Gretzky, Wayne POR 4 5 8 13 0 4 11 46%
Lemelin, Reggie POR 3 4 1.71 53 .930
Smyl, Stan MAC 4 4 7 11 4 4 18 22.2
Peeters, Pete CHI 3 5 1.67 46 .902

Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Charlotte and Catoctin skate into Vipond Memorial Arena to take on Syracuse
Charlotte Dynamo @ Syracuse Bulldogs Charlotte doubles up the Dogs 6-3
Stars #1 CHD Simmer 2G
#2 CHD Rogers 1G 3pts
#3 CHD Hedberg 1G 2pts
Notables CHD Hawerchuk 15 faceoffs won
SYR Sevigny 32 saves
Catoctin Cardinals @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Cards win a close one 5-4
Stars #1 CAT Kehoe 2G 3pts
#2 CAT Messier 1G 2pts
#3 CAT Flockhart 1G
Notables CAT Jensen 31 saves
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Can’t get out on the cellar. 2 home losses
Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: 3 Home games at the Capone Center & the Underground are hoping to still be on top of the standings in the Norris Divison at the end of the weekly series.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Chicago Underground The Chiefs (Who Ooohhwwwnnns them?) play sloppy with very little muster as they get a total of 12 shots on goal as Peter Peeters turns away all 12 shots in a shutout.

Final Score: Chicago 2 – Charlestown 0

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Peter McNab 1G
Star 2: CHI – Peter Peeters 12 Saves
Star 3: JAG – Clark Gillies 1G

GWG: Peter McNab

CHA – None
CHI – None

Portland Sasquatch @ Chicago Underground A solid game of 1-0 & 2-1 after two periods of play (Both with the Sasquatch leading). Chicago was playing solid & then they tied it in the 3rd & completely fell apart. 3 Goals for Portland put them on top for good and the Underground just got buried at this point.

Final Score: Portland 5 – Chicago 2

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: POR – Wayne Gretzky 1G, 2Pts
Star 2: POR – Morris Lukowich 1G, 2Pts
Star 3: POR – Guy Carbonneau 1G, 2Pts

GWG: Morris Lukowich

POR – None
CHI – None

Charlotte Dynamo @ Chicago Underground Chicago kick-started the offense in this one, with 4 goals in the 1st as they only allow 1 (1st Period) in the entire game. Chicago chips in with 2 in the second period and 1 in the third period. Chicago goes on to win this one easily.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Charlotte 1

Labatt’s 3-Star Selection:
Star 1: CHI – Jeff Larmer 2G, 3Pts
Star 2: CHI – Hannu Virta 1G, 2 Pts
Star 3: JAG – Peter McNab 1G, 2 Pts

