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Hall, Taylor JAG 4 2 8 10 4 19 11%
Neuvirth, Michael LAF 2 1 0.5 79 .988
Giroux, Claude GUE 4 1 5 6 0 8 11 9%
Saros, Jusse CHI 3 3 1 74 .961

Chicago Cosa Nostra
Weekly Preview: Chicago gets 3 Home games this week & look to stack up some points at home. The division must be bad as Chicago still has thoughts towards the playoffs.
New Jersey Grizzlies @ Chicago Cosa Nostra Chicago nets 3 and holds the Grizzlies off the board thanks to Juuse Saros!

Final Score: Chicago 3 – New Jersey 0

3 Star Selections:
Star #1 – Juuse Saros – 23 Saves
Star #2 – Brando Carlo – 1 G
Star #3 – Josh Bailey 1 G

Charlotte Buzzards @ Chicago Cosa Nostra The tough Charlotte team comes into the Windy City & the two squads trade goals in periods 1 & 2. Charlotte nets 2 in the 1st, and Chicago with 2 in the 2nd. A goal by Jonathan Marchessault with just over 30 seconds left to play put the away team in the win column.

Final Score: Charlotte 3 – Chicago 2

3 Star Selections:
Star #1 – Jonathan Marchessault 1G, 2 Pts
Star #2 – Craig Smith 1 G
Star #3 – Milan Lucic 1 G

Lafayette Homesteaders @ Chicago Cosa Nostra Once again on home ice it’s the Juuse Saros show! Second shutout of the home stand for the Juice. Chicago nets 4 & plays solid if not spectacular defense against the Homesteaders

Final Score: Chicago 4 – Lafayette 0

3 Star Selections:
Star #1 – Juuse Saros – 28 Saves
Star #2 – Josh Bailey – 1 G, 2 Pts
Star #3 – Jonathan Towes – 1 G, 2 Pts

