Coffey, Paul CHA 4 3 8 11 4 8 14 21%
Parro, Dave DEL 4 15 3.76 138 .902
Linseman, Ken PHI 4 3 13 16 9 14 16 19%
Herron, Denis PHI 3 7 2.34 83 .922

Silk City Wales
Weekly Preview: Welcome to Season Three in Silk City, where the slogan is “We Said Things Would Better Last Season.  But Now We Mean It”. First up at home this week, Delray and Vermont
Saskatoon Cyclone @ Silk City Whales The Whales blow a late lead, as goals by Dino Ciccarelli with 1:13 remaining and Darcy Rota with 00:03 remaining give the Alpha a 5-4 win.

1st Star – Wayne Gretzky (DEL), G, 2A
2nd Star – Kevin Lowe (DEL), 3A
3rd Star = Dino Ciccarelli (DEL), GTG

Vermont Foresters @ Silk City Whales The Whales show resilience and come from a two-goal second-period deficit to defeat the Foresters 5-3. Third-period goals from Brian Sutter, Kevin LaVallee and Mike Bullard (his second of the game) put Silk City in front and the Whales do a great job of controlling the puck late in the game to put the game away.

1st Star – Mike Bullard (SCW), 2G
2nd Goal – Brian Sutter (SCW), GTG, A
3rd Star – Kevin LaVallee (SCW), GWG

Weekly Summary: The Whales go 1-1 at home this week. An area of need in practice this week will be the PK, as opponents this week clicked at a 50% clip (3-6)
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Philly opens the season with lots of new players and hopes. They open in with three home games and a bonus game against the hated Chicago Underground.
New Castle Ducks @ Philadelphia Firebirds The new and improved Ducks come to the civic center like the Birds with new faces and hopes

1st- Rookie Ilkka Sinisalo opens the season with a goal from Dionne
Currie from Clarke and Walter ties it up
MAruk puts Philly up to end the first from Sinisalo and Linseman
2nd Linseman gives Philly a 3-1 lead from Ramsey
After the epic fight between Pichette and Linseman Dionne gets an outlet pass from rookie Joey Mullen and puts Philly up 4-1
But these new Ducks don’t go quietly … Middleton breaks in pon Herron and makes it 4-2
Minutes later Russian Nedomansky makes it 4-3 from Lambert and Silk
3rd- Rick Middleton gets his (2) of the season from Dunn and Schoenfeld and we are tied 4-4
But Ilkka does it again his 2nd from Boxxy
On the PP Maruk gets his (2) from Linseman and Sinisalo
The ducks pepper Herron but he closes the door and game

01. Sinisalo 2G 4PTS
02. Maruk 2G
03. Middleton 2G


Syracuse Bulldogs @ Philadelphia Firebirds The division foe Syracuse comes in for a tough match

1st- Leach PP (1) from Frasar/Broten
Secord (1) Maruk/Mullen
Larson (1) Kea/Lindholm
Frasar/Bridgeman has a 2 rd fight and Syracuse dominates play outshooting Philly 17-8 and are 2-3 on the PP
2nd- Tonelli (1) Dionne
Secord (2) Dionne / Linseman
Ruff (1) Breakaway unassisted
Linseman (2) Maruk/Langway
3rd- Linseman (3) Hardy/Maruk
Maruk (3) Linseman
Dionne (2) Langway

01. Linseman 2G 4PTS
02. Secord 2G
03. Maruk 1G 4Pts

PHILLY 8 Syracuse 2

Silk City Whales @ Philadelphia Firebirds Silk City comes to Philly and the Firebirds EXPLODE on offense…this got ugly in a hurry

