Lafleur, Guy PIT 4 1 10 11 0 3 13 8%
Lessard, Mario SCW 2 4 2 53 .930
Young, Tim SYR 4 4 4 8 2 2 14 29%
Herron, Denis OHI 2 3 1.51 76 .962

Chicago Underground
Weekly Preview: Chicago gets 3 on home ice & looks to straighten things around home. On the road they take on the HATED PHILLY squad, who are nothing but a bunch of goons.
Ohio Legends @ Chicago Underground Ohio tallies more than the home team, but it was more about the penalty minutes in this one.

Final Score: Ohio 3 – Chicago 1

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Don Maloney – 2 Goals
Star #2 – Denis Herron – 44 Saves
Star #3 – Bernie Federko – 1 Goal – 3 Points

Denis Herron had 44 Saves for Ohio
Ric Seling had 14 Minutes in Penalties for Chicago
Game Winning Goal Scored by Don Maloney

Syracuse Bulldogs @ Chicago Underground Syracuse got off to a 2-0 lead, but Chicago stormed back thanks to a Hat Trick by Mike Bossy. For a division game this one was not a rough one at all.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Syracuse 3

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Mike Bossy – 3 Goals
Star #2 – Per-Olov Brasar – 1 Goal – 2 Points
Star #3 – Bill Derlago – 1 Goal – 2 Points

Bill Derlago won 15 Faceoffs for Syracuse
Mike Bossy had a Hat Trick, Peter Stastny had 3 Assists & Pete Peeters had 38 Saves for Chicago
Game Winning Goal Scored by Peter McNab

Mackinac Island @ Chicago Underground Chicago playing some better hockey at home lately comes out on top in this one.

Final Score: Chicago 3 – Mackinac Island 2

Labatts Three Star Selection:
Star #1 – Clark Gillies – 1 Goal
Star #2 – Pete Peeters – 34 Saves
Star #3 – Peter McNab – 1 Goal

Pete Peeters had 34 Saves for Chicago
Game Winning Goal Scored by Clark Gillies

Weekly Summary: Chicago picks up 4 points at home & the fans are once again smiling at home. In Philly they are spitting on the ice & yelling like crazy at the owners box. He’s a Douche…
CapJack Rangers
Weekly Preview: If the Rangers didn’t have to play the 3rd period, they might very well have a much better record. This week they host Brooklyn and Pittsburgh with hopes of moving up in the world – at least in their division.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats @ CapJack Rangers Rangers up 3-1 late in the 2nd. Goals from Shutt, Cloutier and Schutt for the Rangers, Sutter for the Rats. Then Brooklyn gets a late 2nd period tally from Gustafsson and then the start off the 3rd period with 2 goals (Stastny and Smith) in under 7 minutes and skate to a 4-3 lead. Fortunately in this game, Gare scores with just under a minute left to tie it up – but the two teams couldn’t break it and the game ended 4-4. Actually surprising was the Rangers out shot and opponent (35-19) and had 28-8 scoring chances.
Brooklyn earned the 1st and 2nd stars: Stastny #1 with goal and an assist, #2 went to Smith with a goal and an assist nad Shutt (CAP) took home star #3, yup, with a goal and an assist. High point guy in the game was Trottier with 3 assists. Millen stopped 31 shots.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ CapJack Rangers You know, Pittsburgh is really quite full of themselves. You might say they are almost the Philadephia of the Patrick Division – brash and they carry a target on themselves. And they usually pound the crap out of you for 60 minutes and skate away smiling.
Well – if the game only went 41 minutes and 2 seconds, the Rangers could have escaped with a 3-3 tie. Pettersson, Sittler and Houle scoring for Pittsburgh and Gare, Robinson and Nethery for CapJack. But the game goes for 60 minutes and in the final 14:45 of the game, Houle, Sittler and Pettersson EACH score again. VERY ODD – they scored their 2nd goals in complete reverse order of the 1st three. Assist pattern was similiar but just slightly different – all 6 Spirit goals were even strength. FINAL 6-3 Pittsburg
STARS (all PIT – duh)
1. Pettersson 2 goals 1 assist
2. Houle 2 goals, 1 assist
3. Sittle 2 goals (wasn’t helping others I guess)
Weekly Summary: So, a very weak week getting 1 of 4 possible points. Maybe next week with some added offense and defense to the blue line the Rangers can show some more spunk and get back to doing what they did last year – SCORE more than they gave up. Risto Siltanen to the rescue????
Saskatoon Cyclone
Weekly Preview: After facing two of the top three teams last week things get not much easier for Saskatoon as they host the Pittsburgh Spirit and Vermont Foresters for a pair of games in week 5.
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Saskatoon Cyclone This roller coaster ride of a game made more people sick than the Gravitron carnival ride.