Weekly Summary: Chicago gets 4 points out of a possible 6 at home this week & are feeling pretty darn good about things.
Yellowknife Braves
Weekly Preview: One home game against the first place Jagr Mullets
Jagr Mullets @ Yellowknife Braves Yellowknife takes care of their home ice winning 4-2
Weekly Summary: Only one home game this go around. The Braves outlasted a swarming Jagr squad.
Bathgate Rangers
Weekly Preview: Rangers are off to a surprising start, built around a stringent defense. This week they host 3 games, Brentwood, Yellowknife, and California. They hope to keep up the good work….
Brentwood Bandits @ Bathgate Rangers In spite of the Bandits leading in SOG, FOW and shot attempts (71 to 50), the Rangers win all three periods, 2-1, 2-1 and 1-0 to win the game 5-2! Krug (PP) and McGinn score for the Bandits.Tierney, Anderson, Shaw, Hischier and Ferland score for Bathgate. Klingberg assists 3 times.
1. Anderson 1 goal, 1 assist
2. Klingberg 3 assists
3. Shaw 1 goal
Mrazek gets 1st win in the nets for the Rangers.
Yellowknife Braves @ Bathgate Rangers Things seem to go the opposite way in game 2 – Rangers totally dominate the shots, 38 to 20 and shot attempts (69-51) but they find themselves down 3-1 after two. Rangers go up 1-0 inside the 1st minute on a Provorov goal. But Morrissey scores a PP goal 6 minutes in and Rantanen makes it 2-1 Yellowknife with a goal just past halfway through the 2nd. Then Turris scores with 3 to go in the second to make it 3-1.
3rd period Wood cuts it to 3-2 on a PP goal for the Rangers about 5 minutes in. But the final two minutes first see the Braves push the lead to 4-2 when Panik scores with exactly 2 to go. Rinne leaves the game and the the Rangers close it to 4-3 42 seconds later on Provorov’s 2nd goal of the game. But Fleury is able to stave off the Rangers the rest of the way to preserve the 4-3 win for Yellowknife.
1. BGR – Provorov 2 goals
2. YEL – Turris 1 goal 1 assist
3. YEL – Morrissey 1 goal
NOTABLE – Fleury 35 saves
California Regulators @ Bathgate Rangers The game looks even when looking at all the major stats except one – the score. Rangers were not thrilled dropping the last game and started this one hot – scoring 4 times in the opening period. They matched those 4 goals in the rest of the game. Provorov (2 goals), Hischier (goal 2 assists) and Klingberg (3 assists) lead the onslaught. California get on the board once in the 1st – Barzal (when it was 4-0). And they add 2 more in the 3rd – Fowler and Reinhart but is was way too little too late.
1. Provorov 2 goals (2nd straight game)
2. Hischier 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Klingberg 3 assists
Weekly Summary: Rangers keep things going get 2 of 3 at home with good offense. Tough loss in the middle game to Yellowknife.
Columbus Brew Jackets
Weekly Preview: Columbus hosts Alamo for their only home game this week.
Alamo Defenders @ Columbus Brew Jackets Jackets take it to the Defenders throughout the game but found themselves down 2-1 after 1. McAvoy and Gardiner score for Alamo, Sheary for Columbus. Then no once scores in the 2nd as Lehner turns back 16 shots, but Alamo could get no offense (and only 3 shots) in the period. Then the Blue Jackets finally got going way late in the 3rd when Couture scores with 2:08 to go and Benn puts in the game winner 16 secords later for the 3-2 win.
1. ALA McAvoy 1 goal, 1 assist
2. CBJ – Benn 1 goal
3. CBJ Sheary 1 goal
Weekly Summary: 1 game, 1 win for Columbus vs. Alamo
Toledo Walleye
Weekly Preview: One home game this week for the Walleye (7-9-0) versus the defense minded Inferno (7-7-0-2) who have the lowest GA in the league at 2.18. Could be a low scoring struggle.
Cincinnati Inferno @ Toledo Walleye Toledo 4 – Cincinnati 2 – The Inferno aggresiveness backfires this game as they have to go on the penalty kill 6 times and are successful only 4. In addition, Simmonds spends an extra 10 minutes in the box after arguing with the refs. Toledo gets goals from Rodrigues, Anisimov, Mantha, and Krejci. Inferno goals by Karlsson and Byron.
1st star – Rodrigues 1g1a
2nd – Krejci 1g
3rd – Mantha 1g
Weekly Summary: This win gets the Toledo home record above .500 finally at 5-4-0-0. New member of the team at goal, McElhinney proves to be a good addition with his 1.68 GA and .948 save %, winner in goal this homestand saving 25 of 27.
Jagr Mullets
Weekly Preview: Three home games for the first time this year. Can we cash in?
Bucks County Raccoons @ Jagr Mullets First up is Bucks County, which means a showdown of Connor McDavid vs Auston Matthews. This one sold out months ago.

Matthews draws first blood, scoring his 10th at 11:36 of the 1st. But then the Raccoons go rabid, scoring three unanswered goals – with the backbreaker being at 19:58 of the 1st! Just like that, the good guys head into the locker room down 3-1.

But never count this team out offensively. Patrik Laine (9) scores at 14:58 of the 2nd, and then the Mullets deliver their own backbreaker — Ekholm (4) scores on the PP at 19:08 to send the Raccoons scampering back to their locker room at the end of two.

In the 3rd, Matthews (11) scores again at 8:16, but Bucks County immediately responds 14 seconds later with Schwartz (9) getting his 2nd goal of the game to knot it up at 4!

Both Allen and Gibson tighten up in goal, and we’re going OT!

Neither team can score in the extra period, so we’re on to the shootout. In my 3 years in MWHL, I’ve had very few shootouts to enjoy – and this one was a treat. Gibson stones McDavid and Schwartz, while both Hall and Matthews beat Allen to give the home team the 5-4 shootout victory – John Gibson’s first as a Mullet.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 11:36 EV JAG Matthews (10), assisted by Hall (17)
1 12:25 EV BCR Wilson (2), assisted by McDavid (17) and Schwartz (14)
1 18:33 EV BCR Bennett (1), assisted by Suter (5)
1 19:58 EV BCR Schwartz (8), unassisted
2 14:58 EV JAG Laine (9), assisted by Hall (18) and Matthews (9)
2 19:08 PP JAG Ekholm (4), assisted by Hall (19)
3 8:16 EV JAG Matthews (11), assisted by Hall (20)
3 8:30 EV BCR Schwartz (9), assisted by Murray (1) and McDavid (18)

