Trottier, Bran CAP 4 3 6 9 2 0 9 33%
Millen, Greg BRO 2 4 2 58 .935
Dionne, Marcel PHI 4 4 4 8 0 6 17 24%
Sevigny, Richard PHI 2 2 1 60 .968

Saskatoon Cyclone
Weekly Preview: With Reggie Lemelin off on paternity leave, Glen Hanlon will try and make the most of his time up with the big team in starts against Charlotte and Brooklyn.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Saskatoon Cyclone Things started rather unwell … ok they sucked the big one … for Saskatoon as stinkin’ receding hairline owner Wayne Cashman snuck one through a crowd and past Glen Hanlon to give Charlotte a 1-0 lead only 2:04 into the game. It was Cashman’s 9th of the year.

So by the 5-minute mark Charlotte was up in shots 5-0 and Marc Tardif figured he would take advantage of his ever-shrinking ice time by taking a hooking penalty. It took only 10 seconds for sniper Ed Hospodar to clunk one off the post and in from wayyyyy out and give Charlotte an early 2-0 edge. For Hospodar it was #2 on the year and a chance for a second celebration of the day as big Ed earlier lost his last tooth when he bit into a wooden apple in a fruit bowl decoration in the lobby of the team hotel.

Sigh … five minutes later Charlie Simmer got into the act bamboozling Hanlon to look the other way as Simmer raced behind the Saskatoon net and backhanded it in on a nice wraparound. Simmer’s 17th of the year made it 3-0 and beer sales in the rink began to rise … after all enough beer and any game looks close. Surprisingly, Charlotte only outshot Saskatoon 12-10 in the period which had coach Scotty Bowman drawing some questioning looks for starting Grade 5.0 Hanlon ahead of 7.4 backup Rogie Vachon. Hanlon did his part to silence doubters though as he made a brilliant save on a sure goal by Wayne Cashman late in the period to keep it at 3-0.

Somewhat perplexingly, saving a sure goal did not qualify in the stats for a great save but then again Cashman scored the opening goal on a pass from Gordie Lane, but only Smith and Pronovost got assists so clearly don’t believe everything you read.

On to the 2nd period …

About a minute in and the suddenly supremely pissed Cyclone get rowdy with Gretzky leading the charge by valiantly taking a checking from behind penalty after he nailed Pronovost and then raced to the Saksatoon bench.

Ten seconds later heavyweights Hospodar and Chris Kotsopolous re-enacted the last 2 minutes of Rocky slugging the living tar out of each other. Kotsopoulos did his best to knock out Hospodar’s teeth apparently unaware they were no longer where God meant them to be and wound up heading to the dressing room for stitches after Hospodar nearly gnawed off two of the Cyclone defenceman’s fingers.

The spent the rest of the period storming the Charlotte zone and although the shots were only 10-6 they had Charlotte reeling for most of the period.

Dave Taylor continued to wake from his early season scoring slumber and got the Cyclone on the board at 6:23. Defenceman Dave Maloney crushed Mike Rogers near the Sask blueline and the puck caromed off to Gretzky who raced up ice with Taylor and Rogers hot on his heels. Taylor took Gretzky’s drop pass and looked to pass back but Greztky was smothered under a Rogers blanket so instead wound up and blasted it off the glove of and past Tony Esposito to make it 3-1. It was Taylor’s 15th.

Ninety seconds later Cyclone centre Keith Acton won a faceoff deep in the Charlotte zone passed off to Bob Gainey who scooted behind the net and snapped it out to Acton waiting out front and he knocked it past Espo for his 3rd of the year to make it 3-2. Again, although the puck went straight from Acton to Gainey per the announcer Tom Laidlaw got an assist on the play apparently for looking “really menacing” at the blueline.

Whatevs …

Down a goal to start the 3rd period it was more of the same from the Cyclone as they completely swamped the Charlotte zone the entire period, outshooting them 16-5.