GWG: Jeff Larmer

CHD – Glenn Anderson – 12 Minutes in Penalties
CHI – Denis Savard – 3 Assists

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Chicago picks up 4 out of 6 points at home & looks to win their only road game of the series at Texas for a solid week.
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two at home this week, hoping for better results on home ice. We host Ohio and the BIG MOOSE!!!
Ohio Legends @ CapJack Rangers This one takes a goal with 1 minute to go to break a 6-6 tie, but how did we get there?
Well – Ohio scores 5 TIMES in the opening 20 minutes. Derlago and Frycer scored in the opening 8 1/2. Then it looks like things even out as Trottier scores midway through, but then the floodgates up for the Legends. Anderson, Frycer (again), and Currie put in 3 unanswered goals and it’s Ohio up 5-1 after 1! No WAIT! – 3 seconds left in the period, Shutt takes it over the line and under pressure lets one rip and Garrett missed it on the trapper side and it’s 5-2 as the buzzer ends the period!Well, that got some emotions going for the home team and they owned the 2nd period outshooting the Legends 14-4 and outscoring them 2-0 on goals from Shutt (his 2nd of the game) and Cloutier. But they still trailed 5-4. Both of those goals were of the PP variety.In fact, as period 3 gets underway, Cochrane gets his 2nd penalty for Ohio and Crowder gets a PP goal to tie it up! Then 5 minutes later, he scores again and the Rangers now have the 6-5 lead (with 12 1/2 to go). But as the opening comment stated, it was a GWG with a minute to go that wins the game and that’s because Anderson did some brilliant work with 11 to go. He gets the puck in the Ranger’s end and shoots – Bouchard the save, knocked away by Kotsopoulos, but Anderson scarfs it up. He skates around, sees no one open, goes behind the net, the wraparound – the GOAL, tie game 6-6. That was his 2nd of the game!
So we get down to the final minutes and the Rangers are pressing. After a Lundholm shot is stopped by Garrett, the puck is cleared and the teams change up. Shutt gains the puck, to Trottier, over the line, to Robinson, to Shutt back to Crowder, over to Robinson, he flips it to Shutt – winds, the slapper – GOAL! Hat Trick and a 7-6 lead with a minute to go.
The final minute is all Ohio blue and they bring on Federko as the extra attacker – they fire a lot of shots but on Gainey gets a scoring chance as he fires one in – but Resch denies him. He can’t control it – Jarvis gets it, shoots – save again by Resch. Then Gainey gains the rebound – to Federko, a big slap shot – OH what a save by Resch and he freezes it and the game ends! Resch had come on for the final 8+ minutes after Bouchard had a dismal night (although most of it was in the 1st, when he let one in in the 3rd, the decision was made to not have a repeat of period 1). Resch gets a nice 8 minute W!
STARS ( Square Garden reporters favored the home team for these):
1. Shutt 3 goals, 1 assist
2. Crowder 2 goals, 2 assists
3. Trottier 1 goal, 4 assists!
Mackinac Island Moose @ CapJack Rangers OK – to stand a chance in this one, we need more defense and the same or better offense!
Period 1 looked like we were getting that defense increase as we held the BIG MOOSE to zero goals! And with 50 seconds left we even scored a goal as Crowder flings one past Meloche (who is unbeaten so far in 11 games) for 1-0 Rangers lead after 1!Well – there are still 40 minutes to go and Mackinac Island is not the BIG MOOSE for nothing as they take control in the 2nd: 19-5 on SOGs and 2-0 on the score. Rangers give them 3 PP opportunities in the 2nd – actually we give them 3 PP opportunities in each period (WHY!!!) Well the BIG MOOSE and O’Connell and Smyl take advantage of two of them and it’s 2-1 after 2 favor of the BIG MOOSE.Well, a couple of minutes into the 3rd and the Rangers are again short-handed due to a Neufeld high sticking penalty. But this time it’s the Rangers who take advantage as Russell gets the SH goal to tie the game. But 3 minutes later, Kurri scores for the BIG MOOSE and they’re back on top 3-2.
Rangers don’t roll over, however, and Leinonen scored with 6 to go to retie the game!
But the BIG MOOSE says, no-no, we got this, and Smyl scores his 2nd of the game with 1:48 left.
Now we are down to the final 90 seconds and the Rangers are pressing. Dore with a wrist shot but Meloche gloves it and freezes it – tempers are flaring, it’s been a rough game. BIG MOOSE wins the next faceoff and takes it up ice where O’Connell gets the puck to Terrion (scoring chance) the shoot – blocked by Shutt, Rangers take it up ice, Resch clears the ice, Cloutier on for more attack, they work it in, Cloutier shoots – denied by Meloche -nobodies got it, Engblom finally gets it and clears the zone with 30 seconds to go. Bit Cloutier gains it, to Leinonen to Hannan back to Cloutier and fires a hard pass to Hannan – shoots – SCORE! and with 25 seconds left the Rangers score again to retie the game, 4-4 and that ends up being the final score! 3rd period was filled with a lot of ups and downs! Whew.
1. MAC Smyl 2 goals, 2 assists
2. MAC Kurri 1 goal, 1 assist
3. CAP Russell 1 goal, 1 assist
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Well, we were 1-0-1 at home this week, far better than last week and we go a point off the BIG MOOSE!
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Saints host Portland and Catoctin this week.
Portland Sasquatch @ Saint Clair Shores Saints This was a very non-competitive game. The Saints and Liut are not competing well.

Portland goes on a scoring spree and wins easily. Gretzky nets 2 and adds 2 assists. Risebrough and Pouzar each have 3 assists. Portland only outshoots St. Clair Shores, 26-25.

Portland 8 SCS 1

1st Gretzky
2nd Foligno
3rd Risebrough

Catoctin Cardinals @ Saint Clair Shores Saints The Saints avoid a shutout as McDougal scores in the 3rd period. Watters, Kehoe, Flockhart, and Salming score for the Cardinals.