Shootout: Bucks County 0-Jagr 2
Shooter Goaltender Result
BCR McDavid Gibson X
JAG Hall Allen G
BCR Schwartz Gibson X
JAG Matthews Allen G

Star 1: BCR Schwartz 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 2: JAG Matthews 2 G, 3 Pts
Star 3: JAG Hall 4 A

GWG: Taylor Hall

Notables: BCR Bennett 16 faceoffs won, Allen 49 saves
JAG Hall 4 assists, Gibson 34 saves

California Regulators @ Jagr Mullets Next up is a California squad that has surprisingly struggled to score so far, but has done a great job of keeping the puck out of their net. Will that pattern hold?


Sedin (5) scores at 3:55 of the first, and that score holds until halfway through the 2nd when Ovie (10) pots one on the PP. Then less than 2 minutes later, Granlund (3) scores a very rare Jagr short-handed goal to take the 2-1 lead.

California immediately responds with a goal by Reinhart (4) to knot it backup… but the Mullets tally 3 unanswered goals by Matthews (12), Brodie (1), and Hall (6) to pull away and win it 5-2.

Scoring Summary
Per Time Str Team
1 3:55 EV CAL Sedin (5), assisted by Del Zotto (1) and Silfverberg (6)
2 9:33 PP JAG Ovechkin (10), assisted by Ekholm (4) and Radulov (15)
2 11:17 SH JAG Granlund (3), assisted by Rielly (15)
2 12:49 EV CAL Reinhart (4), assisted by Huberdeau (7) and Barzal (6)
2 17:35 EV JAG Matthews (12), assisted by Ekholm (5) and Hall (21)
3 6:04 EV JAG Brodie (1), unassisted
3 6:23 EV JAG Hall (6), assisted by Matthews (10) and Laine (7)

Star 1: JAG Matthews 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 2: JAG Hall 1 G, 2 Pts
Star 3: JAG Gibson 36 saves

GWG: Auston Matthews

Notables: CAL Grubauer 45 saves
JAG Kadri 15 faceoffs won, Gibson 36 saves

Toledo Walleye @ Jagr Mullets Last place Toledo comes to town next, and Auston Matthews (13) scores off the opening faceoff 14 seconds in to give the good guys a quick 1-0 lead.

But these Walleyes have bite.

90 seconds later, Brouwer (2) scores for Toledo, and then less than 2 minutes later Backstrom (3) strikes to suddenly make it a 2-1 Walleye lead. Ouch!

Jagr shakes off the shock and answers with three additional goals in the first: Kadri (6), Laine (10), and Laine (11) again. It’s 4-2 after one.

Both teams settle down and play a scoreless 2nd.

In the 3rd, it opens back up into fire-wagon hockey. Hall (7) scores a PP goal at 3:05 to make it 5-2 Mullets, but then van Riemsdyk (9) scores 35 seconds later to keep it interesting. Spooner then scores his first of the year shortly thereafter to make it a 1 goal game. Yikes!

Ovechkin (11) slips one behind Dubnyk at 13:52 to give some cushion… and it’s a good thing, since van Riemsdyk (10) puts another one behind Quick to pucker up the home crowd. It’s 6-5 Mullets with 4 and a half minutes left.

The Walleye channel Vin Diesel and bring it fast and furious… but Quick lives up to his name, stopping everything. At 19:22, Ovechkin (12) gets the empty-netter to ice the game 7-5. Whew!

Weekly Summary: Three home games, six points. But it wasn’t easy, with a shootout win and a nearly blown 3rd game. The strategic trade acquisitions of Riley Nash and Ron Hainsey pay early dividends, as the Mullets do not give up a power play goal in their three home games. An early weakness appears to have been addressed — will the Mullets continue to grow and flow?
Long Beach Ice Dogs
Lafayette Homesteaders @ Long Beach Ice Dogs Lafayette scored the first 3 goals of the game and coasted to a 3-1 win.
Weekly Summary: Long Beach continues to struggle at home.
Lafayette Homesteaders
Weekly Preview: Toledo and Jersey come to Lafayette this week. Big games for the Steaders
Toledo Walleye @ Lafayette Homesteaders Old Tyme hockey showed up for a night in Tennessee. 50Hits 3 Fights made the home fans happy.

