Anderson, Glenn CHD 4 4 7 11 0 3 17 24%
Bouchard, Dan CAP 2 7 3.54 46 .868
Pederson, Barry NEW 4 3 9 12 6 7 6 50%
Melanson, Roland MAC 2 5 2.53 55 .917

North Carolina 89’ers
Weekly Preview: This week North Carolina hopes to slow down Patrick division leaders Pittsburgh, while also trying to keep Charlotte from starting on a hot streak against them.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ North Carolina 89’ers This game was all North Carolina from the start, with Goulet scoring his second of the season just 40 seconds in, followed quickly by Jarvis (2:24) and Babych (3:19). By the end of the first it was 4-0 North Carolina.
After that, it was all Pittsburgh, with Hagman scoring 2 in the 2nd and Lorimer adding another in the third. Eventually NC is able to hold on, 4-3, in what turned out to be a more exciting game than first seemed.
Three Stars:
Hagman (Pit) – 2 G
Fox (NC) – 1 G, 1 A
Jarvis (NC) – 1 G, 1 AResch – 37 saves
Fuhr – 35 savesFINAL SCORE: NC 4 – PIT 3
Charlotte Dynamo @ North Carolina 89’ers Charlotte jumped on the attack right away, with Anderson scoring just 1:17 into the game. Perreault and Shmyr added two more before NC was able to get on the board. NC scored the next 5, with 2 from Babych, and 1 each from Payne, Stoughton, and Hopkins.
With just :43 left in regulation, Charlotte was able to bring it within 1, but NC held on to for a hard-earned win, 5-4.Three Stars:
Babych (NC) – 2 G
Payne (NC) – 1 G, 1 A
Stoughton (NC) – 1 G, 1 AEsposito – 39 saves
Soetaert – 37 savesFINAL SCORE – NC 5, Charlotte 4
Weekly Summary: This was a very exciting week for the 89’ers as they were able to win both home games in exciting fashion against two very tough opponents.
Silk City Whales
Weekly Preview: The Whales come into this week on a franchise-record five-game winning streak. This week they welcome in Norris Division foes New Castle and Syracuse/
New Castle Ducks @ Silk City Whales A tightly played first period is the warm-up for the pond hockey second period. The Ducks out-score the Whales 5-3 in the second and go on for an 8-5 win over Silk City, Ryan Walter has three goals and an assist for New Castle, who excel with the man advantage with two power-play goals and two goals during a delayed penalty.

1st Star – Ryan Walter (NEW), Hat Trick, assist
2nd Star – Jim Scheonfeld (NEW), 2G, A
3rd Star – Rick Kehoe (SCW), 2G, A

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Silk City Whales The Whales score three first period goals and hold on to win 3-2. Goals by Mike Bullard, Rick Meagher and Jim Peplinski in the first 13:27 make it look like this one is going to be a laugher, but the Bulldogs are tenacious and get back to within a goal with 4:50 left in the third period on Neal Broten’s goal. After a rough game against New Castle, Bob Sauve excels in net for the Whales.

1st Star – Bob Sauve (SCW), 39 saves
2nd Star – Rick Meagher (SCW), G
3rd Star – Mike Bullard (SCW), G

Weekly Summary: The Whales rebound from a rough defensive outing against New Castle to pull things together against Syracuse and earn a split this week
Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: Bottom feeding Syracuse welcomes the new guys. One of the best teams Delray to upstate New York.
Delray Alpha @ Syracuse Bulldogs Unexpected. Syracuse lights the lamp 9 times and wins a crazy one 9-6
Stars #1 SYR Larson 3G 4pts
#2 SYR Fraser 1G 4pts
#3 DEL The Great One 2G 3pts
Weekly Summary: One home game. An unlikely win. Dogs take it.
Chicago Underground
Weekly Preview: The Underground are looking to win a game at home, or on the road, or even maybe go find a peewee team and pick up a win, but they need something and soon.
Vermont Foresters @ Chicago Underground Midway through the first (8:43), both teams don’t have a clue what defense is already knotted at 2 goals each. The Underground got HOT or the Vermont Goalie Richard Brodeur got way COLD, as Chicago put up 5 goals and were up 7-2. Vermont got 2 goals back, to lead the charge, but Chicago shut them down the rest of the way tallying up 4 more. It was a route and Richard Brodeur was pulled less than a minute paste the halfway point of the game in favor of Murray Bannerman, who really was no better.

