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MWHL400The Mid-West Hockey League (MWHL) is saddened by the loss of four original franchises in the League as they will be folding before the 2018-2019 MWHL Season.

Leaving the MWHL will be the Corktown Suds, Minneapolis Deep Freeze, Lakeland Tigers & Stanley Cup Finalists the Hampton Huskies. 

However, with the loss of four franchises comes news of four new franchises that will be entering the MWHL and will be set to begin play with the 2018-2019 Season. 

Entering will be the Charlotte Buzzards, Lafayette Homesteaders, Yellowknife Braves & the Cincinnati Inferno.   

A Dispersal Draft will take place within the next month or so & the MWHL will be moving forward into the 2018/2019 Season.




Charlotte Buzzards Lafayette Homesteaders Yellowknife Braves
Cincinnati Inferno    

Charlotte Buzzards                                             CincinnatInfernoi

LafayettenHomesteaders  Yellowknife Braves


17-18 Stanley Cup Final

Hampton Blizzard @ Alamo Defenders 

Series Preview: Its’ time for the Stanley Cup Finals between Hampton and Alamo.

Nik and Mike played the first game via team finder. Nik deferred the rest of the games to Mike, which Mike played with the computer managing Hampton.

Game #1: For playing face to face, this was an absolute wild games with many anomalies. Five goals were scored in the first period. Lee and Sissons score on power play goals for the Blizzards, and they are up, 2-0. Alamo gets an even handed goal by Jenner to narrow Hampton’s lead. Point scores for Hampton. And, Eaves closes out the period with a goal for Alamo. It’s Hampton up 3-2 after one period.

In the 2nd, the Blizzard start hitting the penalty box. Alamo nets two goals even handed, but then get two PP goals. Midway through the 3rd period, Hampton scores a goal from Rantanen to make the score, 5-4 for Alamo.

The score stays that way as action was end to end.

Alamo wins game 1.

Alamo 5 Hampton 4

SOG: Alamo 44 Hampton 41 – WHAT WAS THE DEFENCE DOING?

1ST STAR – Eaves 2 goals and 1 assist
2ND STAR – Marchand 1 goal and 1 assist
3RD STAR – Seguin 3 assists

Game #2: Hampton won’t tolerate any more sloppy defence. The Blizzard respond to a pep talk by their coach and come out strong.

In the 1st, McCabe scores his first goal of the playoffs.

2nd period, Trocheck and Lee score for the Blizzard. Trocheck’s goal was short handed.

In the 3rd, Stasny scores a short handed goal. It’s the 2nd short handed goal for the Blizzard.

Alamo gets shutout on a great effort by Price.

Hampton 4 Alamo 0

SOG:Alamo 31 Hampton 24

1st star – Price shutout.
2nd star – Lee 1 goal
3rd star – McCabe 1 goal

Weekly Summary: The series is tied 1-1 after two games in Alamo. We now go to Hampton for three games.



After 2 Games Summary:


Alamo travels to Hampton for 3 games.

Game #3: Game 3 commences:

No scoring in this game until the second period. Dan Hamhuis scores his first playoff goal. Stunner.

Early in the 3rd, Mathieu Perrault scores a goal and Alamo takes a 2-0 lead.

9:50 in and its Hampton narrowing the lead with a Stastny goal. With 5:57 to go, Hampton scores on a Forsberg goal. It’s his 4th.

Alamo blows the lead, and Hampton ties the game 2-2.

We go to a traditional 5 minute OT, and no one scores. Then, we go to a shootout, and Malkin and Forsberg score goals. Hampton wins in a shootout.

Hampton 3 Alamo 2

SOG: Alamo 38 Hampton 29

1st star – Stastny
2nd star – Forsberg
3rd star – Perrault

Hampton takes a 2-1 lead in the series.

Game #4: Alamo gets a pep talk and needs to re-group after blowing a 2-0 lead in the 3rd period of game 3.

Alamo gets fired up and puts 1 on the board in the first period by Eaves. Then, Eaves scores his 2nd goal of the game in the 2nd period. A few minutes later, and it’s Marchand with a goal and Alamo is up 3-0.

Later in the 2nd, Hampton responds with 2 goals of their own. Rantanen and Lee score for the Blizzard.

The 3rd period starts, and Blake Wheeler scores an insurance goal. On a PP, Marchand scores another insurance goal.

