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For Immediate Release
December 12, 1998

ESPN NEWS (Bristol)
The Ohio Valley Buckeyes, got back into the MWBL spirit, and went out, and made two separate deals on Friday December 4th. Ohio Valley worked a 10 player 3 draft pick trade with Connecticut, and earlier in the day, made a one for one with the Buffalo Braves. Ohio Valley Mgr. Campbell likes all 5 of the new Buckeyes from the deal with Connecticut. Travis Fryman is a longtime favorite, Ramon Martinez should be very good for around 15-18 starts, and will be teamed with his brother Pedro, Eric Karros a former Buckeye will platoon at 1B with lefty Travis Lee, Williams will become the 4th OF but will see plenty of action in relief of Bernie Williams, and Eric Davis, and Dennis Cook becomes the top lefty in the bullpen. Brad Radke, Matt Williams, and Chili Davis will be missed as they all contributed greatly to Ohio Valley’s AL Championship last year, “but you give to get” as manager Campbell was quoted. Mgr. Campbell said the Buckeyes still have 2 more deals that should be finalized this weekend, that should add more depth and strength to the team in an effort to repeat to the MWBL league Championship game in 99.

Ohio Valley Receives:  Gabe White
Buffalo Receives:  John Thompson

Ohio Valley Receives: Travis Fryman, Ramon Martinez, Eric Karros, Gerald Williams, and Dennis Cook
Connecticut Receives: Brad Radke, Matt Williams, Chili Davis, Mike Stanton, Mike Kelly, Severn 1999 RD#3, Ohio Valley 1999 RD#3, and Ohio Valley 1999 RD #5

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