1st- Mullen (1) Langway/Carlisle
Ramsey (1) Linseman/Dionne
Ramsey (2) Hartsburg/Linseman
Sutter (1) Kehoe/Murphy
Hartsburg (1) Linseman/Tonelli
Hartsburg(2) Ramsey/Linseman
Anderson (1) Hill
2nd- Maruk (4) Mullen
Carpenter (1) unassisted
Sutter (2) Murphy/Lavallee
Holmgren (1) Sinisalo
3rd – Sinisalo (3) Holmgren
Sinisalo (4) PP Linseman /Boxxy
Flockhart (1) Sutter
Sinisalo (5) HAT TRICK Hill
Maruk (5) Carlyle

01. Sinisao 3G 4PTS
02. Hartsburg 2G 3PTS
03 Ramsey 2G 3PTS

Shot Att 71-34


 @ Chicago Underground Philly takes on hated rival Chicago!

1st- Mullen PP (2) Hartsburg/Linseman
Dionne (3) Hartsburg/Tonelli
Tonelli (2) Dionne/Linseman
2nd- Valentine (1)PP Person/Mondou
Tonelli (3) Linseman/Dionne
Dionne (4) Hartsburg/Linseman
Maruk (6) Boxxy
3rd- Holmgren (2) Ruff/Carlyle
Anderson (2) Hill/Ruff

01. Dionne 2 G 4PTS
02. Tonelli 2G 3 PTS
03. Linseman 4 AST

Weekly Summary: Amazing start to the season for Philly 34 goals in the first 4 games and Ken Linseman with 16pts. It’s a long season and hopefully we haven’t shot our load too early!
New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The revamped New Castle Ducks open the season against two division rivals – Syracuse and Chicago. Last year’s New Castle squad just missed out on making the playoffs. Coach-GM Raylesberg has strengthened this year’s squad by adding some much-needed firepower by drafting Forwards Barry Pederson, Marian Stastny and Bob Bourne in the first three rounds of the draft.
Game #1: FINAL SCORE: NEW 4 SYR 3 The Ducks make an incredible comeback as they score FOUR goals in the third period, three of those in the final five minutes, as they rally to beat Syracuse 4-3. Trailing 3-0 gong to the third the Ducks get one back when rookie and #1 draft pick Barry Pederson lit the lamp at 4:59 of the third. Still down 3-1 with 5 minutes to go the Ducks explode for three more as Pederson scores at 15:00, veteran Yvon Lambert ties it at 17:18 and Steve Kasper wins it with 1:02 remaining! Don Edwards made 40 saves for Syracuse as he stoned the Ducks until the third period. For the Bulldogs, their own #1 pick Neil Broten got them started with a goal at 1:28 of the first. Another newcomer to the Bulldogs, Reggie Leach assisted on the goal and then scored one of his own later in the period.


NEW: Barry Pederson, 2 G
SYR: Neil Broten 1G, 1 A
SYR: Reggie Leach 1G, 1 A

Chicago Underground @W New Castle Ducks FINAL SCORE: NEW 6 CHI 2 The Ducks take advantage of a five-minute major penalty to Dennis Savard, early in the first period, as they score two power-play goals- one by Kasper (2) and one by Pederson (3) to take an early 2-0 lead. Rick Middleton and Bob Bourne each scored their first of the season to make it 4-0 midway through the second period. After the Underground scored on a goal by Terry Murray, the Ducks put things away as Bourne scored twice more for the HAT TRICK before Mike Bossy got a meaningless goal for Chicago with 5 seconds left