The score stands up.

Alamo 5 Hampton 2

SOG:Alamo 42 Hampton 34

1st star – Marchand 2 goals and 2 assists
2nd star – Eaves 2 goals
3rd star – Seguin 3 assists

Alamo wins and ties the series at 2.

Game #5: It’s 2 games to 2. Big game.

Late in the 1st, Malkin scores a goal for the Blizzard and they are up 1-0. In the 2nd, Pacioretty scores for Alamo. Its 1-1. Then, Hampton responds with 2 goals of their own. Burakovsky and Malkin score.

Its 3-1 going into the 3rd. No goals for a while. Alamo pulls their goalie down by 2. With 1:46 to go – Pacioretty scores his 6th and Alamo trails by one.

No more scoring as Hampton stones Alamo – a lot.

Hampton 3 Alamo 2

SOG: an amazing Alamo 39 Hampton 15 – Yikes – Lehner gives up 3 goals on 15 shots.

1st star -Malkin
2nd star -Pacioretty
3rd star – Raanta 37 saves.

Hampton is up 3 games to 2, and we go back to Alamo for game 6.

After 5 Games Summary: Hampton takes game 3 in a shootout. Dramatic as they were down 2-0 to take the win.
Alamo wins game 4 easily.
Hampton wins game 5 every though they were severely outshot.
Hampton is up 3 games to 2. 

Previous to Game #6 Preview:


Hampton is up, 3 games to 2, and looks to put away Alamo.

Game #6: Its time for game 6 on Alamo ice.

Alamo sends a message to Lehner by starting Miller in goal.

In the 1st, Alamo scores on Pacioretty’s 7th goal. Backlund shortly thereafter scores for Hampton to tie the game at 1. Then, Beagle and Rantanen alternate goals and it’s 2-2 after the first period.

Late in the 2nd, Marchand scores his 9th goal of the playoffs and Alamo goes ahead. The Defenders manage to get goals by Wheeler and Gardiner to take game 6 and tie the series.

Alamo 5 Hampton 2

SOG: Alamo 46 Hampton 28

1st star – Marchand 1 goal and 1 assist – tie breaking goal..
2nd star – Seguin 3 assists
3rd star – Rantanen 1 goal and 1 assist for Hampton

Alamo wins 5-2 and yes, there will be a game 7.

Game #7: Its time for game 7. It’s been a dramatic playoff series and it comes down to one game.

Hampton connects first on a Point goal. It’s his 5th. With 4:41 to go in the 1st, Alamo ties it on a Marchand goal – his 10th. Its 1-1 and we go to the 2nd period. Plekanec gets his 3rd goal of the series and Alamo is up 2-1. Later in the 2nd, Seguin scores just his 2nd goal of the playoffs. Its 3-1 after 2 periods.

In the 3rd, Stastny scores a huge goal for the Blizzard with 1:32 to go in the game. Can the Blizzard tie it? No. They can’t. The Defenders hold off the Blizzard to win game 7 and the series.

Alamo 3 Hampton 2

Alamo wins 4 games out of 7.

SOG: Hampton actually wins the SOG battle. They have 36 to Alamo’s 28.

1st star — Seguin 1 goal and 1 assist
2nd star – Marchand 1 goal and 1 assist
3rd star – Stastny with 1 goal and 1 assist for Hampton.

Series Summary: Alamo wins the Cup. They come back from a 2-1 defecit and a 3-2 defecit to prevail.

Alamo narrowly missed the playoffs last year. The come back to tie for the division and win their playoff games. Key was the Vlasic trade, which stabilized the defence.Brad_Marchand

Stanley Cup Most Valuable Player, goes to the face licking forward of the Alamo Defenders Brad Marchand.  In 7 games played Marchand had 5 Goals, 5 Assists, for 10 Points, 4 Minutes in the sin bin, was a +7 on the ice and ad a shooting percentage of 22.7.

Congrats to Nik on a great run. The Blizzard had a fabulous team that falls one game short of the series win.



ToledoWalleye Defenders

Toledo Walleye vs. Alamo Defenders

  Its excitement time in the Alamo City as the Walleye come to San Antonio for the first two games of Western Conference Finals.
Game #1


Its very quiet in the 1st period as both teams get adjusted to the flow of the game.

