Kehoe, Rick CAT 4 6 5 11 4 5 30 20%
Moog, Andy CHD 3 5 1.68 82 .943
Dunlop, Blake MAC 4 4 5 9 0 6 7 57%
Peeters, Pete CHI 3 6 2 68 .919

CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: CapJack has 1 home game this week against rival Pittsburgh as the Rangers try to keep up the momentum they’ve had lately. The Spirit, however, still has that championship spirit and the Spirit-Rangers games are always tough…
Pittsburgh Spirit @ CapJack Rangers Tough – hmmm, that might not be the right word unless you are the Rangers. The Spirit played tough and tenacious. The Rangers played as each player only had 1 glove on, but the gloved covered both hands at the same time – they were handcuffed. About the only thing they could win in this game was most penalty minutes (26 to 20). However, the Spirit missed on all 5 PP opportunities while the Rangers only failed on their 2 – another moral victory, we weren’t as bad on the PP!

OH – the Spirit didn’t need the PP goals. First off, Lindbergh only faced 18 shots for the whole game – and he stopped ALL of them for a shutout. And his teammates were thrilled for him – 4 times they celebrated. In period 1 they celebrated with goals by Barber and Larmer. Then Barber celebrated again with his 2nd goal in the 2nd period. And Paiement added one in the 3rd to “cap” off the Rangers 4-0! Ugh.
STARS (all PIT – duh)
1. Lindbergh 18 saves
2. Barber 2 goals
3. Larmer 1 goal
And to make matters worse, with the score 2-0 early in the 2nd, Van Boxmeer slashes Siltanen (on a breakaway) and gets called and a Penalty Shot is awarded. He dekes left, fires a backhand shot – oh it’s good – no Lindbergh makes a great save. 20 seconds later, Barber scores that 2nd goal of his. So instead of 2-1 Pittsburgh, it’s 3-0! The atmospheric pressure in the Garden bottomed out after that.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: So we limped off the ice after a solid thrashing by Pittsburgh and go 0-1 at home this week. Hope they have better skates on the road…..
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: It’s Adams Division week! It’s time to narrow the canyon between the Ohio Legends and division-leader Mackinac Island….or watch the divide grow (bet on the second!).
Mackinac Island Moose @ Ohio Legends MACKINAC 4, OHIO 2

This one was WAY closer than it should have been. The Moose must have been mesmerized by the bright lights of Cincinnati…

Ohio grabbed a 2-0 lead early in the second before Mackinac Island woke up and started playing. Tom Lysiak, Blake Dunlop, and Paul MacLean each had a goal and an assist, and the Moose ran away at the end.

The Legends won the shots battle, 36-27, but the Moose netted the game’s only power-play goal to skate away winners. Rollie Melanson stopped 34 shots and Glen Hanlon turned away 23 in the defeat.

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Ohio Legends SCS 2, OHIO 2

Dave Semenko’s goal with 48 seconds remaining salvaged the tie for Ohio and made him the number one star of the game.

This thriller featured 16 shots for each side and no one notching a power-play goal, as the Saints were blanked in five tried and the Legends were shutout in four. Mike Liut and Glen Hanlon each re-routed 16 shots in the unsatisfying deadlock.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The season of disappointment continues in Ohio.

Is anyone interested in Dan Bouchard? He’s not doing this bunch any good…

Catoctin Cardinals
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Cardinals continue to push into a playoff spot and hope to charge to the division lead.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Catoctin Cardinals CHA 3 CAT 6

Charlestown opens the scoring and then surrenders 3 goals in the remainder of the first. Catoctin added 3 more in the second. Charlestown tried to muster a comeback but only added 2 goals in the 3rd.

Pittsburgh Spirit @ Catoctin Cardinals PIT 5 CAT 3

The game was tied 2-2 at the end of two. Pittsburgh scored 3 more including an empty netter to close out the Cardinals 5-3.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A split at home is not what the doctor ordered. The Cardinals can only hope for better luck on the road.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Charlotte travels to St. Clair Shores to take on the Saints.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Saint Clair Shores Saints SCS continues its goal-scoring futility. Glenn Anderson is on fire for the Dynamo. He gets a hat trick and is only the 2nd star! He scores twice in the 1st and once in the 2nd. There are no other goals. Andy Moog saves 25 shots for the shutout.