1 NEW – Bob Bourne, 3 G HAT TRICK
2 NEW Steve Kasper 1G, 2 A
3 NEW Rick Middleton 1G, 1 a

Weekly Summary: New Castle gets off to a great start winning both of their first week home games. Rookies Pederson and Bourne are off to a great start as the improved Ducks offense, along with the usual strong defense, makes New Castle a much more competitive team this season
Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: Chicago and Mackinac Island come to town
Chicago Underground @ Syracuse Bulldogs 3-3 tie
Stars #1 SYR Broten 1G 2pts
#2 Syr Schutt 1G
#3 SYR Leach 1G
Mackinac Island Moose @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Moose double up the Dogs 4-2
Stars #1 MAC Napier 2G
#2 MAC Meloche 34 saves
#3 MAC Propp 1G 2pts
Weekly Summary: 0-1-1 to start the season
CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: CapJack opens the new season with 1 home game this week – plus another at Chicago that the visitors will get to play – OH BOY! (Don says there’s not enough beer for a game with Chicago – at least he doesn’t have enough)
Pittsburgh Spirit @ CapJack Rangers Facing the 2-time (all-time) reigning MWOTHL champions for opening day at home, the Rangers are looking for a chance to get back at the Spirit. Pittsburgh sent us home early last year – but it was still a good series, but now it’s a new year……

This is a game of three 2 goal periods – period 3 will hold the key:
Period 1 – I guess there’s no love lost with these teams, minute and 34 seconds into the game and Trimper and DeBlois are caught roughing each other up – sin bin for them. That gets the Rangers going and Trottier and Cloutier team up to get CapJack on the board – Cloutier the goal (from Trotts and Risto). Risto is getting off to a good start as he sets up Robinson for a 2nd CapJack goal halfway through the period. Resch just working on getting his skates sharp is having a bit of difficulty in the net. 1st-period end with the Rangers up 2-0!

2nd Period – tough play through the early part then the Rangers get a delayed penalty and the Spirit take advantage and Patey buries a slap shot. Midway through the period, Houle gets one from LaFleur and he scores. That’s how it ends after 2, 2-2!

3rd Period – The hitting continues, Trimper (again) and Kotsopoulos get sent off for roughing 2 minutes in. Quenneville goes off for tripping 6 minutes in. Then Borugeois (unsportsmanlike conduct) and Gare (roughing) go off at 8:44. And Lafleur gets nabbed for hooking at 9:39. That one was costly as Marsh gets a PP goal to put the Rangers up 3-2. 12 minutes in Robinson is whistled for holding – but again the Spirit can’t take advantage and with just over 4 to go, Keith Crowder gets an insurance goal and the Rangers hang on to win 4-2 over the Spirit!! The Madison Oval Garden crowd is ecstatic.
SOGS were pretty much even – although the Spirit had the 3rd-period advantage. Faceoffs, however, were decidedly in the Rangers favor (59.6%) and the Rangers doubled up the Spirit in scoring chances (and goals – hmmm). Resch ended up with 30 saves and Dion record 33.
1. Marsh 1 goal (GWG at that)
2. K. Crowder 1 goal
3. Cloutier 1 goal

GCapJack Rangers @ Chicago Underground Action moves to the Capone Center for Chicago’s opening home game of the season. With a 50% turnover of players – the locals are getting to learn lots of new faces and they are hoping for better outcomes. CapJack skates in looking for a win.

Well it looks like the Rangers will get their wish and foil the Capone Center crowd as they control the play through the 1st 2 periods. Valentine gets called for roughing with about 7 to go in the 1st and the Rangers are able to put together a successful PP as Trottier scores teaming up with Robinson and Cloutier.
The 2nd period starts with Mulvey going off for holding 16 seconds in – but the Underground has left their PP underground (0 for 4 in the game) and the Rangers keep Chicago off the board. Then with 8 to go in the period Dore blocks a shot, leads the rush, works it to Cloutier and the two of them set up Mulvey for another Rangers goal: 2-0 now and that’s the score after 2.

