Gardner, Paul CHA 4 2 5 7 2 1 16 13%
Bannerman, Murray VER 2 3 2.88 21 .875
Dionne, Marcel PHI 4 4 8 12 2 8 18 22%
Larocque, Michel NEW 2 5 2.52 58 .921

Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: One home game vs. CapJack
CapJack Rangers @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Bulldogs win a wild one 6-5
Stars #1 SYR Fraser 2G 4pts
#2 Cap Martin 2G
#3 SYR Broten 1G 2pts
Weekly Summary: The cellar-dwelling Bulldogs win a close one
Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: The Ohio Legends enter the week looking to gain any kind of momentum. A win would be nice. Two would be better.
Silk City Whales @ Ohio Legends Ohio 5, Silk City 4

Ohio raced out to a 3-0 lead and held on. Greg Terrion had a pair of goals for the Legends and Mike Bullard lit the lamp twice for the Whales. John Garrett stopped 34 shots in the win and became the first Ohio netminder not named Gilles Gilbert to win a game this year.

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Ohio Legends Syracuse 7, Ohio 5

Ohio raced to a 5-0 lead at the end of the first period. That would be the end of the offense for the Legends, as Syracuse roared back with four third period goals to claim the decision.

Stan Smyl and Curt Fraser each had a pair of goals to lead the rally, as John Anderson had a pair for Ohio. Ed Staniowski picked up the win in relief, turning away all 16 shots he faced after coming in.

Philadelphia Firebirds @ Ohio Legends Philadelphia 6, Ohio 4

Offensive defensemen led the way for the Firebirds, as Randy Carlyle and John Van Boxmeer each had a goal and an assist. Al Secord had a pair of goals for Philadelphia and Don Beaupre stopped 35 shots for the winners.

Weekly Summary: Ohio wins one of three…and considers it a successful week with how the season has gone so far.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: Just one home game this week.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Charlestown Chiefs The Chiefs strike early, but come up short in the end.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1: 23 EV CHA Gradin (11), assisted by Bourque (18) and Gardner (19)
1 8:01 EV MAC Dunlop (7), assisted by Propp (16)
1 11:54 EV CHA Gardner (20), assisted by Lanny McDonald (22) and Gradin (19)
1 19:59 PP MAC Dunlop (8), assisted by Napier (14) and Engblom (9)
2 8:46 PP MAC Propp (9), assisted by Park (12) and O’Connell (8)

Injuries: Wilson(CHA)-game

Star 1: MAC Dunlop 2 G
Star 2: MAC Propp 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: CHA Gradin 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Brian Propp

Notables: MAC Lysiak 15 faceoffs won
CHA None

Weekly Summary: When you rest Denis Potvin and Andre Savard, you give up two PP goals and lose. No need to overanalyze that.
North Carolina 89’ers
Weekly Preview: NC hopes to bounce back from their 7-0 shellacking at the hands of Silk City with home games against Chicago and New Castle this period.
Chicago Underground @ North Carolina 89’ers All tied up after one after goals by Stoughton and McNab. They trade goals again early in the second with Rautakallio (:36) and Goulet (1:10) started the period quickly. After that it was all NC, with 4 unanswered goals. Fuhr let in one in the final seconds but it did not change the outcome. FINAL SCORE: NC 6 – CHICAGO 3
1 Stoughton 2 G 2 A
2 Payne 1 G 2 A
3 Milbury 1 G 1 AFuhr 36 saves
New Castle Ducks @ North Carolina 89’ers 4-1 NC after 2. Walter (1:48) and Nedomansky (2:32) score quickly in the third to make it a 1 goal game which is how it would end. FINAL SCORE: NC 4 – NEW CASTLE 3.
1 Brownschidle 1 G 1 A
2 Goulet 1 G 1 A
3 Fox 1 G 1 A
Weekly Summary: The 89’ers, are able to shake off the 7-0 shutout and take both games at home, putting up 10 along the way.
Pittsburgh Spirit
Weekly Preview: One home game this week against Syracuse.
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Pittsburgh Spirit Are the Bulldogs all bark and no bite? Let’s find out…

Sittler (9) starts the scoring off in the 1st. The period ends 1-0.

