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Virginia:  we can have 12 prospects right?(4:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Yes(4:30am)
Elyria:  total(4:30am)
Elyria:  total(4:30am)
Dallas:  Can we use color for fonts?(4:30am)
Detroit:  hi(4:30am)
Detroit:  test(4:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  We would prefer that only me and Stray have color so you can find our messages easier(4:31am)
Manhattan:  manhattan is testing– merely a test(4:31am)
Motor City:  test. one. two sibillance. sibilance(4:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  15 minutes until the first pick(4:32am)
Elyria:  teste. teste… two three?(4:32am)
Elyria:  test(4:33am)
Selkirk:  .(4:38am)
Coconut Creek:  Had to rush to work to use a hardwired computer. My wireless at home was shitty this morning.(4:40am)
Dallas:  glad work was close enough for you(4:40am)
Stray:  OK GUYS – I’d like to take a MOMENT OF SILENCE for Hall of Fame Manager Mike Roberts – who is no longer with us.(4:41am)
Stray:  THANK YOU. First Pick in 4 Minutes…(4:41am)
Elyria:  .(4:41am)
Elyria:  .(4:42am)
Dallas:  t(4:42am)
Stray:  Guys – chat is running slow here at Draft Central so please be patient with us. 8 PC’s running slowing us down a little(4:42am)
Stray:  We should be fine, but bear with us.(4:43am)
Dallas:  Coco, do you think its your modem or router? I need to replace my modem soon(4:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #1 MCM(4:45am)
Motor City:  Gray, Jonathan. col. P(4:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #2 MAN(4:47am)
Manhattan:  Tanaka, Masahiro. nyy. P(4:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tanaka, Masahiro Confirmed(4:47am)
Iron City:  Hey, are we supposed to put * for the uncards?(4:47am)
Camarillo:  * are missing?(4:47am)
Elyria:  yes(4:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  One second having issues(4:49am)
Traverse City:  rgr(4:49am)
Dallas:  too many computers at draft central me thinks(4:49am)
Long Beach:  ..(4:51am)
Selkirk:  …(4:51am)
Elyria:  .(4:52am)
Clovis:  ..(4:52am)
Virginia:  ,,,…(4:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  text support is working on an issue, should be fixed in a moment(4:53am)
Columbus:  I think Manhatan is the most concerned (4:54am)
Selkirk:  hes listede as passed… (4:54am)
New York:  Fernando Rodney refusing to sign a contract with Outlaws. This just in from ESPN.(4:55am)
Dallas:  outlaws?(4:55am)
New York:  New York….(the fake
Columbus:  MWBL(4:55am)
Columbus:  That’s a trade rumor(4:56am)
Dallas:  ohh LOL(4:56am)
New York:  Just taking advantage of the rain delay(4:56am)
Elyria:  .(4:56am)
New York:  Anyone interested in Rodney can contact NY Management…..(4:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  we were running an expansion draft at the same time somehow(4:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #3 DAL(4:57am)
Dallas:  Abreu, Jose.CHW.1B *(4:57am)
Selkirk:  is the draft app updating?(4:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Abreu, Jose Confirmed(4:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #4 BET(4:58am)
Stray:  Draft Manager will update on it’s own(4:58am)
Jersey:  draft app is updating for me(4:58am)
Traverse City:  yep, mine has been doing that(4:58am)
Selkirk:  great thanks worked now(4:58am)
Elyria:  Lee, Zach. LAD. P*(4:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lee, Zach Confirmed(4:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  BTW Elyria is drafing for BET(4:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #5 LBD(5:00am)
Long Beach:  Pick #5 – Springer, George.OF.HOU*(5:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Springer, George Confirmed(5:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #6 SEL(5:01am)
Selkirk:  Pick #6 Salazar, Danny. cle. P(5:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Salazar, Danny Confirmed(5:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #7 FRE(5:02am)
Stray:  http://www.straybaseba…/mwbl CHECK OUT THE NEWS WHEN YOU HAVE A MOMENT(5:02am)
Iron City:  very cool!(5:03am)
Fremont:  Pick #7 Davis, Khris.MIL.OF(5:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #7 FRE(5:04am)
Traverse City:  Definitely cool(5:04am)
Fremont:  do i need to try again with spaces?(5:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Davis, Khris Confirmed(5:04am)
Dallas:  awesome, stray(5:04am)
Stray:  Thanks(5:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nope, my reprompt crossed in the internets(5:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #8 TEM(5:05am)
Tempe:  PICK #8 – Gattis, Evan.C.ATL(5:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gattis, Evan Confirmed(5:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #9 YSS(5:06am)
Yonge Street:  Calhoun, Kole. laa. OF(5:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Calhoun, Kole Confirmed(5:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #10 CHI(5:08am)
Chicago:  Urias, Julio. lad. P*(5:08am)
Camarillo:  Thought that was Juan Uribe. (5:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #11 VIR(5:08am)
Virginia:  Stewart, Kohl. min. P(5:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Stewart, Kohl Confirmed(5:09am)
Virginia:  * didn’;t show up(5:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #12 CWK(5:09am)
Clovis:  Torres, Alex. sd. P(5:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Torres, Alexander Confirmed(5:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #13 COL(5:10am)
Columbus:  Sanchez, Gary. nyy. C*(5:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Sanchez, Gary Confirmed(5:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #14 SAC(5:11am)
Sacramento:  Glasnow, Tyler.PIT.P(5:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Glasnow, Tyler Confirmed(5:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #15 DET(5:11am)
Detroit:  Kazmir, Scott. oak. P(5:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kazmir, Scott Confirmed(5:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #16 TIJ(5:12am)
Long Beach:  .(5:15am)
Traverse City:  The plug-in is acting up again on the site(5:15am)
Jersey:  trouble?(5:15am)
Elyria:  .(5:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Odor, Rougned Confirmed (announced in room as we have too many people here and we are slow)(5:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #17 SAC(5:15am)
Sacramento:  Singleton, Jonathan.HOU.1B(5:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Singleton, Jonathan Confirmed(5:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #18 TCC(5:16am)
Dallas:  Odor is a good pick. There’s talk if Profar injuries linger the Rangers may call up Odor(5:16am)
Iron City:  Just making sure — he’s listed as uncarded, right?(5:16am)
Iron City:  Singleton, I mean(5:17am)
Fremont:  Make sure you keep Singleton away from Jung Bong(5:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Yes, uncard(5:17am)
Iron City:  Dude knows how to take a hit(5:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #18 TCC(5:18am)
Traverse City:  okay(5:18am)
Traverse City:  Hoffman, Jeff*(5:18am)
Iron City:  P, East Carolina?(5:19am)
Traverse City:  I forgot to log back on to my Draft Manager when the site slowed down, jumped off Firefox(5:19am)
Fremont:  clg is what we use for college(5:19am)
Traverse City:  P clg(5:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hoffman, Jeff Confirmed(5:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #19 TIJ(5:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pinto, Josmil Confirmed(5:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #20 IRN(5:20am)
Iron City:  Semien, Marcus. cws. 3B(5:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Semien, Marcus Confirmed(5:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #21 TIJ(5:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Roark, Tanner Confirmed(5:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #22 NYO(5:22am)
Dallas:  what pos for roark(5:22am)
Long Beach:  P(5:23am)
New York:  Uribe, Juan. lad. 3B(5:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Picks announced in the room are put in by me and you can find their specifics on the draft list which is refreshed constantly(5:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Uribe, Juan Confirmed(5:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #23 CAM(5:24am)
Camarillo:  Cam – Lake, Junior, CHC, OF(5:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lake, Junior Confirmed(5:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #24 SBL(5:24am)
Virginia:  Cole, A.J.. was. P(5:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cole, A.J. Confirmed(5:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #25 TIJ(5:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Piscotty, Stephen Confirmed(5:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #26 TEM(5:26am)
Tempe:  PICK #26 – Edwards, C J.P.CHC *(5:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Edwards, C.J. Confirmed(5:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #27 IRN(5:27am)
Iron City:  Shipley, Braden.P.ARI*(5:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Shipley, Braden Confirmed(5:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #28 TIJ(5:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cotts, Neal Confirmed(5:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #29 DAL(5:29am)
Selkirk:  Pick #6 Salazar, Danny. cle. P(5:30am)
Dallas:  Rodon, Carlos.P.CLG *(5:30am)
Fremont:  Yeah, don’t rub it in(5:30am)
Traverse City:  … testing to see if I’m here.(5:30am)
Selkirk:  wow sorry major crash at my end(5:31am)
Fremont:  ass pick(5:31am)
Dallas:  really? I searched and didnt see he was on a roster(5:31am)
Fremont:  mine(5:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #29 DAL(5:32am)
Dallas:  Herrera, Rosell.SS/3B.COL *(5:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Herrera, Rosell Confirmed(5:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #30 MCM(5:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Parker, Kyle Confirmed(5:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #31 BET(5:34am)
Dallas:  Must have had a space when I searched the other day cuz Rodon comes up now on a search(5:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Puello, Cesar Confirmed(5:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #32 MAN(5:35am)
Manhattan:  Kobernus, Jeff. was. OF(5:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kobernus, Jeff Confirmed(5:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #33 LBD(5:36am)
Long Beach:  Pick #33 – Escobar, Edwin.P.SF*(5:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Escobar, Edwin Confirmed(5:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #34 SEL(5:37am)
Selkirk:  Biddle, Jessie. phi. P*(5:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Biddle, Jessie Confirmed(5:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #35 FRE(5:38am)
Sacramento:  Trade!!!(5:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hold Trade(5:39am)
Stray:  PIT (Picks 98 and 154) to SAC Volquez and Lewis, and Tirado*(5:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #35 FRE(5:40am)
Sacramento:  Thanks(5:40am)
Fremont:  #35- Harvey, Hunter. bal. P*(5:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Harvey, Hunter Confirmed(5:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Trade confirmed via Commish(5:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #36 VAL(5:43am)
