Messier, Mark SCW 3 3 6 9 4 3 7 43%
Dion, Michel CAP 2 5 2.5 55 .917
Maruk, Dennis PHI 3 4 7 11 0 8 12 33%
Melanson, Roland MAC 2 5 2.51 72 .935

Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Playing for an outside chance of the playoffs Chicago face two tough opponents at home this week in CapJack & Mackinac Island.
CapJack Rangers @  A back and forth affair until the 3rd period when the Underground pick up 2 goals and pull away for the victory.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – CapJack 3

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Peter Stastny 2G
Star #2 – Pierre Mondou 1G, 2 Pts
Star #3 – Mike Blaisdell 1G


Game-Winning Goal: Peter Stastny

Mackinac Island Moose @ Chicago Underground This wasn’t even close as the Moose trampled the Underground. Chicago lost all hockey skills & looked like a peewee team taking on Mackinac Island.

Final Score: Mackinac Island 7 – Chicago 2

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Blake Dunlop 2G, 3Pts
Star #2 – Paul MacLean 2G
Star #3 – Brian Propp 1G, 3Pts

(MIM) – Mark Napier 3 Assists, Roland Melanson 36 Saves
(CHI) – None
Game-Winning Goal: Brian Propp

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Odds are against Chicago’s chances of making the playoffs. One Road game at Pittsburgh still gives the Underground hopes. But does it really even matter? How soon would they be destroyed in the Playoffs anyways?
Silk City Whales
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Whales finish off the home regular-season schedule by welcoming playoff-bound New Castle. The Whales will try not to look ahead to their first-ever playoff game.
New Castle Ducks @ Silk City Whales Silk City scores four third period goals to go on to win a see-saw game against the Ducks 6-4 Mark Messier scores two goals and has two assists in becoming the first player in franchise history to score fifty in a season.
March 22, 1982, Cheney Mill Dome 04-03-20201 2 3 F
1981-82 New Castle 41-27-10 1 2 1 4
1981-82 Silk City 38-32-8 1 1 4 6Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 2:44 EV SCW Peplinski (26), assisted by Flockhart (52)
1 9:55 EV NEW Nedomansky (12), assisted by Tony Currie (20) and La
2 2:14 PP NEW Lambert (21), assisted by Bourne (23) and Clarke (48)
2 8:29 PP SCW Bullard (42), assisted by Messier (40) and Salming (43)
2 19:52 EV NEW Lambert (22), assisted by Nedomansky (23) and Tony Currie (21)
3 :53 PP SCW Messier (50), assisted by Kehoe (79) and Salming (44)
3 1:34 EV NEW Walter (49), assisted by Clarke (49) and Jim Schoenfeld (19)
3 9:16 EV SCW Messier (51), assisted by Sutter (38) and Salming (45)
3 15:48 PP SCW Kehoe (37), assisted by Beck (31) and Messier (41)
3 18:49 EV SCW Sutter (33), assisted by Murphy (46) and Kehoe (80)Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 13:11 SCW Messier (103), 2:00 – tripping
1 17:01 SCW Flockhart (35), 5:00 – spearing
2 :49 SCW Salming (111), 2:00 – tripping
2 6:55 NEW Lanz (27), 2:00 – roughing
2 9:13 NEW Clarke (120), 2:00 – tripping
2 15:18 SCW Peplinski (81), 2:00 – interference
3 :14 NEW O’Reilly (184), 2:00 – roughing
3 9:33 NEW Bourne (65), 2:00 – tripping
3 12:20 NEW Stastny (28), 2:00 – holding
3 14:35 NEW Pederson (60), 2:00 – chargingSOG 1 SOG 2 SOG 3
New Castle 13 8 9
Silk City 5 12 11NEW SCW
SOG 30 28
FOW 32 28
FO% 53.3 46.7
Hits 16 10
Blocks 11 10
Missed Net 9 9
Shot Attempts 49 48
Scoring Chances 17 18
PIM 12 11
PP 1-4 3-6
TOA 4:45 5:37Injuries: Flockhart(SCW)-gameStar 1: SCW Messier 2 G, 4 Pts
Star 2: NEW Lambert 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: SCW Kehoe 1 G, 3 PtsGWG: Rick KehoeNotables: NEW None
SCW Salming 3 assistsNew Castle GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Smith, Billy – 6 22 .786 58:49 20 19 5 9.5 (+0.1)Silk City GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Sauve, Bob -W 4 26 .867 59:47 27 23 5 5.8 (-0.3)
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Whales can’t wait for next week…for the first time in franchise history.
Charlestown Chiefs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two games to close out the season.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Charlestown Chiefs It takes an Andre Savard (7) goal at 19:37 of the 3rd for Charlestown to squeak out a 4-4 tie against the Saints. There’s not much else to say, as no player on either squad even made the “Notables” list.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 18:41 PP CHA Gradin (46), assisted by Nicholls (16)
2 9:31 PP CHA Hlinka (19), assisted by Coffey (57) and Houle (28)
2 14:25 EV SCS Duguay (37), assisted by Aubin (3)
2 17:48 PP SCS Christoff (17), assisted by Aubin (4) and Sutter (18)
3 5:55 EV SCS Duguay (38), assisted by Watters (17) and Christoff (29)
3 7:32 EV CHA McCarthy (9), assisted by Potvin (32) and Tremblay (34)
3 13:13 PP SCS Veitch (10), assisted by Sutter (19) and Dupont (27)
3 19:37 EV CHA Savard (7), assisted by Potvin (33) and Houle (29)