Go to the 2nd. Lorimer (3) scores with 4 seconds left in the period to make it 2-0.

Into the 3rd… Fraser (6) scores on the PP to make it 2-1.

And that’s how it ended. A boring game with lots of “roughing penalties” 😉

The 3 stars were all Spirit players. Sittler, Resch, and Lorimer.

Weekly Summary: One home game, one win. Though we will take it, we know that even if we can manage to make the playoffs, we won’t be getting very far with the team as it is right now.
Silk City Wales
Weekly Preview: Tough stretch of the schedule this week as the Whales host CapJack, Philadelphia and North Carolina. Time to see if the sea mammals are for real.
CapJack Rangers @ Silk City Wales An extreme see-saw game sees the Rangers score the first three and the Whales the next four, 4-3 after two periods. CapJack’s Bryan Trottier ties the game at 4 with 7:28 remaining and it looks like we are headed for a tie, but Mike Bullard scores his 15th with 13 seconds remaining to give Silk City a 5-4 win.

November 21 1981 Cheney Mill Dome 11-30-2019

1 2 3 F
1981-82 CapJack 10-9-1 3 0 1 4
1981-82 Silk City 14-6-1 0 4 1 5

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 13:00 EV CAP Martin (6), assisted by Robinson (10) and Siltanen (10)
1 14:27 EV CAP Cloutier (8), assisted by Trottier (18) and Siltanen (11)
1 16:45 PP CAP Palmer (8), assisted by Kotsopoulos (14) and Siltanen (12)
2 6:12 EV SCW Messier (15), assisted by Kehoe (22) and Bullard (11)
2 8:35 EV SCW Smail (2), assisted by Jean-Francois Sauve (8)
2 11:59 EV SCW Carpenter (5), assisted by Chartraw (4) and LaVallee (10)
2 16:16 EV SCW Kehoe (12), assisted by Messier (16) and Bullard (12)
3 12:32 EV CAP Trottier (16), assisted by DeBlois (6)
3 19:47 EV SCW Bullard (15), assisted by Kehoe (23) and Dailey (3)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 1:52 CAP Blomqvist (12), 5:00 – fighting
1 1:52 SCW Sutter (54), 5:00 – fighting
1 1:52 CAP Shutt (23), 5:00/GAME – fighting
1 1:52 CAP DeBlois (17), 5:00 – fighting
1 1:52 SCW Salming (40), 5:00/GAME – fighting
1 1:52 SCW Murphy (19), 5:00 – fighting
1 3:16 SCW Team, 2:00 – too many men on the ice
1 15:06 SCW Meagher (10), 2:00 – holding
2 :33 SCW Lindgren (14), 2:00 – checking from behind
2 8:35 CAP Trottier – charging – goal scored on delayed penalty
3 2:59 CAP Martin (6), 2:00 – roughing
3 17:10 SCW Chartraw (7), 2:00 – tripping

CapJack 14 5 11
Silk City 3 9 9

SOG 30 21
FOW 18 31
FO% 36.7 63.3
Hits 21 15
Blocks 6 9
Missed Net 6 10
Shot Attempts 45 37
Scoring Chances 17 14
PIM 27 33
PP 1-4 0-1
TOA 3:26 4:55

Injuries: Sutter(SCW)-game

Star 1: SCW Bullard 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: SCW Kehoe 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: SCW Messier 1 G, 2 Pts

GWG: Mike Bullard

Notables: CAP Siltanen 3 assists, Shutt 15 PIM
SCW Salming 15 PI

Philadelphia Firebirds @ Silk City Wales The Firebirds clamp down hard defensively on the Whales and win 3-1. The game was not as close as the score says, as Philadelphia is able to keep Silk City away from the attacking zone and Firebird goalie Denis Herron.

