Trottier, Bryan CAP 4 3 8 11 5 4 12 25%
Parro, Dave DEL 4 11 3.27 92 .893
Federko, Bernie OHI 4 3 3 6 0 -1 15 20%
Fuhr, Grant NOC 4 5 2.36 50 .909

Chicago Underground
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Chicago plays all 3 division rivals at home this week. Looking to make up some distance between the top and the middle of the pack where Chicago is.
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Chicago Underground Philadelphia had three before Chicago gets on the board. Chicago scores two goals in the entire game. Of course, some fisticuffs and some roughing were involved in this one as the hated Firebirds had to be escorted out of the building.

Final Score: Philadelphia 4 – Chicago 2

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Willy Lindstrom 2G
Star #2 – Dennis Maruk 1G, 3Pts
Star #3 – Ilkka Sinisalo 1G

Game Winner – Willy Lindstrom

(PHI) Al Secord 17 Minutes in Penalties
(CHI) Richard Sevigny 30 Saves

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Chicago Underground The bottom of the Norris Division teams faces off in a heated battle. Syracuse struggling this season is about 15+ Points behind the Underground in the Division & have all but sealed up the 4th seed.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Syracuse 4

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Peter Stastny 2G
Star #2 – Mike Blaisdell 1G, 3Pts
Star #3 – Peter Lee 1G

Game Winner – Pekka Rautakallio

(SYR) None
(CHI) None

New Castle Ducks @ Chicago Underground In a back & forth game it ended with Chicago up by 1. A few minutes in penalties as these two teams don’t really enjoy each other’s company as well.

Final Score: Chicago 3 – New Castle 2

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Denis Savard 1G, 2Pts
Star #2 – Pierre Mondou 1G
Star #3 – Clark Gillies 1G

Game Winner – Pierre Mondou

(NEW) None
(CHI) None

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Chicago does better than expected at home picking up 4 our of a possible 6 points on the week.
CapJack Rangers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Rangers still trying to catch Brooklyn and deal with some player issues get 2 home games this week including a matchup with the Harbor Rats – stay focused!!
Charlotte Dynamo @ CapJack Rangers Charlotte’s Perreault gets the game’s 1st goal early on in the 1st – the Rangers rattle off 6 straight goals (3 in the 1st, 3 in the 2nd) on their way to a big 7-4 win. Rangers get goals from Martin, Tambellini, and DeBlois in the 1st. Then Lafluer, Siltanen, and Mulvey in the 2nd. Fergus then scores for Charlotte as the 2nd period closes. Hunter gets a goal with just over 6 to go in the 3rd to cut it to 6-3, but Palmer makes it 7-3 with a PP goal with just over 3 minutes remaining. Hawerchuck responds quickly to make it 7-4 – but the Rangers keep they Dynamo scoreless for the rest of the game.
The game was quite chippy – in the 1st Wesley gets called for hooking on Trottier who is awarded a penalty shot, but Espo stops it. In the 2nd, Wesley and Lacroix get unsportsmanlike’s but the 3rd period saw a full card of bouts (with a bit of hockey thrown in).
At 12:17 Hajt, Simmer, Hakansson and Cashman go off for fighting from Charlotte – and Simmer gets a Game MC. Trottier, Marsh, Robinson, and Mantha go off for CapJack – Marsh gets the Game MC – 40 minutes of fighting penalties!
STARS: (all CAP)
1. DeBlois 1 goal, 1 assist
2. Tambellini 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Siltanen 1 goal, 1 assist
Simmer and Marsh get 17 PIM each
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ CapJack Rangers The stinking Rats from Brooklyn invade the Round Garden in a very big and much-anticipated game. Fortunately, the Purple and Gold shirts provided all the fans – so even when Brooklyn did anything good, there was no cheering. And they did some good, but was it enough?
1st period the Rangers give the Rats 3 power plays – but they stop them all. However, Sulliman gets the Rats on the board quickly with a goal 2 1/2 minutes into the game. But while the Rats had their 2nd PP, Mulvey scores a short-handed goal to tie the game. 3 minutes later he scores an even-strength goal to put CapJack up 2-1. But Sutter ties it up a couple of minutes later – but Risto slaps one home 20 seconds later and the Rangers regain the lead 3-2 and that how period one closes.
Midway into the 2nd Stastny puts one past Bouchard to tie it up. But Shutt is able to get CapJack back up late in the period – only to have Christian score with 33 seconds left in the period to tie it 4-4 after 2. Oh, the last minute of a period things just go bonkers for the Rangers – we might need 19 minute periods.
Period 3 gets tense – looks like playoff hockey, the next goal is crucial – who, if anyone, will score? Well it boiled down to a play in the Brooklyn end, Tambellini wins the draw – to Lafluer – over to Russell who shots glove side high and he beats Millen. And that was the only goal of the period as the Rangers pull off the win, 5-4!
Rangers give Brooklyn 5 PP opportunities and they convert on none of them. The 17 Brooklyn penalty minutes all coincided with Rangers penalties so CapJack had no PP opportunities.
STARS: (all CAP – told you no Road Team Support)
1. Mulvey 2 goals
2. Trottier 3 assists
3. Shutt 1 goal, 1 assist
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Rangers go 2 for 2 at home and get a big win over Brooklyn! And just about all player issues are resolved for the rest of the season (almost all – YAY!)
Silk City Whales
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Only one home game for the Whales this week as high-flying’ Delray comes to town. These two teams combined to score sixteen goals when the Alpha came to town last week. This could be fun.
Delray Alpha @ Silk City Whales Silk City gets two goals each from Mark Messier and Rick Meagher to beat Delray 7-4. For the second week in a row the Whales chase Reggie Lemelin from the net with five goals in the second period.

