Allison, Ray CAP 4 4 5 9 0 7 9 44%
Riggin, Pat CHA 2 1 0.5 0.977  
Pederson, Barry NCD 4 5 5 10 2 4 13 39%
Froese, Bob CHI 3 4 1.51 84 .955

CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Chicago gets 2 home games at the Capone Center. Crowds are sparse as the wintry weather outside keeps travel in the Windy City to a minimum.
North Carolina 89’ers @ CapJack Rangers Chicago scores early in the 1st, but 5 unanswered goals by the 89’ers in the 1st & 2nd make it hard for the Underground to rise up. Chicago gets 2 more, but for sure not enough.

Final Score: North Carolina 5 – Chicago 3

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: NOC – Gary Lupul 2G
Star 2: NOC – Jim Fox 1G, 2Pts
Star 3: NOC – Barry Melrose 1G, 2Pts

GWG: Vaclav Nedomansy

CAP – Mario Lessard 43 Saves.
CHI – None

Charlestown Chiefs @ CapJack Rangers Chicago gets 1 in the first and shuts down the Chief’s offense the entire game. Mike Blaisdell from Ken Houston is all it takes, besides great defense and 14 saves from Pete Peeters.

Final Score: Chicago 1 – Charlestown 0

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Pete Peters 14 Saves
Star 2: CHI – Mike Blaisdell 1G
Star 3: CHI – Ken Houston – 1A

GWG: Mike Blaisdell

CHA – None
CHI – None

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Chicago has one bad game & one spectacular game. The Underground needs to be more consistent. Let’s see what the road brings.
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Rangers are home for 1 game this week – against Ohio, a team they’ve done some trading with lately
Ohio Legends @ CapJack Rangers Well, it was a game where Dan Bouchard could have gone up against his former team (the only team he had known). But Bouchard gets the day off – but John Garrett gets to try and stop his former team. But he couldn’t!!!!!
Period 1 – Ohio jumps out to a 2-0 lead in less than 3 minutes. Federko gets it going 30 seconds into the game as he quickly worked the puck into the zone and scores off a pass from Tanti. Then Blomqvist goes off for tripping and Currie gets the PP goal putting the home team behind the 8-ball. Then the Legends go on a penalty spree and it’s the 4th PP of the period when the Rangers finally capitalize with Cloutier getting one past Hanlon with 35 seconds to go in the period.Period 2 – that gets the Rangers fired up and Crowder scores the game-tying goal 5 minutes into the period on another PP – Legends were playing dirty! Then at the 8-minute mark, the Rangers get a goal from MacMillan to pull into the lead. 3 unanswered goals reversed the 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead and that’s how it is after 2.Period 3 – those Legends keep playing dirty with Roberts going off early for hooking and then again for roughing. However, Ohio uses the 2nd Roberts penalty to their advantage, and just as the penalty is about to expire they gain control of the puck, work it into the Ranger’s end and Gregg beats Garrett’s top shelf for the SH goal to tie the game. Figures it was an old practice maneuver and Garrett looked bad. So we are tied for the next 6 + minutes and then Neufeld gets called for a weak check from behind and the Legends get the go ahead goal as Federko gets his 2nd goal of the game – a PP goal – with a minute 20 to go. He started the scoring, and since the Rangers couldn’t respond, he finished the scoring as the Legends shocked and quieted what had been a wild crowd, winning 4-3. The Rangers worked hard to win this with a big SOG edge of 39-24 and dominated the faceoffs and scoring chances 30-6!!! But Hanlon was big in the nets.
1. Federko 2 goals
2. Currie 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Gregg 1 goal
Although not on the Stars lists – Hanlon’s 36 saves were BIG!!
WEEKLY SUMMARY: So, we go 0-1 at home and have a TOUGH road schedule this week. The Patrick division will be a season-long battle!!!
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: NC hopes to close the 30 point gap between them and Mackinac Island a little this week.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Mackinac Island Moose Though the 89ers almost doubled Charlestown in the number of shots taken, it was all Chiefs in this one. FINAL SCORE: Charlestown 4 NC 0
1. Rigging (CHA) – 33 saves
2. Nicholls (CHA) – 1G 1A
3. McDonald (CHA) – 1G 1A
Soetaert (NC) – 18 saves
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Mackinac Island Moose Stoughton scores a hat trick, the last two goals of which came inside the last 5 minutes of the game and bringing NC to a tie. FINAL SCORE: Brooklyn 5 NC 5
1. Stoughton (NC) – 3G
2. Johnson (BRO) – 2G
3. Housley (BRO) – 1G 2A
Hayward (BRO) – 21 saves
Soetaert (NC) – 27 saves
WEEKLY SUMMARY: At the rate of 1 point every two games, NC ought to forget about catching the Moose.
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One home game vs Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Syracuse Bulldogs Pitt takes advantage of the horrendous Syracuse goaltending winning 6-4
Stars #1 Pit Pettersson 1G 2pts
#2 Pit Paterson 1G
#3 Pit Larmer 1G
WEEKLY SUMMARY: One home game. The usual results
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ducks have only one home game this week – against the Patrick Division-leading CapJack Rangers
CapJack Rangers @ New Castle Ducks CAP 8 NCD 8 WHAT A GAME! Crazy as the 2 teams combine for SIXTEEN GOALS. Trailing 7-4 early in the third period, the Ducks rally with four unanswered goals to take an 8-7 lead. Marc Tardif’s 13th of the year with 1:30 to go appeared to give the Ducks a dramatic win. But in the final minute, with an empty net, the Rangers poured it on and Phil Russell put the puck past Billy Smith to tie the game with 31 seconds to go. New Castle’s Barry Pederson had the Hat Trick plus 2 assists to lead the Ducks. Rick Middleton had 3 assists and Ryan Walter had 15 faceoffs won. CapJack outshot the Ducks 41-34, including 20-13 in the final period as Billy Smith made 33 saves for New Castle. For Smith, however, the 8 goals allowed were 3 more than he had allowed in any game all season.
It was a night for special teams as the Rangers scored FOUR power-play goals (in 6 tries) and one SHORTHANDED goal (Bryan Trottier). New Castle was THREE for Six on the power play.THREE STARS:
1- NEW Pederson 3G 2 A
2- CAP Keith Crowder 1G 2 A
3- CAP Bryan Trottier 1G 2 APederson now has 36 goals on the season and THREE Hat TricksThe Rangers played much of the game without Larry Robinson and Ilya Siltanen both of whom were injured during play tonight
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Ducks are lucky to get the one point against the very tough Rangers. At the moment, New Castle and Chicago are tied for the Norris Division lead with 49 points in 43 games.
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two home games this week for the Brahmas. The Bulls welcome back a couple of bottom sixers who hopefully will help out the defense which has been getting shredded as of late.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Texas Brahmas The Spirit come to town and, as hoped, the Texas defense looks much better. The final score is 5-2, but 2 of the goals are empty netters as the Brahmas try to claw out a victory in the final minutes. Texas falls behind 3-0 but creeps back to 3-2 before the empty netters clinch for Pittsburgh.

