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Refer to the League Guide – CHAPTER 8

Position Player Tracking:

There are 2 places that you can check this, both League Manager & Advanced Draft.

 League Manager Directions:

  1. Click on a game that you have played or will play (this chooses your team)
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Team Status
  4. The RUse column indicates how much more usage the player has that season.

Advanced Draft Directions:

  1. Open up your team
  2. Choose Reports
  3. Choose Status
  4. The RUse column indicates how much more usage the player has that season.

RUse is a percentage of remaining team games the player will be able to appear in.  When RUse reaches zero, the player’s fatigue status will always be worn out.

An example of equating RUse with the remaining games a player has:

· Season Length:  162 games

· SF of sample player: 90 (convert to a % in the equation)

· PR of sample player: 458 (convert to a % in the equation)

· Current RUse:  60%

162*60% = 97.2

97*.458 = 44.426

44*.90 = 39.6

So the player would be able to play in roughly 39 more games.  Now the player won’t be able to play in 39 straight games, they’ll tire.  Owners need to keep an eye on their players and adjust accordingly

 Pitchers Tracking:

Pitchers usage is done from MBFs (maximum batters faced).  You can determine the number of MBFs they get in a season by viewing your team in Advanced Draft.  Tracking how many ACTUAL batters they have left is a little different.  It has to be done by StatMaster, which is installed with your BBW software.

  1. Open StatMaster
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Team
  4. Click Standard Reports
  5. Choose Your Team
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click Box under Player – Pitching
  8. Click Display
  9. Under the “BF” column, it’ll tell you how many batters your pitcher has faced.
  10. Compare that to the pitchers MBFs in Advanced Draft

There are instances where a a pitcher could have 0% RUse but still be able to pitch.  That’ll happen if a pitcher is in single MBFs left for the season.
Have fun!

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