At 18:43 of the 2nd period, Mathieu Perrault takes advantage of a power play and scores the first goal of the series. 15 minutes into the 3rd, Marchand scores a goal to put Alamo up, 2-0.

Then, the Defenders score an empty netter to secure the win.

1st star – Lehner
2nd star – Marchand
3rd star – Perrault

We go to game 2 with Alamo up, 1-0

Alamo 3, Toledo 0

Game #2


The Defenders get on the board first with a Karllson goal. Then, in the 2nd, Toledo outplays Alamo. Krejci and Letesu score to pull the Walleye up, 2-1. Late in the 2nd, Blake Wheeler ties the game for Alamo.

In the 3rd, VanReimsdyk scores the decisive goal at 1:09.

Alamo fights hard in the 3rd, but can’t score on Dubnyk.

Alamo outshoots Toledo 57-27, but Toledo had a very good 2nd period, which carried the day.

1st -Dubnyk
2nd -VanRiemsdyk
3rd -Krejci

We go to Toledo with the series tied at 2.

Toledo 3, Alamo 2

  Well played series so far. Game 1 was very close until late in the 3rd. 2 penalties for Toledo and none for Alamo. In the 2nd, Toledo’s solid 2nd and clutch goal in the 3rd wins it.

Series tied at 1-1.

After achieving a split at Alamo, the Walleye hope to hold serve at home and keep the advantage in the Western Conference Finals.

Game #3


Robin Lehner did not get the Toledo memo and had the game of his life, stopping all 27 Toledo shots in a dominating 5-0 shutout. Alamo set the tone in the 1st period outshooting the home team 14-6 and netting one goal by Karlsson. Even though the Walleye got some offensive push in the 2nd and 3rd periods, Lehner was up to the task as his team-mates kept good offensive pressure on Dell in net for Toledo. Additional goals by Plekanec, Pacioretty, Eaves and another by Karlsson sealed the win for Alamo, to put them up 2-1 in the semis.
1st star – Lehner
2nd star – Karlsson 2g
3rd star – Plekanec 1g 2a

Alamo 5, Toledo 0

Game #4


Toledo 5, Alamo 2 – an obviously pissed off Toledo squad comes out hot and heavy, first giving up a quick goal to Eaves, but then netting 3 in the first by Anisimov, Krejci and Foligno. Alamo is on the kill a chunk of the 2nd and 3rd period, giving up 2 more goals by Krejci (Hat Trick !!!) before Alamo scores once more to end the scoring at 5-2
1st star – Krejci 3g1a
2nd star – Foligno 1g3a
3rd star – Marschand 1g1a

Toledo 5, Alamo 2

  With a split at Toledo, the series goes back to Alamo for game 5, tied at 2 games each, with Alamo regaining the home ice advantage.
Stars of the series were Lehner and his shutout in game 3, followed by Krejci and his hat trick in game 4

Toledo and Alamo are tied up at 2 games apiece. Series comes back to Alamo for a game 5.

Game #5


Alamo starts of the scoring on a Melkker Karlsson goal. It’s his 5th goal of the playoffs. He has been an unsung hero most of the season. Early in the 2nd, another unsung hero, Jay Beagle scores his second of the playoffs.

In the 3rd, the Walleye get on the board on a Krejci goal. It’s his 9th of the playoffs as he has been very effective. Its, 2-1 and getting tight.

Toledo pulls their goalie, and with 20 seconds left Karlsson nets his 2nd goal of the game to preserve the victory.

SOG: Alamo 32 Toledo 22

1st star – Karlsson 2 goals
2nd star – Boychuk 3 assists
3rd star – Beagle 1 goal.

The series goes back to Toledo for a 6th game.

Alamo 3, Toledo 1

  Game 6 of the semi-finals – Alamo leads 3-2. Toledo hopes to hold serve and force a game 7.
Game #6


Alamo comes out strong and gets goals by Seguin and Marchand to take a 2-0 lead only 10 minutes into the game. Toledo rounds up the wagons and stops the scoring for the rest of the quarter and slinks into the locker room down 2-0. Toledo starts to show some promise early in the 2nd, but its Alamo that lights the lamp again with Yandle making it 3-0 at the halfway mark. With the crowd sitting on their hands the Walleye get them up and going again just before intermission with 2 quick goals by Vanek and Okposo to tighten things up at 3-2 going into the 3rd period. Toledo cranks up the defense and offensive pressure in the 3rd, but it backfires as Marchand nets one 7 minutes in to put the lead back at 2 for Alamo. Toledo pulls out all the stops the last 10 minutes, but Lehner is up to the task and shuts them down to preserve the win at 4-2.
1st star – Marschand 2g1a
2nd star – Seguin 1g2a
3rd star – Yandle 1g