1982-83 Pittsburgh 18-17-6 2 1 2 5
1982-83 Texas 15-21-7 0 1 1 2

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 6:27 EV PIT Sleigher (6), assisted by Haworth (8) and Crowder (6)
1 16:19 EV PIT Larmer (30), assisted by Pettersson (19) and Lindbergh (3)
2 12:57 EV PIT Steen (13), assisted by Dvorak (17) and Barber (11)
2 19:44 EV TEX Sutter (13), assisted by Maloney (29) and Hughes (14)
3 17:50 EV TEX Ferguson (6), assisted by Taylor (10) and McCourt (18)
3 18:46 EN PIT Maxwell (9), assisted by Paterson (3) and Patrick (4)
3 19:20 EN PIT Barber (16), assisted by Steen (14) and Hotham (17)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 3:03 PIT Maxwell (88), 2:00 – hooking
1 9:39 TEX Mark Hunter (35), 2:00 – cross checking
1 13:31 PIT Patrick (19), 2:00 – hooking
2 1:47 TEX Taylor (11), 2:00 – roughing
2 15:13 TEX Taylor (13), 2:00 – holding
3 1:24 PIT Patrick (21), 2:00 – hooking
3 7:39 PIT Vadnais (31), 2:00 – roughing
3 10:14 PIT Crowder (21), 5:00 – fighting
3 10:14 TEX Mark Hunter (50), 5:00/10:00 – fighting

Pittsburgh 5 13 8
Texas 7 6 13

SOG 26 26
FOW 20 24
FO% 45.5 54.5
Hits 27 20
Blocks 11 3
Missed Net 7 14
Shot Attempts 36 51
Scoring Chances 14 23
PIM 13 21
PP 0-3 0-4
TOA 2:48 9:42

Injuries: Dupont(TEX)-game

Star 1: PIT Steen 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: PIT Barber 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: PIT Maxwell 1 G

GWG: Thomas Steen

Notables: PIT None
TEX Hunter 17 PIM

Charlotte Dynamo @ Texas Brahmas Texas starts strong, scoring 2 of the first 3 before Charlotte responds with final 4, including an empty netter in a 5-2Charlotte win.

