Valentine, Chris CAP 4 4 10 14 4 3 14 29%
Bannerman, Murray VER 2 4 2.02 34 .895
Walter, Ryan NEW 4 4 4 8 2 6 11 36%
Liut, Mike SCS 3 7 2.36 87 .926

Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Chicago takes on the bottom feeder in the Adams Division (St. Clair Shores) & the top team in the Adams Division (Mackinac Island) for their two home games at the Capone Center this week.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Chicago Underground St. Clair Shores plays the Underground tough and after Chicago commands the first two periods before the Saints chargeback with 3 unanswered goals in the last 6 minutes of the game and earns a very solid tie.

Final Score: Chicago 3 – St. Clair Shores 3

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Denis Savard 2G
Star #2 – Steve Christoff 1G, 2 Pts
Star #3 – Butch Goring 1G

(CHI) – Houston 12 Penalty Minutes, Pete Peeters 31 Saves

Game-Winning Goal: None

Mackinac Island Moose @ Chicago Underground Chicago unloads in the 2nd Perio with 4 unanswered goals and pulls out to a commanding lead. They hold that even with 2 goals in the 3rd by the Moose.

Final Score: Chicago 6 – Mackinac Island 3

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Clark Gillies 2G, 3Pts
Star #2 – Peter Stastny 1G, 3Pts
Star #3 – Pierre Mondou 1G


Game-Winning Goal: Peter Stastny

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Chicago grabs 3 of 4 points at home & is looking forward to the links.
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: OHIO and North Carolina Skate into the Cuse
Ohio Legends @ Syracuse Bulldogs 4-4 tie
Stars #1 SYR Boldirev 2G
#2 OHI Anderson 2G
#3 OHI Federko 2G
North Carolina 89’ers @ Syracuse Bulldogs N.C. shuts us out 4-0
Stars #1 NOC Soetart 31 saves
#2 NOC Johnny O 1G 2pts
#3 NOC Payne 1G
WEEKLY SUMMARY: The usual results for Syracuse 2 games 1 point
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Saints play host to Syracuse and New Castle this week.
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Early in the 2nd, Higgins scores for the Bulldogs. The Saints get on the scoring board in the 2nd and get goals by Nilan and Babych. It’s all defense in the 3rd, and the Saints hold on for the victory.

SCS 2 Syracuse 1

1st -Babych
2nd – Nilan
3rd – Higgins

New Castle Ducks @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Each team scores in the first period. Duschene scores his 5th for the Saints and Walter scores his 44th goal of the season. In the 3rd, Wilson scores his 37th to put the Saints up. Ken Morrow finishes off the Ducks with an empty-net goal.

SCS 3 New Castle 2

1st – Liut
2nd – Wilson
3rd – Duchesne

WEEKLY SUMMARY: SCS surprisingly has two good home games and defeats both Syracuse and New Castle.
Charlestown Chiefs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two games at home this week as we battle Delray for the division lead.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlestown Chiefs First up is Pittsburgh, and it should be an easy win.

It isn’t, but we do prevail 5-3.

Ex-Chief Wilf Paiement gets some revenge, scoring a pair of goals against Riggin, but it’s ex-Spirit Guy Chouinard that gets the GWG against Vachon.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 7:29 EV CHA Hlinka (16), assisted by Baxter (20) and Tremblay (30)
1 9:48 EV PIT Haworth (10), assisted by Ashton (18) and Maxwell (16)
1 15:17 EV CHA Potvin (21), assisted by Bourque (48)
2 9:02 PP CHA Tremblay (32), assisted by McEwen (33)
3 5:08 PP PIT Paiement (16), assisted by Steen (19) and Spring (13)
3 9:20 EV CHA Chouinard (19), assisted by Coffey (48)
3 16:06 EV CHA Lever (9), assisted by Lanny McDonald (57) and Coffey (49)
3 18:17 EV PIT Paiement (17), assisted by Spring (14) and Pettersson (24)

Injuries: Chouinard(CHA)-game

Star 1: PIT Paiement 2 G
Star 2: CHA Tremblay 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CHA Hlinka 1 G

GWG: Guy Chouinard

Notables: PIT None
CHA None

CapJack Rangers @ Charlestown Chiefs In a battle of 1st place teams, Charlestown destroys the Rangers 11-4.