Clovis:  ..(5:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #36 VAL(5:45am)
Virginia:  …(5:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Alcantara, Arismendy Confirmed (from a list)(5:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  I mean from draft manager(5:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #37 YSS(5:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Turner, Trea Confirmed(5:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #38 SEL(5:48am)
Selkirk:  Guerrero, Alexander. lad. 2B*(5:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Guerrero, Alexander Confirmed(5:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #39 VIR(5:49am)
Virginia:  Carpenter, David. atl. P(5:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Carpenter, David Confirmed(5:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #40 SAC(5:50am)
Sacramento:  DeShields, Delino.HOU.2B*(5:50am)
Columbus:  that stinks(5:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Deshields, Delino Jr. Confirmed(5:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #41 COL(5:51am)
Columbus:  Cowart, Kaleb. laa. 3B*(5:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  IF YOU HAVE Deshields in your Draft Manager list without the JR he WILL NOT come off your list(5:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cowart, Kaleb Confirmed(5:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #42 CCC(5:53am)
Coconut Creek:  De La Rosa, Dane.RP.LAA(5:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  de la Rosa, Dane Confirmed(5:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #43 DET(5:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Siegrist, Kevin Confirmed(5:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #44 LBD(5:54am)
Long Beach:  Betts, Mookie.2B.BOS*(5:55am)
Traverse City:  dang it hahaha(5:55am)
Traverse City:  that’s twice now(5:55am)
Long Beach:  Sorry about that. Last time it was Escobar or Biddle(5:56am)
Coconut Creek:  I feel your pain. I had Carpenter queued up for 20 picks only to have VIR snatch him right in front of me(5:56am)
Virginia:  Boy am I a nice guy or waht??(5:57am)
Virginia:  He wasn’t even my original pick…I changed at the last second(5:57am)
Coconut Creek:  Super nice. that is why my hit man is going to NOT pay you a visit.(5:57am)
Virginia:  (5:58am)
Traverse City:  who’s up?(5:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  One sec the program does not like Mookie(5:59am)
Iron City:  i’m just waiting for confirmation of 44(5:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  We are manually adding him(5:59am)
Fremont:  Try Mookie Wilson, that might work(5:59am)
Coconut Creek:  lol(6:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Betts, Mookie, confirmed(6:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #45 IRN(6:00am)
Iron City:  Koehler, Tom.P.MIA(6:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Koehler, Tom Confirmed(6:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #46 TCC(6:02am)
Traverse City:  Travis, Devon. det. 2B(6:02am)
Traverse City:  *(6:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Travis, Devon Confirmed(6:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #47 ELY(6:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Thielbar, Caleb Confirmed(6:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #48 CHI(6:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Reyes, Alexander * Confirmed(6:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #49 TCC(6:03am)
Traverse City:  Kingham, Nick. pit. P(6:03am)
Traverse City:  *(6:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kingham, Nick Confirmed(6:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #50 NYO(6:04am)
New York:  Shuck, J.B.. laa. OF(6:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Shuck, J.B. Confirmed(6:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #51 CAM(6:05am)
Camarillo:  Stephenson, Robert, P, CIN*(6:06am)
Virginia:  He’s mine(6:07am)
Virginia:  Sorry(6:07am)
Camarillo:  my bad(6:07am)
Virginia:  got him in ’12(6:07am)
Camarillo:  Machi, Jean, P, SF(6:07am)
Virginia:  He’s a good pick though (6:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Machi, Jean Confirmed(6:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #52 SBL(6:08am)
Iron City:  It’s ok, you can re-draft him next year after he doesn’t make it to the big leagues this season.(6:08am)
Virginia:  Barnes, Matt. bos. P(6:08am)
Virginia:  He WLL make it this year he will he will he will(6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Barnes, Matt Confirmed(6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #53 TIJ(6:09am)
Virginia:  You said he would(6:09am)
Iron City:  ha, positive vibes(6:09am)
Iron City:  when did I say that?(6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Withrow, Chris Confirmed(6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #54 SAC(6:09am)
Iron City:  And, more importantly, why did you believe me?(6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  LOL Mayo(6:09am)
Sacramento:  Ervin, Phillip.cin.of*(6:09am)
Virginia:  (6:09am)
Selkirk:  Didn’t work for me on Springer and Biddle last year (6:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ervin, Phillip Confirmed(6:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #55 IRN(6:10am)
Virginia:  Because…..that answer works for my students(6:10am)
Iron City:  Phegley, Josh.C.CWS(6:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #56 TIJ(6:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lagares, Juan Confirmed(6:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #57 DAL(6:11am)
Virginia:  maybe we need a new GURU Ken (6:11am)
Dallas:  Dozier, Hunter.3B.KCR *(6:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dozier, Hunter Confirmed(6:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #58 MCM(6:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Anderson, Tim * Confirmed(6:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #59 BET(6:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Banuelos, Manny * Confirmed(6:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #60 MAN(6:15am)
Manhattan:  Alcantara, Raul. oak. P(6:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Alcantara, Raul Confirmed(6:16am)
Iron City:  With taking Banuelos, you get a free pick of orthopedists(6:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #61 IRN(6:16am)
Iron City:  Renfroe, Hunter.OF.SD*(6:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Renfroe, Hunter Confirmed(6:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #62 SEL(6:17am)
Selkirk:  Williams, Nick. tex. OF*(6:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Williams, Nick Confirmed(6:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #63 FRE(6:18am)
Fremont:  #63 Farquhar, Danny. sea. P(6:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Farquhar, Danny Confirmed(6:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #64 BET(6:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lambo, Andrew Confirmed(6:20am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #65 YSS(6:20am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Urrutia, Henry Confirmed(6:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #66 CCC(6:21am)
Coconut Creek:  La Stella, Tommy.2B.ATL*(6:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  La Stella, Tommy Confirmed(6:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #67 VIR(6:22am)
Virginia:  Parker, Blake. chc. P(6:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Parker, Blake Confirmed(6:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #68 MCM(6:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Johnson, Pierce * Confirmed(6:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #69 COL(6:25am)
Columbus:  Tepesch, Nick. tex. P(6:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tepesch, Nick Confirmed(6:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #70 CCC(6:25am)
Coconut Creek:  Medina, Yoervis.RP.SEA(6:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Medina, Yoervis Confirmed(6:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #71 DET(6:26am)
Detroit:  Nola, Aaron. clg. P(6:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nola, Aaron Confirmed(6:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #72 JNE(6:27am)
Traverse City:  oh man….(6:27am)
Jersey:  Lindsey, Taylor. LAA. 2B*(6:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lindsey, Taylor Confirmed(6:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #73 CHI(6:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Martinez, Jose M. Confirmed (this is the * p from ari) we had to put an initial to differentiate – please remove him from your list not matter how you put him in(6:29am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #74 TCC(6:30am)
Traverse City:  Ray, Robbie, DET, RP*(6:30am)
Iron City:  knew I should’ve taken him last pick(6:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ray, Robbie Confirmed(6:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #75 CHI(6:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ramirez, Jose Confirmed(6:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #76 CHI(6:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Sanchez, Tony Confirmed(6:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #77 BET(6:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Arrieta, Jake Confirmed(6:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #78 NYO(6:32am)
New York:  Petit, Yusmeiro. sf. P(6:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Petit, Yusmeiro Confirmed(6:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #79 CAM(6:33am)
Camarillo:  Jimenez, Eloy, ChC, OF*(6:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Jimenez, Eloy Confirmed(6:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #80 SBL(6:34am)
Virginia:  Taylor, Tyrone. . OF(6:35am)
Virginia:  It didn’t have team for him in the list(6:36am)
Coconut Creek:  MIL minors(6:36am)
Traverse City:  MIL(6:36am)
Traverse City:  good pick by the way(6:36am)
Virginia:  Thanks(6:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  One sec – system doesn’t like last pick(6:36am)
Virginia:  Brian’s pick…my advice (6:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Taylor, Tyrone confirmed(6:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #81 ELY(6:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nuno, Vidal Confirmed(6:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #82 TCC(6:40am)
Traverse City:  Smith, Burch. sd. P(6:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Smith, Burch Confirmed(6:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #83 IRN(6:40am)
Iron City:  Anderson, Chris.P.LAD*(6:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Anderson, Chris Confirmed(6:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #84 TEM(6:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #84 TEM(6:43am)
Tempe:  PICK #84 – Hale, David.P.ATL(6:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hale, David Confirmed(6:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #85 DAL(6:43am)
Dallas:  Maness, Seth.P.STL(6:44am)
