CapJack Rangers vs. Philadelphia Firebirds
SERIES PREVIEW STANLEY CUP TIME & the Rangers invade Philly!
GAME #1 1st- Cap wants to show Philly they don’t intimidate them as Trottier fights Holmgren then later Mulvey takes on Bridgeman. The period ends 0-0 Shots Philly 13-7

2nd- Lafleur gets his 2nd of the season from Lapointe as Cap takes the 1-0 lead but with Philly peppering Dion Secord gets his 12th from Maruk as Philly is outshooting Cap 20-8. Moments later Hartsburg blasts one from the point past Dion his 4th from Maruk and Philly is up 2-1 Shots in the 2nd Philly 14-6

3rd- Tambellini ties it ups 2-2 with his 4th But with 4 minutes to go, unsung hero, Lindy Ruff gets his 3rd from Bridgeman and Carlyle
Lafluer gets a breakaway with 2 minutes to go but Herron stands up and saves the 3-2 Philly win


01. Hartsburg 1 G
02. Secord 1G
03. Ruff 1G

Dion 39 saves …Holmgren 15min PM

  Tough game 1.  Dion is tough.
GAME #2 1st- Philly wastes no time to get on the board as Secord gets his 13th of the season from Mullen and Hartsburg 35 seconds into the game. Mulvey takes out Holmgren with a cheap shot at takes him out of the game. Minutes later with Russell out for a trip Secord again scores his 14th from Boxxy. Trottier gets his 9th from Cloutier and Lapointe to pull Cap back within 1 but with Dore off for a Hold Maruk gets his 15th from Boxxy and Lindstrom.
Period ends 3-1 Philly shots 16-82nd – Cloutier scores early to make it 3-2 unassisted. With Philly controlling the play, Hardy blasts one [past Dion his 1st from Linseman and Lindstrom. Then Ilka Sinisalo gets his 3rd from Tonelli and Bridgeman. Cap Coach has seen enough and brings in Bouchard. The 1st shot on Bouchard is a blast from Maruk who nets his 16th from Boxxy
Period ends 6-2 Philly shots 12-123rd- Another blast from the point gets past a Ranger goalie as Hartsburg gets his 5th from Maruk and Boxxy and then unsung hero of Philly playoffs Bob Mongrain gets his THIRD playoff goal on a breakaway from Ruff and Before the period ends Dionne gets his 6th from Langway and HArdyPHILLY 9 CAP 201. Maruk 2G 3PTS
02. Secord 2G
03. Hartsburg 1G 2PTSTrottier 16 FOW Boxxy 4 ASSISTS
  Herron has played great back to back games in Philly but now Philly has to go to the CAP.


Firebirds and Rangers – The Rangers are thrilled to be hosting games 3 and 4 of the finals, but they come home from Philadelphia down 2 games to 0. But so what, we can get it done, right?

Turns out Dennis Herron won’t be returning to the Firebirds goal for the rest of the series – after game 2, he took ill, and in spite of all efforts, he’s bedridden. Fans are hoping it’s not too serious. He was 6-3 in his 9 starts sporting a 3.36 GAA which eclipses Rick Wamsley’s marks, but Rick has won 4 of his 6 starts – and heck, Firebirds might not even need a goalie in the series…..

GAME 3 Coming right up…..