Paul Gardner goes berzerk, scoring FIVE goals and adding a pair of assists for a 7 point night! Bernie Nicholls, in spot start duty, tallies a goal and four assists riding shotgun with Gardner. Chouinard picks up 4 assists, while the Chiefs get 3 goals from their blue-liners: 2 from Huber, and 1 from Coffey.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 2:47 EV CHA Huber (9), assisted by Chouinard (54) and Coffey (50)
1 7:28 EV CAP Mulvey (33), assisted by Valentine (23) and Shutt (26)
1 7:59 EV CHA Gardner (54), assisted by Chouinard (55) and Coffey (51)
1 9:48 PP CHA Nicholls (13), unassisted
1 13:33 EV CHA Huber (10), assisted by Houle (27) and McCarthy (17)
2 :21 PP CHA Lanny McDonald (28), assisted by Nicholls (10) and Potvin (28)
2 2:29 PP CHA Lanny McDonald (29), assisted by Gardner (52) and Nicholls (11)
2 6:30 EV CHA Coffey (25), assisted by Bourque (49) and Gardner (53)
2 10:00 EV CAP Shutt (23), assisted by Valentine (24) and Cloutier (48)
2 13:14 PP CHA Gardner (55), assisted by Nicholls (12)
2 18:49 PP CHA Gardner (56), assisted by Nicholls (13)
3 :43 EV CHA Gardner (57), assisted by Bourque (50) and Chouinard (56)
3 3:52 PP CAP Lapointe (2), assisted by Valentine (25)
3 5:30 PP CAP Shutt (24), assisted by Lafleur (59) and Valentine (26)
3 18:33 EV CHA Gardner (58), assisted by Huber (32) and Chouinard (57)

Suspension: CAP Mulvey(2)

Star 1: CHA Gardner 5 G, 7 Pts
Star 2: CHA Nicholls 1 G, 5 Pts
Star 3: CHA Huber 2 G, 3 Pts

GWG: Lanny McDonald

Notables: CAP Mulvey 14 PIM, Valentine 4 assists
CHA Nicholls 4 assists, Nicholls 5 points, McDonald 12 PIM, Gardner 5 goals, Gardner 7 points, Chouinard

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Wow, what a game against CapJack! Gardner now sits 3rd in the league with 58 goals – can he get to 60?
Silk City Whales
WEEKLY PREVIEW: This week it’s two Patrick Division foes, CapJack and Pittsburgh.
CapJack Rangers @ Silk City Whales The Whales come out and play their worst period of the season, allowing six Rangers’ goals in the first period and were down 7-1 5:14 into the second period. Silk City wakes up and scores the next four to make the score respectable but goes down to CapJack 8-6. The fanes were treated to a bonus appearance by third-string goalie Corrado Micalef.