Final Score: Chicago 11 – Vermont 2

Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Denis Savard 3G, 3A for 6 Pts
Star #2 – Mike Bossy 3G, 2A for 5 Pts
Star #3 – Hunter 2 G, 1A for 3 Pts

(CHI) Pekka Rautakallio 3 Assists, Ric Seiling 14 Penalty Minutes, Mike Bossy Hat Trick & 5 Points & Denis Savard Hat Trick & 6 Points.

Ohio Legends @ Chicago Underground Ohio comes in after Chicago’s first victory and the Underground only thinks there are two periods. 2-1 Chicago leads starting the 3rd. They go up 3-1, but then allow 4 un-answered goals as the fans litter the ice with empty cups and garbage.

Final Score: Ohio 5 – Chicago 3
Labatts – 3-Star Selection:

Star #1 – Ray Allison 1G, 2 Pts
Star #2 – Lars Molin 1G, 2 Pts
Star #3 – Tim Kerr 1G, 2 Pts

Weekly Summary: A very high win and low loss for the Underground of Chicago
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: Philadelphia and CapJack come to visit the Saints.
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Saint Clair Shores Saints The Saints jump to a 3-1 lead in the first as Wilson, Sutter, and Cameron score. Maruk scores for the Firebirds.

In the second period, each team scores 2 with Cameron and Francis scoring for SCS. The Firebirds get goals from Maruk and Hartsburg.

In the 3rd, Duguay and Francis score for the Saints and the Firebirds get a goal from Sinisalo. But, Philly falls short by 2 goals.

SCS 7 Philadelphia 5

1st – Maruk
2nd – Francis
3rd – Cameron

CapJack Rangers @ Saint Clair Shores Saints SCS scores 2 out of the 3 goals in the first period as Christoff and Wilson score. The Rangers get a goal from Crowder.

In the 2nd, Cap Jack gets a goal from MacMillan to offset Delorme’s goal for the Saints.

In the 3rd, the Rangers score both goals as Cloutier and Trottier score.

CapJack 4 SCS 3

1st – MacMillan
2nd – Crowder
3rd – Cloutier

Weekly Summary: SCS splits against Philadelphia and CapJack.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: Two homes games vs Ohio and Pittsburgh.
Ohio Legends @ Charlestown Chiefs First up is Ohio, who explodes out to a 4-1 lead. Paul Coffey (7) scores with 18 seconds left in the 1st to make it 4-2, then Ohio gets two early goals in the 2nd to make it 6-2.

But wait, there’s more!

Charlestown EXPLODES for 6 unanswered goals the rest of the way to take the game 8-6.

Both goalies are frozen in carbonite after the game, as its the only way they can be transported to the team buses.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:08 EV CHA Leinonen (1), assisted by Jensen (1) and Wilf Paiement (6)
1 4:29 EV OHI Kerr (3), assisted by Korab (1)
1 5:07 EV OHI Chapman (1), assisted by Pavelich (6) and Manno (7)
1 9:52 PP OHI Anderson (4), assisted by Kerr (5) and Pavelich (7)
1 17:42 EV OHI Federko (8), assisted by Allison (4) and Manno (8)
1 19:47 EV CHA Coffey (7), assisted by McEwen (7) and Krushelnyski (1)
2 3:02 SH OHI Manno (3), assisted by Kirton (2)
2 4:42 PP OHI Anderson (5), assisted by Korab (2) and Kerr (6)
2 8:40 EV CHA Gould (2), assisted by Faubert (2)
3 4:38 EV CHA Wilf Paiement (1), assisted by McEwen (8)
3 5:22 EV CHA Gradin (6), assisted by Lanny McDonald (10)
3 13:52 PP CHA Hlinka (4), assisted by Gradin (11) and Faubert (3)
3 18:46 EV CHA McKegney (7), assisted by Lanny McDonald (11) and Coffey (16)
3 19:47 EN CHA McEwen (1), assisted by Gradin (12) and McKegney (1)

Injuries: Chapman(OHI)-game Cochrane(OHI)-game

Star 1: CHA McEwen 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA Gradin 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: OHI Anderson 2 G

GWG: Tony McKegney

Notables: OHI Lariviere 5 blocks
CHA Gradin 22 faceoffs won, Lever 5 takeaways

Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlestown Chiefs The Battle of the Brothers! Unfortunately it ends in a 5-5 tie… nothing like kissing your sister… er, brother… eh, nevermind!