Camarillo:  Is that one of your playoff starters Chris?(6:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Maness, Seth Confirmed(6:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #86 MCM(6:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hernandez, Cesar Confirmed(6:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #87 BET(6:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cumpton, Brandon Confirmed(6:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #88 MAN(6:45am)
Manhattan:  Adams, Austin. cle. P*(6:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Adams, Austin Confirmed(6:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #89 LBD(6:46am)
Long Beach:  Cooney, Tim.P.STL*(6:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cooney, Tim Confirmed(6:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #90 SEL(6:46am)
Selkirk:  Freiman, Nate. oak. 1B(6:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Freiman, Nate Confirmed(6:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #91 FRE(6:48am)
Fremont:  #91 Qualls, Chad. hou. P(6:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Qualls, Chad Confirmed(6:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #92 VAL(6:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hursh, Jason * Confirmed from Draft Manager(6:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #93 YSS(6:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Beede, Tyler * Confirmed(6:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #94 CCC(6:52am)
Coconut Creek:  Solis, Sammy.SP.WAS*(6:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Solis, Sammy Confirmed(6:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #95 CHI(6:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dominguez, Jose Confirmed(6:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #96 SAC(6:52am)
Sacramento:  Urrutia, Henry.bal.of(6:53am)
Coconut Creek:  cough cough(6:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Player already taken(6:53am)
Detroit:  ASS(6:53am)
Sacramento:  Ramirez, Jose.cle.2b(6:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Also gone(6:54am)
Dallas:  2 for 2(6:54am)
Detroit:  ASSSSS(6:54am)
Sacramento:  Nolin, Sean.tor.p(6:54am)
Sacramento:  here we go again …(6:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nolin, Sean Confirmed(6:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #97 LBD(6:55am)
Long Beach:  Almonte, Miguel.P.KC*(6:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Almonte, Miguel Confirmed(6:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #98 SAC(6:56am)
Sacramento:  Flynn, Brian.mia.p(6:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Flynn, Brian Confirmed(6:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #99 DET(6:56am)
Detroit:  Papi, Mike . clg. OF*(6:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Papi, Mike Confirmed(6:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #100 JNE(6:57am)
Jersey:  McKinney, Billy.OAK.OF*(6:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  McKinney, Billy Confirmed(6:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #101 IRN(6:58am)
Selkirk:  100 picks in 88 minutes a bit slower thean last year(6:59am)
Iron City:  Ibanez, Raul.OF.LAA(6:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ibanez, Raul Confirmed(7:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #102 TCC(7:00am)
Traverse City:  Haniger, Mitch. mil. OF(7:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Haniger, Mitch Confirmed(7:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #103 TEM(7:01am)
Tempe:  PICK #103 – Dominic Smith.1B.NYM *(7:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Smith, Dominic Confirmed(7:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #104 RVT(7:02am)
Roseville:  Baker, Jeff. tex. OF(7:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Baker, Jeff Confirmed(7:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #105 ELY(7:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Medica, Tommy Confirmed(7:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #106 VIR(7:03am)
Virginia:  Johnson, Micah. cws. SS(7:04am)
Virginia:  *(7:04am)
Virginia:  14(7:04am)
Motor City:  that’s the other White Sox ss I was thinking about taking(7:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Johnson, Micah Confirmed(7:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #107 CAM(7:05am)
Traverse City:  yeah he was pretty close for me too(7:05am)
Camarillo:  Parra, Manny, P, CIN(7:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Parra, Manny Confirmed(7:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #108 SBL(7:06am)
Camarillo:  Need those lefties(7:06am)
Virginia:  Ball, Trey. bos. P(7:07am)
Virginia:  * 14(7:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ball, Trey Confirmed(7:07am)
Virginia:  5-0 Finland killing USA hockey(7:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #109 SAC(7:08am)
Sacramento:  Workman, Brandon.bos.p(7:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Workman, Brandon Confirmed(7:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #110 HOL – welcome to the draft!(7:08am)
Hollywood:  Murphy, Tom. col. C*(7:09am)
Valdosta:  Hi Guys and Stacy! Did I miss anything?(7:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Murphy, Tom Confirmed(7:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  just the first 111 picks(7:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #111 LBD(7:10am)
Long Beach:  Murphy, J.R.C.NYY(7:10am)
Hollywood:  Welcome Jim – She picked Chipper Jones for you(7:10am)
Valdosta:  I’d take him :-)(7:10am)
Chicago:  Chicago has Yorvit Torrealba (CATCHER) 8 Defense +2 Throwing Available if you need a cacther(7:10am)
Hollywood:  something about him coming out of retirement and you like your Braves(7:10am)
Valdosta:  I wish(7:10am)
Selkirk:  soon to be a star in the MWWL(7:11am)
Tempe:  Trade Announcement when you have a sec(7:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #111 LBD(7:12am)
Long Beach:  Murphy, J.R.C.NYY(7:12am)
Hollywood:  Stray – you private IM’d me. I assume that was old(7:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  sorry missed it(7:12am)
Stray:  Yes, Steve No worries(7:12am)
Long Beach:  no problem(7:12am)
Pittsburgh:  Hey everyone, just popping in to say I (PIT) still have 7 picks from Rounds 7-11 available for trade — please email me offers at: Open to all ideas… have prospect slots open to take dead weight if you make it worth my while(7:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Go ahead TRADE(7:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Murphy, J.R. Confirmed(7:13am)
Tempe:  Tempe sends #112, #140, #224, and Alfredo Marte to Columbus for Alfonso Soriano(7:13am)
steven:  Good morning MWBL Draft (7:14am)
Columbus:  Confirmed(7:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #112 COL(7:16am)
Columbus:  Magill, Matt. lad. P(7:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Magill, Matt Confirmed(7:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #113 DAL(7:16am)
Dallas:  Lucas, Ed.3B.MIA(7:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lucas, Ed Confirmed(7:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #114 MCM(7:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Caminero, Arquimedes Confirmed(7:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #115 JNE(7:18am)
Jersey:  Wisler, Matt.SD.P*(7:18am)
Iron City:  nope(7:18am)
Stray:  ASS PICK(7:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Player taken(7:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #115 JNE(7:18am)
Stray:  Taken – TEMPE(7:18am)
Jersey:  Now how did that happen?(7:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  TRADE(7:19am)
Jersey:  Velasquez, Vincent.HOU.P*(7:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Velasquez, Vince Confirmed(7:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Coming off draft manager as VINCE not VINCENT please check your lists(7:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #116 MAN(7:22am)
Stray:  TRADE – Which was already processed on DRAFT CENTRAL SIDE. To CAM – Torrealba, Yorvit. To CHI Picks # 247 & #275(7:22am)
Camarillo:  Confirmed(7:22am)
Manhattan:  rougned, odor. tex. 2B*(7:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  player taken(7:23am)
Fremont:  name reversed(7:23am)
Stray:  Perfect example of Draft Manager NOT KNOWING the Player and taking him off your list(7:24am)
Manhattan:  Contreras, Carlos. cin. P(7:24am)
Columbus:  Pick 16 (which should show a 14 for year) Odor(7:24am)
Clovis:  need some 3B ABs, anyone want this pick (117) for a decent third baseman? Or, I could just pick one from the availables, your choice!(7:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Contreras, Carlos * Confirmed(7:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #117 CWK(7:25am)
Hollywood:  AROD is available to anyone wanting him(7:25am)
Hollywood:  either AIM me (scutler3) or private IM me(7:25am)
Hollywood:  Clovis, if you want AROD for it, announce the trade and hes yours(7:26am)
Clovis:  no thanks(7:26am)
Hollywood:  lol(7:26am)
Sacramento:  can’t give him away?(7:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #117 CWK(7:27am)
Clovis:  Tuiasosopo, Matt. AZ. OF.(7:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tuiasosopo, Matt Confirmed(7:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #118 SEL(7:28am)
Selkirk:  Crawford, Jonathon. det. P*(7:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Crawford, Jonathon Confirmed(7:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #119 FRE(7:28am)
Stray:  at 1:00 PM ET – We will take a 30 Minute Break- Just a Heads up(7:28am)
Roseville:  Trade(7:30am)
Fremont:  #119 Jordan, Taylor. was. p(7:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Jordan, Taylor Confirmed(7:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(7:30am)
Roseville:  Roseville sends pick #160 to Hollywood for Alex Rodriguez(7:31am)
Hollywood:  Hollywood confirms(7:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #120 HOL(7:31am)
Hollywood:  Gonzales, Marco. stl. P*(7:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gonzalez, Marco Confirmed(7:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #121 YSS(7:33am)
Jersey:  Trade(7:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Diaz, Aledmys * Confirmed(7:35am)
Jersey:  Jersey Brandon Maurer for Pit 7th #182(7:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(7:35am)
Pittsburgh:  Pit confirms(7:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #122 TCC(7:36am)
Traverse City:  Santana, Danny. min. SS*(7:36am)
Iron City:  nice pick… i like that guy(7:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Santana, Danny Confirmed(7:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #123 VIR(7:37am)
Traverse City:  thanks(7:37am)
Virginia:  Crawford, J.P.. . SS(7:37am)
Traverse City:  good safe pick, I think he’ll get called up at some point as well late.(7:38am)
Iron City:  yep(7:38am)
Virginia:  lets hope…I wantd Diaz, but…(7:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ok one sec – system does not enjoy the punctuation(7:38am)
Virginia:  copied from Draft Manager(7:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Yes not your fault(7:39am)
Hollywood:  Stray – I have to say – as much of a PITA I am about the Draft Manager, it has been working great(7:39am)
Hollywood:  just that 1 issue we talked about this AM(7:40am)