March 8 1982 Cheney Mill Dome 03-20-2020

1 2 3 F
1981-82 CapJack 32-31-7 6 1 1 8
1981-82 Silk City 33-29-8 1 2 3 6

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 :19 EV CAP Trottier (50), assisted by Cloutier (48) and Lafleur (59)
1 7:18 PP CAP Lafleur (16), assisted by Valentine (23) and Trottier (56)
1 10:08 EV CAP Siltanen (20), assisted by Robinson (43)
1 13:14 EV CAP Tambellini (28), assisted by Robinson (44) and Palmer (28)
1 16:14 PP SCW Peplinski (23), assisted by LaVallee (21) and Flockhart (46)
1 16:47 EV CAP Robinson (9), assisted by Valentine (24)
1 17:18 PP CAP Valentine (29), assisted by Cloutier (49) and Shutt (26)
2 5:14 PP CAP Mulvey (33), assisted by Lafleur (60) and Robinson (45)
2 13:41 PP SCW Sutter (32), assisted by Kehoe (70) and Messier (38)
2 14:01 EV SCW Meagher (9), assisted by Beck (27) and Ftorek (18)
3 4:12 EV SCW Flockhart (29), assisted by Peplinski (29) and Bullard (29)
3 17:59 EV SCW Flockhart (30), assisted by Murphy (39) and Peplinski (30)
3 19:12 EV CAP Crowder (10), assisted by MacMillan (12) and Martin (7)
3 19:37 EV SCW Messier (43), assisted by Salming (38) and Kehoe (71)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 5:34 SCW Beck (65), 2:00 – tripping
1 6:00 SCW Chartraw (25), 2:00 – slashing
1 14:27 CAP DeBlois (67), 2:00 – roughing
1 17:04 SCW Carpenter (41), 2:00 – holding
2 4:09 SCW Ftorek (17), 2:00 – interference
2 6:11 SCW Lindgren (56), 2:00 – high sticking
2 9:18 CAP Russell (91), 2:00 – roughing
2 9:18 SCW Bailey (15), 2:00 – high sticking
2 13:11 CAP DeBlois (69), 2:00 – cross checking
3 :15 CAP Trottier (78), 2:00 – hooking
3 4:28 CAP Russell (93), 2:00 – roughing

CapJack 12 7 1
Silk City 7 12 11

SOG 20 30
FOW 25 29
FO% 46.3 53.7
Hits 25 9
Blocks 8 8
Missed Net 6 16
Shot Attempts 34 54
Scoring Chances 17 20
PIM 10 12
PP 3-5 2-4
TOA 2:30 4:19

Star 1: CAP Robinson 1 G, 4 Pts
Star 2: SCW Flockhart 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: CAP Valentine 1 G, 3 Pts

GWG: Grant Mulvey

Notables: CAP Larry.Robinson 3 assists, Russell, Phil 5 blocks
SCW None

CapJack GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Dion -W 6 24 .800 60:00 24 21 3 7.5 (+0.2)

Silk City GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Sauve, Bob -L 6 5 .455 17:18 23 21 5 5.6 (-0.5)
G Micalef 2 7 .778 42:42 0 0 0 3.4 (-0.4)

Pittsburgh Spirit @ Silk City Whales The Whales tighten things up against the Spirit to take a two-goal lead until Pittsburgh scored twice in the last 2:08 of the second period to send us tied 3-3 going into the third. In the final period, the Whales make the most of their chances, scoring three times on eight shots and limiting the Spirit to only five SOG and win 6-3.