1982-83 Charlotte 14-19-6 1 2 2 5
1982-83 Texas 15-22-7 1 1 0 2

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 1:56 EV TEX Hughes (12), assisted by Sutter (7) and Korn (8)
1 13:49 EV CHD Hedberg (8), assisted by Anderson (26) and Hawerchuk (17)
2 :28 EV TEX McKechnie (3), assisted by Boutette (9)
2 :42 EV CHD Simmer (19), assisted by Lapointe (6) and Rogers (24)
2 13:54 PP CHD Hunter (3), assisted by Langevin (7) and Rogers (25)
3 1:55 EV CHD Hajt (3), assisted by Anderson (27) and Hawerchuk (18)
3 19:44 EN CHD Evans (7), assisted by Hajt (3) and Ihnacak (8)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 14:16 CHD Anderson (37), 2:00 – interference
1 17:05 TEX Sutter (46), 2:00 – holding
2 2:21 CHD Hawerchuk (19), 2:00 – holding
2 5:33 CHD Fergus (15), 5:00 – fighting
2 5:33 TEX Plett (74), 5:00 – fighting
2 7:38 CHD Dupont (58), 2:00 – hooking
2 12:22 TEX Mark Hunter (52), 2:00 – hooking
2 18:25 CHD Hunter (40), 2:00 – holding
3 3:45 TEX Korn (98), 2:00 – holding
3 8:09 TEX Maloney (67), 2:00 – interference
3 11:02 CHD Quenneville (30), 2:00 – roughing
3 13:43 CHD Hedberg (6), 2:00 – cross checking
3 16:13 CHD Hedberg (8), 2:00 – roughing
3 16:13 TEX Korn (100), 2:00 – roughing

Charlotte 11 7 6
Texas 5 10 11

SOG 24 26
FOW 25 27
FO% 48.1 51.9
Hits 19 29
Blocks 11 10
Missed Net 11 15
Shot Attempts 45 52
Scoring Chances 25 22
PIM 19 15
PP 1-4 0-6
TOA 5:13 6:44

Star 1: CHD Hajt 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: CHD Hunter 1 G
Star 3: CHD Evans 1 G

GWG: Dave Hunter

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Texas wanted to get defensively, and we did, but the offense paid sputtered in a 0-2 homestand. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: CapJack and Chicago visit St. Clair Shores this week.
CapJack Rangers @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Mike Allison and DeBlois score for the Rangers in the first period. Daoust puts the game away in the 3rd period with his 8th goal of the season. Resch earns the shutout.

CapJack 3 SCS 0

1st – Resch
2nd – Allison
3rd – Daoust

Chicago Underground @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Close game – Houston scores for Chicago early in the first. In the 3rd, Mike Bossy scores his 38th goal with an assist from Savard. With 12:39 to go, Troy Murray avoids a shutout with his 3rd goal of the season.

Chicago 2 SCS 1

1st – Froese
2nd – Bossy
3rd – Houston

WEEKLY SUMMARY: SCS can only generate one goal in its 2 games. CapJack and Chicago leave town with victories.
Catoctin Cardinals
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Catoctin comes home for 3 games.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Catoctin Cardinals MAC 4 CAT 3

The Moose would score, the Cardinals would score. Sadly, the Moose got the last one. MacLean had 2 goals.

Catoctin Cardinals @ Catoctin Cardinals DAL 3 CAT 4

Dallas scored first then the Cardinals scored 4 times. Dallas added two more as their comeback fell short. Sutter scored twice for the Cardinals.