GAME #3 The Crowd is in full force for this game – first home-ice Stanley Cup finals in Rangers history – and they are soaking it in and hoping to get their skaters motivated! Things start out a bit tentative but Philly is controlling the play – getting more shots on Dion then the Purple and Gold are sending Wamsley’s way. They need to test him – maybe get the Firebirds worried or something. But then the undesired happens. 9 1/2 minutes in, Valentine is whistled for slashing – the 5 MINUTE VARIETY. The crowd was watching Dionne and it sure looked like he made a bit of cut to his own nose – refs didn’t see it. Dang! Firebirds to the PP – and their 1st shot it blocked by Robinson, but Hartsburg gets it, plays it around and Maruk to Ruff – back to Hartsburg – shoots – GOAL! Right past Dion’s glove as he was shifting back to cover Hartsburg. 1-0 Hartsburg (6) from Ruff (5) and Maruck (12) – Maruck needs to be leashed!! Well, that leaves more than 4 minutes left of PP. Philly keeps coming into the zone and getting smacked, losing the puck, and having to regroup – no more shots before Carlyle is called for hooking. That wipes out 2 minutes of PP and now the Rangers press the play. Siltanen drives it in, slapper, Wamsley gloves is, back the other way, Maruk behind the net, out to Hartsburg, to Ramsey, slapper, Dion blocks it. Rangers to the other way with Lafleur and Siltanen setting up Robinson – Wamsley denies it. Valentine and Carlyle still in the box. Faceoff in Firebird end, Trottier wins – to Cloutier, to Siltanen, back to Trottier – shoots – SCORES! Game tied 1-1 as Trottier gets #8 from Siltanen (11) and Cloutier (11). 30 seconds later Carlyle returns and Maruk is able to get off a shot, but Dion stops it and the teams are finally back at full strength – each team scoring which Valentine was in the box. The rest of the period sees a lot of hard checks and blocked shots – but both Dion and Wamsley stop everything and anything that gets to them. End of 1: 1-1 SOG 10-7 Philly

PERIOD 2 – Good playoff hockey as the 2nd period starts – both teams attempting shots, blocked, or pressured and losing the puck. Then at the 2 1/2 minute mark Valentine is moving the puck out and a whistle is blown – Dionne and Valentine are scrapping it up a bit – each gets a 2-minute penalty. Dionne Unsportsmanlike and Valentine roughing. Wamsley makes a save on Trottier and the puck goes down the ice to the Rangers end where Van Boxmeer winds up and shoots – gloved by Dion – who then gets plowed into. Lots of shoving, no penalty!!  Hmmm, Finally 4 minutes in, Siltanen gets a pass off to Valentine, delayed penalty coming up, shot, missed, whistle. Secord goes off, 2 minutes interference. They get off 1 shot quickly, but then get bounced around on all the other attempts to make headway. Then as the play moves on and teams at full strength, Valentine is on a rush and Maruk drills him – turnover, the lines change, but the mood doesn’t. Dionne and Carlyle and Linseman are working it in, Hartsburg shoots – save by Dion. But again things in front of the net are getting testing – FIGHT!!! Linseman and Lapointe drop the gloves – down goes that dirty Linseman – red ice – stitches. The fight goes to Lapointe. Both get 5 for fighting. Well, that put a spark into the Rangers and they press the attack while the two guys are sitting it out. Two minutes later, Trottier checks Ruff into the boards a the Rangers gain the puck. Siltanen leads a 3 on 2 rush. Over to Trottier, to Cloutier – oh he’s got the whole ice scoped out and he sees Risto slipping inside, feeds him, shoots – GOAL! Siltanen #6 from Cloutier (12) and Trottier (8) and the Rangers have the 2-1 lead. With 6 1/2 to go, Bridgman gives the Rangers a nice advantage when he goes off for roughing – but CapJack can’t get it done. As the period is drawing to a close – DeBlois is whistled for tripping and the Firebirds have a man advantage for the final 1:24 of the 2nd. But nothing comes of it and it’s 2-1 Rangers after 2. SOG in the 2nd 9-6 Philly.