Saskatoon came out flying with Rick Green taking a point shot 35 seconds in that beat Pittsburgh goalie Glenn Resch low stick side to take a 1-0 lead. Three minutes later Darcy Rota picked up his 4th goal of the season by batting a bouncing puck out of the air that knuckle-balled its way past Resch to make it 2-0.

To say that the game was hard on goalies would be an understatement …

The two teams continued to bash away at one another for the rest of the period with the Cyclone focusing more on hospitalizing the Spirit players than trying to score. The strategy worked … Rick Vaive “nearly ripped the pecker off Jorgen Pettersson” to quote announcer Red Green, but since there was nothing to rip off Vaive had to content himself with serving two minutes for roughing.

Here is where the basketball-like momentum swing started …

The Cyclone had essentially killed off the penalty when Bob Gainey broke loose with the puck and bore down on Resch to try and make it 3-0 with a short-handed goal but instead had the puck clank off the post and back down towards the Saskatoon end where it was eventually recovered by Guy Chouinard in the corner. Choo-choo shrugged off a couple of Swedish-type checks and skated freely in front of goaltender Rogie Vachon and slip the puck through his pads for his 9th of the year to make it 2-1.

Less than a minute later, Darryl Sittler (11) golfed Larry Murphy’s slapshot rebound past Vachon to make it 2-2.

… and thus endeth the 1st period with the Spirit holding the edge in shots 11-5 despite most of the play being in their own zone (mostly due to a barrage of shots fired at Vachon during a couple of power plays in the period).

Pittsburgh picked up where it left off in the 1st period as Rogie Vachon was struck by hysterical blindness but failed to tell anyone until midway through the period.

First, Pettersson (10) slid a low wrister through a crowd in the front of the net and into the Saskatoon goal to give the Spirit a 3-2 three minutes into the 2nd period. Seventy-two seconds later Petterson (11) did an encore by sniping one off Vachon’s flailing trapper and into the net to make it 4-2.

But wait … there’s more ….

At the 9 minute mark, the Spirit made the most of their final moments with Vachon in nets. Woefully offensively impotent Rejean Houle (an even worse GM than a player, btw – perhaps one of the worst ever) bashed one from the point that bounced over Rogie’s pads and then at 9:51 Murphy (3) followed it up with another long shot that should have been stopped that found its way into the back of the Cyclone net. And le voila … a 2-0 Saskatoon lead is miraculously converted into a 6-2 Pittsburgh one.

The recipe appears to be a recurring if not simple one anyone can follow at home:
Saskatoon lead + Rogie Vachon allowed to be in nets = visiting team lead


Lemelin in means Pittsburgh Spirits’ spirits fall and the Cyclone’s soar.

Less than three minutes after skating onto the ice, Lemelin sparks the Cyclone to grab the 1st of four consecutive goals. Jacques Richard (11) made it 6-3 with a power play marker at 12:50 and then Kevin Lowe (5) scored on a power play at 15:39 to make it 6-4 with Saskatoon carrying the play in the 2nd period with a big 15-7 edge in shots … yes, that means Pittsburgh scored on Rogie with more than half of their shots. Yuck.

The 3rd period took a while to get going in terms of scoring but not chances as the refs let the teams play and boy – did they ever! The period was an end to end romp with great goaltending by Resch and Lemelin until at 13:54 Wayne Gretzky (12) wristed a one-timer from Marc Tardiff past the Pittsburgh goalie to make it 6-5 for the Spirit.