November 23 1981 Cheney Mill Dome 11-30-2019

1 2 3 F
1981-82 Philadelphia 14-4-2 2 0 1 3
1981-82 Silk City 14-7-1 1 0 0 1

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 8:35 PP PHI Lindstrom (5), assisted by Dionne (13) and Sinisalo (9)
1 13:06 EV PHI Ramsey (4), assisted by Linseman (25) and Mullen (18)
1 17:11 SH SCW Messier (16), unassisted
3 19:28 EN PHI Mullen (10), assisted by Hartsburg (14)

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 2:07 SCW Carpenter (12), 2:00 – hooking
1 7:22 SCW Murphy (21), 2:00 – roughing
1 12:22 PHI Mel Bridgman (33), 2:00 – roughing
1 12:22 SCW Bathe (11), 2:00 – roughing
1 15:37 SCW Team, 2:00 – too many men on the ice
2 1:50 PHI Van Boxmeer (9), 5:00 – spearing
2 9:03 PHI Lindstrom (8), 2:00 – roughing
2 9:03 SCW Flockhart (6), 2:00 – roughing
2 10:54 PHI Ramsey (17), 2:00 – roughing
2 14:34 SCW Smail (14), 2:00 – interference
2 19:30 SCW Salming (42), 2:00 – hooking
3 2:53 PHI Hartsburg (25), 2:00 – roughing
3 9:52 PHI Linseman (65), 2:00 – unsportsmanlike conduct
3 9:52 SCW Bathe (13), 2:00 – roughing

Philadelphia 14 8 9
Silk City 3 11 11

SOG 31 25
FOW 24 27
FO% 47.1 52.9
Hits 17 18
Blocks 8 6
Missed Net 8 12
Shot Attempts 45 45
Scoring Chances 19 13
PIM 15 16
PP 1-5 0-3
TOA 2:19 4:42

Star 1: PHI Mullen 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: PHI Ramsey 1 G
Star 3: PHI Herron 24 saves

GWG: Mike Ramsey

Notables: PHI None
SCW Messier 15 faceoffs won

North Carolina 89’ers @ Silk City Wales North Carolina takes control early and scores the first four goals of the game and roll to a 6-3 win over the Whales. Michel Goulet, John Ogrodnick and Mike Eaves all score two goals for the 89ers; Jim Fox with three assists.

November 25 1981 Cheney Mill Dome 11-30-2019

1 2 3 F
1981-82 North Carolin11-7-2 1 3 2 6
1981-82 Silk City 14-8-1 0 0 3 3

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 7:21 EV NOC Goulet (6), assisted by Fox (9) and Babych (11)
2 2:49 PP NOC Eaves (5), assisted by Fox (10) and Picard (4)
2 14:41 EV NOC Goulet (7), assisted by Fox (11) and Jarvis (6)
2 15:55 EV NOC Ogrodnick (7), assisted by Picard (5)
3 :31 EV SCW Jean-Francois Sauve (6), assisted by Ftorek (1)
3 3:16 PP NOC Eaves (6), assisted by Fogolin (8) and Ogrodnick (8)
3 4:09 EV NOC Ogrodnick (8), assisted by Lumley (5)
3 12:40 EV SCW Kehoe (13), assisted by Dailey (4) and Lindgren (14)
3 15:49 SH SCW Ftorek (1), unassisted

Penalty Summary
Per Time Team
1 10:36 NOC Fox (4), 2:00 – interference
1 13:38 NOC Fox (6), 2:00 – roughing
1 13:38 SCW Meagher (12), 2:00 – roughing
1 14:57 NOC Stoughton (14), 2:00 – tripping
2 2:34 SCW Sutter (56), 2:00 – holding
2 5:11 NOC Hutchison (44), 2:00 – roughing
2 5:11 SCW Sutter (58), 2:00 – roughing
2 6:59 NOC Brownschidle (8), 2:00 – roughing
2 9:36 SCW Bathe (15), 2:00 – roughing
2 9:47 NOC Hutchison (49), 5:00 – fighting
2 9:47 SCW Ftorek (5), 5:00 – fighting
2 14:59 NOC Babych (21), 2:00 – roughing
2 14:59 SCW Bathe (17), 2:00 – roughing
3 2:47 SCW Lindgren (16), 2:00 – hooking
3 10:29 NOC Williams (48), 2:00 – roughing
3 10:29 SCW Bathe (19), 2:00 – roughing
3 15:18 SCW Jean-Francois Sauve (8), 2:00 – roughing

