Nilsson, Kent VER 4 3 6 9 0 -1 14 21%
Resch, Glenn PIT 3 5 2.14 54 .915
Dionne, Marcel PHI 4 1 7 8 2 -2 15 7%
Palmateer, Mike MAC 3 9 3.00 76 .894

CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: Two games this week – first one against the surging New Castle Ducks and the second vs. Columbus. Rangers hoping for a double good performance this week ….
New Castle Ducks @ CapJack Rangers Payback can be sweet (or awful) – this version was SWEET. After New Castle humbled the Rangers in their last outing the Rangers were out for blood (or at least a win). The final for this game was a resounding 6-2 and the Rangers did it by scoring 1 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd and 3 in the third and held the Ducks to 1 in the 1st and 2nd.
1st Period – Rangers get a quick goal from Deblois (14) and Currie (15) ties it up 4 minutes later and that was the 1st period scoring excitement. Each team racked up 4 minutes of penalties but no PP goals.
2nd Period – New Castle takes the 2-1 lead when Lambert tallies 8 minutes in. But Trottier (32) ties it up midway through the period and Bowness scored his 3rd of the season with 4 to and the Rangers take a 3-2 lead, a lead they won’t relinquish.
3rd Period – Scoring belonged entirely to the Rangers but the Ducks out shoot them 16-8. Bouchard stood TALL and WIDE in net! Trottier opens the 3rd period scoring with his 2nd of the game (33). Then Robinson makes it 5-2 and Siltanan (16) plunks in the PP goal with 4 to go to ice the game at 6-2. Defense gets the final 2 goals and CapJack skates away happy. Ducks had the SOG lead with 35 to 28, but both teams fired 43 shots.
1. Trottier 2 goals, 1 assist
2. Siltanen 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Deblois 1 goal
Bowness was called out for 11 minutes of penalties, – Bouchard 33 saves and Gare 3 assists
Columbus Owls @ CapJack Rangers It’s always scary when Larry Robinson needs a day of rest – today was one of those days. However, the defensive crew did moderately well, allowing only 3 goals – but the offensive came through in flying fashion putting 7 goals past Myre (on 37 shots).
Period 1 – Hutchinson was called for 3 penalties in the 1st (and a 4th in the 2nd). During his 2nd penalty, the Rangers got the scoring started with Schutt (28) netting the PP goal. Nethery makes it 2-0 with his 6th of the year just before the period ends.
Period 2 – Lonsberry (9) and Bowness (4) keep the Ranger pressure on with 2 goals in the first 9 minutes of period 2. Barnes gets called for high sticking midway through the period and Foglin (9) gets the Owls a hoot with a PP goals. Shutt (31) steals a puck and makes it 5-1 with 5 to go but Stoughton (29) returns the feat scoring for the Ows and it’s 5-2 after 2.
Period 3 – Payne makes it 5-3 with a goal 4 minutes in, but that was all for Columbus and the Rangers net 2 more late in the 3rd – DeBlois (15) and Marsh (2) round out the scoring. Hutchinson avoided the penalty box in the 3rd. FINAL 7-3 CapJack
1. DeBlois 1 goal, 2 assists
2. Marsh 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Schutt 1 goal, 1 assistINJURIES – Mario Marois was lost for the game – but did get 9 minutes TOI before the injury.
Weekly Summary: Rangers continue to improve after their trades, but still have to finagle playing time each week due to player fatigue – need a better fitness trainer! Play 2, win 2, 4 points!
Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: Syracuse hosts Charlotte and Silk City
Charlotte Dynamo @ Syracuse Bulldogs Charlotte skates in for an easy win 6-2
Stars #1 CHD Simmer 3G
#2 CHD Esposito 35 saves
#3 CHD Provonost 1 G
Silk City Wales @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Bulldogs take this one 5-2
Stars #1 SYR Higgins 1G 2 pts
#2 SYR Johnstone 1G
#3 SYR Martin 1G
Weekly Summary: 2 home games 2 points
Chicago Underground
Weekly Preview: Chicago with 3 Home Games this week, hope to put some points on the board & stay the course for a playoff shot.
CapJack Rangers @ Chicago Underground In a back & forth affair Chicago gets one late to get past CapJack.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – CapJack 3

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Steve Schutt 1 Goal, 2 Points
Star #2 – Clark Gillies – 1 Goal
Star #3 – Peter McNabb – 1 Goal

Pete Peeters 36 Saves for Chicago.