ew Castle Ducks @ Catoctin Cardinals NCD 4 CAT 2

The Cardinals lose another home game at a bad time. Marsh added an empty netter with 51 seconds left to put it out of reach.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Cardinals go 1-2 at home.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Bulldogs pay a visit to Brooklyn in the Harbor Rats only home game of the week.
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Four different times the Bulldogs would grab a lead and each of those four times the Harbor Rats would get the tying goal. But with less than 3 minutes remaining, Mark Johnson’s second goal of the game would give Brooklyn their first lead of the night. Alas, Syracuse pulls the goalie for the extra attacker and Guy Lafleur’s second goal of the game evens the score for the fifth time. And that’s how it would end, a 5-5 tie.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: somehow managed to scratch out a point in our only home game, hoping for better results on the road.
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ohio Legends continue their limp through the 1982-83 season. This week, the club welcomes Portland, Brooklyn, and Catoctin to Legends Arena.
Portland Sasquatch @ Ohio Legends OHIO 8, PORTLAND 6

Who knew the Legends would use all their offense for the month of January in one game? Thirteen of Ohio’s 18 skaters took home points, as the offensive fireworks went to the final seconds — three goals were scored in the final minute of the game!

Paul Gagne led all scorers with a hat trick for Portland and Mark Howe added a pair of goals for a three-point night.

Statistically, the Sasquatch held the upper hand, winning the shots (33-28), shots attempts (61-39), and scoring chances (40-22). Dan Bouchard turned away 27 to pick up the win, while Richard Brodeur stopped 20 in the defeat.

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Ohio Legends BROOKLYN 2, OHIO 2

Mike Crombeen’s goal midway through the third lifted Ohio to the tie. A defensive-oriented game plan for both teams allowed for just 30 total shots (Brooklyn led 17-13).

The Legends got the game’s only power-play marker, chasing in on one-of-five attempts, while the Harbor Rats went zero-for-four. Bryan Hayward collected 11 saves and Glen Hanlon re-routed 15.

CapJack Rangers @ Ohio Legends CATOCTIN 4, OHIO 1

The Cardinals scored almost every variety of goals in the first periods to grab a 3-0 lead (EE, SH, EV).

Borje Salming had a goal and an assist to lead the Catoctin offense. Dwight Foster’s shorthanded goal in the first proved to be the game-winner.

This was another tightly-contested defensive battle, as just 26 shots were fired between the teams (Ohio leading 14-12). Both teams had five man-advantage chances, with the Cardinals having the only lamplighter.

Bob Sauve took the win in net, stopping 13, while Dan Bouchard absorbed the defeat with eight saves.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio gets through the week with a 1-1-1 record. About as pedestrian as it gets, but it is an improvement over the body of work for the season.
Portland Sasquatch
North Carolina 89’ers @ Portland Sasquatch Portland has one game this week against North Carolina
GAME #1: Entering the game tied for first in the Smythe Division, Portland hosts the North Carolina 89’ers in an important game. Rota (18) opens the scoring for Portland in the first period but Lupul (9) gets a PP goal to tie the game 1-2. In the second period, Ciccarelli (21) puts Portland back in the lead but Stoughton (12) ties it once again at 2-2 only to have Portland’s Hamel (11) find the back of the net to give the Sasquatch a 3-2 lead at the intermission. Stoughton gets his second goal of the game 53 seconds into the third period to tie the game but Portland’s Rota nets his second goal at the 15:49 mark to lift Portland to the 4-3 win

Star #1 – Rota 2 goals, 3 points
Star #2 – Stoughton 2 goals
Star #3 – Ciccarelli 1 goal 1 assist