North Carolin 10 13 10
Silk City 7 3 15

SOG 33 25
FOW 29 31
FO% 48.3 51.7
Hits 28 14
Blocks 7 5
Missed Net 5 10
Shot Attempts 43 42
Scoring Chances 24 9
PIM 19 21
PP 2-4 0-3
TOA 2:40 6:15

Star 1: NOC Ogrodnick 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: NOC Eaves 2 G
Star 3: NOC Goulet 2 G

GWG: John Ogrodnick

Notables: NOC Fox 3 assists
SCW None

Weekly Summary: The Whales go 1-2 at home this week, facing what should be three playoff teams this year. CapJack, Philadelphia and North Carolina are all able to get to the next early and often.
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Philly takes on Delray and Vermont
Delray Alpha @ Philadelphia Firebirds 1st- Willie Lindstrom starts the scoring with his 5th from Ramsey and Dionne. Dino Ciccerelli ties it up with his 19th from Gretzky and Maloney. Delray dominated play and had 3 breakaways stoned by Herron
2nd- Dionne scores his 11th from Hartsburg and Secord and with Taylor off on a Penalty Linesman gets his 13th from Mullen and Maruk. But with Langway off on a holding call, Taylor gets his 12th from Acton and Maloney pulling within one. But Dionne gets his 12th from Mullen and Hardy. But before the period ends Ciccerelli gets his 2nd and 20th of the year from Gretzky and Maloney.
4-3 Philly
3rd – Linseman gets his 14th from Maruk and Mullen and then Maruk gets his 23rd from Sinisalo and Holmgren But woods goes in on a break-away his 4th from Vaive to pull Delray within 2 . But a 5-min slash by Tardif results in 3 Philly goals and the end of the game Ruff 6th from Dionne and Carlyle, Mullen his 10th tip in from Ramsey Linseman and Dionne Hat Trick 13th from Lindstrom and Ramsey1. Dionne 3 G 5PTS
2. Linseman 2G 3PTS
3. Mullen 1G 4PTS
Vermont Foresters @ Philadelphia Firebirds 1st – Miller scores for the Forresters to start the game his 4th from Ramsey and Preston . Maruk ties it up with his 24th from Mullen but Vermont controls play and Hughes scores a BA goal his 4th to put Vermont up 2-1
2nd-3rd Philly takes over and 7 unanswered goals
Lindstrom 6th from Dionne
Mullen 11th from Carylye and MAruk
Maruk 25th from Hardy and Boxx
Lindstrom 7th from HAtrsburg/Dionne
Maruk 26th from Hardy and Dionne
Tonelli BA 6th from Mullen Linseman
Dionne 14th unassisted1. Maruk 3G 4PTS
2. Dionne 1G 4PTS
3. Lindstrom 2G
Weekly Summary: 4pts For Philly and their goalies actually showed up for work!
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: The Saints take on Charlestown and Syracuse at home.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Babych and Wilson score for the Saints in the 1st period. The Chiefs get a goal by Savard and its 2-1 after one period. Potvin and Tremblay score for the Chiefs in the 3rd, and the Chief nip the Saints.

Charlestown 3 SCS 2

1st – Tremblay
2nd – McEwen
3rd – Potvin

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Saint Clair Shores Saints No goals scored in the first period. In the 2nd, the Bulldogs get goals from Larouche and Larson. The Saints finally get it going in the 3rd period and score 3 goals. Ramage scores his first goal, and Christoff scores 2. The Saints win in a comeback.