Charlotte 3 SCS 0


WEEKLY SUMMARY: Cincinnati shuts out SCS, 3-0
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Saints from Saint Clair Shores travel up I-75 to Big Mac and take the Shepler’s ferry over to the Island for some fun on the ice. Another great interstate rivalry battle.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Mackinac Island Moose Saints 6, Moose 6 – This one starts slow, and then ramps up the intensity, just like the song, “30,000 pounds of bananas” (Harry Chapin). For the first 10 minutes, a stalemate, no goals, no penalties, no skirmishes. The Moose break the ice with a goal by Propp just past the 10-minute mark. The emboldened Moose then get a little too aggressive and commit 2 quick fouls, creating a 5 on 3, which they manage to kill off, but just as Ruskowski comes back on the ice, the Moose a bit disorganized, Huddy takes advantage of the chaos and gets the Saints on the board, 1-1. Seconds later, Huddy comments on the hairstyle that MacLean is sporting, and the two go all-out blood on the ice, and 5 minutes in the penalty box for both. The Saints continue to ride the adrenaline from goal #1, and only 2 minutes later, its McClanahan scores to put the Saints up 2-1, and the Moose are aware they are in a battle. on to intermission.

Period 2, the Moose come out with an attitude, and quickly get the lead back, with goals by Smyl and Napier in the first 3 minutes, making it a 3-2 home team. Calm reigns for another 7 minutes before Wilson and Smyl hook up in a scuffle that gets them 2 minutes each. Shortly after that, it’s MacLean, a little less winded than everybody else, finding the back of the net to put the Moose up 4-2. The home crowd feeling much better, the rest of the period melts away with each team killing off one penalty on the way to intermission.

The truckload of bananas loses its breaks and roars down the hill into Scranton, PA …….. so does this hockey game enter the 3rd period on the Island. Propp starts it off with a little hooking penalty, which leads to a PP goal by Stevens, and with the lead down to 1, we pick up speed. Minutes later it’s Malone, assisted by Sutter, and it’s all tied 4-4, and the crowd’s pulse rate is getting jacked up. Looking for a response from the Moose, the crowd is really disappointed when the next goal, a minute later, comes from Francis, and now the noise meter is creeping up, just like the speedometer on the truck, and the Saints show they ain’t really Saints, have the lead 5-4. ……. The Moose stop the bleeding and we cross into the last 10 minutes of the game. Dunlop finds an opening in front of the net and capitalizes, tying the game at 5 with 8 minutes to go. Crowd up and at it, and only one minute later they go bananas as Lysiak gets a penetration shot in the net, and the lead has turned back on itself once more, Moose up 6-5. Hanging on for dear life, just like the truckdriver, the Moose navigate towards the end, turn by turn, into the last 2 minutes, until the Saints pull the goalie and start to pound shots at goal, and then just as the clock showed only seconds left, its Francis, a Saint in his own accord, ripping one in the goal, and its bananas smeared all over the place, as we ease on to the end with a 6-6 tie.

And just as in the song, riding the bus out of town, the Saints head off into the night.

1st star – Francis 2G 3pts
2nd – Malone 1G 3pts
3rd – Lysiak 1G 3pts

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A titanic battle on the Island that only disappointed the home fans, and both teams get a lonely point. Bad day for goalies.
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Mackinac, Chicago, and New Castle visit Syracuse
Mackinac Island Moose @ Syracuse Bulldogs Mackinac wins it 7-2
Stars #1 MAC Dunlop 2G 5pts
#2 MAC Kurri 1 G 5pts
#3 MAC Smyl 2G
Chicago Underground @ Syracuse Bulldogs Syracuse actually beat a good team 5-3
Stars #1 SYR Lafleur 2G
#2 SYR Mullen 1G 2pts
#3 SYR Turnbull 1G 2pts
New Castle Ducks @ Syracuse Bulldogs All Ducks 6-4
Stars #1 SYR Bellows 2G
#2 NCD Clarke 1G 2pts
#3 NCD Lindstrom 1G
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Bulldogs drop 2 of 3 at home
Charlestown Chiefs
Texas Brahmas @ Charlestown Chiefs Texas scores 3 goals in the first and Charlestown can’t close the gap, losing 6-4. Never good when you rest Ray Bourque and Denis Potvin goes down with a game injury…