Esposito held the Cyclone at bay until 11:13 when Taylor finished off a nice 2-on-1 with Gretzky by cleanly beating Esposito on a deke for his game-tying 16th of the year. Once again, Rogers was the victim on a goal by the dynamic duo as it was Greztky who stripped the puck off his stick as he attempted to stickhandle up ice past the forechecking cyclone forwards.

Game tied 3-3 of course it was complete knuckle head and strongman Stan Jonathan (5) (another friggin’ ex-Bruin) who ripped a one-timer from Bob Rouse past Hanlon with less than five minutes left to put Charlotte back up by one goal.

Jonathan almost put the visitors up by two when Hanlon robbed him on a breakaway with only two minutes to go in the game.

Charlotte’s net was aswarm with buzzing Cyclone players in the dying seconds of the period, but the puck stayed out and an overall pretty good game for Saskatoon ended with the big L as Charlotte downed them 4-3.

Charlotte had the refs’ ears this game with six power plays (1/6) as opposed to only two for Saskatoon (0/2), but the Cylcone owned the faceoff circle winning 60% of draws.

Game Stars:
1. SAS, Taylor 2 G
2. CHA, Simmer 1 G
3. CHA, Cashman 1 G

Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Saskatoon Cyclone Fans went into this game not expecting a whole lot of offense with strong defensive team Brooklyn in town.

A pleasant disappointment – the game was pretty much all kinds of crazy with end to end action sprinkled liberally with players pummelling each other for 60 minutes.

The first period saw Saskatoon outshoot Brooklyn 14-10 but the goaltending was great and kept the score at 0-0 with the highlight save by none other than can’t get no respect Glen Hanlon who stoned Harbor Rats’ scoring machine Bobby Smith on a 3-on-2 late in the period.

Kent-Erik Andersson (11) put the Cyclone on the board at the 2:59 mark of the 2nd period as a result of a terrible line change by the Rats who were deserting their sinking power play ship after they were unable to score with Keith Acton in the box for tripping.

Dave Taylor (17) continued to stay hot, deking out defenceman Behn Wilson and then sliding the puck through Corey Millen’s pads to make it 2-0 Saskatoon on a power play.

Then it was Brooklyn’s turn as the pendulum swung the other way …

Right winger Randy Pierce scored his first of the season on a delayed penalty (once again on that fart bag Marc Tardif who had played just one minute to this point) at 12:44. Pierce’s snapshot from in close while Hanlon was being harassed by Pat Hickey was a no-contest goal for Brooklyn.

Speak of the devil … Hickey came through on his next shift with his 4th of the year assisted by Pierce when he beat Hanlon high glove side from the faceoff circle to tie it up 2-2.

Back to Saskatoon (where it is currently a balmy -50 degrees Celsius according to my daughter who lives and teaches there) …

With just under three minutes left to go in the 2nd and the Rats completely boxed up in their zone by the Rota-Gretzky-Taylor line, Mr. Taylor came through again completing a nice passing play with Gretzky and defenceman DAve Maloney for his 18th of the year to put the Cyclone ahead.

A minute and a half later Dennis Ververgaert rewarded the team for playing him instead of the resting and injury-prone Doug Risebrough when on a nice move beat Rats’ blueliner Kevin McCarthy and lifted the puck over Millen’s shoulder to make it 4-2. It was his 1st of the year and although as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers McCarthy deserves to be beaten with a club, bat or any kind of blunt object (maybe Ed Hospodar, eh?) beating him with a hockey stick will do.

Up 4-2 and Hanlon playing well the Cyclone confidently went into the 3rd period.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop what you can’t see.

Billy Harris slid a low wrist shot through a bunch of milling, scuffling neanderthals in front of the Cyclone net at 6:52 of the 3rd to bring the Rats within one and then at 13:50 Paul Reinhart (12) with the Cyclone scrambling around like headless chickens duplicated the feat with a slapshot through a pile of skates and bodies in front of Hanlon to tie it up 4-4.

… and that’s how it ended. Exhausted, both teams managed pretty much no offense in the last 6 minutes of the game and happily settled for the tie.