Alamo 4, Toledo 2

Series Summary: For the 6 game series, Alamo outscores Toledo 19-11, worthy of the Conference Championship. Lehner was solid in goal with 2 shutouts, and GAA of 1.83. Marschand with 5 goals and Karlsson with 4 led the scoring for Alamo.


Brew Jackets Blizzard

Columbus Brew Jackets vs. Hampton Blizzard

Game #1 Hampton wins !

Hampton 2, Columbus 1

Game #2 Columbus wins !

Columbus 4, Hampton 2

  Series tied at 1-1 going into Columbus.
Game #3 Columbus scores the next 5 goals, 3 in the 1st, 2 of them by Carlo (3, 4). Ladd (3) was the 1st of the 3.
With 10 minutes to go, Lee (6) gets his 2nd goal of the game, but it was too little to late.So the team with most shots and shot attempts scores the lesser amount of goals.

1. CBJ – Carlo 2 goals, 1 assist
2. HAM – Lee 2 goals
3. CBJ – Burns 1 goal But it should have been Budaj as he shut down the Blizzard – that and 18 blocked shots.

Columbus 5, Hampton 2

Game #4 Game time and all of a sudden Anti Raanta jumps over the boards and pushes Price aside – and then the Blizzard management says – Go Fin!, you got this one. Well apparently the Fin had a game in him! He also had Malkin AND LEE!
Just over a minute, Lee (7) scores another goal. Then 4 minutes in, Malkin (2) makes it 2-0. But just over a minute left in the 1st and Steward scores for the Brew Jackets to cut it to 2-1. Then Stewart gets called for roughing early in the 2nd and lo and behold Miller sneaks past the Blizzard, gets a pass from Strome and scores a short-handed goal to TIE the game. But then Raanta kicks in. When the Jackets were down 2-0, they kicked in a big time offensive gear, firing 16 in the 1st and 10 in the 2nd (that were on goal) – he stoned 24 of them.
And then in the 2nd, Malkin nets his 2nd goal of the and 3rd of the playoffs.With the score 3-2 when the 3rd starts, Hampton gets their game on. Larkin (1) puts one past Budaj within the first 2 minutes. Columbus yanks Budaj and inserts Chad Johnson. It works – well until Edmundson gets a 4 minute penalty for high sticking. 27 seconds into the the 1st two minutes Forsberg (1) gets the PP for his first goal of the playoffs. The 5-2 lead looked insurmountable but then Kucherov (4) scores one with 1:18 to go (with an extra attacker on the ice). But Raanta and the Blizzard defense smothered the Jackets to seal the deal.

Really the Blizzard seemed totally in control in this one even though they were out shot, lost the Face-off battle but they dominated in the hits and blocks and won the game. Seems to be a regular pattern in this series. Final 5-3 Hampton

STARS (all Hampton)
1. Malkin 2 goals
2. Forsberg 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Lee 1 goal
But you might want to say Raanta (34 saves – Notable) was a star (and management for making the change).

Hampton 5, Columbus 3

  Splits at both sites have the series 2-2 after 4 games. Back to Hampton for game 5.

Columbus – Hampton, tied after 4, so it’s on to the best of 3. And it will take 7 and then some!!!!

Game #5 This game was all Brew Jackets – well it seemed that way for awhile. First period Stome (2) scores 1 minute into the game. 2 minutes into the 2nd and Kucherov (5) does a wraparound to make it 2-0. 3 minutes later, he does it again (6). Then he went for the hat trick with the another wraparound, but Price finally caught on.

Game was being force by Hampton – out shooting the Brew Jackets in every period, but Budaj was stopping everything and the rope-a-dope defense wasn’t letting much of anything good get through – plus 20 blocked shots.

