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For Immediate Release
August 28th 2001

ESPN NEWS (Bristol) –   Chicago (AP) — It’s likely Jose Lima and Alan Benes will pitch better with their new teams than they did their last.  They couldn’t be much worse.  “I’m excited, real excited,” Lima said in Fremont. “Do I need a fresh start? Probably. I’m leaving now, but it’s my fault. That’s why I got traded.”  Lima, 28, is 2-2 with a 6.57 ERA in four starts and 10 appearances with the Cannons this season. Benes, 29, posted no record with the Mobsters this season.  “My hope is that the change of scenery will help both guys,” Chicago manager Stray Corrado said. “We want to see Alan do well over there and, obviously, we’re hoping this is a good place for Jose.”  The deal marks the third trade between the two teams in less than one year.  “Lima has had success pitching in a big ballpark,” Corrado said. “He won 17 games and pitched very well for us in 200. We hope changing divisions and pitching at Comerica Park will get Jose back to the level of success he achieved while pitching in 2000.”  Lima, was expected to spend the rest of 2001 in the minors to regain his confidence and be ready to start the 2002 MWBL season as part of the Mobsters rotation.  “If I’m not pitching, why fight,” Lima said. “I’m not helping them. Why stick it to them?”  Fremont general manager Casey Hoch said the deal was put together “in the less than a hour.”  “We’re going to miss him I hope he gets things turned around,” Hoch said. “But I didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t fair to let somebody of Jose’s stature to sit in the bullpen. We weren’t getting any value out of it.”  Lima won 25 games during a two-year period before struggling this year.

Chicago Receives: Jose Lima.
Fremont Receives:  Alan Benes


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