Stray:  Will talk about it later and THANKS!(7:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Crawford, J.P confirmed(7:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #124 BET(7:43am)
Stray:  I’m Taking over the Draft as Stacy needs to Reboot(7:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Almonte, Abraham confirmed(7:44am)
Stray:  #125 COL(7:45am)
Columbus:  Olson, Matthew. oak. 1B*(7:45am)
Stray:  Olson, Matthew Confirmed(7:46am)
Iron City:  uh-oh, Stray’s driving(7:46am)
Stray:  Pick #126 IRN(7:46am)
Iron City:  Berrios, JO. min. P*(7:46am)
Iron City:  tried it w/o the punctuation(7:46am)
Stray:  Berrios, J.O. Confirmed(7:46am)
Stray:  Pick #127 DET(7:46am)
Detroit:  Ranaudo, Anthony. bos. P*(7:46am)
Dallas:  JOSE?(7:46am)
Iron City:  yes, jose(7:47am)
Traverse City:  he was high on my list, but already took a SP in Hoffman that will push that 3-year mark.(7:47am)
Traverse City:  Berrios(7:47am)
Stray:  Ranaudo, Anthony Confirmed(7:47am)
Stray:  Pick #128 JNE(7:47am)
Jersey:  Arroyo, Christian.SFG.SS*(7:47am)
Traverse City:  good pick(7:47am)
Stray:  Arroyo, Christian Confirmed(7:47am)
Stray:  Pick #129 IRN(7:47am)
Iron City:  McGuire, Reese. PIT. C*(7:48am)
Columbus:  ahhh(7:48am)
Stray:  McGuire, Reese Confirmed(7:48am)
Stray:  Pick #130 TCC(7:48am)
Iron City:  Iron City run on guys who may not make it up in three years!(7:48am)
Traverse City:  Kelly, Carson. stl. 3B*(7:49am)
Dallas:  LOL(7:49am)
Columbus:  yes that was my only delay(7:49am)
Iron City:  Kelly should be listed as a C now(7:49am)
Stray:  Kelly, Carson Confirmed(7:49am)
Stray:  Pick #131 TIJ(7:49am)
Iron City:  Yeah, I usually don’t go that route in terms of prospects, but figured I’d role the dice once(7:49am)
Camarillo:  Camarillo leaving – put in draft manager for a few picks and sent Stacy / Stray an e-mail if needed to go past those first 6 guys. Thanks. off to crazy flag footbal(7:49am)
Traverse City:  Either way as long he keeps hitting(7:49am)
Stray:  Tapia, Raimel Confirmed(7:50am)
Stray:  HOLD PLEASE(7:51am)
Columbus:  thought so(7:51am)
Long Beach:  TRADE(7:51am)
Stray:  1 second on Trade(7:52am)
Stray:  Go Ahead Trade(7:53am)
Long Beach:  Long Beach trades John Axford and Mike Montgomery (12) to Pittsburgh for #199 & 238(7:53am)
Pittsburgh:  PIT confirms(7:53am)
Stray:  Pick #132 RVT(7:55am)
Roseville:  Otero, Dan. oak. P(7:56am)
Stray:  Otero, Dan Confirmed(7:56am)
Sacramento:  All, I’ve got to head out. Stray/Stacy, I sent you a message regarding my last remaining pick. Thank you to everyone at Draft Central–great job once again!(7:56am)
Stray:  Pick #133 ELY(7:57am)
Coconut Creek:  C’ya(7:57am)
Stray:  SAC(7:57am)
Stray:  we don’t do lists or messages(7:57am)
Stray:  WAY TOO BUSY(7:57am)
Stray:  we will use your draft manager(7:57am)
Stray:  or call someone to draft for you please(7:57am)
Stray:  This is Stacy btw(7:57am)
Hollywood:  what happened to your login?(7:58am)
Stray:  Mcmahon, Ryan *Confirmed(7:58am)
Stray:  My copy of draft manager locked up and we are trying to fix it but wanted to run thru lunch with minimal interruptions(7:59am)
Stray:  Pick #134 NYO(7:59am)
Stray:  last pick before lunch(7:59am)
Hollywood:  gotcha(7:59am)
New York:  Vogt, Stephen. tb. C(8:00am)
Stray:  Vogt, Stephen Confirmed(8:00am)
Stray:  We are breaking for lunch(8:00am)
Stray:  see everyone back in 30 minutes(8:00am)
Traverse City:  rgr(8:01am)
Selkirk:  .(8:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #135 CAM(8:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #135 CAM(8:32am)
Detroit:  balls(8:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Come on guys! I wolfed down lunch and fixed a bunch of issues. Let’s go!(8:32am)
Columbus:  don’t make that plural could be just one of us(8:33am)
New York:  go get em stace(8:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  true dat!(8:33am)
Tempe:  I think Jason gave his list to someone(8:33am)
Hollywood:  Cam is no longer in the room(8:34am)
Selkirk:  Thanks Stacy as usual you have been amazing!(8:34am)
Columbus:  ditto on that!!(8:34am)
Traverse City:  Really having fun being part of this draft(8:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Harris, Will T. Confirmed from draft manager(8:34am)
Stray:  NO LISTS – GUYS If you don’t have a Draft Manager set – you get the best player on DISK(8:34am)
Stray:  It;’s that SIMPLE.(8:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #136 SBL(8:34am)
Stray:  DO NOT SEND LISTS to STACY or STRAY – We will not have time – that is what DRAFT MANAGER is FOR.(8:35am)
Stray:  If you want to send it to someone else, go for it, but STACY and I WILL NOT TAKE LISTS.(8:35am)
Hollywood:  did Cam send you a list?(8:36am)
Pittsburgh:  TRADE(8:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Thanks for the compliments. There is generally a lot going on behind the scenes. CAM tried to send a list but we do not take them. I picked from his Draft Manager(8:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #136 SBL(8:36am)
Tempe:  he said he sent it to someone else(8:37am)
Hollywood:  Will someone step up and help Cam out by taking the list?(8:37am)
Virginia:  Satin, Josh. nym. 1B(8:37am)
Virginia:  sorry we just got back home(8:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  I already used CAM’s draft manager(8:37am)
Hollywood:  OHHH(8:37am)
Pittsburgh:  In case it was missed — TRADE(8:37am)
Hollywood:  i didnt realize he is using DM, great thanks(8:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Satin, Josh Confirmed(8:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(8:38am)
Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh trades the SAC #9 (249), PIT #10 (266), SAC #10 (277), and PIT #11 (294) picks to Coconut Creek for Jemile Weeks, Kevin Jepsen, Fernando Salas, Nick Hagadone and Julio Rodriguez* ’12(8:38am)
Pittsburgh:  That should empty all of PIT’s picks in the draft(8:38am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC confirms trade(8:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #137 MAN(8:40am)
Manhattan:  Gonzalez, Alex Chi-Chi. tex. P(8:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gonzalez, Alex Chi-Chi Confirmed(8:40am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC will now offer TWO 9th round picks for anyone willing to take Billo 12* off my hands(8:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Last pick was *(8:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #138 HOL(8:41am)
Iron City:  i love how his official position is chi-chi(8:41am)
Hollywood:  carp, that was literally cued up(8:41am)
Hollywood:  now back to the drawing board(8:41am)
Hollywood:  well since I wanted chi0chi(8:42am)
Hollywood:  I will go another route(8:42am)
Hollywood:  Gonzalez, Miguel Alfredo . phi. P*(8:42am)
Dallas:  Chi Chi Rodriguez would be proud(8:42am)
Columbus:  fore(8:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gonzalez, Miguel Alfredo Confirmed(8:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(8:43am)
Elyria:  .(8:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  mistake(8:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #139 TCC(8:44am)
Traverse City:  Pressly, Ryan. min. P(8:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pressly, Ryan Confirmed(8:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #140 COL(8:44am)
Columbus:  Nieto, Adrian. cws. C*(8:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #141 DAL(8:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nieto, Adrian Confirmed(8:46am)
Dallas:  Warren,Adam.P.NYY(8:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Warren, Adam Confirmed(8:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #142 MCM(8:46am)
Roseville:  Trade(8:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Vazquez, Christian Confirmed(8:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(8:49am)
Roseville:  Roseville trades #328 to CCC for Greg Billo ’12, #236, and #249(8:49am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC confirms trade(8:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #143 BET(8:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Diaz, Edwin * Confirmed(8:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #144 MAN(8:50am)
Manhattan:  May, Trevor. min. P*(8:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  May, Trevor Confirmed(8:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #145 LBD(8:51am)
Long Beach:  Pillar, Kevin.OF.TOR(8:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pillar, Kevin Confirmed(8:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pillar, Kevin Confirmed(8:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #146 SEL(8:52am)
Selkirk:  Wright, Mike. bal. P*(8:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  huge lag on my end sorry if you get things twice(8:52am)
Columbus:  Anyone want to trade a Round 6 pick for picks 257, 265 and 293 send me private note(8:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Wright, Mike Confirmed(8:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #147 FRE(8:53am)
Fremont:  #147 Slowey, Kevin. mia. P(8:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Slowey, Kevin Confirmed(8:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #148 MAN(8:54am)
Manhattan:  Goforth, David. mil. P(8:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  MAN will reselect as he has 12 uncards(8:57am)
Stray:  Goforth is still available.(8:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #148 MAN(8:58am)
Manhattan:  Robinson, Derrick. cin. OF(8:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Robinson, Derrick Confirmed(8:59am)
Traverse City:  So we can goforth with knowing Goforth is available.. ; )(8:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #149 YSS(8:59am)
Motor City:  Well played, TC.. Well played indeed.(8:59am)
Traverse City:  thanks, I couldn’t resist(9:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Bird. Greg * confirmed(9:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #150 CWK(9:00am)
Clovis:  Jungmann, Taylor. mil. P*(9:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Jungmann, Taylor Confirmed(9:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #151 VIR(9:01am)
Virginia:  Adams, David. cle. 3B(9:01am)
Iron City:  Anyone looking for extra late picks?(9:01am)
Stray:  Guys, please have your picks Qued up and ready – time to make up for some lost downtime. We’re doing great, lets just be ready(9:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Adams, David Confirmed(9:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #152 TEM(9:01am)
Tempe:  PICK #152 – Yoon, Suk-Min .P.BAL *(9:02am)
Hollywood:  yeah i tried that and got screwed on Chi-Chi :-)(9:02am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC will offer two 10’s an 11 and a 12 for one 8th pick(9:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Yoon, Suk-min Confirmed(9:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #153 VAL(9:03am)
Valdosta:  Walters, Zach. WAS. 3B(9:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Walters, Zach Confirmed(9:03am)
Fremont:  Pick #203 available for someone that can take on an uncard ’12(9:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #154 SAC Barnes, Brandon Confirmed best player available as he left and is not using DM(9:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #155 DET(9:05am)