The Saints outshot the Cardinals, 35-14, which is incredible but still lose 4-1.

Catoctin 4 SCS 1

1st – Salming
2nd – Sauve
3rd – Flockhart

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Portland and Catoctin sweep the Saints.
Charlestown Chiefs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Three home games this week.
New Castle Ducks @ Charlestown Chiefs Lanny McDonald scores 4 goals (including one just 58 seconds into the contest), but it’s Mario Tremblay (12) that’s the hero – scoring a goal at 19:49 of the 3rd to force a 7-7 tie.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 :58 EV CHA McDonald (19), assisted by Coffey (19) and Huber (8)
1 4:00 EV NEW Bozek (3), assisted by Tardif (7) and Bourne (9)
1 8:37 EV CHA McDonald (20), assisted by Coffey (20) and McCarthy (21)
1 16:21 PP CHA McDonald (21), assisted by Nicholls (11)
2 2:35 PP CHA McCarthy (11), assisted by Nicholls (12)
2 11:40 EV NEW Bozek (4), assisted by Tardif (8)
2 13:12 EV CHA Krushelnyski (10), assisted by Tremblay (19) and Huber (9)
2 18:49 EV NEW Clarke (8), assisted by Stastny (8)
3 5:59 PP NEW Pederson (18), assisted by Stastny (9) and Lanz (13)
3 7:10 PP NEW Lindstrom (6), assisted by Bourne (10) and Clarke (16)
3 9:33 EV CHA McDonald (22), assisted by McCarthy (22) and Potvin (18)
3 17:32 EV NEW Stastny (12), assisted by Clarke (17)
3 18:35 EV NEW Savard (6), assisted by Ramsay (4) and John Barrett (3)
3 19:49 EV CHA Tremblay (12), assisted by Murphy (6) and Boyd (6)

Star 1: CHA McDonald 4 G
Star 2: NEW Bozek 2 G
Star 3: NEW Stastny 1 G, 3 Pts

Notables: NEW None
CHA McDonald 4 goals

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Charlestown Chiefs Brian Bellows and Bernie Nicholls each score a pair of goals for their respective teams – but Nicholls pots his pair late in the 3rd to give Charlestown a 6-4 lead. Neil Broten (12) scores with the empty net but it’s not enough as the Chiefs hold on 6-5.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:17 EV SYR Halward (9), assisted by Lee (6) and Holmgren (11)
2 2:59 EV SYR Bellows (21), assisted by Larson (14) and Marsh (4)
2 4:57 EV CHA Gradin (16), assisted by Coffey (21) and McKegney (15)
2 6:35 EV SYR Turnbull (11), assisted by Young (15)
2 16:11 PP CHA McKegney (10), assisted by Gradin (19) and Tremblay (20)
2 18:25 EV CHA Michayluk (1), assisted by Baxter (8) and Potvin (19)
3 7:23 EV CHA Gould (6), assisted by Potvin (20) and Krushelnyski (8)
3 7:36 EV SYR Bellows (22), assisted by Marsh (5) and Broten (19)
3 11:14 EV CHA Nicholls (11), assisted by McCarthy (23) and Huber (10)
3 14:05 EV CHA Nicholls (12), assisted by Baxter (9) and Boyd (7)
3 19:37 EV SYR Broten (12), assisted by Bellows (12)

Star 1: SYR Bellows 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA Nicholls 2 G
Star 3: CHA McKegney 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Bernie Nicholls

Notables: SYR None
CHA Baxter 15 PIM

Ohio Legends @ Charlestown Chiefs Apparently, we’re rather fond of ties, as we finish up 3-3 against the Legends.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 9:11 EV OHI Frycer (9), assisted by Currie (10) and Pavelich (9)
1 16:21 EV OHI Jarvis (1), assisted by Andersson (2)
1 17:37 EV CHA Gardner (4), assisted by Shedden (4)
1 18:19 EV CHA Coffey (11), assisted by McCarthy (24) and Huber (11)
2 17:40 PP CHA Gradin (17), assisted by McKegney (16) and Tremblay (21)
3 3:06 EV OHI Pavelich (16), assisted by Rochefort (4) and Roberts (11)

Injuries: Federko(OHI)-game

Star 1: OHI Pavelich 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: CHA Gradin 1 G
Star 3: CHA Coffey 1 G