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Portland wind their lone home game to remain in the division lead
Dallas Drakes
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Drakes get 3 at home
Texas Brahmas @ Dallas Drakes The last place but very underrated Brahmas come to town. The game doesn’t get a goal until 8:15 of the second period as Pat Boutette blows a slapshot past Carado Micalef to give the Brahmas the lead. Murray Bannerman shut down Marcel Dionne and Al Secord on back-to-back breakaways to end the second period holding onto the 1 goal lead. The Drakes pour it on in the third period but Bannerman robs Paul Woods on a great deflection from Rob Ramage. The score stayed 1-0 until 9:51 of the third when Dave Lumley takes a great feed from Tomas Jonsson to put the Brahmas up 2-0. Murray Bannerman was not solved on this evening and the Brahmas win 2-0.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Dallas Drakes The league-leading Moose show up to Dallas where these teams have had high-scoring affairs all season. Paul Baxter puts the Drakes ahead early (3:15) as he buries a shot past Rollie the goalie and no more scoring was done in the first. Less than a minute into the second Illka Sinisalo puts home an empty netter from Al Secord for a 2-0 lead. Jari Kurri wrists his 26th of the year past Don Beaupre to cut the lead to 1. Joey Mullen and Marcel Dionne pot back to back goals within 40 seconds of each other and the Drakes pull ahead 4-1 to end the second period. The Moose isn’t the best team in the league for no reason and within 9:32 they score 3 goals (Terrion, Lysiak, Propp) to tie the game. At 10:42 Stan Smyl picks the pocket of Randy Carlyle at the blue line and scored on Don Beaupre to give the Moose the lead 5-4. The Drakes up the forecheckers and it paid off at 18:38 when Al Secord put a rebound home and the game ends in a 5-5 tie.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Dallas Drakes The last place Saints come to Dallas to round out the week. The Drakes score less than a minute in as Al Secord records his 40th after Rod Langway and Marcel Dionne play tic tac toe. Before the 16 minute mark, the Drakes take a 3-0 lead when Sinisalo taps home an easy feed from John Tonelli. The game looks like the laugher that it was predicted on paper until Doug Wilson breaks loose setting up Rob McClanahan to cut the game to 3-1. Charlie Huddy scores 44 seconds into the second on the power play and the Drakes start to feel the heat. Less than 2 minutes later Gaetan Duchense scores to tie the game and the crowd is in shock. The Saints are feeling upset but within the next 7 minutes, the Drakes put 3 quick goals on the board. Scott Stevens scores a meaningless one in the third as the final is 6-4 Drakes.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Drakes go 1-1-1 in the homestand
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One home game against the rodent team from Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 5, Harbor Rats 4 – 1st period the home team dominates the play. A 12-7 SOG advantage, and that is reflected in the scoring as Ruskowski with a rare goal for him, while MacLean gets his 28th of the year.

The wind switches direction in the 2nd period early when Giles gets nailed with a cross-checking penalty and the Rats quickly put a marker on the board, cutting the lead to 1. Both teams show the tension on ice is real when Playfair and Ruskowski have it out. Declared a draw, but both get 5 minutes. Shortly after that Harris and Cote wrestle a while, and join the other 2 in their respective boxes. The Moose take advantage of more room on the ice, 4 on 4, and MacLean gets his 2nd of the game, making it 3-1 Moose, and the home team fans go for their 2nd-period beer refills. Things are looking good until McCarthy catches the Moose off balance, and the lead is down to 1 as we head to 2nd intermission.

Brooklyn comes out hot in the 3rd. A Terrion hooking penalty puts the Moose down 1, and Johnson makes them pay, getting his PP goal just before Terrion comes back on ice.. The crowd is really uneasy and that gets amplified only a minute later when Suliman adds one more for the Rats and the Moose are looking pretty disorganized having given up 3 goals in the last 6 minutes of game time. The Moose make some strategy and line adjustments and hopes for the best. The play seems to be shifting to the Moose offense and that is realized when MacLean finishes his hat trick with 5 minutes to go in the game. Tied at 4-4, the crowd is really back in the game. The Moose are able to keep the pressure up and eventually they find an opening as Lysiak lights the lamp, much to the delight of the crowd, and the Moose are up 5-4. The Moose are able to control the puck until one minute left when they go for the insurance goal, and the Rats get control. The goalie is pulled and play moves into the Moose end of the ice. After 2 shots on goal, the Moose are able to disrupt play with a steal, and after moving the puck to the neutral zone, the Moose defense is able to push the puck into the corner where the clock dies along with hopes of a Harbor Rat tying goal.