Game Winning Goal – Bob Lorimer

Saskatoon Cyclone @ Chicago Underground Chicago scores 3 but it’s not enough as the Cyclone blow through the Windy City, the Capone Center & the Underground with the victory. Some dude named Merlin should ever have 4 Points in a Hockey Game.

Final Score: Saskatoon 4 – Chicago 3

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Merlin Malinowski 1 Goal, 3 Points
Star #2 – Clark Gillies – 1 Goal, 3 Points
Star #3 – Dave Maloney – 1 Goal

Wayne Gretzky won 16 Face Offs for Saskatoon

Game Winning Goal – Rick Vaive

Charlestown Chiefs @ Chicago Underground Charlestown get on the board early but then a few thugs from the Underground remind the Chiefs who “OWWWNNNS Chicago” & the Underground get the last 4 goals of the game.

Final Score: Chicago 4 – CapJack 2

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Butch Goring 1 Goal, 2 Points
Star #2 – Peter McNabb – 1 Goal
Star #3 – Dan Labraaten – 1 Goal

Game Winning Goal – Butch Goring

Weekly Summary: Chicago picks up 4 Points out of a possible 6 at home this week. Coaches are happy with the effort of the club.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: Two games at home this week.
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Charlestown Chiefs This one is all Charlestown, as they skate to a 5-2 victory.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 13:46 EV CHA Kerr (23), assisted by Potvin (28) and Charron (5)
2 3:37 PP CHA Savard (23), assisted by Paiement (54)
2 5:48 EV SCS Wilson (5), assisted by Babych (25)
3 1:44 PP CHA McDonald (18), assisted by Kerr (24)
3 17:18 EV CHA Kallur (17), assisted by Tremblay (28) and Mike McEwen (19)
3 17:42 EV CHA Kerr (24), assisted by Potvin (29)
3 18:16 EV SCS Christoff (18), assisted by Micheletti (8) and Hangsleben (14)

Star 1: CHA Kerr 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: CHA Kallur 1 G
Star 3: CHA McDonald 1 G

GWG: Lanny McDonald

New Castle Ducks @ Charlestown Chiefs New Castle rooks the Chiefs 6-2.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 2:49 EV NEW Kasper (12), assisted by Currie (29) and Barrett (6)
1 5:01 EV NEW Walter (18), assisted by Middleton (39)
1 11:08 EV NEW McCrimmon (6), assisted by Silk (3) and Debol (5)
1 13:54 EV NEW Sedlbauer (4), assisted by Schoenfeld (11) and Dunn (36)
1 19:41 EV NEW Clarke (15), assisted by Dunn (37) and Middleton (40)
2 2:21 EV CHA McKegney (23), assisted by Paiement (55) and Potvin (30)
2 13:16 SH NEW Lambert (17), unassisted
3 7:27 EV CHA Paiement (22), assisted by Savard (23) and Potvin (31)