Tyler Bozak open the scoring with his 2nd of the year.

In the second perios Burakovsky tip in his 7th of the year off a Hanifin blast. Later in the period forsberg and Van Riemsdyk went at it twice

Third period The Walleyes put up 21 shots buy Neuvirth was up to all of them and then Ceci hit an EN for his 1st of the year.

1st Star Neuvirth
2nd Star Bozak
3ed Star Burakosky

New Jersey Grizzlies @ Lafayette Homesteaders The Grizz came in as one of the best teams this year.

In the first Matt Duchesne put in his 9th of the year to put the Steaders up 1-0. Puljujarvi blew a slapshot past Kinkaid to give the home teams a two goal lead before Arvidsson tipped in a Hedman shot for his 8th.

2nd Period- Perlini gets his 3rd of the year

3rd Period – Jones stuffs shot after shot by the Grizz and team captain Jack Eichel puts in his 4th to give Lafayette the win.

Weekly Summary: The Homesteaders gets 2 big points with great team play. Nuevy and Jones played their best hockey of the year
California Regulators
Clearfield Bison @ California Regulators CLE 1
CAL 2Stars
CAL Markstrom 37 Saves
CAL Huberdeau 1 G
CAL Sedin 1 G
Weekly Summary: California wins its only home game this week, and we’re still having trouble putting the puck in the net …
LA Great Danes
Weekly Preview: A 3-game homestand for the 8-7-1 Great Danes, against 3 teams with the identical 8-7-1 record. Lots of teams in the middle of the pack early in the season.
Chicago Cosa Nostra @ LA Great Danes Neither team can generate much offense, and it’s scoreless after 2 periods. Mark Scheifele makes it 1-0 LA with a PPG 7 minutes into the 3rd, and the Danes extend the lead to 2-0 with 9 minutes left on a Mike Hoffman goal. Andersen loses his shutout when DeBrincat scores for Chicago with 5:30 to go. Vataten’s empty-netter gives the Danes the 3-1 lead, but Bailey makes it close, scoring for Chicago with 7 seconds left. The Danes start the homestand with a 3-2 win.
Guentzel Gunners @ LA Great Danes The Danes outshoot the Gunners throughout, but the visitors score on their first shot 1:35 in (Andersen seems to struggle early in games quite often) and extend the lead on a Brown tip-in later in the first. Toffoli and Boedker score for LA in the second, with a Zucker goal for the Gunners sandwiched in the middle. The Danes are within one at 2-3 heading into the third, but the Danes give up an odd-man rush right off the bat and Zucker gets his second goal just 23 seconds into the third. It looks like LA scores to make it a one-goal game midway through the third, but that infamous run-time error 6 strikes at the same time. When the game is restored, the game comes back at 4-2 Gunners and no goal for LA. That’s the way the game ends. The Gunners sweep the game’s 3 stars – Zucker 2G, Mike Smith 44 saves, and Dustin Brown 1G-1A. The post-game talk centers around the goal that wasn’t and what could have been…
Columbus Brew Jackets @ LA Great Danes With a split in the first 2 homes games, the Danes know this game will determine the success or failure of the 3-game homestand. The Danes 4th line gets an early shift and Rick Nash converts 2 minutes into the game to give the Danes an early lead. The Danes hold the Jackets to 8 SOG halfway through the game, and the score remains 1-0 LA after 2 periods. Tyler Toffoli extends the lead to 2-0 1:52 into the 3rd, and the Danes kill off 2 more penalties in the 3rd (the Jackets were 0-7 on the PP for the game), and Lars Eller makes it 3-0 with a late goal. Andersen finishes strong in this one and earns a 30-save shutout. Eller and Toffoli get the game’s 2 other stars with 1G-1A each. It was maybe the Danes’ best game of the season except for the parade to the penalty box, leading throughout and holding a 16-5 scoring chance advantage and 25 blocks.
Weekly Summary: 2 of 3 wins at home, and Frederik Andersen seems to be getting his game back after a slow start. The Danes announced a big trade this week, and are sorry to see Carlson, McNabb, and Toffoli go. They will be sorely missed and were key contributors to the 2 wins this week, but the salary cap relief will help the team’s rebuild. And with 3 quality guys added in return (Nurse/Byron/Thornton), the Danes will look to remain competitive and stay in the Pacific Division race this year.
Gilbert Sharks
Weekly Preview: Gilbert has 3 Home Games. I wrote up some game summaries and then I accidentally erased them so just Final Scores this week.
Charlotte Buzzards @ Gilbert Sharks Gilbert 5, Charlotte 2

Adam Henrique with the Hat Trick.