February 13, 1982, Cheney Mill Dome 02-21-2020

1 2 3 F
1981-82 Delray 30-19-7 2 2 0 4
1981-82 Silk City 26-25-6 1 5 1 7

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 2:42 EV DEL Acton (22), assisted by Taylor (32) and Lowe (22)
1 10:01 EV SCW Sutter (23), assisted by Murphy (26) and Salming (31)
1 17:22 EV DEL Sutter (5), assisted by Vaive (14)
2 2:59 EV SCW LaVallee (14), assisted by Carpenter (14) and Bathe (4)
2 3:53 EV SCW Messier (33), assisted by Sutter (29) and Murphy (27)
2 8:15 PP SCW Messier (34), assisted by Murphy (28) and Kehoe (55)
2 10:46 EV DEL Ciccarelli (55), unassisted
2 12:20 PP SCW Meagher (4), assisted by Bathe (5) and Bullard (22)
2 18:23 EV SCW Carpenter (13), assisted by Kallur (7)
2 19:33 EV DEL Micheletti (2), assisted by Gingras (8) and Risebrough (8)
3 6:23 PP SCW Meagher (5), assisted by LaVallee (18) and Peplinski (24)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 2:42 SCW Peplinski – roughing – goal scored on a delayed penalty
1 13:16 SCW Chartraw (9), 2:00 – hooking
1 17:38 DEL Lowe (41), 2:00 – roughing
1 17:38 SCW Ftorek (13), 2:00 – unsportsmanlike conduct
2 6:30 DEL Vaive (61), 2:00 – roughing
2 8:31 SCW Hoffmeyer (79), 2:00 – slashing
2 8:38 DEL Sutter (78), 5:00 – fighting
2 8:38 SCW Salming (85), 5:00/10:00 – fighting
2 11:00 DEL Hunter (56), 2:00 – cross-checking
2 15:39 DEL Ciccarelli (114), 2:00 – hooking
3 1:43 DEL Rota (105), 4:00 – high sticking
3 6:00 DEL Maloney (71), 2:00 – tripping
3 18:10 DEL Micheletti – high sticking (penalty shot)
3 18:10 SCW Lindgren penalty shot saved by Parro

Delray 12 5 9
Silk City 7 15 24

SOG 26 46
FOW 24 39
FO% 38.1 61.9
Hits 20 15
Blocks 15 9
Missed Net 6 10
Shot Attempts 41 71
Scoring Chances 25 39
PIM 19 21
PP 0-2 3-6
TOA 3:23 9:06