Period 3 – OK, here we go and again, it’s the Rangers putting another puck in the Underground net as new-comer Steve Tambellini tallies with 12 to goal and the Rangers are now in command, 3-0. BUT – apparently, that’s the point where Chicago figures out how to play. The Rangers are pressing the attack when Barrett intervenes, the teams change lines and Seiling gets a good hard pass to Savard who leads a 3 on 1 rush and he gets it back to Seiling, to Savard at the point – shoots – GOAL. Chicago is on the board down 3-1 as Savard gets the goal. Still just over 10 minutes to go. A little over 7 to go and the Rangers get called for icing. Chicago wins the draw – McNab to McAdam to McMurry – wrist shot, he scores! (Ok – it was Murray, but couldn’t resist the Mc). With Murray’s goal, Chicago draws within 1! BUT not so fast – the Rangers don’t want to give this one up. Chicago wins the face-off at center ice and Bossy gets it to Stastny who brings it over the blue line. But Larry Robinson knocks him off the puck and then controls it and rushes all the way into the Chicago end. He fakes a shot – really knocked some jocks off with that fake – over to Trottier – the wrister – the GOAL! Time is now winding down, but not the action. 1:39 left and Sevigny leaves for the bench. Chicago in the Rangers end, lose the puck, but quickly get it back – lots of shots, blocks, saves. With 31 seconds to go, face off in CapJacks end, the Rangers control it, Robinson gets it to Siltanen who’s going up ice where McNab hits him – Blaisdell scoops up the puck and heads in on Dion on a breakaway. He just rocketed past any Ranger in his way and shoots a top corner shot that beats Dion and it’s 4-3 Rangers with 28 seconds to go. Faceoff at center ice – Chicago gains control but the game ends as Savard is trying to gain the Rangers end and CapJack holds on against a fierce 3-period comeback attempt by Chicago and the Rangers win 4-3.
Chicago fires 21 SOG in the 3rd period (Rangers had 18) and the Underground take the SOG title 47-38. Chicago made 71 shots in the game – the teams totaled for 124. Chicago had 44!! 44 scoring chances (Rangers 26) – no wonder Dion got 3rd star.
Stars (all CAP)
1. Trottier 2 goals (GWG and 19 winning face offs)
2. Tambellini 1 goal
3. Dion 44 saves

Weekly Summary: Well the Rangers came out of the opening week 1-0-0 at home and a road game they played out, the also won. So for the Rangers it was a good showing. Beating Division rival Pittsburgh – and beating longtime Chicago rival in many leagues.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: The Chiefs have two home games to start the season.
Silk City Whales @ Charlestown Chiefs First up are the Whales from Silk City, who are suddenly looking like a team to fear with Larry Murphy, Messier, and a strong supporting cast.

And they come out firing, taking an early 4-1 lead after 1 period before ultimately prevailing 6-5 thanks to a Mark Messier goal at 15:38 of the 3rd.

It’s likely going to be a long season in Charlestown.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 5:09 EV CHA Gardner (1), assisted by Coffey (1)
1 7:18 PP SCW Peplinski (1), assisted by Bullard (1) and Salming (1)
1 10:58 PP SCW Peplinski (2), assisted by Flockhart (1) and Jean-Francois Sauve (1)
1 17:07 PP SCW Flockhart (1), assisted by Peplinski (1)
1 17:21 PP SCW Messier (1), assisted by Murphy (1) and Kehoe (1)
2 5:34 PP CHA Gradin (1), assisted by Potvin (1)
2 12:53 EV CHA McKegney (1), assisted by Savard (1) and Wilf Paiement (1)
2 13:29 EV SCW Bullard (1), assisted by Kehoe (2) and Messier (1)
2 18:03 EV CHA Gradin (2), assisted by Baxter (1) and Gardner (1)
3 3:49 EV CHA Haworth (1), assisted by Maxwell (1) and Baxter (2)
3 15:38 EV SCW Messier (2), assisted by Lindgren (1)

Injuries: Lanny McDonald(CHA)-game

Star 1: SCW Messier 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: SCW Peplinski 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: CHA Gradin 2 G