Notables: OHI None
CHA Krushelnyski 16 faceoffs won

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Two ties and a win. Terrible goaltending. Sounds about right.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: just one home game for the Rats, as the 89ers, come to Brooklyn
North Carolina 89’ers @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats The visitors open a 3-1 lead after twenty minutes of play but the second period belongs to Brooklyn as the Rats net 3 goals of their own to carry a 4-3 lead into the final 20. Bobby Smith gets his 8th of the year less than 2 minutes in to put the Rats up 5-3 and for the next 15 minutes, the goalies are stopping everything. But North Carolina gets within a goal with 2:40 on the clock and Blaine Stoughton nets his second goal of the game for the 89ers to draw the visitors even with just 1:40 remaining. Just 15 seconds later Doug Sulliman gets Brooklyn back in front. Darryl Sutter becomes the 7th different goal scorer for the Rats when he adds an empty netter on the ensuing faceoff for a 2 goal lead which matters much when Stoughton completes his hat trick with  :23 ticks left, once again making it a one-goal game. But 5 goals in the game’s final 2:40 is enough as the clock finally runs out on the 89ers. Brooklyn 7, North Carolina 6. The same score this team played to just 9 days ago in Carolina, which was also won by the home team.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: one wild game in Brooklyn equals 2 more Rats points.
Texas Brahmas
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A four-game homestand sees St. Clair, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New Castle visit the Lone Star state. Texas needs points to keep any slim playoff hopes alive.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Texas Brahmas St Clair strikes first but Texas answers to send the game to the break tied at 1. St Clair scores the next 2 and things are looking bleak in Fort Worth. Nilsson scores at the end of the 2nd to give the home team some hope. Texas plays a great 3rd period, Vaive scores the tying and game-winning goal as Texas takes the game 4-3.
Chicago Underground @ Texas Brahmas Game 2 sees Chicago come to town and scores the first 2 goals to take a 2-0 lead. The teams exchange the next 4 goals, with Chicago maintaining their 2 goal lead, 4-2. Texas scores the next 3. two by Nilsson, to grab the lead, but Gillies has a breakaway to tie the game for Chicago. Mark Hunter, making his first start of the year for the resting Vaive, scores his second of the game at 18:26 to give Texas a win.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Texas Brahmas Game 3 sees Pittsburgh invade Fort Worth, and it was like Sherman marching to the sea. # first period goals give the Spirit a lead they would never give up. Texas did pull to within 1 in the 3rd, but Pittsburgh scored the last 2, including a shortie by Barber, to take the game 6-3. Bannerman continues to be horrible in net for the Brahmas.
New Castle Ducks @ Texas Brahmas Finally, game 4 of the week sees New Castle come south of the Red River. As usual, New Castle scores the first 2 goals to take a 2-0 lead. The teams exchange the next 2 and New Castle holds a 3-1 lead. Vaive returns to the Texas lineup and scores, followed by McKechnie, to tie the score. Bozek gives New Castle the lead, but Vaive scores again to tie it and Korn gives Texas the lead. With the goalie pulled, Pederson scores for New Castle at 19:22 to tie the score, where it ends.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: 2-1-1 isn’t bad considering how Texas has been playing. Goalkeeping continues to be a major issue and must improve for Texas to make a playoff push.
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dallas and St. Clair Shores come to the Graveyard in an attempt to further deflate the Spirit.
Dallas Drakes @ Pittsburgh Spirit It was a game after 1 period… tied 1-1. Then Dallas pulled away scoring the next 5 goals. Spirit gets an inconsequential goal toward the end of the 3rd.

Final Score
Dallas 6, Pittsburgh 2

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Pittsburgh Spirit The Spirit finally show some and score 3 goals to take a 3-0 lead into the 3rd period, where they almost blow it, but hold off the Saints, 3-2.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: A split at home. SOME signs of life, but the home crowd still longs for the Championship seasons of old.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Dynamo, while fielding a much-improved team in its third season, entered the week with just a .500 record as it hosted Syracuse.
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Charlotte Dynamo And the Dynamo remained at .500 after surrendering two late heartbreaking goals in a 3-3 tie to the Bulldogs, including a scorching goal from center Tim Young with 51 seconds left on assists from forwards Perry Turnbull and Brian Mullen. Ivan Boldirev’s goal for the Bulldogs with 3:27 left to play had narrowed Syracuse’s deficit to 3-2 and led to Young’s game-tying heroics.