PERIOD 3 – starts with 36 seconds of PP for the Firebirds. They get a quick shot off, but then when Dionne is trying to make a play, Russell checks him into the boards and that’s the end of the penalty. Rangers then work it up the ice but eventually lose the puck – mainly because Philadelphia had too many men on the ice and Mullen goes to the box to sit out the 2 minutes. But again, the Rangers are stymied and it remains 2-1. The action goes back and forth with the Rangers continuing to hold off the Firebirds. 10 to go and it’s still 2-1. 9 to go, still 2-1. Then the Rangers are pressing and in the Firebirds zone, Crowder sends it around the boards to MacMillan, delayed penalty coming up, Bridgman gains control and the whistle stops play. And John Tonelli is called for high sticking – 4 MINUTES!! Oh man, they win the 1st faceoff and Valentine receives the puck near the right point – slaps – Wamsley way out of positing – the desperation lunge – SAVE! How did he do that? And he holds on. He makes another save on Lapointe, then Valentine shoots low – save again. 3 tough shots in the first 30 seconds. Then the Firebirds regain composure – first Hartsburg knocks it away from Valentine, then Linseman checks the puck off Russell. Two minutes into the penalty and Kotsopoulos loses the puck. Cleared all the way down, next Ranger rush, he gets off a shot!! Wamsley – save! Freezes it. 3 minutes of PP done, 1 to go. The new line of Palmer, Crowder, Tambellini – lots of strong legs out there – they work it up ice, to Dore, back to Palmer – fires it, regains it, looks for help, fakes, then goes around, wraps around – SCORE!!! A PP goal and the Rangers lead 3-1 with 4:57 to go. Palmer’s 2nd of the playoffs – unassisted. In the next 2 1/2 minutes, Dion is tested big and he stops 4 shots fired at him. He’s working to make this lead stand – and he’s having to work hard.
Rangers win the faceoff and control the puck for 17 seconds – the clock is ticking, the crowd wants to start the countdown – hmmm, 103, 102, 101… But then Hardy checks Martin off the puck and the Firebirds gain control, 90 seconds left. Bridgman has it, to Holmgren, to Tonelli, to Holmgren (64 seconds left), Hardy gets it, passes to Tonelli, to Bridgman (57 seconds) – shoots – SAVE!! Rangers defense now at the ready. The faceoff and Philadelphia control the puck for the final minute – but the Rangers don’t allow them a chance to shoot! RANGERS WIN – holding Philadelphia to 1 goal, FINAL 3-1 CapJack!!!
STARS: (all CAP)
1. Siltanen 1 goal, 1 assist – YAY RISTO!
2. Trottier 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Dion – 27 saves (and he got the loudest cheer from the crowd and he made the game happen!).

FINAL SOG – 28-22 Philly. Rangers took 55.3% of the faceoffs. Firebirds had 18 to 9 scoring chances but Dion was a huge factor.

  So, the Rangers come home and win game 3, 3-1 to draw within 1 game of Philadelphia. The Firebirds still have the 2-1 advantage, but we will see what happens in when game 4 is played. Can the Rangers tie it up, or find themselves on the brink of elimination?

Stanley Cup Game 4 – Philadephia Firebirds at CapJack Rangers – Series stands Philadelphia 2, CapJack 1

Fans are overloading Madison Round Garden and in a wild frenzy after the Game 3 win. Now to tie the series before it goes back to Broad Street!!

GAME #4 Game 3 saw a bunch of penalties – perhaps there’s not a lot of love between these two teams – perhaps it’s just that team for the city of Brotherly Love doesn’t show much love. Well, game 4 sees another 44 minutes in penalties and a combine 11 (ELEVEN) POWER PLAYS!! Yowzers!

