Delray AlphaMid-West Old Tyme Hockey League News – New ownership for Saskatoon Cyclone

The MWOTHL commissioners office confirms the purchase of the former Saskatoon Cyclone by the WBAB investment group led by Chris Mannen. Effective immediately, the Cyclone will relocate south to Delray and be  re-named the Delray Alpha.

Delray-Alpha-road“We are very excited to be joining the MWOTHL” says Mannen. “With such a  young league, we feel we can ramp up our organization and be very competitive within a few years.” Led by great young players like Wayne Gretzky, Dino Ciccerelli and Rick Vaive and veterans like Bob Gainey and Dave Taylor, we feel we have a nucleus of an exciting team for years to come”.

The official Alpha team colors will be blue and gold and the team will feature separate, distinct logos for home and away jerseys.

The Delray Alpha logo for home jerseys (Right). Delray Alpha road jersey logo (left).

The Alpha will begin their inaugural season playing at the Dollar General Arena and Thrift Shop in lovely downtown Delray. Season ticket sales are already exceeding expectations.

“We really couldn’t find anyone else. I hope Mannen doesn’t mess this up” – MWOTHL Commissioner Stray Corrado