Star 1: SCS Duguay 2 G
Star 2: SCS Christoff 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CHA Hlinka 1 G

Notables: SCS None
CHA None

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Charlestown Chiefs The Rats come to down and both teams put on a show (unless you like defense, but who really did in the 80’s?!).

In the end, The Chiefs win it 8-6 behind a Bernie Nicholls hat trick (he’s amassed 17 goals and 17 assists in only 23 games – can’t wait until next year!).

Paul Gardner chips in 3 assists to assert his case for League MVP (though Maruk is likely chuckling at that notion).

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 :44 EV CHA Nicholls (15), assisted by Lanny McDonald (61) and Gardner (57)
1 3:45 EV BRO Christian (16), assisted by McCarthy (43) and Lapointe (23)
1 11:02 PP CHA Lanny McDonald (32), unassisted
1 12:58 EV CHA Nicholls (16), assisted by McEwen (35) and Lanny McDonald (62)
1 14:52 EV BRO Gartner (30), assisted by Smith (75)
2 2:33 PP CHA Gradin (47), assisted by Nicholls (17) and Baxter (24)
2 4:35 EV BRO Smith (48), assisted by Stastny (45)
2 11:16 EV CHA McCarthy (10), assisted by Houle (30)
2 13:04 EV BRO Sulliman (20), unassisted
2 14:39 EV BRO Smith (49), assisted by Reinhart (47) and Stastny (46)
2 17:10 EV CHA Gradin (48), assisted by Potvin (34) and Gardner (58)
3 10:43 EV BRO Stastny (36), assisted by Wilson (23)
3 16:02 EV CHA Nicholls (17), assisted by McEwen (36) and Gardner (59)
3 19:39 EN CHA McEwen (7), assisted by Lever (18) and Baxter (25)

Star 1: CHA Nicholls 3 G, 4 Pts
Star 2: BRO Smith 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: CHA Gradin 2 G

GWG: Bernie Nicholls

Notables: BRO None
CHA Nicholls hat trick, Potvin 15 PIM, Gardner 3 assists

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Three out of four in front of the home fans. Bring on the playoffs!
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Syracuse is playing with their scrubs at this point (Not that their starters were any good)
North Carolina 89’ers @ Syracuse Bulldogs All 89’ers 5-0
Stars #1 NOC Fuhr 29 saves
#2 NOC Goulet 1G 3pts
#3 NOC Broten 1G 2pts
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Syracuse Bulldogs Saints win it 4-1
Stars #1 SCS Christoff 2G
#2 SCS Keans 29 saves
#3 SCS Francis 1G
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The pain is almost over
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Saints close out their home schedule against the New Castle Ducks.
New Castle Ducks @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Dave Babych scores his 19th goal of the year for the Saints with 1 second to go in the first period. The Ducks counter with a goal by Middleton – it’s his 57th – in the second period. In the 3rd, Harold Snepst scores an insurance goal with 8:49 to go. SCS has 48 minutes in penalties as compared to the Ducks 38 minutes. New Castle with 26 shots to the Saints 25.

New Castle 2 SCS 1

1st – Middleton
2nd – Billy Smith
3rd – Babych

WEEKLY SUMMARY: In the Saint’s last home game, New Castle wins 2-1.
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ohio Legends close out their second season of operation with home games against Vermont and Charlotte.
Vermont Foresters @ Ohio Legends VER 5, OHIO 4

Kent Nilsson’s second of the night and ninth goal of the season with 5:24 to go broke a 4-4 tie and gave the Foresters the victory. Twice in the game, Vermont wiped out two-goal deficits (3-1 after one and 64 early in the third).