Detroit:  Chapman, Kevin. hou. P(9:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Chapman, Kevin Confirmed(9:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #156 JNE(9:06am)
Jersey:  Borenstein, Zach.LAA.OF*(9:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Borenstein, Zach Confirmed(9:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #157 IRN(9:07am)
Iron City:  Kiermaier, Kevin. TB. OF(9:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kiermaier, Kevin Confirmed(9:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #158 TCC(9:07am)
Coconut Creek:  TRADE(9:07am)
Traverse City:  Krol, Ian. det. P(9:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Krol, Ian Confirmed(9:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(9:08am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC sends picks 266, 277, 294 and 328 to Tempe for 232(9:08am)
Tempe:  Tempe confirms(9:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #159 TEM(9:09am)
Iron City:  Hey guys… I have to take off, but Hollywood will draft for me the rest of the way.Great job as always!!(9:09am)
Coconut Creek:  C’ya(9:09am)
Stray:  Thanks Jonathan…(9:09am)
Hollywood:  confirmed that Hollywood is drafting for IC(9:09am)
Tempe:  PICK #159 – Arruebarruena, Erisbel .SS.LAD *(9:09am)
Selkirk:  .(9:10am)
Iron City:  No, thank you Stray(9:10am)
Hollywood:  Stray – no way in HELL APBA ever gets that name on the disk(9:10am)
Hollywood:  they will have to open up the last name characters(9:10am)
Stray:  Understood…(9:10am)
Hollywood:  lol – i see another update when he comes up(9:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Arruebarruena, Erisbel Confirmed(9:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #160 HOL(9:11am)
Hollywood:  Maeda, Kenta. jap. P*(9:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Maeda, Kenta Confirmed(9:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #161 ELY(9:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gonzalez, Miguel A. Confirmed(9:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #162 NYO(9:12am)
New York:  Blanco, Henry. arz. C(9:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Blanco, Henry Confirmed(9:12am)
Clovis:  How did the Game Co. handle William Van Landingham, 14 spaces in total?(9:13am)
Traverse City:  I think they went with Will(9:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #163 CAM Peterson, D.J. * Confirmed from draft manager(9:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #164 SBL(9:14am)
Selkirk:  .(9:14am)
Virginia:  Pimentel, Stolmy. pit. P(9:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pimentel, Stolmy Confirmed(9:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #165 CCC(9:15am)
Coconut Creek:  Muncy, Max.1B.OAK*(9:15am)
Fremont:  DJ peterson on SBL?(9:15am)
Fremont:  ’13?(9:15am)
Valdosta:  STRAY, I’ve had something come up and have to leave for a while. Draft Manager should be good to go in case I don’t get back…thanks for all your hard work Stacy!!(9:15am)
Stray:  Checking on CAM’s PICK(9:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  ok let me repick for 163(9:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Muncy, Max Confirmed(9:16am)
Stray:  We’re Fixing Pick #163(9:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Conforto, Michael Confirmed is now confirmed for PICK #163(9:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #166 LBD(9:18am)
Long Beach:  Marlette, Tyler.C.SEA*(9:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Marlette, Tyler Confirmed(9:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #167 TCC(9:19am)
Traverse City:  Barrett, Jake. arz. P*(9:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Barrett, Jake Confirmed(9:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #168 TEM(9:19am)
Tempe:  PICK #168 – Plawecki, Kevin.C.NYM *(9:20am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Plawecki, Kevin Confirmed(9:20am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #169 DAL(9:20am)
Dallas:  Jackson,Alex.C.HS(9:21am)
Dallas:  *(9:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  *?(9:21am)
Coconut Creek:  your kid?(9:22am)
Dallas:  lol…i wish…maybe distant relative(9:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  PLEASE NOTE the format is: Last name, First name.MLB.POS *(9:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #170 MCM(9:23am)
Motor City:  Polanco, Jorge. min. 2B*(9:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Polanco, Jorge Confirmed(9:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #171 TEM(9:23am)
Tempe:  PICK #171 – Polanco, Jorge.2B.MIN *(9:24am)
Dallas:  I do have family in Cali that I’ve never met or met only once so you never know(9:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Just [ocled(9:24am)
Tempe:  outstanding(9:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  picked(9:24am)
Tempe:  didn’t even look(9:24am)
Tempe:  PICK #171 – Aguilar, Jesus.1B.CLE *(9:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Aguilar, Jesus Confirmed(9:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #172 CWK(9:25am)
Clovis:  Kaminsky, Rob. STL. P*(9:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #173 LBD(9:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kaminsky, Rob Confirmed(9:26am)
Long Beach:  Nay, Mitch.TOR.3B*(9:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nay, Mitch Confirmed(9:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #174 SEL(9:26am)
Selkirk:  Garcia, Leury. cws. 2B(9:27am)
Traverse City:  I was just going to take him hahaha(9:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Garcia, Leury Confirmed(9:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #175 CWK(9:27am)
Clovis:  Williams, Justin. AZ. 3b*(9:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Williams, Justin Confirmed(9:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #176 TCC(9:28am)
Traverse City:  Centeno, Juan. nym. C(9:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Centeno, Juan Confirmed(9:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #177 YSS(9:28am)
Yonge Street:  Zimmer, Bradley. clg. OF*(9:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Public Service Announcement: We are way beyond my baseball knowledge (and have been for almost an hour) so speak up if there is an issue.(9:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Zimmer, Bradley Confirmed(9:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #178 CCC(9:31am)
Coconut Creek:  Thompson, Jake.SP.DET*(9:31am)
Fremont:  That’s still Stray using Stacy’s log-in, right?(9:31am)
Hollywood:  LMAO(9:31am)
Hollywood:  good one Casey(9:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Thompson, Jake Confirmed(9:31am)
Dallas:  (9:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  LOL(9:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #179 CHI(9:31am)
Stray:  Black, Vic. nym. P(9:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #180 CWK(9:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Black, Vic Confirmed(9:32am)
Clovis:  Judge, Aaron. NYY. OF*(9:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Judge, Aaron Confirmed(9:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #181 VIR(9:33am)
Virginia:  Rosario, Sandy. bos. P(9:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rosario, Sandy Confirmed(9:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #182 JNE(9:35am)
Fremont:  pick 203 available for anyone that can take on an uncard ’12(9:35am)
Jersey:  Lorenzen, Michael.CIN.P*(9:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lorenzen, Michael Confirmed(9:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #183 DET(9:35am)
Detroit:  Schwarber, Kyle . clg. C*(9:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Schwarber, Kyle Confirmed(9:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #184 JNE(9:36am)
Jersey:  nunez, Renato.OAK.3B*(9:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Nunez, Renato Confirmed(9:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #185 IRN(9:36am)
Hollywood:  Pick #185 IRN: Lee, C.C.. cle. P(9:37am)
Traverse City:  I have picks #214, #242 & #270 for one 7th Rd pick.(9:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lee, C.C. Confirmed(9:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #186 TEM(9:37am)
Tempe:  PICK #186 – Castillo, Rusney.OF.Free *(9:37am)
Fremont:  Trade(9:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  what does free mean?(9:38am)
Columbus:  FA(9:38am)
Columbus:  free agent(9:38am)
Tempe:  sorry – should have used FA(9:38am)
Traverse City:  He’s cuban(9:38am)
Coconut Creek:  Made his way north of the Mason/Dixon line(9:38am)
Tempe:  kind of fit(9:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Castillo, Rusney Confirmed(9:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(9:39am)
Fremont:  Trade: FRE sends #203 and Guerrieri ’12 to RVT for #300(9:39am)
Roseville:  Roseville confirms(9:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #187 TIJ(9:40am)
Tijuana:  Tonkin, Michael. min. P(9:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tonkin, Michael Confirmed(9:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #188 RVT(9:41am)
Roseville:  Redmond, Todd. bal. P(9:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Redmond, Todd Confirmed(9:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #189 ELY(9:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tovar, Wilfredo Confirmed(9:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #190 NYO(9:43am)
New York:  McFarland, T.J.. bal. P(9:43am)
Traverse City:  If anyone is interested in my #214, #242 & #270 for a late 7th, message me.(9:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  McFarland, T.J. Confirmed(9:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #191 CAM Thorpe, Lewis * Confirmed from draft manager(9:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #192 SBL(9:44am)
New York:  Outlaws looking to package Picks #302 and #330 for 1 10th Round Pick(9:45am)
Virginia:  Webb, Daniel. cws. P(9:45am)
Stray:  Guys – you can always BOW out and PASS your PICKS – Just let Draft Central Know…(9:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Webb, Daniel Confirmed(9:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #193 CWK(9:45am)
Clovis:  Casilla, Alexi. BAL. 2B(9:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Casilla, Alexi Confirmed(9:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #194 HOL(9:46am)
Tempe:  Thorpe and Casilla were my next picks… need to scramble (9:47am)
Coconut Creek:  Traverse City – Will give you #201 for those picks(9:47am)
Coconut Creek:  Casilla WAS my next pick(9:47am)
Hollywood:  Conley, Adam. mia. P*(9:47am)
Traverse City:  Sure thing CCC(9:47am)
Coconut Creek:  TRADE(9:47am)
Traverse City:  confirm(9:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Conley, Adam Confirmed(9:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  GO ahead TRADE(9:47am)
Coconut Creek:  CCC trades #201 to Traverse for #214, 242 and 270(9:48am)
Traverse City:  Traverse City trades #214, #242 & #270 for CCC’s #201(9:48am)
Coconut Creek:  everyone confirms lol(9:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #195 VAL(9:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Peraza, Jose * Confirmed from Draft Manager(9:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #196 TEM(9:50am)
Tempe:  PICK #196 – Ranaudo, Anthony .P.BOS*(9:51am)
Dallas:  #197 Thatcher, Joe.p.arz(9:51am)