March 12, 1982, Cheney Mill Dome 03-20-2020

1 2 3 F
1981-82 Pittsburgh 24-43-4 0 3 0 3
1981-82 Silk City 34-29-8 1 2 3 6

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 13:57 EV SCW LaVallee (18), assisted by Carpenter (18)
2 6:54 EV PIT Trimper (6), assisted by Ashton (18)
2 11:53 EV SCW Bullard (38), assisted by Flockhart (47) and Hoffmeyer (19)
2 15:12 EV SCW Messier (44), assisted by Kehoe (72) and Sutter (35)
2 17:52 PP PIT Rick MacLeish (17), assisted by Paiement (28)
2 19:21 PP PIT Paiement (16), assisted by Steen (19) and Maxwell (16)
3 2:28 PP SCW Murphy (22), assisted by Kehoe (73) and Messier (39)
3 5:53 EV SCW Meagher (10), assisted by Beck (28) and Bob Sauve (1)
3 11:57 EV SCW Kehoe (34), assisted by Murphy (40) and Salming (39)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 8:42 SCW Murphy (64), 2:00 – roughing
1 11:00 PIT Trimper (45), 2:00 – tripping
1 15:19 SCW Lindgren (58), 2:00 – cross checking
1 17:19 PIT Rick MacLeish (39), 2:00 – hooking
2 3:37 SCW Sutter (162), 2:00 – holding
2 8:35 PIT Paiement (134), 2:00 – roughing
2 8:35 SCW Messier (92), 2:00 – roughing
2 11:12 PIT Trimper (47), 2:00 – roughing
2 11:12 SCW Carpenter (43), 2:00 – roughing
2 17:00 SCW Hoffmeyer (99), 2:00 – hooking
2 18:56 SCW Peplinski (63), 4:00 – slashing\roughing
3 1:21 PIT Theberge (54), 2:00 – tripping
3 9:33 PIT Melnyk (59), 2:00 – hooking
3 15:23 PIT Team, 2:00 – too many men on the ice
3 17:23 PIT Melnyk (64), 5:00 – fighting
3 17:23 SCW Salming (105), 5:00 – fighting

Pittsburgh 5 14 5
Silk City 15 11 8

SOG 24 34
FOW 26 35
FO% 42.6 57.4
Hits 14 19
Blocks 8 7
Missed Net 9 11
Shot Attempts 40 53
Scoring Chances 10 30
PIM 19 21
PP 2-6 1-5
TOA 2:28 6:03

Injuries: Beck(SCW)-game Darryl Sittler(PIT)-game

Star 1: SCW Kehoe 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: SCW Murphy 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: SCW Messier 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Larry Murphy

Notables: PIT None
SCW Messier 16 faceoffs won

Pittsburgh GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Vachon -L 6 25 .806 51:57 13 8 6 6.3 (+0.8)
G St. Croix 0 3 1.000 8:03 6 22 1 5.3 (-1.0)

Silk City GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Sauve, Bob -W 3 21 .875 59:50 24 21 5 6.4 (+0.3)

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Whales continue to hold onto a playoff position with their split of the two home games this week, but there are still plenty of games remaining.
Philadelphia Firebirds
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Mach returns to Philly as well as St Clair
Mackinac Island Moose @ Philadelphia Firebirds The Moose return to Philly in what was the best game of the year.

1st – Early on both sides were banging and both goalies Melanson and Herron are very sharp!. With Lindstrom off for Cross-checking Bill Barber puts the Moose up 1-0 with his 39th of the year from Kurri/Lysiak. But before the period ends ROY candidate Joey Mullen gets his 33rd from Boxxy

2nd- Moose come out flying outshooting Philly 7-0 before Napier gets his 48th past Herron from Park/O’Connell. It’s a penalty-filled period. But Linseman gets it tied up with his 28th from Hartsburg . Period ends 2-2

3rd- Ramsey blasts one by Melanson his 9th from Dionne/Lindstrom. The period is end to end with both goalies making huge stops. Mack pulls their goalie and with a minute left Lysiak ties it up with his 34 from Park. Looks like a hard-fought tie for Philly but with fifteen seconds Joey Mullen blows one past Melanson his 33 from Secord and Langway.

01. Mullen 2G
02. Lysiak 1G 2 PTS
03. Linseman 1 G

Ramsey +4 for the game

a great preview of the playoffs!!


Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Philadelphia Firebirds The Shores come to town with the always tough Mike Liut

1st- Babych scores on a BA his 10th from Im guay/Vietch
Holmgren and Nilan have an epic fight …Nilan goes DOWN

2nd- With Im guay off for a hair infraction. Bridgeman gets his 12th from Holmgren on the PP. Later in the period, Lindstrom gets his 34th from Boxxy

3rd – Unger and Langway brawl to start the period. With Malone off for hooking Secord gets his 38th on the PP unassisted

01. Wamsley 28 saves
02. Secord 1G
03. Bridgeman 1G


WEEKLY SUMMARY: Two epic battles with Philly goalies having their 2nd big week.