GWG: Mark Messier

Notables: SCW Jensen 34 saves
CHA Coffey 5 blocks, Gradin 16 faceoffs won

Delray Alpha @ Charlestown Chiefs Seeking some revenge after an opening night heart breaker, the Chiefs, blow up Delray 6-3, with Paul Coffey having a 4 point party. Tony McKegney pots a pair of goals while Rogie Vachon scores his first win of the year.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 5:12 PP DEL Tardif (1), assisted by Acton (1) and Taylor (1)
1 7:29 PP DEL Ciccarelli (1), assisted by Rota (1)
1 8:40 EV CHA Lanny McDonald (1), assisted by Gardner (2) and Gradin (1)
1 14:02 PP DEL Tardif (2), assisted by Crossman (1) and Taylor (2)
2 10:01 EV CHA McKegney (2), assisted by Coffey (2)
3 5:39 PP CHA Hlinka (1), assisted by Coffey (3)
3 11:22 EV CHA Tremblay (1), assisted by Coffey (4) and Bourque (1)
3 15:27 EV CHA McKegney (3), assisted by Coffey (5) and Bourque (2)
3 18:47 EN CHA Maxwell (1), assisted by Gardner (3) and Potvin (2)

Injuries: Crossman(DEL)-game

Star 1: CHA McKegney 2 G
Star 2: DEL Tardif 2 G
Star 3: CHA Coffey 4 A

GWG: Mario Tremblay

Notables: DEL Parro 33 saves
CHA Coffey 4 assists

Weekly Summary: 1-1 to start the year. This team goes as the Bourque/Potvin/Coffey defense goes; let’s see if the locker room can handle 3 HOF egos on the blue line.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: St. Clair Shores has one game at home and they take on North Carolina with rookie Grant Fuhr.
North Carolina 89’ers @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Fuhr goes for NC in goal against Keans and the Saints. This game was a low scoring affair. Steve Christoff scores in the first for the Saints. The 1-0 score held up until the third when Payne scores for the 89’ers to tie up the game. With 1:27 left to go in regulation, rookie Ron Francis scores. The Saints win by the score of 2-1 over North Carolina.

SCS 2 NC 1

star 1 – Keans out duels Fuhr -35 saves
star 2 – Christoff
star 3 – Francis

Weekly Summary: SCS defeats North Carolina, 2-1.
Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: The Ohio Legends open the 1981-82 season with three home games.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Ohio Legends Tom Lysiak’s goal with 1:51 remaining broke a 5-5 tie and gave Mackinac Island a 6-5 triumph. The Moose erased a two-goal edge for the Legends to claim their first triumph of the year.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Ohio Legends Bernie Federko’s goal with just over a minute remaining brought the Ohio Legends a goal short in a 4-3 loss to St. Clair Shores.
Delray Alpha @ Ohio Legends Keith Acton’s goal with three seconds remaining gave Delray a 6-5 win over Ohio. Dino Ciccarelli and Wayne Gretzky each had two goals and two assists to pace Delray. Lars Molin had a pair of goals for the Legends in the defeat.
Weekly Summary: Ohio starts the season with three one-goal losses. It is shaping up to look like a very long year for the Legends.
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: The Moose have only one game in the first week of the 1981-82 season. The Saint Claire Shore Saints come to the Island.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 10, Saints 4 — After the opening ceremonies, with the 1980 Adams Division Championship banner hoisted to the rafters, the Moose waste little time in pursuit of better things for this season.

Rookie Paul MacLean shows he plans to make a difference as he scores the first 2 goals of the season, the 2nd on a powerplay caused by a Wilson roughing penalty. As soon as the teams are back to even, Ron Delorme gets called for slashing, and Walt McKechnie takes advantage for his first goal of the season and its 3-0 Moose in under 9 minutes of play. 3 minutes later, Bill Barber lights the lamp to push the lead to 4 for the home team. Liut finally comes to his senses and shuts down the Moose, but the damage is done, as Melanson keeps his sheet clean, and the 1st period ends 4-0 Moose.

2nd period sees a major shift in old Mo’ and the Saints bring it. Nilan, and Duguay two times find the net for the Saints. In between Duguays goals, Kurri gets a score, and the 2nd period ends 5-3 Moose. The lead is cut in half and the 3rd looks to be interesting.