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:39 EV TEX McCourt (9), assisted by Ruotsalainen (22)
1 6:06 EV TEX Boutette (9), assisted by Ferguson (5) and Dupont (4)
1 12:21 PP CHA Gradin (23), assisted by Huber (18)
1 17:10 EV TEX Lumley (6), assisted by Hughes (10) and Lowe (19)
2 3:04 EV CHA Nicholls (16), assisted by Huber (19) and Coffey (32)
2 5:18 EV TEX Andreychuk (1), assisted by Taylor (5) and Ruotsalainen (23)
3 :57 EV TEX Dupont (3), assisted by Ferguson (6)
3 9:35 EV CHA Nicholls (17), assisted by Nattress (1) and McDonald (19)
3 17:47 PP TEX McCourt (10), assisted by Acton (13) and Mark Hunter (4)
3 18:58 EV CHA Holmes (2), assisted by Murphy (7) and Coffey (33)

Injuries: Potvin(CHA)-game

Star 1: TEX McCourt 2 G
Star 2: TEX Dupont 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CHA Nicholls 2 G

GWG: Norm Dupont

Notables: TEX Bannerman 40 saves, Maloney 16 PIM, Boutette 17 faceoffs won
CHA None

Portland Sasquatch @ Charlestown Chiefs Each team scores a goal in each period, and we end with a 3-3 tie.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 15:59 PP POR Foligno (8), unassisted
1 18:29 EV CHA Krushelnyski (11), assisted by Hlinka (7) and Coffey (34)
2 :14 EV POR Ciccarelli (17), assisted by Gretzky (41) and Rota (19)
2 15:47 EV CHA Hlinka (2), assisted by Krushelnyski (11) and Shedden (6)
3 11:52 EV POR Gagne (5), assisted by Preston (7)
3 18:25 EV CHA Tremblay (15), assisted by McKegney (21)

Star 1: CHA Hlinka 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: CHA Krushelnyski 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: POR Gagne 1 G

Notables: POR Konroyd 12 PIM, Gretzky 18 faceoffs won, Hamel 15 PIM
CHA McDonald 15 PIM

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Not a good week – Ray Bourque rested a sore groin (don’t ask) and it showed.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A pair of home games against division mates as the Dynamo and Rangers come to Brooklyn
Charlotte Dynamo @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats The visitors move out to a 2-0 lead after one period of play. The Harbor Rats are finding it hard to solve Dynamo goalie Andy Moog and finally get a deflection past him when Mark Johnson cuts the lead in half, 36 minutes into the game. Just 90 seconds later, Gilbert Perrault puts Charlotte up by 2 again. With the 2nd period winding down Dave Christian nets one for Brooklyn just 19 seconds before the horn and we enter the 3rd period trailing by one. Kevin McCarthy’s blast from the point evens the score 7 minutes in and the Rats grab the lead when Gustafsson converts on our 4th power-play chance for our first lead of the game, with 7 minutes remaining. That’s how it would end, Harbor Rats 4, Dynamo 3.
CapJack Rangers @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Battle for the top of the division sees Capjack come out firing away and grabbing a 1-0 lead with a 19-4 shot advantage in the first. But on the Rats 5th SOG, with under a minute left before the horn, Mike Gartner evens the score. Phil Russell’s power-play goal puts the Rangers up 2-1 after 2. But just :24 seconds into the 3rd, Gustafsson again evens the score. At this point we are being thoroughly outplayed by Capjack and are somehow is still in this game. Then Trottier sets up Shutt for the Rangers lead with 9 minutes left and soon after the roof falls in. The Rangers add 3 more goals to win going away as they get 8 power-play chances and outshoot Brooklyn 41-20 in a 6-2 rout.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: A split at home, with a loss to Capjack that shows how far we’ve got to go if we want to hang with them
Portland Sasquatch
WEEKLY PREVIEW: In a tight Smythe Division Portland hosts the Catoctin Cardinals, who we are tied with for 2nd place, and the last place Syracuse Bulldogs
Catoctin Cardinals @ Portland Sasquatch IN a battle between the two teams tied for second place in the Smyth Division Portland jumps out to a quick 2-0 lead 2:35 minutes into the game on goals from Risebrough (11) and Howe (7). With 4 seconds left in the period, Catoctin gets on the board with a goal from Murphy (6) on a power play.