Injuries: Flockhart(SCW)-game Beck(SCW)-game

Star 1: SCW Messier 2 G
Star 2: SCW Meagher 2 G
Star 3: SCW Sutter 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Rick Meagher

Notables: DEL None
SCW Salming 15 PIM, Messier 16 faceoffs won, Larry  Murphy 3 assists

Delray GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Lemelin -L 6 15 .714 38:23 9 10 2 6.4 (-0.1)
G Parro 1 24 .960 21:37 20 8 3 5.3 (-1.6)

Silk City GA SV Save% TOI W L T Rate
G Sauve, Bob -W 4 22 .846 60:00 19 19 4 5.3 (-0.8)

WEEKLY SUMMARY: One game, two points. If only every week can go this way. I guess the key is scoring more goals than the other team over the course of all sixty minutes and not just fifty-eight or so.
Philadelphia Firebirds
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Playing Syracuse who bitch-slapped us last Week!
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Philadelphia Firebirds Syracuse comes back to the scene of the 7-3 crime last week!

1st – Tonelli PP 15th from Maruk/Hartsburg
Ramsey blast his 7th from Sinisalo and Dionne
2nd- Sinisalo his 19th from Hartsburg
3rd-Bridgeman BA his 6th
Lundholm his 21st from Bolderiv and Higgins
Bridgeman 7th EN from Maruk and Boxx

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Kinda got revenge …but damn that team is tough
Charlestown Chiefs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: A pair of home games this week.
Vermont Foresters Vermont comes to the Beer Garden, and both teams play like they’re drunk – giving up a combined 13 goals. Fortunately for the home team, they score one more than the visitor.

Bernie Nicholls is kingly – scoring FOUR goals in the contest… and also winning 16 draws.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 6:18 PP VER Semenko (8), assisted by Jonsson (21)
1 7:04 EV VER Lukowich (40), assisted by Dale McCourt (30) and Jonsson (22)
1 9:20 EV CHA Jensen (1), assisted by Huber (24) and Tremblay (24)
1 15:13 EV CHA Nicholls (6), assisted by Chouinard (37) and Fischer (2)
1 17:03 EV CHA Nicholls (7), unassisted
2 1:53 EV CHA Lever (7), assisted by Hlinka (22) and Wilson (2)
2 3:45 EV VER Dale McCourt (29), assisted by Ruotsalainen (31) and Lukowich (35)
2 16:27 EV VER Ramsay (14), assisted by Doug Hicks (20) and Miller (12)
2 17:32 EV VER Ramsay (15), assisted by Jonsson (23) and Fox (17)
2 19:52 EV CHA Gradin (34), assisted by Lever (13) and Hlinka (23)
3 2:51 PP CHA Nicholls (8), assisted by Coffey (41)
3 3:57 EV CHA Nicholls (9), assisted by Lanny McDonald (47) and Huber (25)
3 13:24 EV VER Dale McCourt (30), assisted by Lukowich (36) and Hughes (18)

Star 1: CHA Nicholls 4 G
Star 2: VER McCourt 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: VER Ramsay 2 G

GWG: Bernie Nicholls

Notables: VER Jonsson 3 assists
CHA Nicholls 4 goals, Nicholls 16 faceoffs won

Silk City Whales @ Charlestown Chiefs The Chiefs stay red-hot, scoring 5 goals while only allowing two. Paul Coffey nets a pair (21 and 22), while Nicholls continues his scorching play by scoring another goal and winning 12 draws.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:13 EV CHA Leinonen (2), assisted by Gould (6) and MacKinnon (2)
1 5:04 EV CHA Coffey (21), assisted by Hlinka (24) and Lever (14)
1 10:26 EV CHA Tremblay (26), assisted by Wilson (3)
1 11:30 EV CHA Nicholls (10), assisted by Gradin (43)
1 18:17 EV SCW Kallur (9), assisted by Lindgren (25) and Ftorek (10)
3 12:34 EV SCW Flockhart (21), assisted by Bullard (22)
3 19:38 EN CHA Coffey (22), assisted by Poddubny (1) and Malinowski (1)