But then the 3rd period came and Backlund (2) takes a pass from Lee and just rockets it past Budaj – he had to watch the replay to see it and it was 3-1 with 11 minutes to go. But the Jackets regrouped and held tough – until the Blizzard pulled Price. Then with Malkin on the ice working with Lee, he feeds Lee the puck and with 1:19 to go, Lee gets his 8th post season goal to make it 3-2 Columbus. And of course, Price was done (for now anyway). More shots, then more blocks and saves and when the time ran out, Columbus was still ahead, 3-2 for the final.
STARS (all Brew Jackets)
1. Kucherov – 2 goals
2. Budaj – 37 saves
3. Strome – 1 goal

Columbus 3, Hampton 2

Game #6 This game was like a bi-polar polar bear. One team jumps out, then the other, then the first team storms back, then the other, then …..

Jackets opened the scoring early with Stalberg (2) putting one past Price 3 minutes in. But Point (1) returns the favor 3 minutes later and the 1st period ends 1-1. And it was evenly played.

But 18 seconds into period 2, Gostisbehere (2) gets the Blizzard up 2-1.
But, this is where the game swings big time. 7:13 Couture (2) ties it up, the a minute and a half later, Burns (3) scores to give the Beer boys a 3-2 lead. Then Backlund gets flagged for cross-checking and Kucherov (7) gets the PP goal and it’s 4-2 Columbus.
But, there’s more 2nd period scoring and another mood swing. Vesey gets called for roughing at 16:29 and Malkin (4) finds the back of the net 33 seconds later. It could have been worse, 16 seconds after the PP goal, Burns gets the 2 minute penalty for hooking, but the Brew crew holds fast. But we are still in a mood swing …

3rd period – with the score 4-3 Columbus, the Blizzard keep scoring. 3 minutes in and it’s Burakovsky (2). Then 7 minutes in it’s Dvorak (3) and suddenly the Blizzard have a 5-4 lead!
But wait – the Jackets take the next face-off, move it over the blue line and Stewart (2) puts the biscuit in the basket to tie it up, 17 seconds after the Blizzard took the lead, whew!! It’s 5-5 and there is still 11:49 to go in regulation.
Up and down, blocked shots, big saves, and nothing until Point (who), Point gets his 2nd goal of the post-season AND GAME with 3 and 1/2 to go. Columbus’s hopes of putting it away AT HOME in 6 are getting dim.
BUT – they pull Johnson (he came in after the 2nd Point goal) and fire away at Price, but no doing and then the Blizzard clear the puck and Backlund gets an empty netter with just over a minute to go to make the final 7-5 Hampton.

As has been normal, the Blizzard outshot the Brew Jackets 40-30 and attempts 70-58, but chances were almost even.
STARS (all Blizzard)
1. Point – 2 goals, 1 assist boy where did he come from
2. Gostisbehere – 1 goal, 2 assists
3. Dvorak – 1 goal, 2 assists

Hampton 7, Brentwood 5

Game #7 So – there will be a game 7 in Hampton. Everything is on the line and this game was a classic!

PERIOD 1 – Hampton outshoots the Brew Jackets 12-5, but Columbus outscores the Blizzard 2-1. After the opening face-off, Burns (4)takes a pass from Strome and Miller and fires it past a befuddled Price to make it 1-0. 3 minutes later Miller (3) deflects a Strome attempt and makes it 2-0 Columbus. Jackets want the game.
But … Burns commits a sin (rough) at 15:25 and Forsberg (2) makes him pay with a PP goal setup by McCabe and Malkin. Period end 2-1 Columbus.

5 minutes into the period, all-everything Evengi Malkin proves he CAN DO SOME WRONG when he’s called for tripping (most of the time the refs have not been seeing stuff, but they saw this one). While he watched from the sin bin, Couture (3) score a textbook PP goal setup by Sheary and Kucherov, 3-1 Columbus.
BUT we can’t end the period that way. Forsberg (3) who had been awfully silent up until now, scores his 2nd of the game, assisted by that Malkin guy with 6 and 1/2 to go to cut it to 3-2 and then Ekman-Larsson (2) ties it up 38 seconds later. End of 2 it’s 3-3.