In the second period, another power-play goal by Kehoe (20) ties the game at 2 but Portland responds 12 seconds later on a goal by Rota (16) and another goal from Konroyd (2) 1:38 later to take a 4-2 lead. The Cardinals were not done though as Bullard (7) finds the net at the 17:07 mark to enter the locker room down 4-3

In the third period, Messier (24) evens the score 6:20 into the period but Risebrough (12) nets his second goal of the game to put Portland back up 5-4. IN the next 5 minutes Kehoe gets goals #21 and #22 to complete a hat trick and give Catoctin a huge road win in division 6-5

Star #1 – Kehoe 3 goals, 4 points
Star #2 -Murphy 1 goal, 2 points
Star #3 -Risebrough 2 goals

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Portland Sasquatch After a disappointing loss to Catoctin Portland responds with a dominating 6-1 win against the struggling Syracuse Bulldogs. Portland got 5 goals in the first period from Preston (7/8), Foligno (8), and Ciccarelli (17/18). The second period was quiet but in the third Portland’s Carbonneau (13) found the back of the net to make the score 6-0 before Syracuse finally got a goal fromBoldirev (5) to escape a shutout

Star #1 – Ciccarelli 2 goals
Star #2 – Preston 2 goals
Star #3 -Foligno 1 goal

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Portland earns a split of their two games to remain in a tight battle for the Smyth Division
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Smythe division come to Fort Worth for good BBQ and lots of easy goals
Portland Sasquatch @ Texas Brahmas 1982-83 Portland 20-15-4 0 1 6 7
1982-83 Texas 14-20-5 1 2 1 4Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 5:05 EV TEX Boutette (9), assisted by Ferguson (5) and Ruotsalainen (22)
2 1:39 PP TEX Taylor (3), assisted by Ruotsalainen (23)
2 5:43 EV TEX Andreychuk (1), assisted by Taylor (5) and Maloney (25)
2 9:54 EV POR Risebrough (11), assisted by Pouzar (12) and Howe (21)
3 :11 PP POR Ciccarelli (17), assisted by Gretzky (41) and Rota (19)
3 5:17 EV TEX Sutter (11), assisted by Lumley (9) and Hughes (10)
3 6:17 EV POR Foligno (8), assisted by Crossman (18)
3 6:57 EV POR Rota (16), assisted by Carbonneau (13)
3 7:19 EV POR Gretzky (30), assisted by Ciccarelli (20) and Rota (20)
3 10:05 EV POR Gretzky (31), assisted by Rota (21) and Crossman (19)
3 18:17 EN POR Pouzar (7), assisted by Crossman (20) and Risebrough (12)Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 5:58 POR Rota (54), 2:00 – slashing
1 9:28 TEX Taylor (9), 2:00 – tripping
1 13:02 POR Wells (87), 2:00 – roughing
1 13:02 TEX Andreychuk (2), 2:00 – roughing
1 13:18 POR Ciccarelli (56), 2:00 – hooking
2 :42 POR Laidlaw (40), 2:00 – slashing
2 3:30 POR Wells (89), 2:00 – hooking
2 10:29 POR Ciccarelli (58), 2:00 – tripping
2 14:04 TEX Boutette (41), 2:00 – charging
2 18:11 TEX Jonsson (32), 2:00 – high sticking
3 :24 POR Wells (91), 2:00 – tripping
3 5:17 POR Pouzar – hooking – goal scored on a delayed penalty
3 6:57 TEX Dupont – hooking – goal scored on a delayed penalty
3 12:38 TEX Maloney (43), 2:00 – trippingSOG 1 SOG 2 SOG 3
Portland 13 10 15
Texas 9 9 11POR TEX
SOG 38 29
FOW 22 30
FO% 42.3 57.7
Hits 25 16
Blocks 13 9
Missed Net 5 12
Shot Attempts 52 54
Scoring Chances 27 30
PIM 14 10
PP 1-4 1-6
TOA 5:28 8:43Injuries: Lukowich(POR)-game Gagne(POR)-gameStar 1: POR Gretzky 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: POR Rota 1 G, 4 Pts
Star 3: POR Risebrough 1 G, 2 PtsGWG: Wayne GretzkyNotables: POR Crossman 3 assists, Rota 3 assists