Shots – SAS 36 BRK 32
Scoring chances – 23-23

1. SAS, Taylor 2 G
2. BRK, Hickey 1 G, 1 A
3. BRK, Pierce 1 G, 1 A

Weekly Summary: Two well played games by the team from the ‘toon nets them one point.

Meh … what can you do? Charlotte and Brooklyn played great and certainly earned the points they got.

CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: Two home games this week – Silk City and Vermont (Sneak Preview – 28 total goals!) [And Rogie Vachon was not on either team – could he be an improvement?)
Silk City Wales @ CapJack Rangers 32 Minutes of penalties split 16/16. And yes, there were 5 sets of coincidental minors. Silk City as 2-3 on PP and CapJack 1 of 3.
Wales take the 1st period 2-1 (tame period). Miller starts the game off early scoring inside 2 minutes for Silk City and less than 3 minutes later he scores another – Cowboy Bill assisted on both of them – in fact Plett gets 3 assists in the game. Schutt cut the lead to 2-1 with just over 4 minutes left in the period. Then the fun started.
PERIOD 2 – Period end 5-5 as the home crew gets the 1 goal scoring advantage. Mulvey, Trottier, Rick Smith and Schutt (his 2nd) score for the Rangers. Splitting up those 4 goals were the 3 Wales goals by Turnbull, Kehoe (PP) and Sutter. So we go to the 3rd to see if there is a winner, winner, chicken dinner.
PERIOD 3 – Took a while but 8 minutes in Mulvey gets his 2nd of the game to nudge the home team into the lead. Just under 7 to go and Lonsberry heads to the sin bin and Bourne tallies the PP goal to tie it up. But with 2:01 to go, the Wales were caught with too many men (they think it was men) on the ice – so the Rangers got a PP. And they finally converted Trottier p putting one past Suave. On the ensuing faceoff – Suave was gone and the 7 seconds later Lapointe gets the EN goal to ice the game (maybe) 8-6. Yes, that was it, no more scoring. Both teams had 20 scoring chances so I guess the goalies were OK.
Bouchard was taking the week off (deer season or something) and Dion got the start – but got pulled after 6 goals. Mattson comes in for the final 6 and 1/2 minutes, makes 1 save and gets the W!
CAP got all the stars in this one:
1. Mulvey 2 goals 1 assist
2. Schutt 2 goals, 1 assist
3. Trottier 2 goals
Vermont Foresters @ CapJack Rangers Rangers found they liked scoring and decided to start it early in this one. When the ice cleared after one it was 5-2 CapJack. 4 goals in less than 10 minutes – Schutt, Fare, DeBlois (PP) and MacMillan. Foresters decided it was time to hack some trees and Marcotte nets one 14:44 in and Gorence gets another less than 30 seconds later to make it 4-2. Rangers then got their 2nd PP of the period and again scored – this time by Trottier and the 1st period scoring was done.
SECOND PERIOD – Marcotte tallies real early to get Vermont back in the game, Howe is whistled TWICE and the Rangers convert both times Gare and Long to give them the 7-3 lead after 2. Shutt tallies 20 seconds in to the 3rd when HOWE is again whistled – but Rangers score on the delayed penalty making it 8-3. Gare gets the hat trick 7 minutes in and it’s pretty much mop up from here. Ramsay and Hunter however add to their stats each with a goal.
Gare’s 3 goals and assist garner him the #1 star. Trottier gets 1 goal AND 5 ASSISTS for #2 and Shutt nabs a goal and 3 assists for #3.
Howe ended up withe 3 penalties PLUS the delayed call – he was not allowed on the team bus heading back to the woods.
Weekly Summary: Lots of goals – 28 total as the Rangers win 2 at home. However, Dion gets the nod in goal on the road vs. Pittsburgh – should be lots of goals there too.
Silk City Wales
Weekly Preview: Silk City welcomes division rival Charlestown and Patrick Division cellar dweller into the Blowhole this week.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Silk City Wales Tim Kerr scores his 18th goal of the season 3:44 into the third period for the game winner in Charlestown’s 4-3 win. The Whales turn on the jets in the second half of the third period, but Wayne Thomas is able to keep them off the scoresheet to earn the Chiefs two pints.