Brew Jackets wanted this game, and they wanted it in regulation and they fired 18 shots on Price, but with 1 minute to go, it was still a 3-3 game. The tension on the ice had been mounting with every up and down the ice. Shots fired, blocks (22 in the game by Columbus), hits (16 by Hampton, 15 by Columbus in the game), saves, nothing. No one was going to let anything get in the net. Then that guy who has been putting things in the net all post season – Lee – got the garbage goal (9) that put the Blizzard up 4-3 as he fought for the puck after Backlund’s attempt didn’t make it. And the goal was scored with 28 seconds left on the clock!! Home town crowd erupts….
BUT – oh, there always seems to be a but. And remember, this was touted as a classic and while that goal with 28 seconds to goal sounds rather classic, it ain’t over til it’s over.
Down 4-3, 28 seconds to go, the Brew Jackets give Budaj a rest. 6 skaters on, Miller the extra attacker and he sends one to Couture as Columbus controls the face-off and moves into Blizzard territory, Couture shovels it to Sheary and he bangs it home (4) to tie the game with 7 seconds left. Two goals in the last 28 seconds of the 3rd and we go to Sudden Death for game 7 with the score tied 4-4!!!!!

OT begins and the Brew Jackets continue to ride the high emotions and carry the play to the Blizzard end. They take a few shots and get 2 on net in the first minute. Hampton finally clears it and gets a shot on net that Budaj stops, but then the Blizzard control the rebound and Larkin (2) puts in the game and series WINNER at 1:36 and it’s all over. For the Blizzard they were fortunate enough to do this at home so their crowd could enjoy it. Odd stat – the Jackets outshot the Blizzard 43-39, and matched them in hits and killed them in blocks, but not in goals and that’s where it counts.

1. HAM: Forsberg 2 goals
2. CBJ: Miller 1 goal, 2 assists
3. HAM: Larkin 1 goal, 1 assist and that one goal was the BIGGIE

Both goalies were recognized for their performances – Budaj 34 saves, Price a big 39 saves

Hampton 5, Brentwood 4 (OT)

Series Summary: So in a classic 7 game matchup, it took OT in game 7 before Hampton finally Eastern title and moves on to the Stanley Cup. Both Hampton and Columbus came for the 2nd place spots to this series, and now the Blizzard will carry the torch for the Stanley Cup. Lee (9 goals, 5 assists – 14 points) and Malkin (4 goals, 7 assists – 11 points) lead the charge.
Congrats to Dan Schindel for putting together a tough Columbus team.



LA Great Danes vs. Toledo Walleye

Game #1


 Stats pretty even except for the scoring chances which Toledo dominated 15-3. Toledo scores the first 2 goals, both breakaways, but LA answers back 1 to finish the first period 2-1 Toledo. LA ties it up 2-2 on a goal from Scheifele, only to have Toledo go on a big run and score 3 unanswered, still in the 2nd period, and knock Anderson out of goal. No goals in the 3rd period. Clean game only 2 penalties, both on LA, one PP goal by Toledo.LA goals – Bonino, Scheifele

Tol goals – Letestu, Vanek, Krejci, Mantha, Martin.

1st star Vanek 1g1a

2nd star Mantha 1g

3rd star Krejci 1g

Toledo 5, LA 2

Game #2


Dubnyk is up to task and keeps a clean sheet with 22 saves. On the other hand, LA can’t stay out of the sin bin and gives up 3 PP goals in 7 attempts.

Toledo goals – Green, Krejci, Backstrom, Vanek, Versteeg

1st star – Dubnyk 22 save shutout

2nd star Krejci 1g2a

3rd star Backstrom 1g1a

Toledo 5, LA 0

Game #3


 After 2 blowout losses in games 1-2, the Great Danes looked to rebound at home.  Andersen again struggled in goal early, giving up 2 goals in the game’s first 4 minutes, but the Danes also scored twice early, and the game was tied 3-3 after 2.  The Danes finally got their game going in the 3rd and win 6-3.  The #1 line for LA (Schenn-Benn-Scheifele) had a huge night with 4G-6A combined and +4 each.

LA 6, Toledo 3

Game #4


 In game 4, the Danes had the territorial advantage from the start, but not on the scoreboard. The Danes had a large SOG advantage in all 3 periods and 46-18 for the game. And with Toledo blocking 26 shots on top of that, LA had a 92-40 shot attempt advantage for the game. But Toledo scored twice in all 3 periods for another blowout win in the series, this won 6-0. Dubnyk was obviously the #1 star with 46 saves.

