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For Immediate Release
October 27th, 2003

    With all the hoop-la surrounding the controversial 2003 MWBL All-Star Game, we had to use a phrase now used with the Major League All-Star Game.    “This Time It Counts” and that was the headlines a day after everyone thought the real all-Star game was played.  The day before the game was played in a simulation, using Microsoft’s X-box.  In that game the American League got by the National League, in extra innings, by a score of 4-3.   But here in the real world, the American League suffered another humiliating loss.   The American League started Jamie Moyer (16-7  2.14) while the National League countered with Pedro Martinez (20-5  1.96) and the match up proved the National League was superior this year to the American League as Pedro Martinez had great stuff and the N.L. took care of business today.

     Barry Bonds set the tone for this one, taking Moyer deep in the first at bat in the first inning. Brian Giles also homered in the first and the N.L cruised and received long balls later on from Kent, Redmond, and Chavez to pile it on the A.L. by the score of 11-3. Bonds was 2 for 5 with 2 runs scored and 2 RBI’s.

     Moyer was taken yard twice in the first inning, and in the 2nd he was already fatigued and removed before the inning had finished playing out. The 5-0 lead was all the juice Pedro needed to pump it up, fanning the side in the 3rd inning and getting a double play grounder to end the 2nd.

By the time Kent homered off Ramon Ortiz in the 5th the score was 7-0, N.L.

The A.L. gave the fans something to shout about in the 6th when a walk, hit batter and 3 run blast by Alex Rodriguez put the 3 runs on the board that the A.L. would get this day.

But in the 7th, the N.L. iced the game with another 4 runs, Eric Chavez and Mike Redmond both slamming taters off of Damaso Marte, and this one was over.

Click here for a link to the 2003 Mid-West Baseball League’s All-Star Game Box Score

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