1st Star – Anders Kallur (CHA), G
2nd Star – Tim Kerr (CHA), GWG
3rd Star – Mario Tremblay (CHA), G

Charlotte Dynamo @ Silk City Wales The Whales score four consecutive goals to break open a tie game and go on to beat the Dynamo 7-4. Charlotte’s Tony Esposito was under siege for most of the game as Silk City peppered 46 shots on goal and dominate action in the offensive zone.

1st Star – Charlie Simmer (CHD), 2G, A
2nd Star – Mark Messier (SCW), G, A
3rd Star – Rick Kehoe (SCW), G, A

Weekly Summary: The Whales split their home games this week while out-shooting their opponents in shot attempts 128-84 while facing two veteran goaltenders.
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Philly takes on St Clair and Columbus and if they are contenders they need to win these games !
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Philadelphia Firebirds 1st – Philly is all over the Shores out shooting the 13-0 and taking a 2-0 lead after 5 minutes. Goals by Dionne (17th) and Lee (18) give the birds a 2-0 lead
2nd- Dionne slams in his 18th from Carlyle to put up Philly up 3-0 minutes later GOD Paul Holmgren slides in his 3rd from Tonelli and Bridgeman to put Philly up 4-0
3rd – Nilan knocks Bridgeman senseless to start the period but minutes later Peter Lee top shelfs his 19th from Dionne and Carlyle to put philly up by 5 …Bridge man tipes in a Langway blast to finish the game at 6-0Stars
1. Sevigny
2. Dionne
3. LeeStats : The Shores were 0-11 on the PP enough said !
Columbus Owls @ Philadelphia Firebirds 1st Period – Fogolin puts the Owls up 1-0 with a blast from Zuke
Hislop tipes in his 3rd from Hardy and Smith to tie up the game
2nd – Bridgeman gets his 3rd from Boxxy, later Schmautz gets his 10th from Martin and Maruk
Blaine Stoughton pulls the Owls closer with his 18th at 3-2
3rd – recently acquired Rick Martin gets his 1st from Lanway and later Peter Lee continues his scoring streak with his 20th from Boxxy and HartsburgPhilly 5 Colubus 21. Martin
2. Stoughton
3. Hislop
Weekly Summary: Philly takes care of business and continues its home streak!

PK unit was 13-13 ….enough said

Chicago Underground
Weekly Preview: Chicago takes on HATED RIVAL Philadelphia this week. They also play St. Clair Shores, but no one cares about that game. It’s all hatred & no love when Philly comes to town.
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Chicago Underground The Chicago fans were pumped up & looking for a game of fist-a-cuffs with the big bad Firebirds from Philadelphia. Denis Savard lead the charge onto the ice with the flyers wife’s panties attached to his Hockey stick & whooping up the crowd. He flung them into the stand & one lucky fan came away with them landing in his popcorn.

The game itself was a rather rough one, with many roughing penalties, some cross checks, slashes, boardings & even high stick, but not a single fight broke out between the two squads. “It was rather amazing that the goons from Philadelphia didn’t start their crap with our good boys in here in Chicago” said the Underground General Manager Stray Corrado.

At the end of the game Mike Busniuk hooked Denis Savard & also received a ten minute misconduct. “He hooked me so hard that I pee-ed a little” said Savard. Chicago was livid that all Busniuk received was a 2 minute call, but the referee of the game also gave him a 10-minute misconduct so he couldn’t come back on the ice had Chicago scored on the power play. “That referee saved Busniuk life if you ask anyone of my boys here in Chicago, will be looking for hi goon ass when we play them again, that’s for sure” said Bryan Murray.