SCS 3 Syracuse 2

1st – Christoff
2nd – Ramage
3rd – Duguay

Weekly Summary: 3-2 is popular. The Saints lose 3-2 to the Chiefs, and they win 3-2 against the Bulldogs.
CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: Rangers have been struggling some as of late – 2 home games to try and right the ship… – But New Castle is one of them – and the streaking Delray team.
New Castle Ducks @ CapJack Rangers Duck, near untouchable anywhere, but a bit easier to get to on the road…but coming in with just 3 losses, it won’t be easy.
Ducks strike 1st with a Middleton goal 8 minutes in and they never trail the rest of the way. Trottier evens the score in the 1st minute of period 2 – but Currie gets the Ducks back up 2-1 6 minutes later. We go to period 3 with New Castle leading 2-1.
Just over 7 minutes into period 3 and Barrett gets called for slashing and Shutt gets the PP goal for CapJack to it up. But those pesky Ducks quack again when Walter scores with 3:13 to go. Defensive shell is now enforced by the Ducks and it works …. well at least until the final 5 seconds when Mulvey scores as the Rangers come at the Ducks with the extra attacker and it pays off. Final is a tie at 3-3, but that is better than a loss (even if it involves a sister or cousin).
New Castle was limited to 17 shots and 13 scoring chances, but it was enough to force a tie. Rangers PP (1 of 6) couldn’t get enough traction.
1. NEW – Walker 1 goal, 1 assist
2. CAP – Mulvey 1 goal, 1 assist
3. CAP – Shutt 1 goal
Delray Alpha @ CapJack Rangers This game was technically over 14 minutes into the game when Delray had run up a 4-0 lead. And they made it 5-0 before the 1st period was over. Gretzky, Hunter, Rota, Sutter, and Acton each scored (Lowe had 2 assists and Gretzky added an assist). All were even-strength goals.
Rangers did get the next two scores – both on the PP – Palmer in the 2nd and Mulvey in the 3rd. But Tardif shut the door (if it had even opened) 8 minutes into the 3rd with a goal – the 6th by Delray and the 6th different player to score. Final: 6-2 Delray.
1. Gretzky 1 goal, 1 assist
2. Acton 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Sutter 1 goal
Weekly Summary: Rangers could only muster 1 point this week – but at least they didn’t lose to New Castle. But they are currently in the doldrums and hope to emerge soon…..
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
Weekly Preview: Coming off their first road win of the season, the Rats play 2 at home this week
North Carolina 89’ers @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats The Rats jump on 89’ers goalie Doug Soetaert for 4 first period scores and less than 4 minutes into the 2nd period, open a 6-2 lead that sends Soetaert to the bench, as rookie Grant Fuhr comes on to finish the game for the visitors. A game that ends in a 9-4 rout for Brooklyn, easily their best offensive display of the season. Anton Stastny and Dave Christian each score a pair of goals to lead the Rats.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Three different times the Harbor Rats would grab a lead and each time the Chiefs would get the tying score. Until the 3rd period when Mark Osborne would put a deflection goal into the Charlestown net with just under 7 minutes left. This time Brooklyn would hang onto that lead as Greg Millen stops 31 shots for the 4-3 Rats win.
Weekly Summary: 4 points in 2 home games, a very good week for the Harbor Rats.
New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The high flying Ducks take on the Charlotte Dynamo and the St Clair Shores Saints as they try to pull away from the Philadelphia Firebirds for first place in the Norris Division
Charlotte Dynamo @ New Castle Ducks NEW 3 CHD 1 The Ducks take this one as they open up a 3-0 lead in the second period and held on for the win as Bunny Larocque makes 37 saves against a fast skating Dynamo team. With the game scoreless in the second, Terry O’Reilly scored on a power play at 7:03 to make it 1-0. The Dynamo then took their second major penalty in a row and O’ Reilly did it again scoring another power-play goal. Less than 5 minutes later Steve Kasper scored an even-strength goal and the Ducks took a 3-0 lead into intermission. In the third period, Jack Carlson scored at 15:55 and the Dynamo pressed after that but Larocque was red hot in goal and Charlotte could get no closer

1- NEW O Reilly 2G
2 NEW Larocque 37 saves
3- NEW Kasper 1 G

Charlotte outshot New Castle 37-22 including 15-5 in the third period.

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ New Castle Ducks SCS 4 NCD 3 The Saints upset the Ducks at the Duck Pond, taking a 4-2 lead in the second period and holding on for the victory. St Clair Shores defenseman Doug Wilson had an incredible game as he netted a HAT TRICK, with the third of his goals coming shorthanded. Wilson now has 14 goals on the season. Wilson scored his first goal at the 56-second mark and added another at 4:05. The Ducks then stormed back to tie it on yet another goal by O’Reilly in the first and a power-play score by Rick Middleton in the second. Then, with the Ducks on a power play, Wilson broke their back with an unassisted shorthanded goal to make it 3-2 Saints. Less than three minutes later another Saints defenseman, Rob Ramage, scored to make it 4-2. The Ducks poured it on in the third period, outshooting SCS 11-3 and finally scoring (Barry Pederson) with 9 seconds left and their net empty. But that was it as Mike Liut held on for the win, with 27 saves.