Injuries: Nedomansky(NEW)-game

Star 1: NEW Smith 36 saves
Star 2: NEW Clarke 1 G
Star 3: NEW Lambert 1 G

GWG: Brad McCrimmon

Notables: NEW Smith,B 36 saves
CHA None

Weekly Summary: Mediocrity, thy art our companion and muse.
New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The Ducks still need a miracle to get into playoff contention. Only one home game this week-against Brooklyn. The Harbor Rats have taken 2 of 3 from the Ducks so far this season
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ New Castle Ducks Brooklyn wins it 4-1. Defenseman Kevin McCarthy made it 1-0 at 1:54 of the first for Brooklyn. New Castle came right back tying it up 35 seconds later on a goal by Tony Currie. But that was it for the Ducks as Greg Millen was sensational in goal for the Rats, making 38 saves. The Ducks outshot Brooklyn 39-17 but Brooklyn got two goals from Gustafson and one from Pierce to win it. Bobby Smith picked up an assist on the first Gustafson goal and now has EIGHTY TWO assists on the season – he leads the league in scoring!
Mike Allison of the Ducks was injured in the first period and did not return, taking an important part of the Ducks offense to the sidelines.THREE STARS
1- BRO- Gustafson 2G 1 A
2- BRO Millen 38 saves
3- BRO Behn Wilson, 3 A
Millen is now 23-10-11 on the season
Weekly Summary: New Castle loses its only home game of the week. With 23 games to go, the Ducks are 7 points out of a playoff spot (with Ohio and Syracuse each ahead with 3 games in hand).

Brooklyn defenseman Kevin McCarthy was +4 in the game

Columbus Owls
Weekly Preview: One game this week as Brooklyn comes to town.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Columbus Owls The Owls explode for 7 goals and win this one 7-4 behind a hat trick by Michel Goulet and 2 goals and an assist by Blaine Stoughton.

1st star Goulet
2nd star Stoughton
3rd star Smith Brooklyn 2 goals one assist

Weekly Summary: Columbus wins their only game of the week at home and inch closer to climbing out of the basement in the league standings.
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: First of two reports for the Moose this week, using the new one game per report guidance.

Vermont comes to the Island and there is a feeling of excitement as the two division leaders prepare to bang heads. The Moose will try to get some revenge on the ecological monsters who swing axes and remove the natural habitat of the friendly peace loving animals with small furry friends.

Vermont Foresters @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 3, Foresters 2 – The first period sees the Foresters take 2 early penalties, the 2nd one a viscious cross check by Hunter that earned him an additional 10 minutes of rest time. The Moose are unable to capitalize on either powerplay and the period wanders forward scoreless at the 10 minute mark. The bad blood continues and Barber hooks up with Faubert a few minutes later. After the equipment is rounded up, both guys get a 5 minute time out, and Barber earns an additional 10 for unspecified dickishness. A few mintues later, those 2 are joined by Price and Propp who get in a little skirmish. With 5 guys in the sin bin the game continues on scoreless and the first period ends with only the 2 goalies feeling pretty good about themselves. 0-0.

2nd period opens with our old nemesis Mark Howe taking the opening faceoff into the zone and ending the shutout for Palmateer. A minute later Kurri returns the favor to Brodeur, and both goalies now realize they are in a game that no longer features zeros in the scoring column. Mark Howe then takes offense to something Rene Robert did, or said, or thought, and the 2 wrestle around for a while before getting their 5 minutes of rest. The teams each get a chance on the powerplay, and the Foresters prove better on the advantage as Lukowich gives Vermont the lead only 11 seconds into the failed PK strategy of the Moose. This lets Barber out of the lockup for the 2nd time, which is good, as it lets him get into yet another fight, this time with Lukowich. Not happy with the even teams, O’Connel commits a trip, and the Moose kill off successfully a 4v3 penalty and both teams go to the locker rooms with the visitors up 2-1, and Barber at the 19 minute mark in penalties for this game. Not bad for only 40 minutes of play.