PERIOD 1 – the teams square off and Ranger’s Trottier wins the opening faceoff, a good sign. And they work it in for a quick chance with Risto slapping one at Wamsley – but it’s wide and play continues and settles in. Then as we pass the 3-minute mark, DeBlois puts a good hit on Mullen and the Rangers gain control – teams change on the fly, and CapJack moves it into the Firebirds end. Crowder takes control, to Kotsopoulos to Martin and he fires away – GOAL – his 1st of the playoffs and it’s a big one. 1-0 Rangers. Then just over a minute later, Hardy steals the puck for Philly, it’s scooped up by Langway. A bit of a scruff, then Ruff goes in with Mongrain on a 2 on 1 rush. Ruff, to Mongrain, he moves past the defense – shoots, low, glove side – SCORE! Tie game 1-1 as Mongrain gets his 4th, assisted by Ruff (6). Philly then wins the center ice faceoff, back to their own end, the work the breakout. Secord takes it over the blue line, to Carlyle, he surveys the layout, sees Maruk (no one has broken his leg yet), passes it to him, he flips it to Mullen, he shots – SCORE, ripped it right past Dion, wow, that was a shot! 2-1 Philly, Mullen’s 6th from Maruk (13) and Carlyle (11). 5:27 into the game and the Firebirds just flipped the momentum – yikes. Play moves on, 2 1/2 minutes later, Lapointe has the puck as he’s moving into the zone. Hardy lays a big check on him into the boards – it was not legal – and a delayed penalty is coming up. Russell has it, to Valentine, back to LaPointe, he shoots, but Wamsley makes a save on Lapointe, the puck bounces away. Lapointe regains it, he passes to Shutt, over to Valentine, he goes around the net quickly, the wraparound – GOAL! He ties it up, 2-2. For Valentine, it’s his 7th, from Shutt (8) and Lapointe (6). Hardy would have gone off for 2 minutes for roughing. Momentum back home. Then after the faceoff, Carlyle is sent to the sin bin for tripping, giving the Rangers an actual power play.
Philly is doing a great job shutting down CapJack and actually put a lot of pressure on Dion. Then after a scrum and some nice plays by the Firebirds that Dion was able to squash, the Rangers regain control as the PP is winding down and move it up ice with Shutt taking it into the zone. He passes to Lafleur who sees Valentine moving in, pass, shot – wide. Lapointe, however, gains control – to Shutt, the wrist shot – oh that one goes right by Wamsley high over the glove and it’s 3-2 CapJack!! Shutt gets his 5th from Lapointe (7) and Valentine (7) – PP goal. With about 7 to go, Lapointe is moving it toward the Firebirds zone when he’s hit by Secord – oh, it looked like he launched into him, Rangers want to a penalty. None called. Russell heads toward Secord – Secord then sucker punches him, Russell is down and the fight is on and ends and both go off for fighting.
Problem is however, this is still the Philadelphia team we’re facing and we can’t let up for an instant. However, as the period is drawing to a close, Crowder gets called for hooking with 1:30 left in the period and the big PP team for Philly skates on. They win the faceoff in the Rangers end. Secord has it, to Van Boxmeer, to Dionne – shoots, SCORES! Top shelf, no chance, tie game, 3-3! Dione hits 7th from Van Boxmeer (9) and Secord (5). Penalty over, the period over, 3-3 after 1. Rangers actually outshot the Firebirds 14-8, but be the 1st time they did more shooting all series.

PERIOD 2 – well after 6 goals in the opening period what do we get in period 2? NONE!! However, we do get some penalties. Trottier and Secord leave 16 seconds in for roughing – Secord has been rather belligerent in this game – in fact, he will get a 4-minute high sticking penalty in the 3rd!! Dionne goes off at 2:49 for hooking, but the PP is quashed. Then the Rangers give Philly 3 straight power plays. At 6:07, Lapointe goes off for tripping. Then at 9:48, Kotsopoulos goes off for cross-checking. And at 15:26 Shutt goes off for holding – the Penalty Kill for CapJack has really toughened up since giving up that PP goal in the 1st and they deny the Firebirds all 3 times. As the period closes, Ruff and Shutt mix it up and each goes off for 2 minutes. That finishes the 2nd – lots of shooting, 12-10 SOG favor of Philly, but goalies were perfect.