Final Score: Chicago 6 – Philadelphia 3

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Marcel Dionne – 2 Goals, 3 Points
Star #2 – Clark Gillies – 1 Goal, 2 Points
Star #3 – Peter Stastny – 1 Goal, 2 Points

Game Winning Goal – Clark Gillies

Mike Busniuk had 14 minutes in Penalties for Philadelphia (Asshole)

Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Chicago Underground St. Clair Shores puts a whipping on the home team from Chicago. They buried the Underground. Chicago had a hard time staying focused after the bitter rival game a few days early with Philadelphia.

Final Score: St. Clair Shores 6 – Chicago 2

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Errol Thompson – 2 Goals, 3 Points
Star #2 – Bob Kelly – 1 Goal
Star #3 – Rob Ramage – 3 Assists

Game Winning Goal – Bob Kelly

Rob Ramage had 3 Assists for St. Clair Shores

Weekly Summary: Chicago earns 2 points at home this week. They could care less that they lost to St. Clair Shores. The whole goal this week was to beat the snot out of the Firebirds from Philly.
Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: Chicago and New Castle skate in to the Dog pound
Chicago Underground @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Bulldogs squeeze one out 6-5
Stars #1 Chi McNab 2G 4pts
#2 SYR Smyl 2G 3pts
#3 SYR Gagne 1G 2pts
New Castle Ducks @ Syracuse Bulldogs The Dogs double up the Owls 4-2
Stars #1 SYR Young 1G 2pts
#2 SYR Murdoch 1G
#3 SYR Fraser 1G
Weekly Summary: Syracuse handles its business winning both games
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
Weekly Preview: divisional rival Capjack comes to Brooklyn, followed by familial rival Silk City
CapJack Rangers @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Greg Millen’s 26 save performance blanks the Rangers in his first shutout of the season. Paul Reinhart and Darryl Sutter each score a pair of goals with Brooklyn going 3 for 6 with the man advantage. Millen improves to 16-6-6 with only the 2nd shutout in the league all season.
Silk City Wales @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats In a tight one goal game, Bobby Smith and Behn Wilson score goals just :46 seconds apart late in the 2nd period to pull the Harbor Rats away from the Whales in a 6-3 win for the home team. Smith’s 1-2-3 point night leads Brooklyn to their second home win of the week.
Weekly Summary: two home games, an 11-3 goal advantage. it doesn’t get much better than that in a wonderful home week for the Harbor Rats.
Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: The Ohio Legends look to continue their inaugural season with contests against New Castle and Mackinac Island.
New Castle Ducks @ Ohio Legends New Castle builds leads of 2-0 and 3-1, but Ohio gets a late goal from Tim Kerr to win the contest.

Nick Fotiu scored a pair of goals for New Castle to build the lead and ironically, Fotiu’s delayed penalty on the Kerr goal factored into the decision.

OHIO 4, New Castle 3

Mackinac Island Moose @ Ohio Legends Another Jim Rutherford gong show for the Legends. Bruce Boudreau had the game winning goal in the second period and the offensively-challenged team from Ohio could only slip one of 25 attempts past Gilles Meloche.


Weekly Summary: Typical week in the Buckeye State. Win one, lose one. The .500 train continues to roll along…
Pittsburgh Spirit
Weekly Preview: First place Spirit play host to Vermont and CapJack this week, still with 6 starters injured.
Vermont Foresters @ Pittsburgh Spirit Vermont comes in and and skates to a 5-2 win against the Spirit. Resch played his worst game of the season only saving 18 of 22 shots, plus an empty netter.
CapJack Rangers @ Pittsburgh Spirit Pittsburgh only manages 19 shots on goal, but wins 4-2 as St. Croix plays better than Resch this week with 32 saves.
Weekly Summary: With so many injured starters, 1-1 isn’t so bad I suppose. So weird that these players are ONLY hurt when we’re playing at home. Very peculiar, indeed. 😉
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: The Saints play host to Ohio and Syracuse.
Ohio Legends @ Saint Clair Shores Saints The Saints outshoot the Legends in the 1st period,10-7. But, there is no score.

