged an RBI single. Well, then Alomar. Mack and Thomas singled to leadoff the bottom half. In the 2nd Smoltz committed 2-errors and Clark singled to fill the bases with 1-out. O’Neill hammered a double. Smoltz is pulled for Meacham. Mitchell lifts a sac fly into center, 4-1. Grays milk as much from Meacham as possible and pull him after three straight hits in the 5th. Well, the ceiling continued to cave and the end of the world series was well…anti-climatic. And then it only got worse.

California 13 – Germantown 7

WP-Clark. 2b: Boggs, O’Neill, Valentin, Salmon, Whitaker; HR: Salmon.
LP-Smoltz. 2b: James, MacFarlane; HR: Mack, Sanders.

CaliforniaQuakesThe California Quakes defeated the Germantown Grays 4 games to 1 in the 1994 Mid-West Winter League World Series.

The World Series Most Valuable Player Award goes to Alex Fernandez who went 1-0 with a 1.54 ERA.   In 11.2 Innings Fernandez pitched 11.2 Innings, giving up 7 Hits, 3 Walks & 11 Strike Outs.





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