Stray:  NO(9:51am)
Stray:  NO(9:51am)
Coconut Creek:  Ranaudo was picked earlier(9:51am)
Stray:  196 – is OWNED(9:51am)
Traverse City:  I believe Renauldo was picked(9:51am)
Tempe:  I couldn’t find him(9:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  196 is already picked(9:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  pick again(9:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dallas WAIT to be prompt(9:52am)
Tempe:  are you sure he’s on DET?(9:52am)
Dallas:  sorry just trying to speed it up a bit(9:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  yes(9:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  pick #127(9:53am)
Tempe:  PICK #196 – Gindl, Caleb.OF.MIL(9:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gindl, Caleb Confirmed(9:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #197 DAL(9:54am)
Dallas:  Thatcher, Joe.p.arz(9:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Thatcher, Joe Confirmed(9:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #198 MCM(9:55am)
Motor City:  Owens, Henry. bos. P*(9:55am)
Coconut Creek:  nope(9:55am)
Motor City:  Ramirez, Harold. pit. OF*(9:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ramirez, Harold Confirmed(9:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #199 LBD(9:57am)
Long Beach:  Rienzo, Andre.CWS.P(9:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rienzo, Andre Confirmed(9:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #200 MAN(9:58am)
Manhattan:  Dunning, Jake. sf. P(9:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dunning, Jake Confirmed(9:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #201 TCC(9:58am)
Traverse City:  Weaver, Luke. hs. P* He’s actually college FSU(9:58am)
Traverse City:  That should max my uncards(9:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Weaver, Luke Confirmed(9:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #202 SEL(9:59am)
Selkirk:  Ynoa, Michael. oak. P*(9:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ynoa, Michael Confirmed(9:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #203 RVT(10:00am)
Roseville:  Goins, Ryan. tor. 2B(10:00am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Goins, Ryan confirmed(10:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick # 204 VAL: Lilly, Ted Confirmed from Draft Manager(10:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #205 YSS(10:02am)
Yonge Street:  Figaro, Alfredo. mil. P(10:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Figaro, Alfredo Confirmed(10:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #206 JNE(10:03am)
Jersey:  Toles, Andrew.TAM.OF*(10:03am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Toles, Andrew Confirmed(10:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #207 VIR(10:04am)
Virginia:  Cunningham, Todd. atl. OF(10:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Cunningham, Todd Confirmed(10:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #208 CWK(10:05am)
Clovis:  Carson, Matt. CLE. OF(10:05am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Carson, Matt Confirmed(10:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #209 COL(10:06am)
Columbus:  Rusin, Chris. chc. P(10:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rusin, Chris Confirmed(10:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #210 CCC(10:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  ccc just had a power surge(10:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  he will be back in a moment(10:08am)
Clovis:  Clovis will use DM for our final pick at #264. Thank you all. Stray and most particularly Stacy; thank you for another great draft!(10:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lyons, Tyler Confirmed via text message(10:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #211 DET(10:09am)
Detroit:  McGowan, Dustin. tor. P(10:09am)
Clovis:  Good luck everyone the rest of the way out!(10:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  McGowan, Dustin Confirmed(10:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #212 JNE(10:10am)
Stray:  Chicago has 247 & 275 Available for a Pick in the 215- 225 range(10:10am)
Jersey:  Noonan, Nick.SFG.2B*(10:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Noonan, Nick Confirmed(10:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #213 IRN(10:10am)
Hollywood:  Pick #213 IRN: Dwyer, Chris. kc. P(10:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dwyer, Chris Confirmed(10:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #214 CCC(10:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Watkins, Logan Confirmed via text message(10:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #215 TIJ(10:12am)
Tijuana:  Decker, Jaff. pit. OF(10:12am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Decker, Jaff Confirmed(10:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #216 RVT(10:13am)
Roseville:  Purcey, David. cws. P(10:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Purcey, David Confirmed(10:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #217 ELY(10:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rivera, Rene Confirmed(10:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #218 NYO(10:14am)
New York:  Ciuffo, Nick. tb. C(10:14am)
Coconut Creek:  back. who went 211?(10:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ciuffo, Nick * Confirmed(10:15am)
Fremont:  McGowan, Cliff(10:15am)
Coconut Creek:  thx(10:15am)
Traverse City:  Later everybody it was fun!(10:15am)
Coconut Creek:  C’ya(10:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #219 CAM Finnegan, Brandon * Confirmed from Draft Manager(10:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #220 SBL(10:17am)
Manhattan:  Van Slyke, Scott. lad. OF(10:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Van Slyke, Scott Confirmed(10:17am)
Manhattan:  excuse me — im 221(10:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #221 MAN(10:17am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #220 SBL(10:18am)
Manhattan:  Van Slyke– sent out of order the first time(10:18am)
Stray:  So were waiting on 220 SBL(10:18am)
Virginia:  we are confused(10:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Yes MAN picked in error(10:19am)
Virginia:  Brian’s pick or not?(10:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #220 SBL(10:19am)
Stray:  220 YES(10:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #220 SBL(10:21am)
Virginia:  the name we typed in DM is not there and Brian can’t remember the first name(10:21am)
Stray:  #220 ONE MINUTE WARNING(10:21am)
Virginia:  Zimmer was last name- OF’er for SF(10:21am)
Virginia:  Bradley Zimmer(10:21am)
Hollywood:  hes gone(10:21am)
Hollywood:  i think(10:21am)
Fremont:  the college guy?(10:21am)
Virginia:  Yes(10:21am)
Hollywood:  yeah gone(10:22am)
Fremont:  yes, he’s gone(10:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  brad also gone(10:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  30 seconds and you will be passed(10:22am)
Virginia:  Colabello, Chris. min. 1B(10:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Colabello, Chris Confirmed(10:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Van Slyke, Scott Confirmed for PICK# 221(10:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #222 HOL(10:23am)
Hollywood:  den Dekker, Matt. nym. OF(10:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  den Dekker, Matt Confirmed(10:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #223 MAN(10:24am)
Manhattan:  Perez, Juan C.. sf. OF(10:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Perez, Juan C. Confirmed(10:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #224 COL(10:25am)
Columbus:  Adduci, Jim. tex. OF(10:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Adduci, Jim Confirmed(10:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #225 CCC(10:25am)
Coconut Creek:  Rondon, Hector.RP.CHC(10:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rondon, Hector Confirmed(10:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #226 MCM(10:25am)
Motor City:  Knebel, Corey. det. P(10:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Knebel, Corey Confirmed(10:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #227 BET Fields, Daniel * Confirmed(10:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #228 MAN(10:26am)
Manhattan:  Ramirez, Wilkin. min. OF(10:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ramirez, Wilkin Confirmed(10:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #229 LBD(10:28am)
Long Beach:  Claiborne, Preston.NYY.P(10:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Claiborne, Preston Confirmed(10:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #230 SEL(10:28am)
Selkirk:  Halton, Sean. mil. 1B(10:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Halton, Sean Confirmed(10:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #231 FRE(10:29am)
Fremont:  #231 Gregg, Kevin. free agent. p(10:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gregg, Kevin Confirmed(10:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #232 CCC(10:30am)
Coconut Creek:  Ohlman, Michael.C.BAL*(10:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ohlman, Michael Confirmed(10:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #233 YSS(10:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #233 YSS(10:33am)
Yonge Street:  Newcomb, Sean. clg. P*(10:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Newcomb, Sean Confirmed(10:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #234 CCC(10:34am)
Coconut Creek:  Fields, Josh.RP.HOU(10:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Fields, Josh Confirmed(10:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #235 VIR from phone computer issues Cabral, Cesar Confirmed(10:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #236 RVT(10:35am)
Roseville:  Williamson, Mac. sf. OF*(10:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Williamson, Mac Confirmed(10:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #237 COL(10:36am)
Columbus:  Herrera, Dilson. nym. 2B*(10:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Herrera, Dilson Confirmed(10:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #238 LBD(10:36am)
Long Beach:  Sparks, Taylor.3B.CLG*(10:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Sparks, Taylor Confirmed(10:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #239 DET(10:37am)
Detroit:  Kohn, Michael. laa. P(10:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Kohn, Michael Confirmed(10:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #240 JNE(10:38am)
Jersey:  Altherr, Aaron.PHL.OF*(10:38am)
Virginia:  Are we in there(10:38am)
Virginia:  We’re hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(10:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Altherr, Aaron Confirmed(10:39am)
Stray:  OK thanks for calling in with your pick when your PC went down(10:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #241 IRN(10:39am)
Virginia:  Yep(10:39am)
Virginia:  Thank you(10:39am)
Hollywood:  Blazek, Michael. mil. P(10:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Blazek, Michael Confirmed(10:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #242 CCC(10:40am)
Coconut Creek:  Pennington, Cliff.SS.AZ(10:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pennington, Cliff Confirmed(10:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #243 TIJ(10:41am)