1st star – MacLean hat trick, 4 pts
2nd – Lysiak 1G 3 pts
3rd – McCarthy 1G 2pts

WEEKLY SUMMARY: One win in a game where we typically see a pulled goalie result in a score and end up with a tie. Glad to escape with the win against a very good Brooklyn team.
Charlestown Chiefs
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Charlestown Chiefs 1 2 3 F
1982-83 St. Clair Sho4-29-8 2 0 3 5
1982-83 Charlestown 18-13-12 1 3 2 6Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 6:24 EV SCS Duchesne (8), assisted by Babych (10) and Francis (22)
1 12:44 EV SCS St. Laurent (8), unassisted
1 19:05 EV CHA Potvin (4), assisted by Krushelnyski (14) and Gradin (21)
2 10:47 EV CHA Shedden (6), assisted by Hlinka (8) and Coffey (36)
2 13:19 EV CHA Nicholls (20), assisted by Huber (20) and McCarthy (32)
2 16:37 PP CHA Coffey (17), assisted by Nicholls (23)
3 :36 EV SCS Duchesne (9), assisted by Francis (23) and Doug Wilson (21)
3 3:50 PP SCS Sutter (6), assisted by Huddy (11) and Delorme (10)
3 7:33 EV CHA Gradin (25), assisted by Krushelnyski (15) and Coffey (37)
3 9:19 SH SCS Duchesne (10), assisted by McClanahan (12) and Delorme (11)
3 10:44 EV CHA Coffey (18), assisted by Huber (21) and Nicholls (24)
CapJack Rangers @ Charlestown Chiefs 1982-83 CapJack 23-14-5 2 0 2 4
1982-83 Charlestown 18-13-13 1 2 1 4Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 11:37 PP CHA McDonald (30), assisted by Nicholls (25) and Coffey (38)
1 16:38 PP CAP Daoust (8), assisted by Cloutier (20) and Ray Allison (15)
1 18:51 EV CAP Ray Allison (18), assisted by DeBlois (19)
2 4:13 PP CHA McKegney (12), assisted by Tremblay (22) and Potvin (31)
2 6:57 EV CHA Krushelnyski (13), assisted by Holmes (2) and Potvin (32)
3 1:35 EV CAP Ray Allison (19), assisted by DeBlois (20)
3 6:30 PP CHA McDonald (31), assisted by Nicholls (26)
3 14:47 EV CAP Ray Allison (20), assisted by Lundholm (12)
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Win and a tie.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Dynamo can’t seem to find its way out of the Patrick Division basement and surpass formidable foes including CapJack, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh. As it limped along at the halfway point, the squad held three games at home versus three squads with winning records — Chicago, Portland, and New Castles.
Chicago Underground @ Charlotte Dynamo In a hotly-contested game not decided until the final minutes of play, the Underground prevailed over Charlotte, 4-2. The turning point of the game — and decisive blow — came when the Underground, holding a tight 3-2 lead and fighting off a power play, got a clinching shorthanded goal from Rick Vaive with 2:40 left in the game.

Peter Stastny scored two earlier goals for the Underground and the Underground rookie goaltender Bob Froese turned in a sensational performance in victory with 43 saves.

Three stars, all from Chicago
Star 1: Stastny 2 G
Star 2: Froese 43 saves
Star 3: Vaive 1 G, 2 Pts

Notable: Charlotte outshoots Chicago 45-34 in defeat.

Portland Sasquatch @ Charlotte Dynamo In a defensive standoff in which only 44 shots were fired between both teams, Portland edged past Charlotte 2-1.

Gilles Hamel and Wayne Gretzky each scored within the first 12 minutes of the game which was all the Sasquatch needed. Portland goalie Reggie Lemelin was only pressed to make 25 saves and yielded just one late goal, a third period tally by Charlotte’s Bob Crawford with 4:35 to play.

Three stars (all from Portland)
Star 1: Gretzky 1 GWG and he assisted on the other
Star 2: Lemelin
Star 3: Hamel (scored the first goal on the power play 9:24 into the contest on assists from Gretzky and Morris Lukowich)

Notable: Not much time on the attack; Charlotte held a 4:31 to 3:48 edge and outshot the Sasquatch 26-18.

New Castle Ducks @ Charlotte Dynamo The Dynamo — desperately in need of a rebound win — got it by rallying to defeat Ducks in a back-and-forth affair 5-4.

Charlotte trailed 4-3 entering the third but got a pair of goals in the first three minutes of the final period from Charlie Simmer and Mike Rogers. Tony Esposito fought off a Ducks barrage of 43 shots to keep the Dynamo in this game.

Little used forward Mark Reeds, who only logged 20 real-time games in 82-83, was the hero of this one, with a pair of goals and an assist. He will be missed as he approaches his limit.

Three stars
Star 1: Reeds 2 G, 3 Points
Star 2: Simmer, 1 G 3 Pts
Star 3 (from NCD): Barry Pederson with 2 goals to lead the Ducks

Notable: New Castle outshot the Dynamo 47-24 and probably deserved the victory.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Charlotte only collects two points in three games at home but was buoyed by a road win this week. It’s the best this bottom-dweller can expect.
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two home games.
New Castle Ducks @ Pittsburgh Spirit Pittsburgh outlasts New Castle in a back and forth contest, 5-4. Laughlin with two goals and Steen with 4 points.
Portland Sasquatch @ Pittsburgh Spirit Gretzky does what Gretzky does and has a 2 goal, 2 assist night as Portland rides the Great One to a 4-2 victory.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Two games, two points. Could be worse.