Less than a minute later with the pendulum now fully swung in Saskatoon’s favor, Kent-Erik Andersson was left alone like a hobo that just climbed out of a seafood restaurant’s dumpster and back-handed the puck past Resch from close in to tie it up 6-6.

Only 52 seconds later Don Maloney (8) fired an innocuos seeming floater towards the Saskatoon net that disappeared into a crowd in front of the screened Cyclone netminder and re-appeared behind him in the mesh as the Spirit recovered the lead 7-6.

The final 82 seconds of the game was a flurry of shots from Sasktoon that never seemed to actually come all that close to the Pittsburgh net while Dick Redmond (3) and Guy Lafleur (7) had no problem finding the vacant Cyclone net.

A wild wild wild game with BAD BAD BAD goaltending in stretches but kudos to the Spirit for putting the puck on the net when it was occupied by a complete turd nugget.

1. PIT, Pettersson (2 goals despite not having a penis)
2. PIT, Sittler (1 goal and 3 assists despite having Lanny McDonald’s penis)
3. PIT, Lafleur (1 goal and 2 assists to home “penis” sounds like vehicle tires)

Other notables not involving Pettersson’s lack of a penis:
SAS – Gretzky had 1 goal and 2 assists, won 18 faceoffs and had 4 hits!
SAS – Andersson had a season-high of 3 takeaways
PIT – Resch was shaky in stretches but brilliant when it mattered stopping 27 of 33 shots
PIT – Redmond was a cool +3 on the day with a goal and 3 hits
SAS – Vachon was a syphillitic 10/16 in saves (62.5 % save pct) while Lemelin stopped 9 of 10 shots

Vermont Foresters @ Saskatoon Cyclone Rogie Vachon gets the call as he valiantly tries to stave off a demotion to the Saskatchewan Old Timers Gentleman’s Pond Hockey Pickup League and it is up to the Foresters from Vermont to decide his fate.

Vachon decided to be the master of his own destiny and took the bull by the horns in this one and was promptly gored nearly to death.

All was well for the first ten minutes of the game with the Sasktoon needlessly wincing every time there was a shot directed the way of the aging netminder … and then the wheels fell off the bus, the bus caught fire, exploded, was picked up by a Prairie tornado and deposited in a landfill 10 miles away that then toppled into a sinkhole.

Morris Lukowich was the first to beat Rogie at 11:27 with his 8th of the season and 31 seconds later Eric Vail also got his 8th beating Vachon with a wrist shot from around the faceoff circle. Vachon recovered to almost make it out of the period without any more pyrotechnics, but Craig Ramsay (better known for his penalty killing and mixing of Polynesian fruity drinks than for scoring) notched his 3rd of the season with a tip in of Mark Howe’s point shot.

Resisting the urge to yank Vachon yet again, Saskatoon stuck with goalie Vachon and decided the best strategy was not to allow the Foresters to get any shots on him. They nearly succeeded too as they badly outshot Vermont 17-5 in the period. Three of those Saskatoon shots – Vaive (5), Gainey (2) and Taylor (7) – found their way past Richard Brodeur and into the Vermont net to end the 2nd period tied 3-3.

Vermont shrugged off the comeback and after some gritty play in the Saskatoon end regained the lead at the 9:16 mark thanks to a bullet slapshot from the point by Howe that beat Vachon.

The Vermont Achilles Heel in this game was a series of blatant pre-game bribes of the refs that resulted in seven power plays in the game for Saskatoon. Jacques Richard (12) capitalized on one of those, tying the game with a slapshot from in front of Brodeur at 14:34.

The Foresters got their break to retake the lead when Cyclone defenceman Joel Quenneville (a not bad coach and a snappy dresser) took a bad penalty and was sent off for holding with just over 3 minutes left in the period.

One of the stranger power plays I have seen ensued with the first minute being constant pressure on Vachon and the Saskatoon defenders, but just when it seemed that the Cyclone were about to crack Bob Gainey and Wayne Gretzky turned on the afterburners stole the puck and then pinned the power play team in their own zone for about 30 seconds in which the routine became: take shot at Brodeur, Brodeur makes great save and hangs on, Gretzky wins faceoff, Saskatoon shoots at Brodeur … this repeated three times until Nilsson finally won a faceoff and the Foresters regrouped and headed down ice to resume their attack on Vachon and company.