TEX Bannerman 31 saves, Nilsson 15 faceoffs won
Catoctin Cardinals @ Texas Brahmas 1982-83 Catoctin 20-15-3 2 3 2 7
1982-83 Texas 14-20-6 2 4 1 7Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 5:27 PP CAT Watters (5), assisted by Bullard (6) and Flockhart (17)
1 5:40 EV TEX Korn (5), assisted by Lumley (10) and Hughes (11)
1 15:32 EV TEX Ferguson (5), assisted by Dupont (4) and Maloney (26)
1 16:03 EV CAT Messier (24), assisted by Kehoe (34)
2 4:15 EV TEX Lumley (6), assisted by Jonsson (23) and Palmateer (1)
2 4:29 EV TEX Larmer (10), assisted by Mark Hunter (4) and Ruotsalainen (24)
2 6:22 EV TEX Andreychuk (2), assisted by Taylor (6) and Nilsson (33)
2 15:45 EV TEX Sutter (12), assisted by Ruotsalainen (25) and Lumley (11)
2 17:31 EV CAT Sutter (22), assisted by Messier (31) and Ludwig (13)
2 19:07 EV CAT Messier (25), assisted by Murphy (23) and Kehoe (35)
2 19:58 EV CAT Nill (5), assisted by Smail (13) and Goring (5)
3 1:19 PP CAT Kehoe (20), assisted by Murphy (24) and Messier (32)
3 4:21 PP TEX Taylor (4), assisted by Ruotsalainen (26) and Nilsson (34)
3 10:00 EV CAT Messier (26), assisted by Murphy (25) and Sutter (17)Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 3:27 TEX Acton (22), 2:00 – hooking
1 6:59 CAT Salming (54), 2:00 – holding
1 11:21 CAT Sauve (2), 2:00 – tripping
2 2:00 TEX Maloney (45), 2:00 – holding
2 8:27 TEX Lumley (61), 2:00 – cross-checking
2 9:50 TEX Boutette (43), 2:00 – tripping
2 12:55 TEX Lowe (17), 2:00 – hooking
3 :25 TEX Korn (91), 2:00 – roughing
3 2:33 CAT Flockhart (22), 2:00 – hooking
3 11:55 CAT Sutter (97), 2:00 – holding
3 14:25 TEX Maloney (47), 2:00 – hookingSOG 1 SOG 2 SOG 3
Catoctin 6 8 6
Texas 13 8 15CAT TEX
SOG 20 36
FOW 26 30
FO% 46.4 53.6
Hits 18 22
Blocks 8 11
Missed Net 9 9
Shot Attempts 40 53
Scoring Chances 15 39
PIM 8 14
PP 2-7 1-4
TOA 5:59 6:03Injuries: Jonsson(TEX)-gameStar 1: CAT Messier 3 G, 5 Pts
Star 2: CAT Kehoe 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: TEX Lumley 1 G, 3 PtsNotables: CAT Messier hat trick, Messier 5 points, Murphy 3 assists
TEX Ruotsalainen 3 assistsCatoctin GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Sauve 7 29 .806 60:00 10 8 1 7.0 (+0.5)Texas GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Palmateer 7 13 .650 59:16 9 8 4 7.4 (+0.8)
Charlestown Chiefs @ Texas Brahmas 1982-83 Charlestown 17-11-11 3 2 2 7
1982-83 Texas 14-20-7 1 1 5 7Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:24 EV CHA Coffey (14), assisted by McDonald (19) and Nicholls (20)
1 5:59 EV CHA Nicholls (16), assisted by Sargent (4)
1 7:01 EV CHA Gradin (23), assisted by McKegney (21) and Bourque (28)
1 9:05 EV TEX Mark Hunter (5), assisted by Acton (13) and Larmer (4)
2 8:41 SH CHA Coffey (15), assisted by Murphy (7)
2 13:56 EV TEX Larmer (11), assisted by Acton (14) and Mark Hunter (5)
2 16:24 EV CHA Krushelnyski (11), assisted by Holmes (1) and Coffey (32)
3 2:20 EV TEX Andreychuk (3), assisted by Maloney (27) and Taylor (7)
3 4:37 PP TEX Taylor (5), unassisted
3 8:21 EV TEX Ruotsalainen (6), assisted by Hughes (12) and Maloney (28)
3 15:17 PP CHA Nicholls (17), assisted by McCarthy (30)
3 18:39 EN CHA Murphy (7), assisted by Krushelnyski (11) and Potvin (30)
3 18:55 EV TEX Mark Hunter (6), assisted by Kitchen (6) and Larmer (5)
3 19:21 EV TEX Andreychuk (4), assisted by Taylor (8)Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 11:31 TEX Lowe (19), 2:00 – tripping
1 16:48 CHA Potvin (31), 2:00 – hooking
1 19:15 TEX Andreychuk (4), 2:00 – interference
