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For Immediate Release
January 27, 2000

ESPN NEWS (Bristol) – Long time Chicago Mobster Mo Vaughn was dealt away last night to the Midland Mud Hens.  Vaughn was with the Chicago Mobsters for over 5 years, even back in the early days of the Iowa Baseball Confederacy.   Chicago General Manager John (STRAY) Corrado was quoted in the mornings papers as saying “It felt as though I traded away my little brother.  Vaughn was around here a long time.  He was family”.  Mo Vaughn in a telephone conversation said that he was still in shock over the deal, and that leaving the Windy City of Chicago was going to be a tough thing.  Though the Mobsters brass felt as though a family member had moved on, they also were very happy with the acquisition that they received in the deal as well.   Instead of “Big Mo” being the designated hitter in the Windy City, the duties will be handed over to “the Big Hurt”.   Chicago received Frank Thomas in the deal, and was already penciling Thomas into the lineup in the two hole.  With Stewart leading the game off, Thomas batting in the two hole, Chicago should have some runners on base for when the heart of their lineup (Chipper Jones, Sammy Sosa, Ivan Rodriguez, & Tony Clark) come up behind them.  In addition to the two players headed in different directions, the teams also swapped some draft choices along the way.  Chicago ends up with the 5th overall pick in the 2000 MWBL draft, as well as a couple of third rounder’s.   Midland, receives a very early second round pick, and a sixth rounder to go with it.

Chicago Receives: Fran Thomas, Midland’s 1st RD – 2000, Midland’s 3rd RD – 2000,& Canton’s 3rd RD – 2000
Midland Receives: Mo Vaughn, Severn’s 2nd Rd – 2000, & Columbus’s 6th RD – 2000.

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