Unfortunately, Nilsson was stripped of the puck as he tried to stickhandle across the Saskatoon blueline and Gainey broke in on Brodeur all alone sliding the puck underneath him as he slid to his left with a game-winning short-handed goal.

Another limp performance by Vachon who stopped only 19 of 23 shots in the 5-4 win while Brodeur was great saving 38 of 43 for VErmont.

1. SAS, Gainey 2 goals and 1 assist
2. SAS, Vaive 1 goal and 1 assist
3. SAS, Taylor 1 goal and 1 assist

Weekly Summary: Two of four points for the Cyclone this week in two close games that featured wildly inconsistent play. Rogie Vachon’s skate on thin ice ended with a resounding SPLASH as he is expected to head to the minors with Glen Hanlon taking his place next week.
Syracuse Bulldogs
Weekly Preview: Syracuse host two very good teams in St. Claire Shores and Norris leading Philly
Philadelphia Firebirds @ Syracuse Bulldogs Syracuse had its Power Play firing on all cylinders as they win it 4-1.
Stars #1 SYR Higgins 1G 2pts
2 SYR Young 1G 2 pts
3 SYR Edwards 30 saves
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Syracuse Bulldogs Syracuse survived 26 penalty minutes and hang on 5-3
Stars #1 SYR Young 1G 2 pts
2 SYR Gagne 1G
3 SYR Derlago 1G
Weekly Summary: Syracuse takes care of their home ice winning both games
Philadelphia Firebirds
Weekly Preview: Philly has the Disgusting Underground and New Castle coming to the Spectrum. Needing points to continue the lead in the Norris.
Chicago Underground @ Philadelphia Firebirds A two hour delay to start the game caused by the teams going at it in the tunnel and Risto Silatanen being beaten up by Stray Corrados wife Stacy …the game started

Garry Rissling in the first couple minutes slashes Denis Savard.

The Ground makes Philly pay as Petr McNab gets his 3rd of the year from a great pass from Pierre Mondou. Chicago controls play out shooting Philly 8-1

The 2nd period starts with Chicago up 1-0

3 minutes in they get Schmautzed as Bobby puts in his 5th from Maruk as Philly ties it up. Minutes later Marcel Dionne puts Philly up 2-1 with his 9th from Schmautz.
Philly outshoots Chicago 20-1 in the second and DOMINATES play.

Third period starts with Philly controlling play and out shooting Chicago 32-12. Bossy doesn’t care as he blows a slapshot by Sevigny and Chicago ties it a . Minutes later Clark Gillies puts Chicago up 3-2 and the Spectrum erupts with booos. With time running out Philly pulls its goalie and the Ground makes them pay as Bossy does it again with an empty net

Chicago wins 4-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and police are called in to protect the Underground players.

New Castle Ducks @ Philadelphia Firebirds who cares we lost to Chicago

New Castle Beats our ass 4-2

Weekly Summary: Philly comes home and shits the points and again WE LOST TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!

Pray for employees under coach Brenner this week he will not be happy.

New Castle Ducks
Weekly Preview: The struggling, punchless, New Castle Ducks have only one home game this week -against the Ohio Legends. The Legends, another “Dispersal Draft” team like the Ducks are off to a slow start also so it is an opportunity for the Ducks to pick up a much needed victory.
Ohio Legends @ New Castle Ducks NEW CASTLE 2 OHIO 2

It looked like the Ducks had a rare win, as they led 2-1 in the closing minute of the game. But once again New Castle blew the lead as Ohio’s Billy Carrol scored his FIRST goal of the seaosn with 44 seconds to go and an extra skater on the ice for the Legends. Carroll beat Billy Smith, assisted by Bob Nystrom and Tiger Williams, to tie the game.
The Ducks outshot Ohio 34-23, won 61% of the Faceoffs, had more hits and a large advantage in Shot Attempts but still ended up only with a tie. Power Plays continue to plague the Ducks as they were 0-3 on the power play while their penalty killing still leaves a lot to be desired as Ohio scored on one of two power plays – a first period goal by Cochrane, also his FIRST of the season.
The Ducks took a 2-1 lead on a second period goal by Yvon Lambert (3) to tie it and went ahead when Steve Kasper scored his 5th of the year mid way through the second period.