PERIOD 3 – ok, 3-3 as the period starts, will it end up with Philly up 3-1 or will CapJack win to even the series – OR will we go to OT!
Well as noted above, Secord was playing a rather questionable game for the ethics standpoint and 1:55 in he gets nabbed for high sticking – and he committed it on Siltanen!! So the Rangers get a 4-minute power play! The 1st 3 minutes of the power play they were limited to 1 quick shot, but then the Philly D broke up every attempt. But in the last minute of the PP – the Rangers began to click. 1st Valentine is wide of the net, then he gets it back and shoots, Wamsley stops it, puck loose in the crease, Valentine gets it to Shutt – 1 timer, sliding shot block by Ramsey – where did he come from. Valentine gets it back, behind the net, the wraparound again – this time Wamsley saves it, rebound out front, Valentine gets it – Secord is back – Valentine gets it to Shutt – SHOOTS!! SAVE! Wow, those Firebirds came together when it counted.
Penalty over, Philly gains the puck, moves up ice, Dionne shoots it wide, CapJack clears, but it’s too far and icing is called. Maruk (still with all his legs intact) wins the draw – to Mullen, back to Maruk (NO!) – shoots – GOAL!! 4-3 Philly. For Maruk it’s goal #17 – assisted by Mullen (11). 13:21 left to play. Then about 3 minutes later, that Maruk guy was allowed back on the ice (can’t even get the fans to tie him up) – and checks Dore into the boards and the Firebirds come up with the puck. Oh man – it was another one of those VERY QUESTIONABLE hits, but the Firebirds are paying off the refs and they “didn’t see it.” Well here comes Philly – that Maruk guy (are there 2 of him) – slides it to Mullen, to Maruk, to Mullen – slap shot – GOAL!! 5-3 Philadelphia. 7th for Mullen and assist 14 for Maruk and 6 for Secord. Now the hole is deep, 9 1/2 minutes to go, down 5-3. Rangers are really going on the attack!! Shots saves, hits, block – Ruff and Shutt go off for roughing at 14:11, all this and no goals. Philly bench is getting pumped, they got this!! then Tonelli commits a bad sin – at 18:35 he gets nailed for elbowing. And it wasn’t a simple elbow – it’s the 4-minute elbow!! WOW – we needed that call. Maybe the Philly bribery check bounced…. Power Play – 1st Firebirds stop Crowder with a hit by Secord. Then the Rangers pull the goalie – lots of Gold and Purple in the Philly end. Crowder shoots, Hardy blocks it. 47 seconds left, Siltanen is knocked off the puck by… SECORD (again)…. but Cloutier gets the puck, crosses neutral ice, Mulvey has it, to Trottier to Kotsopoulos at the point – slap shot – HE LIGHTS THE LAMP – GOAL – SCORE and it’s now 5-4, with 30 seconds left. Still time!! For Kotsopoulos it’s goal 2 assisted by Trottier (9). Secord then wins the face-off, but Cloutier knocks Van Boxmeer off the puck, but the center of the ice is jammed up and he fires it into the corner. Shutt gets it, out to Dore, to Cloutier, to Kotsopoulus…8 seconds to go…. he winds up, fires – but Hartsburg blocks the shot and Secord gets it and hangs on for the final horn. Firebirds hang on and win game 4, 5-4! Ugh
STARS (all Firebirds)
1. Mullen 2 goals, 1 assist
2. Maruk 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Dionne 1 goal
Rangers get a 12-5 edge in the 3rd for SOGs, but 2 of those 5 shots for Philly go in. It was quite the game as both teams played hard trying to get this one and the Firebirds got the win and a BIG 3-1 advantage as the series shifts to Philly for game 5.

  Down 3 games to 1, the Rangers have to find a way to lock down Philly for game 5 and bring the series back to the Garden. Has Philly lost any games at home this postseason – hope so – and if not – hope it happens NOW, for there is no tomorrow is the rallying cry.

Game 5 at Philly after the Rangers take it to them!

GAME #5 1st – 7 minutes in with Philly outshoot the Rangers 6-0 Dionne finally finds the net his 8th from Linseman and Lindstrom. Moments later Mullen with a slapshot his 8th from Maruk. Then with Tonelli crushing Lapointe the puck pops free Bridgeman goes in alone on Dion and nets his 5th unassisted. But with Ruff off on an interference call, Steve Shutt pulls it back within 2 with his 6th of the season from Valentine and Lafluer. Tambellini runs Maruk and they both get 2… Philly cant score during the PP but as Maruk leaves the box Dionne hits him with a pass and Maruk nets his 18th.
Period ends 4-1 Philly shots 18-6 Philly2nd- Lafluer wastes no time getting Cap back in the game beating Wamsley with his 3rd from Cloutier and Trottier. Secord moments later gets his 15th from Carlyle and Maruk and after Philly kills two PP Mullen beats Dion with his 9th from Hartsburg and Dion leaves the game with a rein of jeers from the Philly faithful. Maruk welcomes Bouchard to the game with his 19th from Mullen
Period ends 7-2 Philly Shots 16-73rd- Philly scores 5 unanswered goals in the 3rd. Goals by Tonelli (2) Holmgren and 2 for Secord giving his a HAT TRICK for the game
Period and game ends 12-2 Philly shots in the period 25-6 Philly …game 59-2201. Maruk 2G 7PTS
02. Secord 3G
03. Mullen 2G 4PTSPhilly’s 1st line gets 7 Goals and 14 PTS
SERIES SUMMARY Denis Maruk carries Philly to the Stanley Cup 17 Games 19 Goals 19 Assists for 38 Pts

Philly beat some great teams to take it…teams that will bury them next season