Joey Mullen regular season ends 45GP 33G 39A for 72PTS great rookie year

Vermont Foresters
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Vermont is host to Charlotte and Brooklyn in this week’s adventures as they play in the Patrick division – hoping to mess up the division race.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Vermont Foresters Well, the Foresters score 5 times in the 1st, then only twice in the 2nd, and get near zilch production when they just get 1 in the 3rd. However, adding those up and it’s an 8 goal outburst. Charlotte meanwhile left their sticks at home, pawing just 16 shots on Bannerman in the game and he stopped them all for the shutout as the Foresters ax the Dynamo, 8-0!
Vermont gets 2 goals from Lukowich and 2 goals and 2 assists from Nilsson (now that he’s playing, he’s scoring). The same can be said for Greschner – 1 goal, 1 assist, Hunter, Foligno, and Marcotte get the other 3 Foresters goals.
1. Nilsson 2 goals, 2 assists
2. Lukowich 2 goals
3. Bannerman 16 saves, shutout
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Vermont Foresters Vermont gives equal time to Brooklyn (home) and CapJack (road) this week in an attempt to spoil things. Brooklyn doesn’t fall for the bait even though Fox scores 1st for the Foresters just past 1 minute into the game. Sutter charges back for Brooklyn getting 2 goals in the next 8 minutes. The first one he shoots in high, the 2nd he shoots in low. Score after 1 period, 2-1 Harbor Rats
The 2nd period only sees one goal and Ben & Jerry’s fans are not happy because it was Gartner scoring for Brooklyn when he takes a pass through the crease and one-times it into the net.
3rd Period skates by with no scoring for 17 minutes before Lukowich is able to get one past the Brooklyn goal mouth to get Vermont within 1 goal. The crowd stands the rest of the way – well at least for the next minute 20, then Brooklyn’s Wilson beats Bannerman on the high side to basically ice it at 4-2 with just over a minute left. Millen kept anything Vermont threw after that out of the net. Final 4-2 Harbor Rats.
1. Sutter 2 goals
2. Wilson 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Millen 31 saves
WEEKLY SUMMARY: You win one (BIG!!) and you lose one – eh!
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The season is drawing to a close and CapJack is still neck and neck with Brooklyn – neither team wants to pull away. It’s hard for the Rangers because they still give up more goals than they score!! And they score a lot – and give up a lot….. They host Smythe leader Delray and cellar-dweller Vermont.
Delray Alpha @ CapJack Rangers Well here is one of those games. Delray gets 3 in the 1st and 3 in the 3rd and 1 in between. And yet, that 7th Alpha goal, scored with 27 SECONDS LEFT, was just enough to TIE the game (or from the Rangers standpoint – take the victory away!!). Still politicking for 19 minute periods, I’m sure I’d be better off.
1st period Delray takes advantage of a couple of Rangers penalties as Rota and Cicarelli score PP goals. Robinson then gets one back for CapJack but Risebrough scores with just less than 2 to go and it’s 3-1 Delray after 1.
Make that 4-1 when Gretzky scores just past midway in the 2nd. Rangers then get offensive in the final 3 minutes when Cloutier scores a PP goal and Lafluer tallies a minute later. 4-3 Delray after 2.
3rd-period starts and Ciccarelli scores his 2nd of the game making it 5-3 Alpha. Then in a 3-minute span beginning at 6:22 of the 3rd, the Rangers rattle off 3 goals: Siltanen, Valentine, and Shutt (PP) and it’s 6-5 Rangers – we lead! We have a chance. 2 minutes later though, Tardif scores to gain a 6-6 tie. But wait – Sutter goes off for cross-checking and with 4 to go, Shutt gets his 2nd PP goal and it’s 7-6 Rangers!! Yay! Then that final minute of play, Lemelin in relief of Parro, skates off the ice, extra attacker on – and it’s Wayne! He takes it into the zone – passes to Acton – shoots – scores – yuck! Well, at least it was a tie. 7-7
1. DEL Ciccarelli 2 goals, 1 assist
2. CAP Valentine 1 goal, 3 assists
3. CAP Shutt 2 goals
Vermont Foresters @ CapJack Rangers How many ways can you give up a game – or at least a lead? LOTS
1st period Rangers score twice, Martin and Valentine. Then in the 2nd, McCourt gets an early PP goal but Cloutier and Lafleur each get PP goals shortly thereafter. And it’s 4-2 Rangers with 1/2 a game to go.
Then Vermont’s Hislop scores and with 55 seconds to go in the 2nd, Foligno scores to make it 4-3! But wait, Valentine scores his 2nd with 42 seconds left in the 2nd and the period ends 5-3 CapJack. Nice finally being able to use Valentine, he didn’t have a lot of time after coming over from Chicago.
3rd Period – A 2 goal lead, we got this. Well – 2 minutes in McCourt gets his 2nd of the game and it’s 5-4. 5 minutes left – Hunter scores for Vermont and the game is tied. No more cousins or sisters desired – and when Lukowich is called for elbowing on the ensuing faceoff – Shutt gets a PP goal to get CapJack back up 6-5!. The final minute of the period – and the referees call the game!! Well, not really, but the Foresters didn’t score and the Rangers win the game. Whoopee!
1. CAP – Valentine 2 goals, 1 assist
2. VER – McCourt 2 goals
3. CAP – Shutt 1 goal, 1 assist
WEEKLY SUMMARY: 2 games, 3 points, better than usual, but still trying to hang on.
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two of Ohio’s favorite trade partners roll into Legends Arena. Two preseason blockbuster deals involving the Legends with the Firebirds and Underground assure that there will be plenty of ‘remember that guy’ happening in these guys.
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Ohio Legends OHIO 5, PHILADELPHIA 2