The third period opens up with the Moose wondering if they should even send Barber back on the ice, less it result in another penalty. But with Barber being the best rested player on the bench, they decide to chance it. The strategy works, not that Barber did any scoring, but Ferguson did find a nice spot in front of the net to take a pass from Tkaczuk and even the score at 2, 5 minutes into the period. Play progressed fairly well, as both teams realized another fight/penalty might mean the game. Only one penalty in the period, by Murray, but it was killed by the Foresters, just like they kill all those Maple Trees. Mmmmmmm, maple syrup on waffles. The Moose then put on maple syrup scented after shave and while the Foresters are dreaming of a warm fluffy breakfast, Smith to Dupont to Robert to the back of the net and the Moose go up 3-2 with 7 minutes to go. The Moose then rally around Mike Palmateer in goal and fight off the Foresters the rest of the way to nail down the win.

1st star – Kurri 1g
2nd – Ferguson 1g
3rd – Robert 1g

Barber 19 PIM, Hunter 12 PIM

Saskatoon Cyclone @ Mackinac Island Moose Saskatoon comes south for some warm weather on the Island. Another good team with a winning record, the 2nd best scoring offense, and 2 of the top scorers in the league; Dave Taylor and Wayne something or other. The Moose throws the 2nd best defense in the league at the Cyclones.

Moose 6, Cyclones 3 – A very nervous Mike Palmateer is joined by a very nervous crowd of 13,287 in the Frostbite Falls Arena. And the nervousness is well justified as the Cyclone score early on a goal by Lowe, even before Barber has a chance to get in a fight. After a penalty by Engblom, Sheppard and Vaive hook up for a fight, and Vaive gets sent to the showers early for double extreme misbehavior. All the penalties get killed off, and Barber decides to get active in something beside fights. Bill scores one at the 14 minute mark, and then right after Dunlop adds one, Barber tops him with another, and there is a 3 next to the Home side of the scoreboard. The Cyclone threaten a bit late in the first but it comes to nothing productive and the period ends 3-1 Moose.

2nd period starts off early with a fight between Risebrough and Engblom. Green and Propp have a little skirmish near the midway point, but nothing much happens until Saskatoon lulls Palmateer to sleep and Quenneville pops one in just before the period ends to tighten up the ole sphincters just as teams head to 2nd intermission at 3-2 Moose.

Feeling not so great with a one goal lead, and Palmateer in goal, coach Borzenski implores the scoring lines to get some insurance goals. Apparently the scoring lines need hearing aids, as its the 3rd line that comes through with a goal by Ferguson. Propp adds another 4 minutes later to make it 5-2 Moose. Wayne whats his name decides to get in the act and responds a couple minutes later to make it 5-3, and that puckering feeling starts to creep in again. Fortunately another 3rd liner gets involved and Rene Robert pushes the cushion to 3 to make the final 6-3 Moose.

Free fudge for everybody !!!!!!!

1st star – Barber 0 PIM and 2g
2nd – Dunlop 1g1a
3rd – Propp 1g

Weekly Summary: Moose win the first of 2 home games this week. Behind Mike Palmateer even.

2 wins in 2 home games this week. And the amazing thing is both were with Mike Palmateer in goal. One of his better weeks, allowing only 5 goals in 2 games.

Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: Ohio enters the week just outside the playoffs. This week the Mighty Pittsburgh Spirit roll in…
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Ohio Legends You can guess the outcome. Pittsburgh scored three times early in the third to put this one away. PIT 3, OHIO 2
Weekly Summary: Solid effort results in disappointing loss. It is starting to look like a long season is rollinginto the Buckeye state…
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: The Saints host Charlotte and Brooklyn this week.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Kelly scores his 18th for the Saints. The Dynamo come back with 2 goals of their own as Jonathan and Simmer score. Ftorek and Errol Thompson score as the Saints earn a narrow victory.

SCS 3 Charlotte 2

1st – Kelly
2nd – Ftorek
3rd – Thompson

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Christoff scores 2 goals for the Saints, but Christian scores 2 for the Harbor Rats. Also, Brooklyn scores 3 more to win easily.

