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For Immediate Release
February 9th, 2008

Draft Central By Evets Sreyem

Last year it was the Hollywood Werewolves drafting 21 old David Price with the first selection even though he had yet to toss a single inning in Professionally Organized Baseball. Fresh out of Vanderbilt David parlayed an extremely successful college career into the number one pick and appears poised to join the parent Werewolves club in the not too distant future.
For 2008, the Ann Arbor Bluebirds are selecting a pitcher with the #1 pick who has not tossed a single Professional Organized Baseball inning AND is without even a college appearance. From the High School ranks of West Orange, New Jersey, 19 year old Rick Porcello will have the distinction of being selected first overall in the Mid-West Baseball League Draft. Porcello brings to the table a 94-97 mph heater that he maintains deep into the game. With his low 80’s power slider and low 70’s curveball, opposing teams may find it surprising that he’s developing a promising change up, too.
Historians and Old Timers may remember Cleveland Indians infielder Sam Dente who played in the 54 World Series who just happens to be the grandfather of Rick. It’s the hope of GM Steve Meyers that Rick will be the 2nd member of the family to reach the big leagues and appear in a World Series. So, a year ago what was just a decent hitting club but one without any starting pitching will now look ahead a few years with the vision of Barry Zito, Ian Kennedy, Rick Cueto, Radhames Liz, and finally Rick Porcello at what could be a very formidable starting rotation. The added depth of Will Inman and Chuck Lofgren give the Bluebirds some Plan B action, too

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