2 1:44 CHA Tremblay (47), 5:00 – fighting
2 1:44 TEX Korn (96), 5:00 – fighting
2 5:32 CHA Bourque (12), 2:00 – roughing
2 5:32 TEX Maloney (49), 2:00 – roughing
2 7:45 CHA Potvin (33), 2:00 – slashing
2 11:14 CHA McCarthy (32), 2:00 – interference
3 3:53 CHA Hlinka (6), 2:00 – holding
3 11:14 CHA Coffey (48), 2:00 – slashing
3 14:46 TEX Sutter (44), 2:00 – cross-checkingSOG 1 SOG 2 SOG 3
Charlestown 12 9 10
Texas 7 8 16CHA TEX
SOG 31 31
FOW 31 30
FO% 50.8 49.2
Hits 16 12
Blocks 9 13
Missed Net 6 15
Shot Attempts 50 55
Scoring Chances 27 27
PIM 17 13
PP 1-3 1-5
TOA 4:34 7:17Star 1: CHA Coffey 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA Nicholls 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: TEX Hunter 2 G, 3 PtsNotables: CHA None
TEX NoneCharlestown GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Riggin 7 24 .774 60:00 10 7 4 7.3 (-0.1)Texas GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Palmateer 6 24 .800 58:53 9 8 5 5.9 (-0.7)
WEEKLY SUMMARY: 3 games. 7 goals per game against. Still go 0-1-2. Not making up ground, but didn’t lose too much.
Dallas Drakes
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Can the Drakes stay hot since the trades?
New Castle Ducks @ Dallas Drakes The Ducks come to town and immediately pound on Keith Ellacott scoring 4 goals in the first period with Rick Middleton notching 3 points. The Drakes put one home in the second as Marcel Dionne notches his 24th goal of the season as the game stayed 4-1 going into the third. The Drakes come out firing and Rob Ramage and Illka Sinisalo score two quick goals to cut the lead to 4-3…….John Barrett scores through a screen to put the Ducks back up by two. Al Secord scored his 35th of the season but it was too little too late and the Ducks won 5-4
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Dallas Drakes The Harbor rats come to town in this matchup of even teams. Al Secord gets the Drakes on the board 1-0 and the first period ends that way. Marcel Dionne gets the Drakes up by a pair but Bobby Smith puts home a rebound from Mike Gartner to cut the lead to 2-1…..after the goal the Drakes take over with 4 unanswered goals in the 2nd period as AL Secord notches a hat trick. The third period was scoreless as the Drakes win 6-1.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Big split against two quality teams
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ducks, continuing to battle Chicago and Dallas for first place, have only one home game this week: against North Carolina
North Carolina 89’ers @ New Castle Ducks NCD 3 NOC 1 Recently acquired Doug Halward scored two power-play goals with 1:22 of the first period to power the Ducks to victory. New Castle added a third power-play goal less than 2 minutes later as Rick Middleton scored his 24th of the year. NOC got one back a minute after that when Jim Fox scored.
The two teams played scoreless hockey the rest of the way as the Ducks held on to a 3-1 victoryTHREE STARS:1- NEW Halward 2 G
2- NEW Don Edwards, 34 Saves
3- NEW Middleton 1G 1 AMarc Tardif had 3 assists for the Ducks.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: New Castle wins their one home game this week
Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Chicago with 3 games in the Capone Center is feeling good a the lines are starting to click.
CapJack Rangers @ Chicago Underground It’s a solid game with neither team giving in on defense. Both teams score two & are happy with the results.