Injuries: Salming(SCW)-game

Star 1: CHA Coffey 2 G
Star 2: CHA Nicholls 1 G
Star 3: CHA Tremblay 1 G

GWG: Mario Tremblay

Notables: SCW Sutter 12 PIM
CHA None

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 4 much needed points, as we rest both Bourque and Potvin on the blue-line, and leading scorer Paul Gardner on offense (Nicholls did a fair job filling in, I’d say).
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Only one home game for the new Patrick Division leaders, against division rival Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Marini (Spirit) and Smith (Rats) trade first-period scores before Sulliman nets one midway through the contest to give Brooklyn the 2-1 edge heading into the 3rd. Theberge manages to tie the game less than 9 minutes into the period and with the tie staring them in the face, the Rats get Bobby Smith’s second goal of the game to regain the lead with just 2:10 remaining. No matter for the Spirit, as they pull the goalie and with the extra attacker on, tie the game on Pettersson’s 30th of the season with 1 minute left.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: A tie and one point in our only home tilt of the week, better than no points.
Syracuse Bulldogs
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Playoff-bound New Castle and Philly come to town
New Castle Ducks @ Syracuse Bulldogs New Castle wins a close one 8-7
Stars #1 NEW Pederson hat trick
#2 NEW Middleton 1G 3pts
#3 NEW Stastny 1G 3pts
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Syracuse Bulldogs Philly can’t get the win in a 5-5 tie
Stars #1 PHI Tonelli 2G
#2 PHI Dionne 1G 2pts
#3 SYR Turnbull 1G 2pts
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Syracuse gets a much-needed point
New Castle Ducks
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The second-place Ducks have a big home game against the first-place Philadelphia Firebirds followed by a home game against the always tough Chicago Underground
Philadelphia Firebirds @  New Castle Ducks PHI 3 NEW 1
It is grudge match time as the fired-up Ducks take on the FIrebirds at the Duck Pond. There has been a lot of trash talk this past week as Birds Coach Don Brenner has done nothing but stir up the Ducks with his comments including unfurling a new banner in Philadelphia: “Fuck the Ducks”. Promising revenge, the Ducks dressed tough guys Barry Melrose and Randy Holt for the first time this season. And thinks started out the way they were expected when there was a bench-clearing brawl at ONE MINUTE TWENTY-SEVEN SECONDS of the first period! Al Secord and Bobby Clarke went at it and they were soon joined in the fight by Kenny Lineseman and Terry O’Reilly. When the dust settled all four players got fighting majors and Lineseman and O’Reilly each got game misconducts for joining the brawl.
After that, the two teams settled down to play hockey – and the Ducks struck first when Rick Middleton netted his 39th at 4:42. With Billy Smith in goal for the Ducks, New Castle took a 1-0 lead into the second period when Mel Bridgman scored SHORT HANDED for the Birds to tie it at 4;24. Less than three minutes later the great Dennis Maruk scored his FIFTY FOURTH of the year to put Philly ahead 2-1. And 25 seconds after Maruk’s goal Bridgman scored again to make it 3-1. Rick Wamsley was sensational in goal for Philly as he made 37 saves in the winning effort.
The Ducks outshot the Firebirds 38-21 as Wamsley was the difference maker (18-7-2 now on the season).
1- PHI – Bridgman 2 G
2-PHI – Wamsley 37 saves
3- PHI- Maruk 1GThe two teams were a combined 0-9 on the power play. Randy Caryle had 6 PIM for Philly and the Firebirds Lofthouse drew a 5 minute major for spearing as the roughhouse tactics continued.The Ducks look forward to their next battle with Philly and will seek revenge!
Chicago Underground @ New Castle Ducks NEW 6 CHI 6