1- OHI Carroll 1 G 1 A
2- NEW Kasper 1 G
3- OHI Cochrane 1 G

Ohio goalie Dennis Herron made 32 saves

Weekly Summary: The Ducks struggles continue. While their defense has generally played well, they lack scoring ability and special teams (power play and penalty kill) continue to be weak. New Castle will have to find a spark somewhere in order to salvage their season
Silk City Wales
Weekly Preview: The Whales play host to conference foes Vermont and CapJack this week. All three teams have struggled to a certain extent early this season and are looking to get some momentum.
Vermont Foresters @ Silk City Wales Tight checking game sees the Whales get second period goals from Bob Bourne and Perry Turnbull to gain a 2-0 lead, and Silk City holds on to win 3-1.

1st Star – Bob Bourne (SCW), G & A
2nd Star – RIck Kehoe (SCW), G & A
3rd Star – Perry Turnbull (SCW), G

CapJack Rangers @ Silk City Wales The Whales squander three leads and Danny Gare’s goal with 3:17 remaining gets us to a 3-3 tie. The Whales struggle for consistency in this game by taking too many penalties and the Rangers score twice on the power play.

1st Star – Larry Robinson (CAP), G & 2A
2nd Star – Danny Gare (CAP), G & A
3rd Star – Rick Kehoe (SCW), G

Weekly Summary: The Whales have one of their better weeks of the season at home, getting three points this week. They have to learn to stop taking so many penalties and the penalty killing unit struggling.
Ohio Legends
Weekly Preview: The expansion Ohio Legends continue their inaugural season, lugging the Goaltender of Disaster, Jim Rutherford, along–counting on games from him to help make the postseason. Could he contribute this week–or would he be worthless as usual?
Saint Clair Shores Saints @ Ohio Legends St. Clair Shores wasted little time battering Legends goaltending, grabbing the opening goal at 11:58 of the opening frame, as Bob Kelly banged in his sixth goal, beating Eddie Mio to the glove side. Ohio would be dealt another blow later in the opening frame, when Serge Savard suffered a head injury and would be unable to return.

In the second, the Saints extended the lead to 2-0–when Mike Fidler collected his first score of the year at 2:04, attacking the glove side low. The first half of the game seemed all Saint Clair, but the second half of the middle frame tilted toward Ohio and the game soon followed.

A double minor to Doug Wilson allowed Ohio four minutes of potential man-advantage time. Blair MacDonald needed a bit more than a minute to collect his third of the season on a re-direction to cut the lead in half. Nearly a minute and a half after that, Billy Carroll tallied his first with a wraparound of a missed shot to knot things at two apiece. That would be the score heading to the third.

Ohio took the lead for good at 3:53 when Ray Neufeld blasted a shot from the right circle thaat Mike Liut got a piece of, but went into the net. Tim Kerr’s power play goal at 6:14 was his fourth of the year and came on the rebound of a Ron Stackhouse shot. Bernie Federko’s fifth goal of the year off of a deke at 13:02 was also a power play marker. Ohio outshot St. Clair Shores, 13-1, in the third period and 27-16 for the game.

Eddie Mio picked up the win with 14 saves, while Mike Liut absorbed the loss despite making 22 saves. Ohio dominated on the power play, cashing in on four-of-eight chances, while the Saints went one-for-seven with the man-advantage. St. Clair Shores blocked nine shots.

FINAL – Ohio 5, St. Clair Shores 2

Columbus Owls @ Ohio Legends Ohio raced out to a 2-0 lead in the opening frame when the Legends scored goals 62 seconds apart late in the opening frame. Willy Lindstrom banged home his second of the year with a slapper from the top of the right circle at 17:20 and Billy Carroll netted his second at 18:22 with a wraparound to give the hometowners up after the opening period.

There was no scoring in the middle frame, as Columbus had the best chance with a 3:17 power play that had six shots on goal and 53 seconds of five-on-three hockey.

Jim Rutherford had 18 saves and there was a zero on the scoreboard for the Owls after two.