The Moose quickly erase any doubt for the crowd, as O’Connell, Vail, McKechnie and Zuke score in the first 11 minutes, while the Saints lose their offensive magic. Duchesne ends the run to make it 9-4. MacLean adds one last goal, to get his hat trick, and make the final 10-4

Fights – Delorme and Price (Delorme wins with a TKO), Veitch and Price, Nilan and Watson.

1st star – MacLean 3G Hat trick
2nd = Duguay 2G 3pts
3rd – McKechnie 2G

Weekly Summary: Moose win their only home game with a 10 goal outburst.
Pittsburgh Spirit
Weekly Preview: The Spirit raise the 1980-81 Stanley Cup Champions banner right next to the 1979-80 Stanley Cup Champions banner knowing full well that “3-peating” is most likely not in the cards this season without a few “tweaks” via trade… but it’s awesome nonetheless! 😉

We welcome division rival Brooklyn and New Castle to the Graveyard to kick off the season!

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Pittsburgh Spirit Brooklyn skates into town and get things started early with goals from Sutter and Johnson to take a quick 2-0 lead.

Then in the 2nd period the Spirit come alive and rip 5 straight goals! Sittler gets a shortie and then a PP goal. Vadnais, who was drafted as a penalty kill specialist, scores on the PP. Lafleur shows he’s not dead yet and scores on the PP. Then with 30 seconds left in the 2nd period, Pettersson pots his first of the season to make it 5-2 Pittsburgh.

Not to be outdone, in the 3rd Brooklyn goes on a rip of their own potting 3 goals by Gartner, Sulliman, and Sutter (his second) to tie it 5-5!!

Huber bombs one from the point with 1:04 remaining to make it 6-5 Spirit.

Brooklyn with the extra attacked on… Gustafsson with a shot… ties it up with 49 seconds remaining! 6-6!

The Pittsburgh crowd is stunned.

Hagman has the puck entering the zone for Pittsburgh. He gets pressured, cuts in, rips a wrister… GOAL!!! 15 seconds after the tying goal!

Pittsburgh holds on for the final 34 seconds as Brooklyn can’t get a shot off even with the extra attacker.

Pittsburgh 7
Brooklyn 6

Three Stars
Sittler 2 G, 2 A – 4 Pts
Lafleur 1G, 4 A – 5 Pts
Sutter 2 G, 1 A – 3 Pts

New Castle Ducks @ Pittsburgh Spirit With all of the energy and hype over the home opener and banner raising, it’s time to play game #2 when New Castle comes to town.

New Castle jumps out to 1-0 lead in the first on a goal by Pederson. The score stands and we go to the 2nd.

Stastny and Middleton make it 3-0 New Castle.

At 17:50 of the 2nd, Chouinard finally gets the Spirit on the board. 3-1 New Castle.

Head into the 3rd which was all Spirit.

Goals by Hagman, Laughlin, Vardnais, Laughlin (again), and Theberge make it 6-3 which is our final.

Pittsburgh 6
New Castle 3

Three stars
Laughlin 2 G
Chouinard 1 G, 2 A – 3 Pts
Hagman 1 G, 2 A – 3 Pts

Billy Smith made 38 saves for New Castle.