The Underground has played the Ducks tough all season and this game was no exception. Trailing 6-4 with less than a minute to go, Chicago scored two empty-net goals to tie the game! Ken Houston scored his second of the game to make it 6-5 with 55 seconds left – and then with 37 seconds to go Clark Gillies put the puck past a beleaguered Billy Smith to tie the game as the Ducks fans sat in shocked silence.
Barry Pederson scored twice for the Ducks to give him 51 goals on the season. And newly acquired Steve Bozek scored his first two goals as a Duck – and did it 30 seconds apart in the second period!
1- CHI Houston 2 G 2 A 4 Pts
2- NEW Bozek 2 G
3- NEW Pederson 2 G

New Castle outshot Chicago 31-27. Both goalies (Pete Peeters and Smith) were shaky.
2- NEW Bozek 2 G

WEEKLY SUMMARY: A disappointing week for the Ducks as they get only 1 of a possible 4 points and lose to their hated rivals, the Firebirds. New Castle sacrificed some of their future by trading Dave Hunter and a pick to Charlotte earlier this week to acquire high scoring winger Steve Bozek. The Ducks have struggled after a fast start and it will take a miracle for them to catch the Firebirds for the division title
Ohio Legends
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Ohio welcomes a pair of divisional opponents this week.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Ohio Legends OHIO 6, SCS 5

Bernie Federko’s goal with 21 seconds remaining breaks the 5-5 tie.

North Carolina 89’ers @ Ohio Legends OHIO 5, NORTH CAROLINA 1

Tim Kerr connects on a pair of goals to lead Ohio.

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio gets a pair of much-needed wins this week.
Pittsburgh Spirit
WEEKLY PREVIEW: 3 home games for the once-great Spirit.
CapJack Rangers @ Pittsburgh Spirit CapJack is in the heat of the Patrick Division title race… but the Spirit play spoiler winning 6-4.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Pittsburgh Spirit Last place Charlotte puts up a touchdown en route to a 7-5 win over the Spirit.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Pittsburgh Spirit Current Patrick Division leaders Brooklyn come into town and handily beat the Spirit 4-1.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Surprise win over CapJack was the highlight of the week. It’s gonna be a long rest of the season and off-season for the 2 time Cup Champs!
Saint Clair Shores Saints
WEEKLY PREVIEW: St. Clair Shores has one home game this week against Ohio.
Ohio Legends @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Cochrane scores his 6th of the year for the Legends in the 1st period. In the 2nd period, the Saints get a goal from Malone to tie the game. No more goals for the remainder of the game. The game ends in a tie.

Ohio 1 SCS 1

1st -Malone
2nd – Cochrane
3rd – Molin

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Ohio and SCS ties 1-1.
Delray Alpha
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Delray plays two home games versus division rivals Silk City and Charlestown
Silk City Whales @ Delray Alpha Silk City gets a goal late in 3rd period to earn a tie on the road

Parro had 31 saves for Delray

Charlestown Chiefs @ Delray Alpha Charlestown 1 – Delray 5

In a crucial league showdown, Delray explodes for 5 goals and overtakes 1st place in the division. Delray gets goals from Risebrough (7/8), Sutter (5), Ciccarelli (56, and Vaive (15)

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Delray goes 1-0-1 in the week
Mackinac Island Moose
WEEKLY PREVIEW: 3 big home games this week culminating in a game against division rival North Carolina.
Ohio Legends @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 6, Legends 5 – The goalies dominate the first period. the only blemish on an otherwise perfect defensive performance is a steal and breakaway by Smyl. A small fight between Manno and Giles, and a much better battle between Patrick and Lysiak, ends in a draw. Period ends 1-0 Moose.

2nd period the dam bursts and offense prevails. Gage, Federko, Manno, Molin and Anderson score for Ohio, 3 of those on the powerplay. The Moose counter with goals from Lysiak, Dunlop, and Propp. Shellshocked goalies go to the 2nd intermission with the Legends up 5-4.

3rd period the defenses take control. The Moose more so than the visitor. Melanson stops all 7 shots he faces, while the Moose manages to sneak 2 in, Napier with the equalizer, and Lysiak with the game-winner, at the 10-minute mark.