Nilsson (2-1-3) and Mike Foligno (1-1-2) led the Foresters offensive attacker, while Ohio got two goals from John Anderson. Murray Bannerman stopped 25 shots to take the win, while Gilles Gibert turned away 21 for the losers.

Charlotte Dynamo @ Ohio Legends CHA 6, OHIO 5

Charlotte blew a three-goal lead in early in the second period, only to have Ohio tie the game at three and then blew a two-goal lead early in the third–to have Ohio tie it up at five in the final minute. The Dynamo prevailed when Normand Leveille’s 22nd goal of the season bulged the net with the game-winner with 20 seconds to play.

Gilbert Perrault had a goal and two assists to lead Charlotte, while Ian Turnbull handed out four assists in the win. Vincent Tremblay stopped 33 shots to take the victory, while Gilles Gilbert stopped 14 in his final game with the Legends.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Ohio Legends closed out March with a 1-3-1 record in games decided by a goal or less. It closes out a disappointing season that will see the club looking to massively overhaul the offensive and defensive units for 1982-83.
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Only one home game for the Ducks this week as they play their final game of the season. The Ducks are going to the playoffs for the first time in their history. This week’s home game is against a very tough Delray team that is battling for the Smythe Division title. The other big story is Ryan Walter, who with 49 goals, is trying to become the third player on this season’s Ducks to score 50- a mark already achieved by Barry Pederson (62) and Rick Middleton (57).
Delray Alpha @ New Castle Ducks DEL 5 NEW 4

The Ducks lose as Delray gets a much-needed victory in their battle for first place. Walter’s quest for 50 ended early when he drew a MATCH penalty late in the first period. The teams traded goals in the first with Middleton notching #58 for the Ducks. In the second, Dino Cicarelli scored his SEVENTY-FIRST goal of the year to make it 2-1 and defenseman Dave Maloney followed with his 9th to make it 3-1 Delray.
Trailing 3-1 in the third, the Ducks tied it on goals by Nedomansky and Stastny. A mere 17 seconds after the Ducks tied it, the Great One – Wayne Gretzky- scored his 46th of the year to put Delray back on top at 4-3. Then at 16:58, with Bobby Clarke off for cross-checking, Cicarelli scored his second of the game and SEVENTY SECOND of the season to get a huge insurance goal making it 5-3. Cicarelli is second only to Philly’s Dennis Maruk in goals scored this season. The Ducks did not give up, however – pulling goalie Smith – as Middleton scored his second of the game and 59th of the year to make it 5-4 but with only seven ticks left on the clock. The Ducks could not get any more chances and that was that. The two teams split the season series at 2-2.

1- DEL Cicarelli 2 G
2- NEW Middleton 2G
3- DEL Maloney 1G 1 A

Walter’s match penalty will result in a one-game suspension that may carry over to the playoffs – a potentially big blow to the Ducks