Don Maloney netted a pair of goals for Ohio and Dennis Maruk tallied his 71st score for Philadelphia in this one. The Firebirds outshot the Legends, 40-20, but John Garrett stood tall with 38 saves. Richard Sevigny took the loss with 15 stops. The notoriety of the Firebirds was evident, as the mild-mannered Bernie Federko took a five minute major for roughing in this one.

Chicago Underground @ Ohio Legends CHICAGO 5, OHIO 2

Chicago trailed 2-1, after one, before burying Ohio. A pair of goals in the second and third frames put this one away for the Underground. Clarke Gilles had a pair of goals and Pete Peeters re-directed 35 shots to take the win.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A split at home is not necessarily a good thing–unless the win is over Philadelphia (and it was).
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Ducks and Bulldogs coming to the Island to skate with the Moose. The New Castle games could very well be a 1st round playoff preview. Hotham in for an injured Smith.
New Castle Ducks @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 6, Ducks 5 – Don’t know if I will be able to take it if all the playoff games are like this.

Moose come out flat and give up a very early goal to Stastny. Here we are playing from behind early again. After 5 minutes of nothing for the Moose, the offense finally gets going and finds Barber on the rush and he pops it in for the tie at 1. One minute later on a more traditional offensive set, its Propp for another and its 2-1. After a little more give and take, Hotham gets his first of the season and the home team feels much better going to intermission up 3-1. (play JAWS music here …….)

2nd period the Moose offense cools down a bunch, managing only 6 shots on goal. Meanwhile, the Ducks send signals they are just warming up when Middleton (I hate this guy) drills one in at the halfway point. Defenses prevail the remainder and its a butt puckering 3-2, Moose.

