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Brentwood Bandits (48-27-7) vs. Alamo Defenders (47-28-7)
WEEKLY PREVIEW: Here is a write-up for the first four games of the series. Series is being played on team viewer. This is a fun series, which will continue to be interesting.


GAME #1 at Brentwood The two teams battle it out the Bandits have the advantage on shots – 13-6. But, the Defenders cash in on a Blake Wheeler goal at 19:31 of the 1st period. His line mates, Stamkos, and Marchand assist on the goal.

It’s 1-0, Alamo after the 1st period.

2nd period -No scoring, but even on shots, 14 for Brentwood and 11 for Alamo.

3rd period – DeBrusk nets his 11th goal of the playoffs for Brentwood, and its 1-1. With 1:31 to go in the game, Draisaitl nets his 8th goal of the playoffs. Seguin gets the assist.
Lehner fights off the Bandits empty net opportunities, and Alamo steals the game 2-1. Lehner has 36 saves in the victory.

Lehner gets the 1st star
Wheeler – 2nd star
Draisaitl – 3rd star

Alamo 2 Brentwood 1


GAME #2 at Brentwood Chris has his Bandits fired up for game 2.

It doesn’t take long for Brentwood. Phil Kessel knocks in a goal at 3:56 of the 1st period. Tavares and Pavelski get the assists. Its 1-0 after 1 period. Brentwood wins the shot battle, 18-6.

2nd period, Brentwood gets on the board again. On the power play, Brodie scores his 2nd with assists from Debrusk and Josi. Four minutes later, the Defenders score. Matheson fires one in from his defensive post. Seguin and Hornqvist get the assists. Four minutes later, Alamo ties the game on Stamkos 7th goal. Wheeler and Marchand get the assists. It’s 2-2.

With 1:02 to go in the 2nd, the Bandits get on the board again on a Vatrano goal – unassisted. At the end of 2, it’s Brentwood 3 Alamo 2

3rd period – Late in the 3rd, Tavares scores on an assist from Pavelski. It’s 4-2. Then, with 19 seconds to go in the game Vatrano scores his second of the game on a empty netter. Brentwood outshoots Alamo, 16-5 as they dominate the period.

Brentwood 5 Alamo 2

1st – Vatrano 2 goals
2nd – Tavares 1 goal, 1 assist
3rd – Kessel 1 goal


GAME #3 at Alamo Here we go to Texas, the Lone Star State. Well, Brentwood proves not to be intimidated by Davy Crockett stuff. Pavelski scores his 8th of the playoffs in the 1st period. It’s 1-0 Brentwood after one period.

2nd – Early in the 2nd, Tavares puts a wrist shot in the net to make it 2-0. Assist by his buddy, Pavelski. The Defenders wake up on a goal by Hornqvist, which is his 1st of the playoffs. With 6:56 to go in the period, Tavares hammers another goal. Then, 5 minutes later, he scores a hat trick. This game is over. Well, it’s not over as nemesis, Vatrano scores again. It’s 5-1 after 2 periods.

3rd period – no scoring. Alamo just wants the game over. They get 21 shots in the 3rd and Brentwood gets 6 shots. Vasilevsky shuts down the Defenders. Great game by the goalie.

Final: Brentwood 5 Alamo 1

1st – Tavares, hat trick
2nd – Vasilevsky, 37 saves
3rd – Pavelski, 3 points


GAME #4 at Alamo Brentwood is up, 2 games to 1. This is a big game 4.

Tavares is right back at it in the 1st period. Once again – he scores. It’s his 13th of the playoffs. Pavelski and Kessel add assists. Great line -It’s 1-0 after 1 period.

2nd period – 18 seconds into the 2nd, Stamkos scores on a power play. Marchand with the assist. It’s 1-1. A little over a minute goes by and the Bandits re-take the lead. Debrusk scores his 12th goal. 1:10 goes by and Alamo scores to tie it! Hornqvist scores his 2nd goal. And, believe it or not, Ekblad blasts a shot and scores 19 seconds later. Stamkos and Wheeler with the assists. Its, 3-2, Alamo. At 11:12 of the 2nd, Pavelski scores his 9th of the playoffs courtesy a power play goal. After 2 periods, it’s 3-3.