Paul Coffey and Ray Bourque continue their scoring ways, each potting a goal and adding an assist.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:04 EV PIT Ashton (4), assisted by Spring (3) and Hagman (7)
1 10:39 EV CHA Gardner (11), assisted by Coffey (17) and Lanny McDonald (12)
1 13:44 EV PIT Chouinard (4), assisted by Bourgeois (2)
2 2:10 EV CHA Coffey (8), assisted by Bourque (11) and Lever (1)
2 8:48 PP PIT Hagman (4), assisted by Chouinard (3) and Russell (4)
2 14:25 EV CHA Bourque (4), assisted by Leinonen (1) and Gould (1)
3 1:50 EV PIT Lafleur (2), assisted by Pettersson (3) and Chouinard (4)
3 11:20 PP CHA McKegney (8), assisted by Hlinka (4) and Tremblay (4)
3 13:17 EV CHA McEwen (2), assisted by Lanny McDonald (13) and Gardner (14)
3 14:26 EV PIT Ashton (5), assisted by Crowder (2) and Hagman (8)

tar 1: PIT Ashton 2 G
Star 2: PIT Hagman 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: PIT Chouinard 1 G, 3 Pts

Notables: PIT Lorimer 12 PIM
CHA None

Weekly Summary: As Potroast (Meatloaf’s lesser known half-brother) once sang, “Three out of Four Ain’t Bad”.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
Weekly Preview: one home game this week in Brooklyn
Syracuse Bulldogs @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Harbor Rats feast on the Bulldogs, routing the visitors 7-1 with Mark Osborne and Anton Stastny each scoring 2 goals. Bobby Smith chips in with a goal and 2 assists. The Rats go 3 for 5 on the power play.
Weekly Summary: A blowout win at home for Brooklyn this week
Pittsburgh Spirit
Weekly Preview: Two home games for the Spirit. Although we are leading our division, the team as a whole does not feel like a “Three-Peat” type of team. Do we make some trades to become that caliber or a team? Or do we continue on our rebuilding path?
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Pittsburgh Spirit St. Clair Shores Saints, one of the toughest team names to pronounce properly, comes to town and the Spirit, up 5-2 late in the 2nd, give up two goals to make it a game… but the Spirit hold on to win 5-4

Hagman nets the hat trick and Houle gets 3 assists.

Francis was the 3rd star with 1G, 1A and 19 faceoffs won.

Resch made 41 saves.

Chicago Underground @ Pittsburgh Spirit Currently, winless Chicago Underground visits the Graveyard to try to bury the Spirit and win their first game of the season… but not today. The Spirit go on to win 5-3 as 5 different players score.

Sittler, Pettersson, and Huber are the 3 stars as all had 1G, 2A

Peeters made 36 saves while Resch saved 33.

Weekly Summary: Pittsburgh manages to win both home games this week to make it harder to say “Let’s rebuild” and keeps the thought of making trades to better the team creeping into the front office.
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Philly has the tough Chiefs coming to town the the Rats of Brooklyn.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Philadelphia Firebirds 1st- The Chiefs dominated play to start the game but Maruk would get his 13th from Mullen to put Philly up. Later with Bourque out on a penalty Dionne gets his 8th from Sinisalo and Lindstrom . But before the period ends Potvin blows a slapshot by Wamsley and the period ends 2-1 though Chiefs outshoot Philly 13-6
2nd – The period starts with the Chiefs on a PP and Gardner makes Philly pay with his 11th from Maxwell and McDonald tieing the game. but moments after the goal Maruk gets his 14th and 2nd of the game from linstrom and Carlyle. Secord gets his 8th from Lindstrom and Hartsburg and Philly again has a 2 goal lead. But Gould with get a BA goal his second from Bourque. Sinisalo tallies for Philly his 9th from Dionne and Hartsburg. But again on the PP the Chiefs come back with a goal his 4th .
The period ends 5-4 Philly
3rd- Philly comes out flying as Linseman gets his 11th from Boxx and then Maruk his Hat Trick (15th) from Mullen. Games over right….not so fast … Potvin gets his 3rd from Coffey…the Baxter…yes THAT Baxter scores on a BA …a BREAKWAY Paul Baxter????? his 2nd of the year
But Philly holds on to win 7-6PHILLY 7 CHARL 6
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Philadelphia Firebirds With the score 5-4 in the 3rd period. Brooklyn pulles Millen and Philly scored 2 EN goals from Secord and Ramsey