1- SCS Wilson 3G HAT TRICK
2- SCS Ramage 1G 1 A
3- NEW Middleton 1 G

Weekly Summary: The Ducks split their two home games, with a win against Charlotte and a loss to St. Clair Shores
Chicago Underground
Weekly Preview: Two home games at the Capone Center.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Chicago Underground Chicago gives up 2 late goals but holds on in the end, thanks to some solid goaltending from Eddie Mio.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – St. Clair Shores 5

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Peter Stastny 2G
Star #2 – Mike Bossy 1G, 3 Pts
Star #3 – Doug Wilson 2G

Game Winner – Mike Blaisdell

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Chicago Underground Pierre Mondou goes off with a Hat Trick, +1 scoring 4 of Chicago’s 5 Goals.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Brooklyn 3

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Pierre Mondou 4G
Star #2 – Doug Sulliman 2G
Star #3 – Clark Gillies 1G

(BRK) Greg Millen 33 Saves
(CHI) Pierre Mondou 4 Goals

Game Winner – Clark Gillies

Weekly Summary: Chicago picks up 4 points at home this week and since the trade talks, they have begun to put things together. Still hoping for some points on the road this week.
Charlotte Dynamo
Weekly Preview: The struggling Dynamo, securely in the basement of the Patrick Division, hosted a Charlestown Chiefs squad competing for a Smythe division crown on November 23.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Charlotte Dynamo In a game filled with bizarre twist and turns, all 11 goals of the contest were recorded before the 4-minute mark of the second period and then both squads somehow found their defensive mojo with no further goals being scored by either squad for the final 36 plus minutes of play. When it was all said and done, however, the Chiefs with their far superior record coming into this contest, erupted for six goals in the first period and then held on for the 6-5 win.

The Chiefs capitalized on four goals on eight shots in the first 14 minutes of the game to send Charlotte goalie Tony Esposito to an early evening on the bench. In relief, Vincent Tremblay was superior with 24 saves and yielded only two later first period goals before stopping the bleeding.

The Chiefs saw their 6-2 lead evaporate to 6-5 before the scoring halted: Charlotte winger Rocky Saganiuk led the rally effort with two of the Dynamo goals to earn first star honors in a losing effort. Charlestown goalie Rogie Vachon, however, was sensational down the stretch, keeping Charlotte scoreless following Dynamo Steve Bozek’s goal 3:39 into the second period (it proved to be the last goal of the game), and he finished with 43 saves. The Chiefs survived being outshot 21-7 during a Charlotte third period barrage, thanks to Vachon.

Paul Gardner scored his lone goal 14:53 into the first period which gave Charlestown a lightning-fast 5-1 lead at the time before Charlotte attempted to rally. He added two assists and received the second star of the game, behind the Dyanamo’s Saganiuk. Thomas Gradin (1 goal 1 assist), whose tally gave Charlestown the 3-0 lead earlier in the period was the third star.

Weekly Summary: The Charlotte Dynamo, especially at barren at goalie and on defense, are writing this off as a rebuilding season and taking the long view. Young up-and-coming forwards including Dale Hawerchuk, Glenn Anderson, Tom Fergus, and Craig MacTavish — along with Hall of Fame center Gil Perreault — provide a strong foundation upfront to build on. But many more pieces are needed in back. That’s woefully obvious in a game like this, in which the Dynamo outshoot their opponents 48-38 and lose by surrendering six goals in the first period.
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: Vermont, Pittsburgh, and Chicago venture out to the Island for some spirited play this week.
Vermont Foresters @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 9, Foresters 7 – In a blizzard, the teams can’t get the horses to pull their wagons up the hill to the ice arena, so they decide to play some football instead. The 1st quarter is a scoreless tussle as the teams struggle just to find where they are on the field, let alone get some offense going. Finally, in the 2nd, the snow dies down and the Moose convert a fumble by McCourt into a touchdown on 4th and goal run by Park. The extra point is blocked when the Foresters use a pyramid of linebackers to climb up in front of the goalposts and stop the kick. 6-0 Moose. The Foresters take the lead in the 3rd on the old hidden ball play, combined with a flying wedgie blocking formation, and Hislop gets the score. The kick was good. 7-6 Foresters. Finally, the snow picks up in the 4th quarter, hard to see much of anything. But a final drive down the field gets the ball to the 2-yard line. And with the clock running out, the Moose kicking unit, aided by a barrage of snowballs from the blockers, knocks down the linebacker pyramid, and Bill Barber kicks the winning field goal as the final gun sounds. Interviewed after the game, Forester Head Coach Stimac said, ” I thought we had those sumbitches when we blocked their extra point with the pyramid, but this just proves that Brezhnev or whatever his name is, he’s knows how to bend the rules even worse than I can …. I mean worse than anyone …. using those snowballs. That just wouldn’t happen in Vermont. Can’t wait to get even with those wankers in January.”