However, this is Jim Rutherford and a zero does not last 60 minutes behind him.

Columbus cut the deficit in half at 8:32 when Michel Goulet picked up his sixth going top shelf. Mike Zukje would netted his second at 14:26 with a shot just inside the blueline. There would be no more scoring in this one.

Dou Soetaert would stop 28 shots for the Owls, while Rutherford would turn aside 25 shots. The Owls would out-chance the Legends, 24-8. Columbus was one-for-five on the power play and Ohio was zero-for-seven with the man-advantage.

FINAL – Columbus 2, Ohio 2

Weekly Summary: Ohio took three of four points for the week, despite battling the injury bug (and Jim Rutherford). The Legends continue to hold second place in the Adams Division at 7-7-4.
Saint Clair Shores Saints
Weekly Preview: The Saints host Adams Division rival Columbus and Philadelphia.
Columbus Owls @ Saint Clair Shores Saints The Owls score the first 2 goals of the game courtesy of Goulet and Stoughton. Then, the Saints go on a run with 5 consecutive goals. In the 3rd, the Owls score 2 goals, but the Saints score 2 empty netters by Fidler and Ramage to close out the game. The Saints win a high scoring game.

SCS 7 Columbus 4

1st – Goulet – Columbus 2 goals
2nd – Ftorek – 1 goal; 1 assist
3rd – Fidler 1 goals; 1 assist

Philadelphia Firebirds @ Saint Clair Shores Saints Christoff scores his 8th in the first period, but the Firebirds score roughly 2 minutes later on an Anderson goal. On a power play, still in the 1st, Christoff scores his 9th. Linseman scores for Philly to tie it at 2 to close out the 1st period.

Late in the 2nd, Tonelli scores to break the tie for the Firebirds. With less than 2 minutes to go, Anderson scores his second goal of the game to ensure a Philly win.

Philadelphia 4 SCS 2

1st -Anderson 2 goals
2nd -Christoff 2 goals
3rd -Tonelli 1 goals

Weekly Summary: The Saints split with Columbus and Philadelphia.
Charlestown Chiefs
Weekly Preview: Two home games against division rivals.
Silk City Wales @ Charlestown Chiefs We clearly did something in the 1st period to piss off the Whales. The Chiefs take a 1-0 lead into the 2nd, when Silk City erupts for SIX GOALS in the period, and then tacks on another THREE GOALS in the 3rd to win it 9-3. Andre Savard (8) scores with 38 seconds left to kinda make it look like less of a blowout (not really, but we appreciate his effort).

The D pairing of Ray Bourque and Mike McEwen is a combined -7. There might be a blanket party tonight.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 15:13 EV CHA Gardner (9), assisted by Giles (8) and Potvin (9)
2 :48 EV SCW Kehoe (7), assisted by Murphy (14)
2 4:35 PP SCW Ruskowski (1), assisted by Beck (3)
2 7:00 EV SCW Beck (2), assisted by Messier (5) and Salming (9)
2 12:48 PP CHA Tremblay (4), assisted by Coffey (4) and Gradin (13)
2 13:33 EV SCW Plett (6), assisted by Lindgren (1) and Nachbaur (3)
2 15:29 EV SCW Kehoe (8), assisted by Murphy (15) and Salming (10)
2 19:12 EV SCW Beck (3), assisted by Salming (11) and Turnbull (5)
3 2:59 EV SCW Messier (5), assisted by Ruskowski (6) and Sutter (3)
3 4:43 PP SCW Miller (2), assisted by Messier (6) and Turnbull (6)
3 11:44 PP SCW Korab (3), assisted by LaVallee (4)
3 19:22 EV CHA Savard (8), assisted by Paiement (17)

Injuries: Bourque(CHA)-game

Star 1: SCW Beck 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: SCW Kehoe 2 G
Star 3: SCW Messier 1 G, 3 Pts

GWG: Willi Plett

Notables: SCW B.Sauve 44 saves, Salming 3 assists
CHA Gardner 15 faceoffs won

Vermont Foresters @ Charlestown Chiefs Reggie Dunlop knocked some heads at the morning skate, and it worked – after surrendering 9 goals in the previous games, the Chiefs score 9 en route to a 9-5 beatdown of Vermont.