Weekly Summary: 4 points but both were tight games with Phillys goaltending not playing well
Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: The Ohio Legends open the week looking for good news. Any type of good news as the week begins…
Chicago Underground @ Ohio Legends The Chicago Underground roll into town, looking for their first win of the year. Chicago races to a 5-2 lead and hold a three-goal edge entering the third period.

Ohio then does something it has never done before. The Legends scored four times in the final 2:40 and rallies for a 7-5 victory. Bernie Federko has two goals and two assists for a four point night. The win is just the third of the year for the Legends.

New Castle Ducks @ Ohio Legends New Castle took a 7-4 win at Ohio. A 2-2 game early in the third saw a seven-goal explosion in the third. Ironically, the first four goals were scored in a 2:45 window in the first four minutes of the frame.

Barry Pederson had a pair of goals and two assists to pace the Ducks, while Rick Middleton had four assists.

Weekly Summary: A split for Ohio is a good week for the Legends.
CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: Rangers have three home games this week – a big chance to move out in front of those 3-peat pretenders – the Pittsburgh Spirit….
Mackinac Island Moose @ CapJack Rangers Been a couple years since I set foot on Mackinac Island – didn’t see any meese, but this week the Rangers certainly shot up some Moose. 33-24 in fact and 5 of those 33 went in the net, while the Rangers displayed some defense and stopped all by 2 of the MacIsland shots. Rangers got up 2-1 in the 1st and never looked back.
Moose did start 1st with a Napier goal, but Cloutier and Deblois negated those. Then Cloutier nets his 2nd of the game in the 2nd for a 3-1 lead. Moose made it look close at 8:29 of the 3rd with a Kurri PP goal, but Siltanen and Dore – from the blue line squad shut the door with EN goals to make the final 5-2.
STARS: (all CAP)
1. Cloutier 2 goals
2. DeBlois 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Siltanen 1 goal, 1 assist
North Carolina 89’ers @ CapJack Rangers Rangers look forward to scoring another big win, but 89’ers have other plans. Goulet and Ogrodnick both score in a 43 second span just after the 3 minute mark – and both were even strength. Game holds a 2-0 through 2 and then Goulet scores again, 2 minutes into the 3rd and Stoughton makes it 4-0 a minute and 10 seconds later. Rangers however, don’t bail out. 16+ minutes to go, we can do this!!! Quennville (probably a good coach some day) scores at 13:21. Then Martin puts one between the pipes 50 seconds later. And Siltanen cuts it to 4-3 with 4:13 to go!! But BLAM – the door is finally shut and no one else scores the rest of the way and NOC wins it 4-3.
1. Goulet 2 goals
2. Ogrodnick 1 goal
3. Stoughton 1 goal (GWG)
Charlestown Chiefs @ CapJack Rangers OK – a chance still to have a winning week at home Chiefs skate in. They may be in 3rd place, but their division is tough and so are they. So tough, they never let the Rangers have much chance – exploiting their defense to the tune of 3 unanswered goals in the 1st. Gardner, Potvin and McKegney – and they were all scored in a 2 minute span from 10:20 to 12:20! Then 30 seconds into period 2, Gardner scores his 2nd of the game. But last time the Rangers were down 4-0 they didn’t quit. So it was again (for awhile). Smith and Trottier score goals in the 2nd and then MacMillan tallies 5 minutes into the 3rd and suddenly it’s a 4-3 game. And then the Rangers go shorthanded and Hlinka makes them pay – then in the last minute with an extra attacker on, Coffey nails the coffins shut with an empty net goal for a 6-3 Charlestown win. UGH.
Stars (all CHA)
1. Gardner 2 goals, 1 assist
2. Coffey 1 goal, 3 assists
3. Potvin 1 goal, 1 assist
Weekly Summary: So with hopes of 4 to 6 points, the Rangers get 2 – only thing we can say is it’s better than nothing. But more practice has been scheduled as the Rangers seek to shore up the defense!!! (could be a losing proposition – we’re still giving up more than we score and more than any one else. Hmmmm, if we could get some defensive help, maybe we’d have something….
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: Delray (8-2-2) and Syracuse ( 3-7-2) come out to the Island for a little Old Tyme Hockey.
Delray Alpha @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 7, Alpha 2 – Delray opens the scoring with who else but Gretzky taking advantage of a Propp penalty and a 4 on 3 to make it 1-0. Shortly after, as things settle down, Lysiak responds with a goal to even things up with 12 minutes to go in the 1st. Only 4 minutes later the Alpha take the lead once again when Maloney finds the net. And just as the period is running out, Napier fires a desperation shot to tie it with only 5 seconds left in the period. 2-2 as we go to the first intermission.