Weekly Summary: 2 home games, 4 points. We’ll take it but we know that there are tougher teams out there waiting to dethrone the defending champs… it might get ugly before it gets pretty again for the Spirit.
Charlotte Dynamo
Weekly Preview: The rebuilding Charlotte Dynamo embarked on its second season with an active home schedule, three games at Bojangles Arena.
CapJack Rangers @ Charlotte Dynamo And the season couldn’t have started with more fireworks! In an opening game that may ultimately set this season’s record for most goals, the Rangers powered past the Dynamo 9-8 with nary a save to be found. The visiting Rangers exploded for a 6-2 lead after two periods, highlighted by Grant Mulvey’s first two goals of the season (Mulvey finished with a hat trick for first-star honors). CapJack also capitalized on three power-play goals of its first six in this penalty-fueled affair. But the Dynamo made a furious third-period rush with six goals, including two from newly drafted Steve Bozek. The Dynamo could get no closer after a Dale Hawerchuk goal (assisted by relief netminder Tony Esposito with 2:10 to play) closed the scoring.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlotte Dynamo In yet another high-octane tilt, the host Dynamo gave the two-time defending champions a run for their money, but ultimately fell again in heartbreaking fashion 7-6, with Matti Hagman’s game-winning goal with 33 seconds in regulation setting this contest (with it being 1981-82, this writer double checked on the first name to make sure it wasn’t LARRY Hagman of Dallas/JR fame getting the last laugh yet again!). Pittsburgh, trailing 2-1 after the first period grabbed a 5-4 lead, led by Rejean Howell’s two goals, and never trailed again. Howell claimed first star honors and Hawerchuk was the second star for Charlotte (2 Gs). Late goals from Charlotte defenseman Ian Turnbull and Dave Langevin tied the score at 6-6, the latter coming with 1:26 to play before Hagman struck back immediately with the game-winner.
Vermont Foresters @ Charlotte Dynamo Scoring died down slightly in the Dynamo’s third home game but the results were the same: a late goal with less than two minutes off the stick of defenseman Tomas Jonsson lifted the Foresters to a 4-3 win. Vermont rallied to tie the game earlier in the period, 3-3 on a Pat Hughes goal that was assisted by Doug Hicks and Rich Preston. Hughes grabbed first star honors that could have easily gone to second star Richard Brodeur who stood on his head to the tune of 51 saves for Vermont.
Weekly Summary: Three heartbreaking one-goal losses at home for Charlotte translates to zero points. In giving up 20 goals, this team is desperately searching for a defensive identity that, based on the early results, might never be realized in 1981-82. A second rebuilding season may very well be in the cards.
North Carolina 89’ers
Weekly Preview: The 89ers start off the new season by taking on Ohio, Mackinac Island and Charlestown at home, hoping to avoid a lottery pick next year.
Ohio Legends @ North Carolina 89’ers In a horrific exhibition of goaltending North Carolina is able to outscore Ohio 7-6. Soetart’s .824 save percentage was apparently enough to get the job done, but neither team should be proud.
Star 1 – Federko (Ohio), 2G, 3 Pts
Star 2 – Marois (NC), 1G, 3 Pts
Star 3 – Ogrodnick (NC), 1G, 3 Pts
Mackinac Island Moose @ North Carolina 89’ers Fuhr comes to the rescue in his first start of the season, stopping 34 shots on the way to leading NC to victory over Mackinac Island by a score of 5-3.
Star 1 -Payne (NC), 2G, 3Pts
Star 2 – Barber (Mac), 2G
Star 3 – Jarvis (NC) ,1G
Charlestown Chiefs @ North Carolina 89’ers In a fascinating feat of ineptitude, Soetaert is able to outdo his opening night .824 save percentage, coming in with an .816 in his second (last?) start of the season. Riggin played a great game in net for Charlestown, stopping 39, and the Charlestown offense scored unimpeded, leading them to a 7-3 victory over North Carolina.
Weekly Summary: The season, or at least that part which Fuhr can not start, is going to be a long one for the 89ers.
Vermont Foresters
Weekly Preview: Vermont opens the 1981-1982 home season hosting the Charlestown Chiefs
Charlestown Chiefs @ Vermont Foresters a back and forth game sees a 4 point night by Paul Coffey (2g 2a) but 5 different foresters score, capped off by Craig Ramsey with less than 5 minutes left, for the 5-4 victory. the chiefs 1-1 on the power play while the foresters go 0-5.
Weekly Summary: A good way to start the season for the 2 time Smythe division champs.