Final Score: Chicago 2 – Capjack 2

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Ken Houston 1G
Star 2: CAP – Bryan Trottier 1G
Star 3: CAP – Lucien DeBlois 1G

GWG: None

CAP – None
CHI – Pete Peeters 37 Saves.

Dallas Drakes @ Chicago Underground Dallas gets off to a 1 goal lead, but the Underground comes back and puts a hurting on the Drakes.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Dallas 2

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Rick Vaive 2G
Star 2: CHI – Peter Stastny 3A
Star 3: CHI – Marty Howe 1G

GWG: Rick Vaive

DAL – None
CHI – Peter Stastny 3 Assists

New Castle Ducks @ Chicago Underground Chicago gets 3 in the first period and never looks back at the Ducks.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – New Castle 2

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Mike Bossy 2G
Star 2: CHI – Denis Savard 1G, 3 Pts
Star 3: CHI – Ryan Walter 1G, 2Pts

GWG: Denis Savard

NCD – None
CHI – None

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 5 out of 6 points at home this week & the Underground are feeling good.
North Carolina 89’ers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: All three division rivals make a stop in Carolina this week.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ North Carolina 89’ers Goulet breaks the tie with :21 seconds left in the game, and Carlson closes it out with an empty netter, his first goal of the year. FINAL SCORE: NC 5, Saints 3.
1. FOX (NC) – 2G
2. Goulet (NC) – 1G 1A
3. Chouinard (NC) – 3A
Liut (SCS) – 23 saves
Lessard (NC) – 44 saves
Ohio Legends @ North Carolina 89’ers The 89ers defense falls apart at the end, allowing the tying goal to Kallur with just:55 on the clock. FINAL SCORE: Ohio 5, NC 5
1. Tanti (OH) – 1G 1A
2. Chartraw (OH) – 1G 1A
3. Nedomansky (NC) – 1G 1A
Bourchard (OH) – 21 saves
Lessard (NC) – 23 saves
Mackinac Island Moose @ North Carolina 89’ers Another outstanding game for Lessard helps NC hang on to the 1-1 tie. FINAL SCORE: Mackinac Island 1, NC 1
1. Lessard (NC) – 33 saves
2. Goulet (NC) – 1G
3. MacLean (MAC) – 1G
Melanson (MAC) – 17 saves
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Mario Lessard again steps up this week to provide the 89ers with some much-needed points. Always good to get points in all the home games, especially against division rivals.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Charlotte, seemingly destined again for the lower rung of the competitive Patrick Division unless it can somehow resurrect itself in the second half of this campaign, hosted two teams it was looking above in the standings in Pittsburgh and first-place CapJack.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlotte Dynamo Against the third-place Spirit, the Charlie Simmer-led Dynamo dominated from start-to-finish and captured the 4-1 victory.

Andy Moog turned in 34 saves for Charlotte and his shutout bid was only thwarted by a meaningless John Van Boxmeer goal with eight seconds left in the game.

Simmer accounted for the last two goals for the Dynamo when the game still hung in the balance — he notched a power-play tally with nine seconds left in the second quarter and then he followed up immediately at the beginning of the third (1:29 into the period) with an even-strength goal on assists from Gil Perreault and Mike Rogers.

Special teams played a hand in the first three Charlotte goals and Perreault’s short-handed goal 5:10 into the second period gave Charlotte a 2-0 lead at the time and swung the momentum. It proved to be the game-winner.

Three stars (all from Charlotte)
Star 1: Simmer (2G)
Star 2: Moog 34 Saves
Star 3: Perreault 1 G, 2 points

Notable: The Spirit outshoots Charlotte 35-27 but whiffs on the power play in six opportunities. Dale Hawerchuk accounted for the first Charlotte Dynamo goal on the power play halfway through the first period. Wilf Paiement and Miroslav Dvorak assisted on the lone Pittsburgh goal from Van Boxmeer.

CapJack Rangers @ Charlotte Dynamo Cap Jack overcame two early Glenn Anderson Charlotte goals and responded with five unanswered of its own to assert its dominance over basement-dwelling Charlotte and record the 5-2 victory.

Despite the lopsided defeat, Anderson garnered first-star honors but was lost to the game due to injury after his two goals, as the Rangers rallied.

King Kong Korab’s shorthanded goal for CapJack midway through the second period tied the game 2-2 and proved to be a demoralizing back-breaker for the home team. For Korab, it was just the defenseman’s third goal of the season. The Rangers followed with third-period goals from Keith Crowder (on the power play), Ray Allison, and Scott Arniel as Charlotte goalie Tony Esposito (.792 save percentage), completely wilted in the nets.

Three stars:
Star 1: CHD Anderson 2 G
Star 2: CAP Crowder 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CAP Arniel 1 G

Notable: Charlotte outshot the Rangers 34-24 but Esposito (just 19 saves) was a sieve, including allowing the Korab short-handed goal. Goalie John Garrett was dominant for the visitors, allowing only the two Anderson goals while saving 32.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Dynamo take two points out of a potential four — actually, a better result at home than has been the case much of this season.
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One game this week.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Pittsburgh Spirit The Spirit is showing some spirit lately as they pull off the upset against Brooklyn 5-4.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Let’s see how things go on the road, but a nice win this week!