2nd period – Doug Wilson scores his 2nd goal on a power play. Fidler scores his 4th goal, and its 2-0, SCS. Then, the Legends get a goal by Bernie Federko as he gets his 12th of the year.

In the 3rd, its very even, and no one scores.

The Saints hang on for a 2-1 win.

SCS 2 Ohio 1

1st – Wilson SCS
2nd – Fidler SCS
3rd – Gi

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Saint Clair Shores Saints The Bulldogs visit L’Anse Creuse Arena.

At the 1:12 mark, Stan Smyl scores for the Bulldogs. Its his 9th goal of the year. There are no more goals. Syracuse with 28 shots on goal – SCS with 24.

Syracuse 1 SCS 0

1st – Craig 24 saves
2nd – Smyl 1 goal
3rd – Higgins 1 assist

Weekly Summary: The Saints split some low scoring games against Ohio and Syracuse.
New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The struggling Ducks are at home against the also struggling Columbus Owls as well as a contest against first place Philadelphia
Columbus Owls @ New Castle Ducks COLUMBUS 5 NEW CASTLE 4

The Owls win for only the fourth time this season, and the second win over the Ducks. It was a see-saw affair as New Castle once again could not hold a lead. The Ducks opened the scoring with 2d period goals by Rick Middleton and Tony Currie. However, Columbus came right back later in the period as Wayne Merrick and Doug Jarvis lit the lamp to tie the score at 2. Then, on a power play, Columbus scored their third unanswered goal as Michel Goulet put the puck behind Billy Smith to give the Owls a 3-2 lead after two periods.

In the third period, New Castle tied it at 1:31 on Mike Allison’s 20th goal of the season. Columbus came right back less than 2 minutes later, scoring once again on the power play as Blaine Stoughton notched his 18th of the year and Columbus was back in front 4-3. New Castle tied it again, at 7:05, with a power play goal of their own as Tony Currie scored his second of the night. 4-4! With both teams skating hard, Columbus broke the tie as Doug Jarvis scored his second of the game and 7th of the season to make the final 5-4 Columbus.

1- COL Jarvis 2G 1 A
2-NEW Allison 1G, 3 A
3- NEW Currie 2G

Mike Bromley had 33 saves for the Owls. Bobby Clarke won 16 of 25 faceoffs for the Ducks. Duck defenseman, Frank Bathe drew 11 minutes in penalties including a 5 minute major when he fought with Mike Milbury

Philadelphia Firebirds @ New Castle Ducks PHILADELPHIA 2 NEW CASTLE 2

After losing to last place Columbus, the Ducks played the Firebirds to a 2-2 tie. New Castle came out flying and outshot the Birds 33-23. After Philly took a 1-0 lead on a goal by Blaine Hardy, the Ducks tied it on Rick Middleton’s 18th of the year (assisted by his linemates Clarke and Allison).
The first period ended 1-1 but New Castle struck early in the second, on the power play, as Bobby Clarke scored (from Allison and Currie) to make it 2-1 Ducks. The Ducks tightened things up and it looked like the 2-1 lead might hold. But John Anderson scored at 8:50 of the third to tie the game and that is how it ended. Firebirds goalie Richard Sevigny made 31 saves.

1- NEW Clarke 1G 1 A
2- NEW Middlegon 1G
3- PHI Hardy 1 G

Michel Larocque was in goal for the Ducks and stopped 21 of 23 shots.

Weekly Summary: The Ducks get only one of a possible four points as their season long slump continues. Their #1 line of Allison (20 goals), Clarke (12) and Middleton (18) has played well but none of their other lines are able to muster any consistent scoring. And the defense has let them down in critical moments.
The Ducks figure to be sellers at the trade deadline if anyone is buying. Besides that, New Castle has a high pick in the 8182 draft to look forward to, and not much else.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: Matchups against our biggest rivals – Pittsburgh and Saskatoon. How will we stack up?
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlestown Chiefs It’s the battle of the bastard bearded bipolar busking brothers (we may suck at hockey, but we can alliterate like a literally lateral laureled laureate on adderall).