3rd period the cold offense continues for the Moose, and the Ducks are there to poop all over the place. First Pederson to tie the game at 3, and then Walter to take the lead away, 4-3, with 15 minutes to go. Things are really uneasy in the arena. Fortunately, Smyl shakes off the funk and pumps some life back into the proceedings a minute later, and we have a tie game at 4 with 14 minutes to go. Another favorite of the Moose, Clarke, ruins the loving feeling with another goal within a minute, and the lead has been dropped by the Moose again. 5-4 Ducks. 4 goals in 6 minutes, this is going to be a real nail biter. Things beginning to settle down a bit when Dunlop gets a nice pass in the middle and convert, tying it once again, this time 5 all, with just under 11 to go. As we look for one of the stars to come up strong, its little old Dan Bonar (not a medical condition) who comes up big and converts a nice pass into a lead grabber with just under 8 to go. The Moose are able to control the puck a bit more than the Ducks the final minutes, but at the end, the Ducks are finally able to pull the goalie with 60 seconds left, and after a couple false starts its a Pederson attack on goal with just seconds to go, stymied by Meloche, to preserve the skinny 6-5 win.

1st star – Middleton 1G 3pts
2nd – Dunlop 1G 2pts
3rd – Bonar 1G 2pts

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 8, Bulldogs 2 – Syracuse puts a good scare on the Moose, going up 1-0 on a MacAdam goal, and then 2-1 after Boldirev tops a Barber goal.

After that its all Moose, as the usual suspects chime in the final 45 minutes. Smyl, Barber, Napier, Lysiak, Propp, Dunlop and Hotham.

Of note, apparently having a hot date elsewhere, with a little over 10 minutes to go, Murdoch gets nailed for tripping, and then gets a bonus 10-minute misconduct for arguing, sending him to the locker room early. Not available for post-game interviews, but did buy a few rounds down at Al’s Bar and Grill later.

1st star – Barber 2G 3pts
2nd – Napier 1G 4pts
3rd – Propp 1G 3pts

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 2 wins in 2 games is a much-needed boost as we see mostly road games the last 2 weeks. Good to see the offense kick it up a notch.

Still puzzling how 2 really good goalies like Smith and Meloche give up a combined 11 goals in the Duck/Moose game. The Ducks are a really good team. I shudder every time I see the play by play, “Middleton with the puck …..”

Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Somehow, the Rats are still in the chase for the Patrick Division lead and they play host to Charlestown and Silk City this week.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Tied at 3-3 as we begin the 3rd period, Bobby Smith scores his 2nd goal of the game to put Brooklyn in front, then he sets up Mike Gartner’s goal just 2 minutes later for the 5-3 Rats lead. But Paul Gardner nets two goals in the 3rd period, the final one with just :22 seconds on the clock to earn the Chiefs a point on the road in a 5-5 tie.
Silk City Whales @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Once Brooklyn grabs a 2-1 lead the Whales score 6 consecutive goals to pull away in a blowout. Larry Murphy notches 3 assists as Silk City gets goals from 7 different players in a 7-4 road win.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: one point in a pair of home games as Brooklyn continues to fade
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Ducks have two home games this week against Adams Division teams – against North Carolina in a possible first-round playoff preview and against Ohio
North Carolina 89’ers @ New Castle Ducks NEW 4 NOC 3
The Ducks win it on a goal by Marian Stastny with 54 seconds left. New Castle had a 3-2 lead going into the last two minutes when Jim Schoenfeld got a penalty for holding. On the power play, the 89ers tied the game on a goal by Doug Jarvis. But 24 seconds later Stastny sent the crowd home happy with his 23rd goal of the season.Billy Smith made 31 saves for the Ducks. Jim Schoenfeld had 14 PIM (2 minors and misconduct)THREE STARS:
1- NEW Barry Pederson, 1G 1 A
2- NEW Marian Stastny 1G 1 A
3- NEW Yvon Lambert 1GNOC outshot NEW 34-28 but Smith outplayed Grant Fuhr to get the win
The Ducks are now 5-1 on the season against North Carolina
Ohio Legends @ New Castle Ducks The Ducks beat the Legends for the fifth time in five games this season. After falling behind 2-0 early in the first, the Legends tied it in the first on goals by Terrion and Maloney. Barry Pederson (57) and Ryan Walter (46) scored for NEW in the second to make it 4-2 but Ohio came back again when Alain Cote scored to make it 4-3 but that was as close as Ohio would come. The Ducks poured it on from there as Bozek and Walter each scored their second goals of the game followed by goals by Lambert and defenseman Jim Schoenfeld. NEW was 2-4 on the power play as the leagues #1 unit continued to excel.