The Paiement/Gardner/Kerr line collects 9 points, and Bourque/McEwen redeem themselves with a combined 3 points and a +2. Wayne Thomas wins in his first start of the season.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 5:34 EV VER Nilsson (8), assisted by Foligno (3) and Howe (14)
1 13:58 PP VER Vail (8), assisted by Nilsson (18) and Howe (15)
1 18:31 PP VER McCourt (4), assisted by Faubert (7) and Lukowich (9)
1 19:28 EV CHA Mike McEwen (2), assisted by Gardner (12) and Kerr (8)
2 10:41 EV CHA Kerr (8), assisted by Coffey (5) and Giles (9)
2 12:51 EV VER Vail (9), assisted by Howe (16)
2 13:33 EV CHA McDonald (3), assisted by Sargent (1) and Savard (9)
3 :56 EV CHA Gardner (10), assisted by Bourque (6)
3 1:27 EV VER Lukowich (8), assisted by Howe (17) and Nilsson (19)
3 11:29 EV CHA Haworth (1), assisted by Potvin (10) and Kallur (3)
3 14:44 PP CHA Steve Tambellini (3), assisted by Paiement (18) and Kallur (4)
3 16:27 PP CHA Paiement (8), assisted by Kerr (9)
3 19:18 EN CHA Sargent (2), assisted by Gardner (13) and Mike McEwen (6)
3 19:38 PP CHA Gardner (11), assisted by Tremblay (12) and McKegney (9)

Injuries: Hoganson(VER)-game Coffey(CHA)-game
Suspension: VER Howe(2)

Star 1: CHA Gardner 2 G, 4 Pts
Star 2: CHA Kerr 1 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: VER Vail 2 G

GWG: Steve Tambellini

Notables: VER Howe,M 4 assists, Howe,M 10 PIM
CHA None

Weekly Summary: We give up 14 combined goals and score 12, but still manage to collect 2 points. We’ll take it.
Brooklyn Harbor Rats
Weekly Preview: 3 home games this week in Brooklyn as Charlotte, Charlestown and Saskatoon all come visiting
Charlestown Chiefs @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Power play goals by Reg Kerr and Paul Gardner stake the Chiefs to a 2-0 lead before Dave Christian gets one back for us. Mike Gartner nets the tying goal for the Rats just :30 seconds into the 3rd period, then Gartner puts us in front with 6 minutes left and Greg Millen makes it stand up for a 3-2 Brooklyn win.
Charlotte Dynamo @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Up 2-1 in the 2nd period, the Rats take advantage when Tom Rowe gets whistled for a 5 minute major for the Dynamo. Brooklyn scores twice on the major power play to pull away in this 6-3 win. Mike Gartner has a goal and 2 assists to lead the Rats offense, which goes 3 for 4 on the power play.
Saskatoon Cyclone @ Brooklyn Harbor Rats Dave Christian’s second goal of the game comes with :28 seconds left in the 2nd period and puts Brooklyn up 4-3. Christian finishes off the hat trick halfway through the 3rd and an empty netter seals the win for backup net minder Wayne Stephenson, his first win of the season.
Weekly Summary: 3 wins in 3 home games for the Harbor Rats who are looking to move up in the standings this week.
Columbus Owls
Weekly Preview: The Owls only play one game, versus fellow expansion team New Castle
New Castle Ducks @ Columbus Owls The Ducks dominated the usual weak Columbus defense and goaltending and routed the Owls 7-3. Richie Dunn had a goal and 3 assists and Bobby Clarke added 3 assists of his own as New Castle raced to an easy lead and coasted, dumping the Owls to the leagues worst record.
Weekly Summary: The Owls appear to be a poorly put together team hindered by weak net minding.
Charlotte Dynamo
Weekly Preview: The Charlotte Dynamo hosted division rival CapJack, high flying Saskatoon and Silk City during this latest stretch.
CapJack Rangers @ Charlotte Dynamo Charlotte scores two first period goals from Wayne Cashman and Jean Pronovost and adds a powerplay goal by Al Sims in the third period en route to a 3-1 win. A late goal with 1:53 remaining by the Rangers’ Lance Nethery spoiled Tony Esposito’s shutout bid. Esposito recorded 35 saves as CapJack outscored the Dynamo 36-24.
Saskatoon Cyclone @ Charlotte Dynamo The Cyclone trained Charlotte 6-5 early in the third period before erupting for four unanswered goals to grab the 9-6 victory. Darcy Rota, Wayne Gretzky, Jacques Richard all contributed with goals during the Saskatoon outburst before a Tom Laidlaw empty netter completed the scoring in this offensively charged affair. Six different players scored the goals for Charlotte, including Gil Perreault’s fourth of the year which had provided the Dynamo with the short-lived 6-5 advantage. The Great One finished with two goals and Doug Risebrough came to life with one goal and four assists.
Silk City Wales @ Charlotte Dynamo Down 5-2, the Dynamo rallied for three unanswered goals to salvage a 5-5 tie in this one. Forwards Stan Jonathan, Mike Rogers and Derek Smith answered the bell scoring Charlotte’s final three goals. Smith’s goal 3 minutes into the third came on the power play. Goalie Larry Lozinski was an unsung hero for Charlotte relieving Esposito and allowing just 1 goal while saving 27 shots. Bob Sauve allowed in five of the 24 shots he faced.
Weekly Summary: Summary: The Dynamo continue to demonstrate impressive firepower to hover above .500 but defensive woes continue to plague this team. Charlotte must also confront hard usage decisions and rest players as the season progresses.
Mackinac Island Moose
Weekly Preview: The Moose hosts New Castle and Columbus on the Island this week.
New Castle Ducks @ Mackinac Island Moose Ducks 4, Moose 2 – After Vautour and Stewart renew their friendship, followed by a 5 minute rest, Lever opens up the scoring with a shortie. And just when the Moose are looking to go to the first rest period ahead, Walter sneaks one in to tie it up with 5 seconds left.