2nd period. Its as this point that Melanson builds a brick wall in front of his net and says no more to the visitors. On the other side, Lemelin did not get the same goods, and pays for it. The 2nd and 3rd periods sees the Moose get goals from McKechnie, Lysiak, Park, and 2 from Dunlop. This helps concession sales immensely. The game ends 7-2 Moose, and free fudge for all ticket holders tomorrow.

Fights – Laidlaw v. Napier, Rota v. Smith, Lowe v. Kurri, Laidlaw v. Park,

1st star – Dunlop 2G
2nd – Lysiak 2G
3rd – Napier 1G 3pts

1st star –

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Mackinac Island Moose Syracuse 2, Moose 2 – Goalies rule the day in this one. Both teams with reasonable efforts offensively, but not a whole lot to show for it. The Moose tally first on a shorty when 4th liner Zuke sneaks off with a breakaway and catches Staniowski by surprise.

2nd period is a bit of a snooze fest until late in the period when Fraser finds the net. Period ends 1-1.

3rd period is another slow period, but the crowd gets real agitated when Pierre Larouche pounds one in, and the Moose are down with only 10 minutes to go. The Moose crank up the intensity and it pays off 3 minutes later when MacLean gets the equalizer with under 8 minutes to go. Both teams play it fairly safe the rest of the way and a ho hum 2-2 tie is the result.

Fights – Adams v. Robert, Hess v. Giles.