Toledo 6, LA 0

  The Danes must find a way to win one in Toledo to get another opportunity at home. A new COA for game #5 is attached – one lineup change with Schaller in and Jokinen out. After some debate, the regular-season league leading goalie will return to the net, although the quick hook is turned on if he falters early. Andersen deserves anther shot to find his game after his outstanding regular season.
Game #5


 And the Danes do find a way to win on the road to make the series 3-2.
Toledo jumps out to a 2-0 lead in the first and holds it there through the 2nd period. But the Danes 2nd intermission team meeting in the locker-room must have been a classic, as they come out to score 4 goals in the 3rd period to take a 4-2 win and force game 6 back in LA.LA 4, Toledo 2
Game #6


 Toledo wins the series with a 4-2 victory in game #6. I didn’t realize it right away, but it looks like the goalie lineup from the coa file had Dell scheduled to play, but the computer had Dubnyk in goal. I loaded the coa you sent and had replaced the file that was there, but not sure if it’s a DK glitch or mine. But Dubnyk earned the #1 star of the game with 42 saves.After the big comeback to pull out game 5, everything went wrong in this one for LA. Toledo scores on their 1st and 3rd shots of the game and took a 2-0 lead 5 minutes. LA then took a penalty at the end of a PK and Toledo had a brief 10-second 5 on 3 PP, and they scored in 10 seconds! to take a 3-0 lead and continued with the PP for another 1:50. LA decided this was not Andersen’s night/series and Mason come in to start the second. And what happens but Ehlers scores 35 seconds into period 2 and the Danes still had some life. After a long Krejci slapshot beat Mason, the Danes again faced a big hole, but once again the Danes gave the home fans some hope on a Schenn deflection goal with 28 seconds left in period 2 to close the gap to 4-2 Toledo. But once again things went south for LA as Ehlers took a 4-minute slashing penalty a mere 17 seconds into the 3rd. While the Danes killed off the PK, it shortened the period and despite 18 SOG in the third for LA, there was no scoring and the game ended 4-2 Toledo.

Toledo 4, LA 2

Series Summary:  The Danes did not go quietly as they outshot Toledo 44-22 in the game and had 79 shot attempts to 38 for Toledo. But only 8 scoring changes in the game for LA even with all those shots, so a great defensive job by Toledo. Goaltending and special teams were lopsided in the series, as Dubnyk posted a .960 save % and 2 shutouts, while Andersen posted an .843 save % after being the league’s top goalie in the regular season. LA took way too many penalties in the series, and Toledo PP converted at 35% versus 0% for LA’s PP.But it was a fantastic first season for the Great Danes. Hats off to Toledo for a very well played series and best wishes.


Deep Freeze Defenders

Minneapolis Deep Freeze vs. Alamo Defenders

Game #1  Alamo 3, Minneapolis 2
Game #2  Minneapolis 5, Alamo 1
Game #3  Alamo 3, Minneapolis 1
Game #4  Minneapolis 4, Alamo 1
Game #5  This was a classic. Eaves scores his 2nd goal of the series, then Aho scores for the Deep Freeze to tie the game. Then, both teams exchange goals and its 2-2 after 1 period. In the 2nd, Markov scores for the Deep Freeze. 7:06 into the 3rd, Marchand ties the game.

OT – 2 minutes in – Blake Wheeler scores the game winning goal and Alamo wins.

sog: Alamo 32 Minneapolis 27

1st star – Eaves
2nd star – Marchand
3rd star – Aho

Alamo 4, Minneapolis 3

The big game 5 OT win puts Alamo up 3-1

Game #6


 Minneapolis is inspired by home cooking and scores the first 2 goals. Hossa and Spezza score. Later in the 1st, Wheeler scores his 2nd goal of the series.

8 seconds into the 3rd, Ekblad scores and the game is now tied!!! Pacioretty and Eaves score, and now Alamo leads, 4-2.

The Deep Freeze score late as Kuznetsov makes it a 1 goal game with 40 seconds to goal. The Deep Freeze shoot and Lehner gets a save with no time remaining. Alamo wins the series.

sog: Alamo 52 Minneapolis 31

1st star – Pacioretty 3 points
2nd star – Wheeler 2 points
3rd star – Eaves 1 goal

Alamo 4, Minneapolis 3

Series Summary:  Alamo wins game 5 and 6 by a one goal margin to clinch the series, 4 games to 2. Congrats to the Deep Freeze on a well played series. Bobrovsky was tough.