Columbus Brew Jackets @ Gilbert Sharks Columbus 6, Gilbert 3

Brent Burns with the Hat Trick for Columbus

Brentwood Bandits @ Gilbert Sharks Brentwood 3, Gilbert 2
Weekly Summary: Gilbert goes 1-2 at home but with no one running away in the Pacific Division it is anyone’s to grab.
Cincinnati Inferno
Weekly Preview: Cincinnati enters the week at 7-7-2 and has questions whether it should be looking to acquire outside help to get its offense on track. Three homes games offer a chance to see which way it should go.
California Regulators @ Cincinnati Inferno California, the second place team in the Pacific Division provides the opposition. The Inferno rallies from a two-goal deficit in the third period to knot the game up at three apiece and wins the game in overtime as Matthew Tkachuk scores 31 seconds into bonus action to get the two points. Cincinnati wins 4-3.
Long Beach Ice Dogs @ Cincinnati Inferno Long Beach, the last place team in the Pacific rolls in, looking to get a win streak started.

The Inferno score goals in each period and William Karlsson collects his third and fourth of the campaign to claim the 3-0 victory. Sergei Bobrovsky picks up the whitewashing with 38 saves.

New Jersey Grizzlies @ Cincinnati Inferno New Jersey, the Atlantic Division leaders roll into Cincinnati looking to win for the second times this season at The Incinerator.

The Inferno collect the games first two goals in the opening 30 minutes from Sidney Crosby and Vladislav Namestikov. The Grizzlies would score twice in the third period from Brad Werenski and Ryan Johansen (with 14.9 seconds to go), to even the scores at 3-3 and to force extra time. Following the overtime, the game went to a shootout, where Crosby and William Karlsson both scored and Carter HUtton stopped both shooters to give the Inferno the victory.

Weekly Summary: Cincinnati finishes the week with three wins, two of them needing extra time. The triumphs move the Inferno into second place in the Atlantic Division. Following the series, the club acquired a pair of defensemen (John Carlson and Brayden McNabb) and a forward (Tyler Toffoli) to try to improve a sputtering offense.
Alamo Defenders
Weekly Preview: Alamo plays host to the Central Division’s Guentzel and Bucks County.
Guentzel Gunners @ Alamo Defenders Gunners methodically defeat Alamo on a splendid shutout by Braden Holtby. With 19 seconds to go in the first period, Gourde scores his fifth goal. In the 3rd, the Gunners net two by the same player, Haula who scores his 13th and 14th.

Guentzel 3 Alamo 0

1st – Holtby
2nd – Haula
3rd – Gourde

Bucks County Raccoons @ Alamo Defenders Alamo recovers from it’s shutout and scores 4 goals in route to a victory. Pacioretty and Caggiula score for Alamo. Evander Kane scores his 7th. But, Alamo responds with two more goals. Ryan and Ekblad get credit for the goals.

