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For Immediate Release
July 1st, 2002

I am from Indiana & I can do the Job.TORONTO – Controversy is rampant following what appeared to be a watershed moment for the struggling Yonge Street Stalkers.  One day following a no-hit, four walk masterpiece spun by veteran right hander Bobby J. Jones, all hell broke loose in and around the Stalker clubhouse.  The problems arose when a local journalist (following up on post-game comments from Sluggers players) broke a story that ended up costing manager Cito Gaston his job.
During post-game interviews with the visiting Sluggers from Virginia, reports came out that at least 5 and maybe as many as a 8 yet to be named Slugger players turned up ill prior to Sundays game at SkyDome.  Only after some questions from local beat writer Billy Chenowith turned up some interesting facts, did the club take action.  Apparently, following Saturday nights heartbreaking loss, a large group of Sluggers were seen eating a late meal at a local “pub” in a suburb of Toronto.  Further questions revealed that only the Sluggers, who visited this particular “pub”, were found to be suffering from what can best be described as “abdominal distress”.
The “pub” in question, “J.C.’s Back Door Saloon” has been found to be owned and operated by J.C. Harris, a former minor league teammate and close friend of Stalker manager Cito Gaston.  The two have been in the news lately regarding some shady business ventures in and around Miami’s South Beach resort area.
The Stalkers G.M. Scott Farquharson called a press conference Sunday morning to announce the firing of Gaston.  He was quoted as saying: “Regardless of how many or for that matter, why the players from Virginia chose that particular “type of establishment” to visit after the game is irrelevant.  We, as an organization cannot afford to have this unfortunate coincidence tarnish our long history of winning and competing with class and honesty.”  Following that quote, Farquharson announced the firing of manager Gaston and the immediate hiring of bench coach Woody Harrelson as interim manager.


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