Oh yeah, the score. 4-4.

Pittsburgh thinks they win it when Chouinard (15) scores with less than 90 seconds remaining, but Andre Savard (15) scores with only 55 seconds on the clock to swap spit with a sibling (ummm… strike that).

Saskatoon Cyclone @ Charlestown Chiefs Nancy Pants Gretzky comes to down and pirouettes to 2 goals and 3 points… but the Chiefs have a thing for 4-4 endings and go with it again.
Weekly Summary: Score 8, give up 8. What’s the point of it all? Looking for a good team shrink.
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: Syracuse and Chicago come out to the Island for some icy fun. 2 home games (Yay!!!!) , Palmateer in goal (Ayiiieeeee!!!). So anything can happen.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Mackinac Island Moose Moose 5, Bulldogs 2 – The Moose give Palmateer a cushion in the 1st period with 3 goals (Barber, Kurri and Lever) on 17 shots while holding the Bulldogs to just 4 SOG. One way to hide a weak goaltender is eliminate any shots for him to save. 3-0 Moose after 1.

The trend continues early in the 2nd when Boudreau adds another for the home team to make the lead 4. The Bulldogs finally get the puck into the offensive zone with a little more regularity forcing Palmateer to do some work, and he does not do it well, saving only 6 of 8 shots in the period, letting Boldirev and Derlago score, and the lead is cut to 2 by period end, making it 4-2 Moose.

A very nervous crowd senses impending doom, but Palmateer, or someone dressed as him (really can’t tell with those masks, eh?) takes control of the period, fending off shot after shot. Just as the folks get comfy with Palmateer, Smith makes things itchy again with a high sticking major, putting the PK unit on the ice for 4 minutes with only 6 to play. The Moose show plenty of energy on the PK, as they haven’t really been energetic on offense in the 3rd period, and form a wall around Palmateer, holding off all attempts to score on the penalty. Palmateer saves 13 in the final stanza. Dunlop adds a meaningless empty netter near the end to make it 5-2. Free fudge for everybody !!!!!!
1st star – Barber 1g1a
2nd – Lever 1g
3rd – Dunlop 1g (really? for an empty netter?)

Chicago Underground @ Mackinac Island Moose Chicago 8, Mackinac Island 5 – Palmateer in goal again. Hang on to your hats.

Great game for 2 periods with 5 ties and 4 lead changes. Chicago with goals from McNab, Seiling 2, Rautakallio and Stastny. The Moose answering with goals from Lysiak, Barber, Lever, Kurri, and Dunlop. 3 of those on the powerplay.

As the 3rd period moves along, so does the attention span and/or eyesight of Mike Palmateer, as he allows 3 goals in 7 minutes (Gilles 2, Labraaten). The Moose are unable to muster any offense the last 9 minutes and the game mercifully ends for Palmateer at 8-5.

1st star – Gilles 2g1a
2nd – Seiling 2g
3rd – Kurri 1g3a

Weekly Summary: 2 games and 20 goals. Gonna have to put new bulbs in the lights. The Moose win 1 of 2.

For the visiting teams, Gilles and McNab each with 3 points.
For the Moose, Lysiak with 6 pts (1g5a) and Kurri 5 (2g3a)