Alamo 4 Bucks County 1

1st – Ekblad
2nd – Ryan
3rd – Caggiula

Weekly Summary: Alamo splits against Guentzel and Bucks County.
Clearfield Bison
Weekly Preview: 3 more home games for the Bison. They come in 4-4 at home, 6-2 on the road. Three inter-conference games…Can they finally get something going on home ice?
Yellowknife Braves @ Clearfield Bison After a 1-1 start, Clearfield scores 3 in a row to take command. Game not really in doubt after the 2nd period. 4-2 Clearfield
Toledo Walleye @ Clearfield Bison Clearfield, with PT issues, risks sitting Bergeron and Palmeiri against the struggling Walleye – and it pays off with a 4-3 win. First period was wild, with 4 goals in 5 minutes.
Long Beach Ice Dogs @ Clearfield Bison Another struggling team comes to town (but I cant really figure this one; LB has some great players). The Dogs grab leads of 1-0 and 2-1 but give up tons of odd-man rushes..which eventually come back to bite them in a 5-2 loss. Varlanov gave up 5 but I still think he was the best player in this game.
Weekly Summary: 3-0 home week and ownership still isn’t sure what to make of this team. We play the best in the East over the next 2 sets, we think that will reveal just what we have here.
New Jersey Grizzlies
Weekly Preview: New Jersey is playing to week to week looking to stay atop the division. There are alot of tough teams in this league and their lone home opponent for this week is one of them.
Long Beach Ice Dogs @ New Jersey Grizzlies In a hard fought battle New Jersey edged Long Beach 2-1, shots were equal and the teams were in a tight battle the end. A goal in the second by Ryan Johansen gave New Jersey the lead which was very tough to hold onto but they did. Long Beach is far better than their record reflects.
Weekly Summary: One home game, one win. This team seems to have found a groove and trying to keep the train rolling.
Charlotte Buzzards
Weekly Preview: As the team plays deeper into November, close home losses continue to plague Charlotte as it remains on the outside looking in in the East playoff race.
LA Great Danes @ Charlotte Buzzards LA Great Danes 3 Charlotte 2

The Great Danes benefited from superb goaltending from first star Frederik Anderson (36 saves) and goals from defenseman Joans Brodin, Nick Bonino, and Brayden McNabb to turn back the host Buzzards, in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicated. Brodin gave LA the lead for good 2:28 in the contest on a power play goal from the point. Anderson shut out the Buzzards for two periods before Bonino scored four minutes into the third with assists by Mikkel Boedker and Mike Fischer. McNabb scored what proved to be a key incsurance goal three minutes later, with Boedker and Fischer again assisting. Charlotte finally scored courtesy of a powerplay goal with 7:03 remaining from Oliver Ekman-Larsson, with assists from Vincent Trocheck and Vladimir Tarasenko. Down 3-1, Charlotte pulled goalie Anti Raanta with three minutes remaining and finally capitalized during desperation time on Ryan Dzingel’s tip in goal with 11 seconds remaining. But LA won the subsequent faceoff to ensure the win.

Guentzel Gunners @ Charlotte Buzzards Guentzel Gunners 4 Charlotte 5
Dougie Hamilton’s dramatic goal with 55 seconds left lifted the Buzzards to a much-needed victory. Charlotte outscored Guentzel 3-2 during the third period of the back and fourth affair. Guentzel fought back from a 4-2 deficit, tying the game in the last five minutes of play, 4-4, on goals from defenseman Matthew Dumba and forward Claude Giroux. The latter goal from Giroux came with just 1:10 left in regulation, prior to Hamilton’s game winner for Charlotte 15 seconds later. Nine different players scored individual goals for both teams, with Anders Lee getting first star honors with a goal and 2 assists for Charlotte.
Weekly Summary: With backup Henrik Lundquist in the net, Charlotte snaps a three-game losing streak at home as it struggles to stay in the playoff race.
Weekly Preview: Two home games for Brentwood.
Game #1 – Visiting Team: Thunder Bay NorWesters
Game #1 – Home Team: Brentwood Bandits
Game #1: Thunder Bay comes in and pummels Kuemper with 5 goals on 17 shots on their way to a 6-1 win.
Game #2 – Visiting Team: Alamo Defenders
Game #2 – Home Team: Brentwood Bandits
Game #2: Alamo comes to town but it’s the Nino show as Niederreiter scores 2 to pave the way for Vasilevskiy’s first win as a Bandit 3-1.
Weekly Summary: One win, one loss. Pretty much how the whole season has gone and will probably continue to go, unless we trade away Kessel and/or Tavares.
Weekly Preview: Guenzel has one home game this week hoping to sweep at home
Game #1 – Visiting Team: Gilbert Sharks
Game #1 – Home Team: Guentzel Gunners
Game #1: It was a 3-5 game between against Gilbert and Guenzel. Gilbert took a lead by 2. Guenzel scores all 5 then Gilbert respondeds with one.
Weekly Summary: Guenzel goes 1-0