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2020LotteryBallsThe 2020 MWHL Draft Lottery will take place on Sunday, June 7th at 8:00 PM ET.

The five Franchises in the chart below will have a chance at the #1 Pick in the 2020 MWHL Draft which the date has yet to be determined. 

Here is the link to the 2020 MWHL Prospect Draft.

Each Franchise numbers were generated from the Draft Order Generator below.   

The MWHL Commissioner’s Office selected the winning numbers for the lottery starting with the #1 Pick & moving down to the #5 Pick.

Portland Storm 1 2 5 9 15
LA Great Danes 3 7 10 11  
Swift Current 4 8 14    
Yellowknife Braves 6 12  
Gilbert Sharks 13 Moved down for player over usage

9.1 Draft Order & Lottery
The Prospects draft will be determined by the previous season’s standings and by a Lottery.
The basic draft order will be the inverse order of the previous year’s standings.
The Lottery will only impact the weakest teams from the previous season.

20th Team will have 5 chances (33.3%)
19th team will have 4 chances (26.6%)
18th Team will have 3 chances (20.0%)
17th Team will have 2 chances (13.3%)
16th Team will have 1 chance (6.6%)

The Lottery will only impact the 1st Round of the Prospects Draft.
For all subsequent rounds, the order of the draft will revert to the inverse order of the previous
year’s standings

Prospect Draft Picks may be traded but only for the Current Seasons’ Prospect Draft.