The 2nd period equally quiet until the Ducks repeat their last second heroics, this time its Nedomansky popping one in with only 3 seconds left, and the period ends 2-1 Ducks.

3rd period Larocque continues to hold off the Mooses, while Kasper adds one more to the lead at the 10 minute mark. The Moose crank things up and manage to close the gap to 1 with a minute left with a goal by Napier. Then as they pull the goalie and go for the equalizer, Clarke busts out and adds the insurance goal on an empty netter, to finish the game 4-2

1st star – Larocque 52 saves
2nd star – Nedomansky 1g1a
3rd star – Clarke 1g

Columbus Owls @ Mackinac Island Moose Owls 5, Moose 5 – The Moose nearly take this one early, scoring 3 goals (Dunlop, O’Connell, Napier) in the first 5 minutes. The Owls keep their composure and right the ship, with Fox and Zuke answering before the period is over, ending 3-2 Moose.

As the Moose try to get things going, the Owls keep the momentum on their side, Jarvis adding a powerplay goal early to tie it all up. Both defenses take over from there, and the 2nd period ends tied 3-3.

The Moose figure things out and Russell puts the Moose back up by 1. Five minutes later Hunter ties it up for the Owls 4-4. Boutette puts the Moose up 5-4 just 2 minutes later. Just when the Moose think they will excape with a win, Esposito breaks the hearts of the homecrowd with 40 second left, tying the game 5-5.

Brownschidle and Lever both miss part of the game with injuries.

Weekly Summary: The Moose barely manage to squeak out 1 point at home this week. Looks like some tweaks are in order.
Pittsburgh Spirit
Weekly Preview: One home game. A brotherly quarrel against Charlestown.
Charlestown Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Spirit Lots of action. Back and forth. High scoring game. Spirit squeak it out 6-5 to win their first home game against the Chiefs this year.
Weekly Summary: One home game, one win. Hoping for a good road trip!
Vermont Foresters
Weekly Preview: only 1 game against conference leading pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Spirit @ Vermont Foresters vermont played with star defenseman mark howe and the team fell apart getting blown out by the spirit. only a late goal by craig ramsey prevented the shutout. very disappointing effort by the foresters at home
Weekly Summary: thankful it was only 1 game