But seriously……. A hockey game like I never seen before. The score is accurate. Just what you would expect when Brodeur (8.5) is in one goal, and Meloche (8.8) is in the other. 1st quarter not so eventful ending 2-2 with goals by Hislop and Preston for Vermont, Napier with 2 for the Moose. 2nd period sees the visitors add 3 (Hislop, Jonsson, McCourt) while the Moose get 2 (Barber and Park), making it 5-4 Vermont. Then all hell breaks loose in the 3rd with a goal every 2-3 minutes, Vermont with 2 (Hunter and Lukowich) while the Moose get 5 (Napier 2 more for his hat +1, Lysiak, Park, and Propp). Mercifully the game ends at 9-7 Moose. Goalie nightmare.

1st star – Lysiak 4G 6 pts
2nd – Park 2G 4pts
3rd – Propp 1G 3pts

Pittsburgh Spirit @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 7, Spirit 6 – A very modest beginning to this game. No scoring by either team until the Spirit find the net on a slapper by Chouinard. 1-0 with 5 minutes to go, and that’s how the first ends.

2nd period sees a near-meltdown of the red lamps. The lead goes back and forth as the Moose add 2 (Propp and MacLean), then the Spirit pop in 2 (Spring and Crowder). The Moose even it at 3 with Lysiak adding 1. Then Pettersson and Laughlin knock in 2 in the final minute of play to make it 5-3 Spirit.

The Moose even it up early in the 3rd, first a PP goal by Napier (Huber penalty) and then even with MacLean to make it 5-5. Patey gives the Spirit the lead with 11 minutes to go 6-5. Teams play very even the next 8 minutes until the Moose get things clicking with a tying goal by Napier, and the winner a minute later by MacLean, his for also a hat-trick. The Moose are able to keep the puck in the Spirit zone until one minute left, and with a pulled goalie, the Spirit gets a few shots off, but cannot manage the equalizer. 7-6 final.

1st star MacLean 3G
2nd – Napier 2G 3pts
3rd – Spring 1G 3pts

Chicago Underground @ Mackinac Island Moose Chicago 5, Mackinac Island 1 – 1st period is pretty quiet until Valentine gets his scoring mojo on, netting 2 late in the 1st, 2-0 Chicago. McKechnie gets the Moose on the board late with a PP goal. 2-1.

Peeters closes the door on the Moose the rest of the way, bringing his save total up to 37 by games end. His team-mates, Stastny, McNab and Valentine (for the hat trick) add 3 more to make the final a convincing 5-1 pounding.

1st star – Valentine 3G
2nd – Peeters 37 svs
3rd – McNab 1G

Weekly Summary: 2 wins and 1 loss against some quality teams is a good week.

Not sure what is going on with all the scoring. Tried turning all the different knobs, and nothing seems to slow down the other team, even with some good goalies (8.8 and 8.9 ratings) and pretty good defensemen (9.2, 8.8, 8.5 and 8.0).

Vermont Foresters
Ohio Legends Vermont wins 4-2. What a novel idea.
Pittsburgh Spirit Vermont wins 4-3. Hislop 2 goals and 2 assists.
Weekly Summary: Vermont experiences this strange thing for this season, I believe it’s called a winning streak.