Columbus Owls
Weekly Preview: Columbus plays 2 home games this period looking for an elusive home ice win.
Mackinac Island Moose @ Columbus Owls The Owls let this game slip away by allowing 3 goals in the final 2:39, turning a possible 3-2 win into
a stunning 5-3 loss. Dunlap, Kurri, and Dupont (EN) score to give the Moose the victory.
Ohio Legends @ Columbus Owls Ohio jumps to a 3-0 lead in the first, stretching the lead to 4-0 and eventually holds on for a 5-3 win in the “battle” of Ohio. Savard had 2 goals and Sharpley had 2 assists for the winners.
Weekly Summary: The Owls still only have 1 home ice win as they look to clinch the top draft pick early.
Vermont Foresters
Weekly Preview: 2 big division games with saskatoon and charlestown coming to the bjc this week.
Saskatoon Cyclone @ Vermont Foresters the first place cyclone comes into vermont looking to damage the foresters playoff hopes and they go with rogie vachon in net against vermont rookie richard brodeur. 1 minute into the game reggie leach takes a stupid penalty for holding, 1:04 later saskatoon is up 1-0 as richard scores on the powerplay. mike foligno answers just 1:32 later with his 4th of the year tying the score at 1. at 8:41 of the period foligno gets an elbowing penalty, 27 seconds later gretzky puts the visitors up 2-1. a little over 5 minutes later kent nilsson netted his 19th of the year on a great pass from mark howe to even the score at 2. this did not look good for vermont considering their most consistent ability this season has been getting penalized. the 2nd period though saw the cyclone sitting in the box more and vermont taking advantage. a little over 8 minutes in dale mccourt scored his 8th of the year on a powerplay to make it 3-2 for the home team. vermont held a big edge in play most of the 2nd period with 3 powerplay chances in the 1st half of the 2nd period but at the 15:51 mark pat price took a questionable holding call leaving the foresters shorthanded again and less than 30 seconds later the puck was in the net, saskatoons net, as mark howe scored on a 2 on 1 breakaway after a nice play by dale mccourt for a 4-2 lead. with just under 1 minute left in the 2nd period morris lukowich made it 5-2 vermont with his 14th of the season. at 5:43 of the 3rd period, with keith acton in the penalty box for the 3rd time dale mccourt scored his second of the game making it 6-2 vermont. less than 90 seconds later tom gorence tallied his 10th of the year for a 7-2 lead. this mercifully ended the night for vachon, who ended up facing 41 shots in only 47 minutes. brent ashton scored with less than a minute left for the final of 7-3 vermont. the foresters staying out of the penalty box while saskatoon couldnt made the difference in this game, with vermont going 2-8 on the powerplay while the cyclone went 2-3. this caused gretzky to play 8 and a half of his 21 and a half minutes of ice time shorthanded which was a big plus for vermont. mccourt had 2g 1a, howe 1g 3a, nilsson 1g 2a for the home team, richard a goal and assist for the visitors.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Vermont Foresters the excitement was high coming into the start of this game after the victory over 1st place saskatoon and 3:29 into the opening period kent nilsson gave the home team a 1-0 lead. that was the only goal of the period. 4:29 into the 2nd tom gorence scored his 11th of the year shorthanded for a 2-0 lead. less than 4 minutes later wilf paiement got the visitors on the board cutting the lead to 2-1. anders kallur tied the game with less than 2 minutes left in the 2nd taking the game into the 3rd period 2-2. the game remained tied until less than 5 minutes were left when kallur scored his second giving the visitors a 3-2 lead. gradin iced the game with less than 90 seconds left netting his 5th of the season and making the final 4-2 for the chiefs. vermont had double the toa of charlestown did not take advantage of that time as the chiefs had an 18-14 edge in scoring chances.
Weekly Summary: great start to the week beating saskatoon, disappointing finish losing the charlestown.
Charlotte Dynamo
Weekly Preview: short writeups due to being sick with the flu. Charlotte hosted two games against Patrick Division frontrunners Pittsburgh and Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ Charlotte Dynamo Charlotte salvages a 3-3 tie by scoring the last two goals in the last four minutes of play. Blair Chapman scored with four minutes to play, then just two minutes later defenseman Ian Turnbull scored his eighth goal of the season to ensure the tie. Two goals by Mike Gartner had helped stake the Harbor Rats to a 3-1 lead before the Dynamo rallied.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Charlotte Dynamo Pittsburgh’s firepower was too much for the Dynamo to overcome. The Spirit won 6-3. Goals by Lafleur, Chouinard, Maloney and Sitler sparked the Spirit to a 4-0 lead. Lafleur and Chouinard each finished with two goals apiece.
Weekly Summary: Charlotte comes away with just one point out of a potential 4