1st star – Propp 1G 3pts
2nd – Lysiak 2G
3rd – Dunlop 1G 2pts

Legends an impressive 3-5 on the powerplay.

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 5, Saints 1 – Meloche is nearly perfect in shutting down the Saints offense, allowing only an early 3rd-period goal. The Moose get a 1st-period goal from Napier, and 2nd-period goal from Barber, and then both of the aforementioned Moose add one more, and Smith gets a rare goal from the blue line.

1st star – Napier 2G
2nd – Barber 2G
3rd – Meloche 26 saves

North Carolina 89’ers @ Mackinac Island Moose 89’ers 1, Moose 0 – Lupul gets the scoring started early, just 4 minutes in, and then the goalies shut down the rest of the action for the remainder of the game. Soetaert pitches a perfect 37 save shutout. Melanson nearly perfect with 24 saves. Propp keeps the home team on the defensive early with 3 penalties in the 1st period. Marois matches his effort with 3 penalties in the game.

1st star – Soeraert 37 save shutout
2nd – Lupul 1G
3rd – Melanson 24 saves

WEEKLY SUMMARY: 2 big wins and then a crushing loss to the pesky 89’ers. Hoping we could knock those guys back a few points, but instead we leave the door open to a late-season race.
North Carolina 89’ers
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Two important games against division rivals Mackinac Island and Saint Clair Shores
Mackinac Island Moose @ North Carolina 89’ers Three quick goals put Mackinac ahead early but NC is able to claw its way back in the third for a draw.

Final Score: MAC 3 NC 3

1. MAC Dunlop – 1G 1A
2. NC Lupul – 1G
3. NC Fox – 1G
MAC Meloche – 34 saves
NC Fuhr – 19 saves

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ North Carolina 89’ers The Tiger Williams, Gary Lupul, John Ogrodnick line comes out firing putting the 89ers up 1-0 2 minutes in but two minutes later Lupul is injured and out for the game. Duguay ties it up with 5 to play in the first. Francis adds another late in the second to put the Saints up at the end of two. Fox ties it up in the third, which is where it will stay.

Final Score: SCS 2 NC 2

1. NC Fox – 1G
2. SCS Francis – 1G
3. SCS Duguay – 1G
SCS Liut – 26 saves
NC Fuhr – 31 saves

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Though NC won no games, finishing this homestand without losing ground to either of these division rivals is a win to me.
Charlotte Dynamo
WEEKLY PREVIEW: The Dynamo’s once realistic playoff hopes (despite an uneven record) evaporated after suffering through a recent 1-9-1 slump that began on January 18 and extended through February 3. Charlotte was playing for pride at this point when it hosted division rivals Brooklyn and CapJack this latest week.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Charlotte Dynamo Charlotte for a change finds itself on the side of a late game-winning goal when Blake Wesley converts a pass from Mike Rogers with 1:35 left in the game and defeats Brooklyn, 4-3. Trailing 3-1, Brooklyn overcomes a 3-1 deficit to tie the game before ultimately falling. During this 40th anniversary week of the 1980 Miracle on Ice, Dave Christian scores for Brooklyn to narrow the Charlotte lead to 3-2. Later, Daryl Sutter scores his second of two power-play goals to knot things up at 3-3, 12 minutes into the third, prior to Wesley’s heroics.
CapJack Rangers @ Charlotte Dynamo This game exemplified “closer than the final score indicated”. CapJack defeated Charlotte 10-6 but the final tally is quite deceiving. In fact, the game was knotted at 6-6 with less than four minutes to play, before the Rangers surprise the Dynamo with four decisive goals. Bryan Trottier scores the game-winner with 3:31 left, then after the Dynamo pulls Tony Esposito, Trottier deposits his second goal of the game into an empty net with 1:01 to play. Siltanen (empty net) and DeBlois add late inconsequential goals for Cap Jack. Guy Lafleur’s hat trick had sparked CapJack to an early 4-3 lead in what was for most of the contest a back and forth affair.
WEEKLY SUMMARY: Charlotte grabs two of a potential four points at home, and after some disastrous extended slumps this season seeks to avoid the ignominy of the league’s worst record.