On another level, the Dynamo were fortunate to escape with a tie after Andy Moog made 43 saves through the evening (including 18 in the third) to keep his team on top for most of the night. By contrast, Charlotte only fired 17 shots on goal but made the most of them: Charlie Simmer, Glenn Anderson, and Mike Rogers all found the net for the Dynamo and Gregg Millen only saved 14 of 17 shots for Syracuse.

Three-star selection:
Star 1:SYR Jacques Richard (the fourth-liner had a superb game, scoring a shorthanded goal in the second period and assisting on Boldirev’s goal)
Star 2: CHD, Simmer 1 G 2 points
Star 3: CHD, Rogers 1 G

Notable: Charlotte was two of four on the PP as Anderson and Rogers converted. Syracuse won the TOA battle, 6:27 to 3:55.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Charlotte is only able to salvage a point in its only home contest of the week against a team with an inferior record. Pending the outcome of the road contests this week it remained mired at .500 with 78 goals for and 79 against.
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Big games this week as 1st place in the Patrick (Brooklyn) and 2nd place in the Norris (New Castle) come to the Island for some skating.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 3, Harbor Rats 2 – A very clean 1st period, with just one penalty (on Osborne) which was efficiently killed off. both teams get 8 SOG, and the goalies stop all but one, Lemay scores 5 minutes into the 1st. And the period ends 1-0 Moose.

The 2nd and 3rd period sees play get very physical, with teams racking up 32 minutes in penalties. Most of the last 2 periods are played with less than 10 skaters on the ice. The Moose take the advantage midway in the 2nd period, As Propp scores on a PP. The Rats answer a little later when Smith answers. And the 2nd period ends 2-1 Moose.

Harbor Rats tie the game early in the 3rd, after a penalty by Engblom, and Stastny lights the lamp to tighten sphincters all over the arena. It’s 2-2 with 17 minutes to go. The Moose kill off one more penalty mid-period, and then the Rats seem determined to give this one away, racking up 3 penalties. On the last one, a delayed penalty, the Moose use their 6-5 advantage before the penalty is assessed, to find MacLean in front of the net, and he pops in the game-winner with 2 minutes to go. The Moose kill off the last 2 minutes to save the win.

1st star – MacLean 1G 2pts
2nd – Propp 1G 2pts
3rd Meloche 27 saves

New Castle Ducks @ Mackinac Island Moose Ducks 5, Moose 5 – A tale of 2 games. In the first 28 minutes, the Moose dominate, scoring 5 (Kurri 2, Propp, Smyl, O’Connell) while the Ducks struggle to get a quality shot, scoring only one PP from Stastny. And it’s 5-1 Moose midway through the 2nd.

2nd half of the game the Ducks take control and the Moose feel in a shooting gallery. The Ducks pour them in, with Nystrom, Walter, Pederson, and Stastny getting his 2nd, team’s 5th , to tie it with 7 minutes to go. At this point, the Moose find their defensive guys, after giving up 4 goals in 20 minutes, and stop the flood. The Ducks continue to hold off the Moose, and the last 12 minutes evaporate in a tense display of good goaltending, and we go home tied 5-5

1st star – Kurri 2G 4pts
2nd – Stastny 2G 3pts
3rd – Smyl 1G 3pts

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Very frustrating to see a 5-1 lead evaporate, especially after holding up the 3-2 win earlier in the week. I guess should be happy to get 3 points in 2 games against 2 of the league’s better teams. Should be happy to keep the L off the board again this week.
Catoctin Cardinals
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Cardinals open with 2 games at home and hope to start pushing towards being a player in the playoff hunt.
CapJack Rangers @ Catoctin Cardinals CAP 3 CAT 4

The Rangers open with 2 and the Cardinals tie it up in the second. A short hander in the early 3rd put the Rangers back on top but the Cardinals battle back and score the winner with 1:32 left.

Fun stat of the game: The Rangers had 25 shots and 28 scoring chances.

North Carolina 89’ers @ Catoctin Cardinals NOC 4 CAT 6

This game was wild! The Cardinals scored 4 power-play goals in the opening 11:06 and added an even-strength goal in the first! The 86’ers owned the second period scoring 3 goals to get close. Catoctin added their 6th goal 58 seconds into the 3rd and largely coasted to the win from there.