Tijuana:  Lamb, Jake. ari. 3B*(10:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lamb, Jake Confirmed(10:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #244 RVT(10:41am)
Roseville:  Brett, Ryan. tb. 2B*(10:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Brett, Ryan Confirmed(10:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #245 ELY(10:42am)
Elyria:  Castro, Miguel. TOR. P*(10:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Castro, Miguel Confirmed(10:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #246 NYO(10:42am)
New York:  Carroll, Jamey. was. 3B(10:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Carroll, Jamey Confirmed(10:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #247 CHI(10:43am)
Stray:  Ortiz, Joe. tex. P(10:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ortiz, Joe Confirmed(10:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #248 SBL(10:44am)
Virginia:  Quiroz, Guillermo. bos. C(10:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Quiroz, Guillermo Confirmed(10:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #249 RVT(10:44am)
Roseville:  Brown, Gary. sf. OF*(10:44am)
Fremont:  I think he’s sf(10:44am)
Fremont:  Quiroz, that is(10:44am)
Stray:  Keep it rolling boys, stay the course – we’re doing great this afternoon – making up a lot of time!!! Stay on Course!(10:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Brown, Gary Confirmed(10:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #250 JNE(10:45am)
Jersey:  Burgos, Hiram.MIL.P(10:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Burgos, Hiram Confirmed(10:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #251 COL(10:46am)
Columbus:  Romine, Andrew. laa. 3B(10:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Romine, Andrew Confirmed(10:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #252 SEL(10:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #252 SEL(10:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  30 seconds and you will be passed(10:49am)
Virginia:  …(10:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  sorry, missed it(10:49am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  passed and I will return to you for 1 minute after the next pick(10:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #253 DAL(10:50am)
Dallas:  Gosewisch, Tuffy.C.ARZ(10:50am)
Selkirk:  Halton, Sean. mil. 1B(10:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gosewisch, Tuffy Confirmed(10:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Halton is gone.(10:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #252 SEL(10:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  you took him at 230(10:51am)
Hollywood:  now thats funny(10:51am)
Roseville:  that might be a first(10:51am)
Virginia:  that’s a first :0(10:51am)
Long Beach:  An ass pick of your own guy(10:51am)
Hollywood:  you ASS picked your own player(10:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  1 minute(10:51am)
Columbus:  that count as two roster slots(10:51am)
Dallas:  Maybe he just didnt clear his copy/paste(10:51am)
Detroit:  WOW HAAHAA(10:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #252 SEL(10:52am)
Selkirk:  marrero chris 1B(10:52am)
Selkirk:  Marrero, Chris. bal. 1B(10:52am)
Selkirk:  Marrero, Chris. bal. 1B(10:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Marrero, Chris Confirmed(10:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #254 MCM(10:53am)
Motor City:  Chavez, Jesse. oak. P(10:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Chavez, Jesse Confirmed(10:53am)
Selkirk:  sorry kept crashing(10:53am)
Hollywood:  yeah i have the same problem(10:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #255 ELY Jackson, Luke * Confirmed(10:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #256 HOL(10:54am)
Hollywood:  the chat program fills up FF cache I think and crashes the browser(10:54am)
Hollywood:  Drury, Brandon. ari. 3B*(10:54am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Drury, Brandon Confirmed(10:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #257 COL(10:55am)
Virginia:  mine crashed as well(10:55am)
Virginia:  now it won’t let me open in other twbs or windows(10:56am)
Hollywood:  may have to move to Chrome or IE next year(10:56am)
Virginia:  tabs(10:56am)
Dallas:  chrome has worked fine for me(10:56am)
Hollywood:  Me that is(10:56am)
Selkirk:  firefox for me next year will try crome(10:56am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #257 COL(10:57am)
Dallas:  course i do a good job of clearing up my cache once a week or so too(10:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #257 COL you will be passed in 30 seconds(10:58am)
Jersey:  Who’s up?(10:58am)
Columbus:  Schuster, Patrick. sd. P*(10:58am)
Hollywood:  that has nothing to do with it. I have FF clear everything when I close my browser(10:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Schuster, Patrick Confirmed(10:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #258 SEL(10:59am)
Dallas:  sometimes its good to manually do it instead of letting the browser do it automatically(11:00am)
Dallas:  it was an issue with IE…not sure on other browsers(11:00am)
Hollywood:  Well Stray sends to these ‘sites’ I cant have my wife find out about :-)(11:00am)
Dallas:  (11:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #258 SEL(11:01am)
Selkirk:  Huff, David. sf. P(11:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Huff, David Confirmed(11:01am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #259 FRE(11:01am)
Fremont:  #259 Rosales, Adam. tex. SS(11:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rosales, Adam Confirmed(11:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #260 VAL(11:02am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Martinez, Cristhian Confirmed from Draft manager(11:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #261 YSS(11:04am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Zeid, Josh Confirmed(11:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #262 CCC(11:06am)
Coconut Creek:  Sucre, Jesus.C.SEA(11:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Sucre, Jesus Confirmed(11:06am)
Roseville:  Roseville is passing on it’s last pick at 272. Thanks Draft Central!(11:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #263 VIR(11:06am)
Virginia:  Ryan, Brendan. nyy. SS(11:06am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ryan, Brendan Confirmed(11:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #264 CWK(11:07am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Adrianza, Ehire Confirmed from draft manager(11:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #265 COL(11:08am)
Columbus:  Schebler, Scott. lad. OF*(11:08am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Schebler, Scott Confirmed(11:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #266 TEM(11:09am)
Tempe:  PICK #266 – Ruiz, Rio.3B.HOU*(11:09am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ruiz, Rio Confirmed(11:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #267 DET(11:10am)
Detroit:  Putkonen, Luke. det. P(11:10am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Putkonen, Luke Confirmed(11:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #268 JNE(11:11am)
Jersey:  Thomas, Clete. ?.OF(11:11am)
Jersey:  Sorry, don’t know his tream(11:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Thomas, Clete Confirmed(11:11am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #269 IRN(11:12am)
Hollywood:  well that was his pick, stand by(11:12am)
Columbus:  Stray/Stacy – Use Draft Manager for my final pick.(11:12am)
Columbus:  Gentleman it was a pleasure today!(11:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  will do(11:13am)
Columbus:  Stacy – again you did a great job and thanks for the help you provide the league (and the recipes)(11:13am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  (11:13am)
Hollywood:  Chavez, Endy. kc. OF(11:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Chavez, Endy Confirmed(11:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #270 CCC(11:14am)
Coconut Creek:  Lively, Ben.SP.CIN*(11:14am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lively, Ben Confirmed(11:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #271 TIJ(11:15am)
Tijuana:  Gohara, Luiz. sea. P(11:15am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gohara, Luiz Confirmed(11:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #272 RVT(11:16am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #272 RVT(11:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  pass(11:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #272 PASS Confirmed(11:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #273 ELY(11:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  De La Rosa, Eury Confirmed(11:18am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #274 LBD(11:19am)
Long Beach:  Krauss, Marc.HOU.OF(11:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Krauss, Marc Confirmed(11:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #275 CHI(11:19am)
Stray:  Joseph, Donnie. kc. P(11:19am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Joseph, Donnie Confirmed(11:20am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #276 SBL(11:20am)
Stray:  Keep it rolling boys, stay the course – we’re doing great this afternoon – making up a lot of time!!! Stay on Course!(11:20am)
New York:  hoo rah !(11:21am)
Tempe:  trigger finger is itching(11:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #276 SBL(11:21am)
Virginia:  Brewer, Charles. arz. P(11:21am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Brewer, Charles Confirmed(11:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #277 TEM(11:22am)
Tempe:  PICK #277 – Despaigne, Odrisamer.P.FA*(11:22am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Despaigne, Odrisamer Confirmed(11:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #278 HOL(11:23am)
Hollywood:  Romero, Avery. mia. 2B*(11:23am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Romero, Avery Confirmed(11:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #279 LBD(11:24am)
Long Beach:  Ondrusek, Logan.CIN.P(11:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Ondrusek, Logan Confirmed(11:24am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #280 TEM(11:24am)
Tempe:  PICK #280 – Despaigne, Alfredo.OF.CUBA *(11:25am)
Dallas:  BROTHERS?(11:25am)
Long Beach:  I’m finished. Great job with the draft Stacey. I don’t know how you keep us all in line. Thanks for all your help!(11:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Despaigne, Alfredo Confirmed(11:25am)
Tempe:  lol(11:25am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #281 DAL(11:26am)
Dallas:  Alvarez, Jose.P.DET(11:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Alvarez, Jose Confirmed(11:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #282 MCM(11:26am)
Motor City:  DeSclafani, Anthony. mia. P(11:26am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  DeSclafani, Anthony Confirmed(11:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #283 BET(11:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Outman, Josh Confirmed(11:27am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #284 MCM(11:27am)