1- NEW Ryan Walter 2 G 2 A
2- NEW Steve Bozek 2G
3- NEW Marian Stastny 1G 2 A

Bobby Clarke won 16 of 21 faceoffs as the Ducks won 73.8% overall.   After Ohio outshot the Ducks 13-6 in the first period, NEW had the advantage the rest of the way ending up with a 37-30 edge in SOG, including 19-8 in the third period. Bunny Larocque won his 20th (20-8-4) for NEW. John Garrett started in goal for Ohio but was replaced by Glen Hanlon after allowing five goals.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: The Ducks get four out of a possible four points. With seven games left, and 87 points, they have all but clinched a playoff spot.
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: 2 home games to an empty arena… COVID-19 wasn’t around in ’81-82, we just suck that bad. LOL
Vermont Foresters @ Pittsburgh Spirit Vermont wins it 3-1 despite being outshot by the Spirit 46-12?!?! Go home Action PC Hockey, you’re drunk!
Delray Alpha @ Pittsburgh Spirit Gretzky and Co. embarrass the Spirit 7-3.

Vachon gives up 6 goals on 14 shots before Baron came in to help stop the bleeding, letting in 1 on 15 shots.

Gretzky with 4 points.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Two more losses… can’t wait for this season to be over LOL
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: (Short writeup during a somewhat hectic week in these crazy times) Its 12 games under .500 record notwithstanding, Charlotte appeared mathematically alive for the Patrick Division title when it hosted Smythe teams Silk City and Charleston this week. The two teams it looks up at were only .500 headed into this week Could a miracle be in the offing?
Silk City Whales @ Charlotte Dynamo Trailing 2-0 after coughing up a pair of goals in the first six minutes, Charlotte rallies with 5 unanswered goals and prevails 7-4. Defenseman Ian Turnbull (first star) spearheads the comeback with two goals during the rampage. Dynamo winger Normand Leveille adds two goals for Charlotte including an empty netter and captures second-star honors. Silk City gets its goals from four separate players and outshoots Charlotte 41-28. But Vincent Tremblay is equal to the task saving 37 for the Dynamo.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Charlotte Dynamo Charlestown scores the first three goals of the game as the Chiefs tomahawk the Dynamo 4-3. First star Lanny McDonald lights up the lamp twice for Charlestown, including a power-play goal with 7 minutes to play that puts the Chiefs ahead 4-2 and clinches the win. Chico Resch is his reliable self for the Chiefs with 35 saves. One of the three goals he surrenders comes on a penalty shot, with Gilbert Perreault cutting the Charlotte deficit to 3-2 early in the third period after he was hooked on a breakaway.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Charlotte is only able to garner 2 out of 4 points at home — and any Quixotic hopes the team may have entertained for the division title can now likely be put to rest. Stay safe everyone!
North Carolina 89’ers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two important games for NC this week against Norris division teams.
Chicago Underground @ North Carolina 89’ers Defense leads the scoring for NC today as they beat the Underground 3-1.
Fuhr NC – 34 saves
Brownschidle NC – 1G
Hutchison NC – 1G
Philadelphia Firebirds @ North Carolina 89’ers Philadelphia is able to hold off Carolina 3-1 behind Beaupre’s 37 save performance.
Beaupre PHI – 37 saves
Dionne PHI – 1G 1A
Secord PHI – 1G
WEEKLY SUMMARY: NC only takes half the available points this week and probably won’t gain any ground on Mackinac Island.