In the 3rd, it’s an epic battle of wills. There is 47 seconds go go in the game, and finally, Seguin gets his 1st goal of the playoffs. Assists by Hornqvist and Draisaitl. It’s a long 47 seconds for Alamo, but the stop Brentwood. Alamo out shoots Brentwood, 14-10 in the period. For the game it’s Brentwood 39 to 31 in shots, but Alamo converts more goals.

Final: Alamo 4 Brentwood 3


SUMMARY: Alamo wins the close ones in games 1 and 4. Brentwood wins relatively easily in games 3 and 4, though game 3 was close into the 3rd. Tavares, Vatrano, DeBrusk and Pavelski have played well for Brentwood. Alamo is struggling to get scoring in particular for the 3rd and 4th lines.

It’s 2-2 going back to Brentwood.


PREVIEW: Brentwood and Alamo are knotted at 2 games each. We go to Brentwood for game 5.


GAME #5 at Brentwood Very even game in the 1st period. Alamo with slight lead with 12 shots to Brentwood’s 11. With 2:04 left in the 1st period, Blake Wheeler scores his 3rd of the playoffs.

After 1 period – Alamo 1 Brentwood 0

2nd period – On a power play at the 11:57 mark, Steven Stamkos nets his 9th, and Hornqvist gets the assist. We do to the 3rd.

After 2nd period – Alamo 2 Brentwood 0

3rd period – Brentwood gets fired up, and 39 seconds into the period, Tavares scores his 14th of the year. 3 minutes later – Niederreiter nets his 1st of the playoffs and the Bandits tie the game! Its, 2-2. Its a battle down the stretch, both coaches sweating it out. This could go to OT. But, with 2 seconds to go Seguin SCORES. Its unassisted on a dazzling play. Seguin had also scored the late winner in game 4.

Alamo 3 Brentwood 2
SOG: Alamo 34 Brentwood 31

1st – Wheeler – goal and 5 blocks
2nd – Seguin (should be first)
3rd – Stamkos


GAME #6 at Alamo We go to a game 6, and it’s Alamo trying to put the series away in San Antonio. Tension is high.

1st period – Again, its Wheeler scoring first for the Defenders. It’s his 4th of the year. Stamkos with the assist.

after 1 period – Alamo 1 Brentwood 0

2nd period – Draisaitl nets his 9th of the playoffs. Seguin and Dunn with the assists. Alamo outshoots Brentwood, so far, 22-15 in the game.

after 2 periods – Alamo 2 Brentwood 0

3rd period – Brentwood tries to replicate their 2 goal performance in game 4. At the 6:35 mark, it’s Draisaitl again scoring for Alamo. Seguin and McAvoy witht he assits. Then, 14 seconds later, Seguin with a goal, which is his 3rd of the series. This essentially puts away the game.

The countdown begins,,,,,,3, 2, 1….Lehner gets the shutout. Alamo wins the Cup. It’s their 2nd Cup in history. Time to drink

Alamo 4 Brentwood 0

1st – Lehner 26 saves
2nd – Draisaitl 2 goals, 1 assist
3rd – Seguin 1 goal, 2 assists


 SUMMARY: Alamo comes back from a 2 games to 1 deficit, they win 3 in a row to win. Alamo reversed the SOG deficit, and started playing better. The early part of the series featured Brentwood controlling the play and Lehner keeping Alamo alive. Games 5 was a great game. Game 6, not so much for the Bandits. Outstanding playoff award goes to Lehner.

Congratulations to Chris for a great season and great upset in the semi-finals. They dominated Alamo for the first 4 games of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed playing on team viewer, and Chris graciously hosted the games.

Signing off from the Alamo City where its time for an unexpected beer.