St. Clair Shores SaintsSaint Croix Falls LumberJacksThe Prince of Wales Semi Final Match up featuring the Saint Croix Lumber Jacks & the St. Clair Shores Saints.   Looks to be a even series that could go the distance.

GAME #1 Anderson starts off the scoring for Saints in the 1st. Stoughton gets 2 consecutive goals for the Lumberjacks. Early in the 3rd, Kelly nets it, and its tied 2-2.

With 2:59, Payne scores for Saint Croix for the go-ahead goal. But, wait there is more. With 1:20 left, Malone scores to tie the game. With 21 seconds to go, Mulvey scores for the Lumberjacks and Saint Croix wins.

Very riveting action in the 3rd period.

Saint Croix 4 SCS 3

1st – Stoughton 2 goals, 1 assist.
2nd -Payne 1 goal, 1 assist.
3rd – Malone 1 goal, 1 assist.

GAME #2 Malone continues good play for SCS and scores in the 1st. In the 2nd, Mulvey and Payne score for the Lumberjacks.

Early in the 3rd, Thompson scores for the Saints and we are tied again. With 52 seconds to go, Van Boxmeer scores and the Lumberjacks take a 1 goal lead. Federko with an empty netter to close out the game.

Saint Croix 4 SCS 2

  SCS trails 0-2. Trying to play one game at a time. They lost 2 tough ones on the road.
GAME #3 In the 1st period, the Saints score 3 to take a nice lead. Babych, Ftorek, and Wilson score. Midway through the 2nd, Saganiuk scores for the Lumberjacks. Stoughton scores a short-handed goal. But, the Lumberjacks can’t comeback and the Saints win their first game of the series.

SCS 3 Saint Croix 2

1st – Babych
2nd – Wilson
3rd – Ftorek

GAME #4 This game was real similar to game 3. The Saints score the first 3 – Thompson, Duguay, and Babych.

Roberts and Williams score for Saint Croix, but its too late. SCS ties the series.

SCS 3 Saint Croix 2

1st – Babych 1 goal, 1 assist
2nd -Williams 1 goal, 1 assist
3rd – Duguay 1 goal

  Its 2-2, and a big game 5 comes up.
GAME #5 This is a completely wide-open high scoring game. Saint Croix has a 4-1 lead, when SCS stages a nice complex. Believe it or not, Errol Thompson scores 4 straight goals. Amazing. With 3:37 to go, though, Saint Croix ties the game on a Payne goal.

We go to a shootout. Each team scores 1 and Federko wins it with the Lumberjacks second in the extra stanza.

SCS fights back, takes the lead, gets tied, and loses in a shootout.

Saint Croix 6 SCS 5

1st – SCS – Thompson 5 goals!
2nd – SCS – Nilsson 4 assists
3rd – SCX- Federko 1 goal 1 assist and shootout winner

  Saint Croix goes up 3 games to 2, we return to St. Clair Shores.

Saint Croix is up 3 games to 2 – can they clinch?

GAME #6 In the 2nd period, Nilsson scores the only game of the game, which means that the Saints prevail in a 1-0 shutout. Liut with 32 saves and a shutout.

SCS 1 Saint Croix 0

1st – Liut 32 saves
2nd – Nilsson 1 goal
3rd – Larocque 33 saves – Lumberjacks

  SCS wins a nailbiter, 1-0. Series is tied at 3. We go back to Saint Croix.

Its tied 3-3 and the Saints comeback to Saint Croix. Every home team has won their games.

GAME #7 This was a wideopen game. SCS leads 3-2, and Saint Croix scores 4 unanswered goals, which pretty much ended the game. SCS and Saint Croix trade goals. Duguay scores one very late for SCS, but they fall 2 goals short. SOG was virtually even, 38-37 in favor of SCS.

Congrats to Saint Croix on the win.

Saint Croix 7 SCS 5

1st – Payne 1 goal and 3 assists.
2nd – Nilsson SCS – 2 goals, 1 assist
3rd – Mulvey 2 goals. – great series for him.

  Saint Croix wins the series. Every team holds serve and wins. I played all 7 games, and all were close. Saint Croix had more offense on their team, but the Saints hung in there. Games 1, 2, and 5 were heart breakers at Saint Croix, as they come down to the final minute.