Brooklyn 5 SCS 2

1st -Christian 2 goals, 1 assist
2nd – Christoff 2 goals
3rd – Sutter 1 goal

Weekly Summary: The Saints split against Charlotte and Brooklyn. I loaded the files individually thinking that there are still issues with the export.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
Weekly Preview: Moose sighting in Brooklyn, Mackinac Island is the only visitor in town this week
Mackinac Island Moose @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Harbor Rats jump out to a 3-1 lead in the first before the Moose score the next 4 goals, including a pair from Rene Robert. By the time rookie Anton Stastny nets his second of the night, it’s too little, too late and Brooklyn falls 5-4 to the Moose.
Weekly Summary: No points for Brooklyn at home this week as their slide continues
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Sorry but a busy week….lots of game notes and no time for write ups
Silk City Wales @ Philadelphia Firebirds Philly 4 Silkies 2 Staniowski gets his 1dt start
Saskatoon Cyclone @ Philadelphia Firebirds Sask 5 Philly 3

Gretzky and Taylor too much for Philly

Vermont Foresters @ Philadelphia Firebirds Vermont 4 Philly 2

Brodeur stands on his head

Weekly Summary: Tough week for Philly 2 out of 6 points
Vermont Foresters
Weekly Preview: vermont welcomes new castle and ohio to the bjc this week as vermont looks to solidify their division lead.
New Castle Ducks @ Vermont Foresters the ducks look to shock vermont and get off to a good start with rick middleton scoring 6:08 into the 1st period. just over 3 minutes later mike foligno evens the score with his 10th of the season. ryan walter puts the ducks back ahead just over a minute later and the period ends with a 2-1 lead for the visitors. the ducks hold on to that lead for half the second period until middleton strikes again to make it a 3-1 lead. shortly after that though, the wheels fell off new castles bus as they take some bad penalties and vermont makes them pay. 17 seconds after vermont kills off another dumb pat price penalty, brad mccrimmon gets sent off for the ducks and 19 seconds later price ripped a blast past billy smith making it 3-2. less than 2 minutes later dave silk gets assessed a double minor for cross checking and new castle was able to kill off the first 2 minutes but kent nilsson poked it past smith to tie the score at 3. it didnt stay tied long though as less than 30 seconds later tom gorence blasted one past smith giving the foresters their 1st lead of the game. jim schoenfeld gets whistled for his 2nd of 3 minor penalties called on him by referee don koharski with just 4 seconds left in the 2nd period. 1:04 into the 3rd and kent nilsson cashes in his 2nd ppg of the game putting vermont up 5-3. reggie leach nets an insurance goal at 12:18 making the final 6-3 vermont. nilsson finishes with 4 points, reggie leach gets a goal and assist, as does ryan walter for the ducks and clarke gets 2 assists. ron low get another victory and is now 5-0-1 on the season.
Ohio Legends @ Vermont Foresters next up in the ice cream bowl will be the ohio legends who are battling for a playoff spot in the prince of wales conference. ohio wastes little time as normand rochefort scores his 1st of the year 3:35 into the game assisted by ex forester alain cote. macdonald put ohio up 2-0 with a ppg with less then 5 minutes left in the opening period. kent nilsson notched his 3rd ppg in the last 2 games with under 30 seconds left making it 2-1 to end the period. early in the 2nd, another ex forester came back to haunt his former team as ron stackhouse scored his 5th of the season with alain cote getting his 2nd assist of the game. vermont cut the lead to 3-2 as craig ramsey scored with just 2 seconds left in the 2nd period. unfortunately for vermont, this was the last goal of the game as eddie mio outdueled murray bannerman holding onto the 3-2 victory for the visiting legends. when asked about the former foresters gm stimac responded by saying “we had some tough decisions in the off season and unfortunately that meant we lost ronnie and alain and that really hurt us today but on the bright side, they dont play for the bullwinkles on that ridiculous island with no cars” he then referred any further questions to team spokeswoman natasha who rambled on about some squirrel.
Weekly Summary: missing 2 regulars and vermont gets a split with ducks and legends. 5 more points for nilsson.