WEEKLY SUMMARY: New Castle drops their only home game of the week but finishes the season at 42-28-10-94, their best record ever. They will finish second in the Norris Division and second in the Conference. For the first time in their history, the Ducks are going to the playoffs! They will open at home against either North Carolina or Chicago as those two teams battled to the wire for the final playoff spot.
Vermont Foresters
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Vermont’s final home game of the season…
North Carolina 89’ers @ Vermont Foresters The game starts off sluggishly – except for the goalie as they combine to stop 23 shots in the 1st period. Then after Broten scores for the 89’ers early in the 2nd, Jonsson, Nilsson, and Hislop score for Vermont to take a 3-1 lead after 2.
3rd period starts quickly with Stoughton scoring for NOC 1:45 in. Then Nilsson gets his 2nd in 45 seconds later to get back to a 2 goal lead. But Stoughton gets his 2nd and Payne scored and North Caroline ties the game with 8 to go. Final 2 minutes and Nilsson gets the hat trick and the tree guys regain the lead!! But, it’s not over. Goalie pulled and with 3 seconds left Ogrodnick gets off a desperation shot and it goes past Bannerman and the game ends in a 5-5 tie!! North Carolina put up 16 shots on goal in the 3rd to gain the tie.
1. VER – Nilsson 3 goals
2. NOC – Stoughton 2 goals
3. NOC – Ogrodnick 1 goal, 2 assists
WEEKLY SUMMARY: 1 game, 1 tie, tough season.
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: CapJack finishes with 2 games and they start 2 points up over Brooklyn – news from the road – they lose to Chicago! Not good….
Mackinac Island Moose @ CapJack Rangers Facing the 2nd best team in the league, the Rangers can’t afford to lose. However, they planned well and have their best guys going this week!!
Rangers put up one of their best games of the season – a relentless attack with 40 SOGs and 28 scoring chances, and a tough defense and stellar netminding from Dion!
Rangers get a 1st and 2nd period goal from Valentine (recent star now that he’s able to play – 3rd straight 2 goal home game!). Propp tallies his 43rd in the 2nd to get the Moose 1 back.
But then Trottier (52) and Robinson score – shorthanded for Trottier, EN for Robinson to put the game away, 4-1!
1. Valentine 2 goals
2. Dion 29 saves
3. Robinson 1 goal
Syracuse Bulldogs @ CapJack Rangers Make no mistake, the Rangers want this title and wham – they go out and fire 17 SOG in the 1st and 5 of them go in! Trottier gets the 1st 32 seconds in. But the then Higgins gets one back for the Bulldogs. But then Palmer, Valentine, Trottier and Cloutier get the next 4 – all in the 1st. For Valentine, it’s his 17 goal in 15 games as Ranger!
2nd Period, the Bulldogs make a charge with 2 goals from Tookey!. But as the period closes, Tambellini gets one for the Rangers to make it 6-3 after 2.
Quiet 3rd until the final 3 minutes and then Lapointe scores for CapJack and Higgins gets his 2nd for Syracuse. But the final is 7-4 Rangers.
1. SYR – Tookey 2 goals, 1 assist
2. CAP – Trottier 2 goals
3. CAP – Cloutier 1 goal, 2 assists
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Rangers win 2 of 2 at home in the final week – and seem to have it sown up. They are hoping the ending of the season is more like they will be in the postseason!
Philadelphia Firebirds
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Last 2 games of the season for Philly with lots of new faces…hello Jarvis Gillis Weir Stackhouse Mongrain and Zanussi!
Charlestown Chiefs @ Philadelphia Firebirds The tough Chiefs team comes to town

1st- Potvin opens the scoring with a blast past Herron and the Chiefs take a 1-0 lead but that lead doesn’t last for long as Dionne gets his 49th off a tip of a Hartsburg shot. Later Gillis gets is 2nd of the year from Ruff and Jarvis. Ruff adds his 14th from Gillis and Jarvis and Wes Jarvis caps off a third line flurry with his 1st of the year unassisted. Period ends 4-1 Philly

2nd – Dionne makes it 5-1 with his 50th from Boxxy and Linseman. Nicholls pulls the Chiefs back to within 3 with his 15th from Mcacarthy and Bourque. With McCarthy off for Hooking Linseman gets his 30th of the year on the PP from Hartsburg and Boxxy. Gardner and Hlinka put pucks past Herron and Pull the Chiefs within 2 at 6-4 but before the period ends Kelly gets his 5th from Boxxy and Maruk.

3rd – Ruff gets his 2nd of the game his 15th on the year from Tonelli and Maruk. Dionne gets his HAT TRICK number 51 from MAruk and Langway. Tonelli joins in the scoring with his 22nd from Linseman and with Baxter off for well being Baxter Maruk gets number 80 on the season from Secord and Hartsburg.


01. Dionne 3 G
02. Maruk 1G 4 PTS
03. Ruff 2G 4PTS

Ohio Legends @ Philadelphia Firebirds The Legends visit and little known fact Ohio has owned Philly at home this season. Philly was aggressive from start to finish on this one!

1st- Bridgeman opens the scoring with a short-handed goal his 13th from Tonelli. Wes Jarvis continues his replacement brilliance with his 2nd goal from Boxxy. With Kirton off for Interference Maruk gets number 81 on the season from Hartsburg and to finish up the period Gillis gets his 3rd from Zanussi as Hanlon leaves the game boo hoo

2nd – Ohios Korab blows a shot past Wamsley to start the 2nd his 6th from Manno and Tim “I wanna play in Philly” Kerr. But before the period ends Maruk gets number 82 from Tonelli and Langway.

3rd- Up 5-1 Philly wants to run up the score on Ohio and that’s just what they did
Linseman 31st Maruk/Tonelli
Gillis 4th Zanussi
Maruk 83rd from Secord
Hartsburg 14 and 15th from Tonelli and Maruk
Secord 43 from Tonelli and Maruk


01. Maruk 3G 6PTS
02. Hartsburg 2G 3 PTS
3. Tonelli 6 AST

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A surprising explosion of scoring considering how many sat. But Again this has been Maruks years 4G 11PTS this week

For the year 80 Games 84 Goals 78 Assists for 162 PTS …I hear this Gretzky kid could break this but for now Philly will enjoy this season. With a playoff challenge ahead and a vastly different talent level next season!

Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Silk City comes to Brooklyn for the final home game of the season
Silk City Whales @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Bobby Smith and Anton Statsny score 2 goals apiece but it’s not enough to prevent the Whales getting goals from 6 different players as this one ends in a 6-6 tie.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: A disappointing season in Brooklyn comes to an end.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Charlotte plays out the string — the only drama remaining is whether the Dynamo will avoid the basement of the Patrick division. The team holds a slight lead in the race to the bottom over the defending league champion Pittsburgh Spirit.
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Charlotte Dynamo Playing the class of the league, Charlotte rallied throughout the game and captured and forged an uplifting 5-5 tie with a a pair of late third period goals. Trailing 5-3, the Dynamo’s Laurie Boschman found the net on an assist from Bill Hajt 5:33 into the final period. Then, with 4:48 left in the game winger Wayne Cashman got the tying goal off yet another assist from Hajt, with Mike Rogers also assisting. Charlotte also came behind earlier from a 3-1 first period deficit, scoring two goals in the final minute of the opening stanza, courtesy of Jack Carlson and Dale Hawerchuk. Two consecutive goals, however, from Al Secord in the second period had lifted the Firebirds to their 5-3 advantage.

Three stars:
1.)PHI – Al Hill 2 Goals within 40 seconds of the first lifted the Firebirds to an early 3-1 lead. Also an assist.
2.)Al Secord two goals for Philly
3.)Jack Carlson (1 g for CHD)

Notable: Charlotte outshoots its visitors 47-41, but only converts once in 6 PP opportunities. Rick Wamsley comes up big for Philly with 42 saves. Charlotte’s Vincent Tremblay ends up with 36 saves. For Philadelphia, Rod Langway blocks 5 shots and Dennis Maruk wins 17 faceoffs.

Delray Alpha @ Charlotte Dynamo In its final home game, the Dynamo hosted another first place team, an Alpha squad clinging to the top spot in the Smythe division. This time the results weren’t as forgiving as Delray collected three third period goals from juggernauts by the names of Wayne Gretzky, Dave Maloney and Dino Ciccarelli (holy smokes, 71 goals?) to rally and upend the Dynamo in heartbreaking fashion 5-4. All three titans also contributed to the game winning goal with just a scant 22 seconds on the clock. Ciccarelli, with 55 real life goals that 1981-1982 season, beat Vincent Tremblay for his 71st replay goal with assists from the other two teammates. Its obvious he benefited from being on the same line with the Great One all season. This team will be a bear for teams to contend with in the postseason.

Three stars (all from Delray):
1. Gretzky 1 G, 2 Pts
2. Marc Tardif 1 G, 2 Pts (he reaches 30 plus goals)
3. Maloney, 1 G 2 Pts

Notable: Delray outshoots Charlotte 46-29, and Gretzky wins 17 faceoffs. Tremblay saves 41 in his final home game for Charlotte and kept the Dynamo alive most of the game.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Well, there you have it. Charlotte gets one final point in its last two home games against two first-place powers. A potential division basement finish may prove to be a blessing as this Charlotte squad now eyes a promising 1982 draft class for reinforcements. Management is optimistic that with building blocks of Dale Hawerchuk and Glenn Anderson, it is putting young pieces in place for future success.
Delray Alpha
WEEKLY PREVIEW: One game against Brooklyn
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Delray Alpha Brooklyn 2 – Delray 4

Delray gets two goals in the 3rd period to break open a tied game and get the win

Star 1 – Cicarelli 1 G 2 Ast
Star 2 – Lowe 1 G 1 Ast
Star 3 – Reinhart 1G 1Ast

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Delray finishes their home season with a win
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Finally… the season ends. 😉
Chicago Underground @ Pittsburgh Spirit Chicago trounces the Spirit… 7-2.

Bossy with 1G, 2A
Ferguson 1G, 1A
Houston 1G, 1A

Peeters 34 saves.

Mackinac Island Moose @ Pittsburgh Spirit Spirit show some life and skate to a 6-6 tie with Mackinac Island.  6-6

Gare 2G, 1A
Lysiak 1G, 2A
Kurri 1G, 2A

Vermont Foresters @ Pittsburgh Spirit The clouds parted and the hockey gods let the Spirit win their final game of the season…   3-2.

Gare 1G, 1A
Lukowich 1G, 1A
Chorney 1G

Baron makes 25 saves in the rare win.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A loss, a tie, and then a win.   Bring on next season! 🙂