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For Immediate Release
December 8th, 2003

Javy Lopez has been dealt three times this off season — who will be next?
Twenty Four Mid-West Baseball League General Managers will descend on the General Managers Meetings next Monday (12/15/03), each of them thinking roughly along these lines:
“Maybe this time I can get Randy Johnson for  Vinny Castilla.”

OK, maybe only one General Manager will be thinking that.

Getting the best of the other guy in a trade is often regarded as the third oldest human vocational endeavor, right behind prostitution and journalism. It is a normal impulse, from children trading snacks at school to general managers trading players, hoping that for their tin they can get somebody else’s silver.  The Mid-West Baseball League General Manager Meetings have been going on for at least 5 years now and they remain a treat for any ardent Mid-West Baseball League Owner.  “Everyone cannot succeed simultaneously in this league”, but it sure in the hell is fun trying to rebuild, or put together that final piece to get you over the top” said Mid-West Baseball League Commissioner John Stray Corrado.
This General Manager Meeting isn’t a sophisticated operation, so naturally, you assume that the meetings are not at all like a rotisserie league swap fest. Actually, at times they have been and at times they will be again.   The Meeting will take place in a AIM Chat Room next Monday December 15th, at 9:30 PM EST.  
There might even be one General Manger, setting up a card table in the lobby of the headquarters,  with a placard announcing he’s open for business and talking trade in front of everyone.  The Mid-West Baseball Leagues General managers Meetings, are quite like Joaquin Andujar  once Said as he summed up baseball in just three words, “You Just Never Know”.

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