1st star – Zuke 1G 2pts
2nd = MacLean 1G
3rd – Larouche 1G

Weekly Summary: 3 pts. out of 4 is a good week, especially when the win is against the powerful Delray Alpha.
Charlotte Dynamo
Silk City Whales @ Charlotte Dynamo The Whales had 9 goals before there were even 17 minutes left to play in stomping their hosts 9-5 on Nov. 6. The game was actually tied halfway through the second period, 3-3 when Mark Messier scored two goals, one at 10:44 that was even strength and another on the power play at 13:01. Those goals provided Silk City with a 5-3 lead that held up. Messier, the first star, assured himself of a hat trick with his third tally coming at 2:55 of the third period.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Charlotte Dynamo Charlotte held a 5-4 lead in this contest late goals were the Dynamo’s undoing once again in falling 7-5 to the Moose (it’s becoming a tired refrain). Lysiak tied the game for Mackinac island at 17:35 even strengthed and Barber scored the game-winner with 18:22 left. Smith added an empty netter with :27.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Charlotte Dynamo Stinging from the Moose’s late 7-5 comeback win, the Dynamo reversed the script in inspiring fashion and staged their own third-period rally to defeat the Saints by the same 7-5 score. Trailing 5-3, the Dynamo struck 17 seconds into the third on a Glenn Anderson goal before newly activated Torry Robertson tied the game at 5-5 with his first goal of the season with just six minutes left to play. Dale Hawerchuk took over from there with two late goals with 2:30 and one minute left in the game — both on assists from Anderson.
Weekly Summary: Giving up 21 goals in its last three home games, the Dynamo overcome hideous goaltending and shoddy defense to salvage a win in the last contest. This team, desperate for any type of win, will take it.
New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The Ducks are looking to go from last to first. Last year’s slow skating, low scoring team has become a high scoring, fast skating, resilient team. Can they keep it up this week against new league member Delray and old rival Vermont
Delray Alpha @ New Castle Ducks NEW 7 DEL 6 A wild one at the Duck Pond as it looked like both teams forgot about defense. SEVEN GOALS were scored in the first period alone. The Alpha got things started at 28 seconds on a Darcy Rota goal. Rota scored a power-play goal 4 minutes later and Delray led 2-0. The Ducks crowd got back in it when Ryan Walter, in the midst of a great season, scored his 14th goal of the year to make it 2-1. Then, Bob Bourne scored on a power play to tie it. Less than a minute later Dino Ciccarelli got his 15th and the third of the game for the Alpha’s #1 line. Trailing 3-2 with less than three minutes left in the first, fourth line RW Dave Silk scored TWICE in a little over two minutes and the Ducks went to the dressing room with a 4-3 lead. Things calmed down in the second as the teams traded power-play goals. Delray tied it at 4-4 on a goal by Gretzky, his 10th. Then New Castle took the lead once again when 4th line LW Yvon Lambert scored two minutes later. Lambert did it again with ONE SECOND remaining in the period to make it 6-4 Ducks after two. In the third, Delray got back within one when Dave Taylor put one past Bunny Larocque. But the Ducks came right back less than a minute later when #1 draft pick Barry Pederson scored his 13th of the season. Less than two minutes later it was Delray’s turn as Bob Gainey scored to make it 7-6. The Alpha pressed the rest of the way particularly in the final minute but New Castle held on for an exciting victory. Delpha out shot New Castle 32-27

1- NEW: Yvon Lambert 2 G 2 A 4 PTS
2- NEW: Dave Silk 2G
3- DEL: Dino Ciccarelli 1G, 2 A, 3 PTS

Kevin Lowe had 3 assists for Delray. Bobby Clarke had FOUR assists for New Castle. Clarke won 16 faceoffs and Pederson 15 as New Castle won 58% of the faceoffs. Delray goalie Dave Parro gave up 6 goals and was then pulled for Reggie Lemelin who allowed only 1 goal in 1 period of action. Larocque gave up 6 for New Castle but nevertheless won his 5th game of the season against no losses.

Vermont Foresters @ New Castle Ducks NEW 4 VER 2 The rough and tough Foresters gave the Ducks a run for it but the Vermont offense could not muster enough goals as the Ducks held on for a win. New Castle got things started very early when Rick Middleton scored 46 seconds into the game, beating Richard Brodeur. After that defense prevailed as the teams played through two period without any further scoring. Leading 1-0 going to the third, the Ducks gave up the lead when Preston got his first of the year deflecting a shot from Ruotsalainen past Larocque. 1-1! The tie did not last long, however. 42 seconds later Marian Stastny deflected a shot by Middleton past Brodeur and New Castle was back in front, 2-1. Three minutes later, Yvon Lambert, having a great week and a great season scored yet again – his 7th of the season – to make it 3-1. That goal would prove huge as Vermont’s Bob Miller scored at 11:47 to make it 3-2. The Forresters pressed the Ducks the rest of the way until Rick Middleton put one into an empty net with 37 seconds left to make the final 4-2.

1- NEW Rick Middleton 2G 1 A 3 PTS
2- NEW Marian Stastny 1G 1 A 2 PTS
3- NEW Barry Pederson 3A

Larocque made 31 saves and is now 6-0-1 on the season. It was a rough game with a whole bunch of roughing penalties and a spirited third-period fight between Vermont’s Greg Fox and the Ducks Bobby Clarke. Clarke and Jamie Hislop later went off for unsportsmanlike conduct

Weekly Summary: The Ducks win both home games and are now 12-3-1 on the season. Surprisingly, they are threatening Philadelphia’s grip on first place. New Castle has 83 goals in 16 games, averaging more than 5 goals per game