Fun stat of the game: The Cardinals scored 3 PP goals on Picard’s 5-minute penalty.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Cardinals win all 4 this week!
Dallas Drakes
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dallas is home for 3 games this set.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Dallas Drakes The league-leading Moose come to town looking to pick up another 2 points. Blake Dunlop opens the scoring for the Moose as they take the lead a little more than 4 minutes into the game. John Tonelli answers off a great feed from Joey Mullen as they head to the locker room tied at 1. The teams trade goals all the way through the third until Moe Lemay gives the Moose the lead with a little more than 6 minutes left…….did the Drakes come back? Al Secord answered with his 22nd goal of the year at the 18:20 mark for the tie. Blake Dunlop (2 goals and assist), Stan Smyl (4 points), and Jari Kurri (3 Points) are your 3 stars of the game.
CapJack Rangers @ Dallas Drakes CapJack storms into Dallas and takes it to the Drakes right off of the bat. DeBlois and Russel give the Rangers a 2 goal lead, but Mel Bridgeman cuts the game to 2-1. The Drakes tie the game up on a great goal from Illka Sinisalo to go to the third period. Strong goaltending by Don Beaupre kept the game even until Bryan Trottier put the Rangers ahead for good and Lucien DeBlois caps the scoring at 4-2
North Carolina 89’ers @ Dallas Drakes Marcel Dionne gets the Drakes on the board 51 seconds in but Blaine Stoughton ties the game up less than 2 minutes later. Everything was going along smoothly until at 18:22 of the first-period mark, Ed Hospodar took Joey Mullen into the boards hard. Bryan Maxwell came from behind and hit Hospodar which started a brawl. Robert Picard came after Maxwell right near the Drakes bench but J.P Kelly came over the boards and had it out with Picard. Both Kelly and Picard were given game misconducts. Rick Wamsley and Grant Fuhr were sharp and the score stayed 1-1 until the 13:02 mark in the third period as AL Secord beat Fuhr stick side. The Niners were not going to go away that easily as Blaine Stoughton scored his second of the game at the 18:20 mark………the Drakes forecheck got a turnover right in the slot and Marcel Dionne put the game away 3-2.
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Only one home game this week- against a tough Brooklyn team
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ New Castle Ducks NEW CASTLE 5 BROOKLYN 3

The Ducks take a 1-0 lead after one and increase it to 2-0 midway through the second period, and then hold on for the win. Tiger Williams shows he can do more than fight as he scores two goals, in one of his rare starts.

1- NEW Williams 2G
2- BRO Mike Gartner 1 G 1 A
3- NEW Willy Lindstrom 1G

35 saves for Billy Smith as the Harbor Rats outshoot the Ducks 38-33

WEEKLY SUMMARY: One home game and one win. A good week at home for the Ducks!
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The third-place Ohio Legends host a pair of games this week, looking to get somewhere near .500.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Ohio Legends PITTSBURGH 6, OHIO 6

If a tie is like kissing your sister, the Ohio Legends have the hottest relatives in the neighborhood!

A five-goal second period got things rolling for the Spirit, as they erased a 4-1 deficit to that point. Pittsburgh was able to light the lamp four times in a 2:52 span late in the frame to grab the lead. Bill Derlago’s score at 18:15 of the third for Ohio stopped the scoreboard damage.

Bernie Federko had two goals and two assists to lead Ohio, while Steve Larmer and Darryl Sittler each had two goals and an assist to pace Pittsburgh. Pelle Lindbergh stopped 31 shots for Pittsburgh, while John Garrett turned aside 27 for the Legends.

Charlotte Dynamo @ Ohio Legends OHIO 2, CHARLOTTE 0

Ray Allison had both goals for Ohio in the contest. The first was a shorthanded effort late in the middle frame, while the insurance goal came at even strength early in the third period. John Garrett picked up the win with 16 saves and Andy Moog took the defeat, stopping 16 as well.

In a heavily defensive-weighted game, Ohio led in the shots department, 18-16. While neither team was able to take advantage on the power play (Ohio 0-4, Charlotte 0-3).

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio goes 1-0-1 for the week at home and temporarily slips into second place in the Adams Division. Say a prayer for the Legends, who host New Castle, play a home and home with Brooklyn, and visit the Island next week.