Motor City:  Rupp, Cameron. phi. C(11:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rupp, Cameron Confirmed(11:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #285 HOL(11:28am)
Hollywood:  Freeman, Sam. stl. P(11:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Freeman, Sam Confirmed(11:28am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #286 SEL(11:29am)
Selkirk:  Gast, John. stl. P(11:29am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gast, John Confirmed(11:29am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #287 FRE(11:29am)
Fremont:  #287 Clark, Cody. hou. C(11:29am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Clark, Cody Confirmed(11:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #288 VAL Wojciechowski, Asher Confirmed from Draft Manager(11:30am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Wojciechowski, Asher Confirmed(11:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #289 YSS(11:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #289 PASS Confirmed(11:31am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #290 CCC(11:32am)
Coconut Creek:  Rosscup, Zac.RP.CHC(11:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rosscup, Zach Confirmed(11:32am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #291 VIR(11:32am)
Virginia:  Marson, Lou. phi. C(11:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Marson, Lou Confirmed(11:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #292 FRE(11:33am)
Fremont:  #292 Margot, Manuel. bos. OF*(11:33am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Margot, Manuel Confirmed(11:34am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #293 COL Albers, Andrew Confirmed from Draft Manager(11:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #294 TEM(11:35am)
Tempe:  PICK #294- Fernández, José Miguel.2B.CUBA *(11:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Fernández, José Miguel Confirmed(11:35am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #295 DET – best available per Serg Hand, Donovan Confirmed(11:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #296 JNE(11:36am)
Jersey:  Boggs, Mitchell.CWS.P(11:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Boggs, Mitchell Confirmed(11:36am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #297 IRN(11:36am)
Hollywood:  Skipworth, Kyle. fla. C(11:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Skipworth, Kyle Confirmed(11:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #298 HOL(11:37am)
Hollywood:  Shoemaker, Matt. laa. P(11:37am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Shoemaker, Matt Confirmed(11:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #299 TIJ(11:38am)
Tijuana:  Williams, Devin. mil. P*(11:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Williams, Devin Confirmed(11:38am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #300 FRE(11:38am)
Fremont:  #300 Katoh, Gosuke. nyy. 2b*(11:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Katoh, Gosuke Confirmed(11:39am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #301 ELY(11:39am)
Elyria:  Burns, Billy. WAS. OF*(11:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Burns, Billy Confirmed(11:40am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #302 NYO(11:40am)
Stray:  Oakland for Burns(11:41am)
New York:  Peterson, D.J.. sea. 3B*(11:41am)
Stray:  GONE(11:41am)
Stray:  Last year(11:41am)
Stray:  and tried to get Drafted this year(11:41am)
Selkirk:  twice over – seattle must have a star(11:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #302 NYO(11:41am)
New York:  ? Sorry…he appears on the draft manager..ill repick(11:41am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  it must be a spelling or punctuation issue(11:42am)
New York:  Reynolds, Greg. cin. P(11:42am)
Fremont:  Probably the initials(11:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Reynolds, Greg Confirmed(11:42am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #303 CAM Davis, Dylan Confirmed from draft manager(11:43am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #304 SBL(11:43am)
Virginia:  Putnam, Zach. cws. P(11:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Putnam, Zach Confirmed(11:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #305 HOL(11:44am)
Hollywood:  i have the next 2 picks(11:44am)
Hollywood:  right?(11:44am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  yes(11:45am)
Hollywood:  Curtis, Jermaine. stl. OF(11:45am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Curtis, Jermaine Confirmed(11:46am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #306 HOL(11:46am)
Hollywood:  Souza, Steven. was. OF*(11:47am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Souza, Steven Confirmed(11:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #307 VAL(11:48am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Martin, Cody Confirmed from draft manager(11:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #308 TEM(11:50am)
Tempe:  PICK #308 – Borbon, Julio.OF.BAL(11:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Borbon, Julio Confirmed(11:50am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #309 DAL(11:50am)
Dallas:  Crowe, Trevor.OF.DET(11:50am)
Tempe:  Hi Stacy, I need to step away for a bit, could you just use draft manager for my last two carded picks.(11:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Crowe, Trevor Confirmed(11:51am)
Fremont:  Just look for anyone that sounds Cuban(11:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  got it chris(11:51am)
Tempe:  thanks(11:51am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #310 MCM(11:51am)
Dallas:  And that does it for me. Thanks, Stacy/Stray – great job as always(11:52am)
Motor City:  Jimenez, Luis D.. laa. 3B(11:52am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Jimenez, Luis D. Confirmed(11:53am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #311 BET Sanabia, Alex Confirmed from list(11:55am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #312 VAL Northcraft, Aaron * Confirmed from draft manager(11:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #313 JNE(11:57am)
Jersey:  Rice, Scott.NYM.P(11:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Rice, Scott Confirmed(11:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #314 SEL(11:57am)
Selkirk:  Tejada, Miguel. kc. 2B(11:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tejada, Miguel Confirmed(11:57am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #315 FRE(11:58am)
Fremont:  #315 Hynes, Colt. cle. P(11:58am)
Selkirk:  thank you stray and stacy i’m off to cook supper(11:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Hynes, Colt Confirmed(11:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #316 HOL(11:58am)
Hollywood:  Dyson, Sam. mia. P(11:58am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Dyson, Sam Confirmed(11:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #317 PASS Confirmed(11:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #318 CCC(11:59am)
Coconut Creek:  Walker, Adam.OF.MIN*(11:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Walker, Adam Confirmed(11:59am)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #319 VIR(12:00pm)
Virginia:  Guerrier, Matt. min. P(12:00pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Guerrier, Matt Confirmed(12:01pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #320 VAL Martinez, David Confirmed from DM(12:01pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #321 VAL Freeman, Justin Confirmed from DM(12:02pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #322 TEM(12:02pm)
Coconut Creek:  Gonna head home now. Look forward to winning the AL West Wildcard this year. lol C’ya….(12:02pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  McDonald, Darnell Confirmed from DM(12:03pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #323 DET – best from disc per serg Gutierrez, Juan Confirmed(12:04pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #324 JNE(12:04pm)
Jersey:  Prince, Josh.?.OF(12:04pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Prince, Josh Confirmed(12:04pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #325 IRN(12:05pm)
Hollywood:  Tekotte, Blake. cws. OF(12:05pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Tekotte, Blake Confirmed(12:05pm)
Jersey:  I’m done, thanks Stacy for the all the work. Looking forward to earning that #1 pick next year…ha(12:06pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #326 TCC Bantz, Brandon Confirmed from DM(12:06pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #327 TIJ Kotchman, Casey Confirmed(12:07pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #328 TEM Peguero, Carlos Confirmed from DM(12:07pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #329 ELY Pick #329 PASS Confirmed(12:08pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #330 NYO(12:08pm)
New York:  Gosselin, Philip. atl. 2B(12:08pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gosselin, Philip Confirmed(12:08pm)
New York:  That’s it for me guys. Stacy thank you for doing what you do……much appreciated.(12:08pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #331 CAM from draft manager Atchison, Scott Confirmed(12:09pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #332 SBL(12:09pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #332 SBL(12:11pm)
Virginia:  Stites, Matt. . *(12:11pm)
Stray:  no idea who he is or where he’s from(12:11pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  team position?(12:11pm)
Virginia:  we just entered him with POS AND TEAM(12:11pm)
Virginia:  p AND ari(12:12pm)
Fremont:  arz, P(12:12pm)
Virginia:  dm SHOWS IT(12:12pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Stites, Matt Confirmed(12:12pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #333 HOL(12:12pm)
Hollywood:  Fryer, Eric. min. C(12:13pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Fryer, Eric Confirmed(12:13pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #334 HOL(12:13pm)
Virginia:  Why didn’tMatt show correctly after we entered everything?(12:13pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  I have no idea(12:14pm)
Hollywood:  Lutz, Donald. cin. OF(12:14pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Lutz, Donald Confirmed(12:14pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #335 MCM(12:14pm)
Hollywood:  great draft S & S(12:14pm)
Motor City:  Gonzalez, AlexL.. bal. 1B(12:14pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Gonzalez, AlexL. Confirmed(12:14pm)
Hollywood:  i’ll stick around for Mr Irrelevent(12:14pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Pick #336 CHI(12:15pm)
Stray:  Toussaint, Touki. hs. P*(12:15pm)
Fremont:  That’s a great name for the final pick.(12:15pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  Toussaint, Touki Confirmed(12:15pm)
Virginia:  Great job STACY!!! you are the best!(12:16pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  thank you(12:16pm)
Draft Central – Stacy:  happy to help(12:16pm)
Motor City:  Great job Stacy and Stray!(12:16pm)
Virginia:  Thanks for everything guys (and young lady)(12:16pm)
Fremont:  Thanks everyone.(12:17pm)
Virginia:  See you later and thanks again(12:17pm)
Stray:  AWESOME JOB TO STACY!(12:18pm)
Virginia:  YES!!(12:18pm)
Virginia:  You need to take her to dinner…out….somewhere nice.(12:19pm)

WEDNESDAY 07/29/2020
AT 11:00 PM - ET!