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GAME #3 – Justin Verlander vs. David Price

Game 3 would make Games 1 and 2 look like slugfests.

Top of the 1st, Hollywood has Carlos PENA leading off … but Justin VERLANDER would induce a prompt double play and get Ian KINSLER to fly out to left for a quick 1-2-3 inning.  The bottom of the 1st would be nearly as easy for David Price … while Kevin YOUKILIS would single to left, PRICE would get out of the inning without any further damage.  Once again, top of the 2nd, VERLANDER benefited from a three up, three down inning.  But, the Capitals would benefit from a better bottom of the 2nd.  Let’s listen to the announcers: “J.J. HARDY, facing D. PRICE, He comes home … there’s a fly ball to left … KUBEL drifts back … still backpeddling, hey, this ball may carry … at the fence … KUBEL jumps for it … does he have it? … no! a home run for HARDY! WEREWOLVES 0, CAPITALS 1. The Capitals would follow up HARDY’s home run with a walk from WILLINGHAM, a double play from MOLINA, a single from Torii HUNTER, and a strike out from VERLANDER … and that would be it for the 2nd inning.

Very little would happen until the top of the 5th; the score still stands at WEREWOLVES 0, CAPITALS 1.  First up against VERLANDER, Jay BRUCE singles into center field and holds with a single, for the 1st base knock for the WEREWOLVES in this game.  Nonetheless, the tying run is on.  BONIFACIO up; here’s the pitch from VERLANDER … BONIFACIO fights it off and muscles it toward shallow right, and it drops back of first and rolls into foul ground … WILLINGHAM hustles over … still after it, now he’s there … BRUCE rounds third; the throw comes in to HARDY … they’re holding BRUCE at third and BONIFACIO’s in standing with a double.  No outs, and the go-ahead run is on 2nd.  The CAPITALS, playing for the out at first, … BRUCE down the line some at third … VERLANDER brings it; it’s a high fly to center … HUNTER roams over … and brings it down … both runners tag, but they hold him at third.  One out, David ROSS at the plate, and the Capitals are putting ROSS on to load the bases.  Ah, Sacramento’s skipper is forcing Hollywood to choose to either pull PRICE from the game or allow him to hit with the bases loaded and one out … Steve Cutler will let VERLANDER take his chances with David PRICEThe CAPITALS are looking for the play at the plate … the pitch … popped high to the right side; PUJOLS moves under it … infield fly called … and he makes the catch … and the runners hold; two outs.  PENA now at the plate with two outs.  VERLANDER delivers … it’s back to VERLANDER on the mound; he has it … and he drops it! … picks it up … fires to first … just in time!  PHEW!  The Capitals get out of a big one.  WEREWOLVES 0, CAPITALS 1.

The solid pitching would continue for the next several innings.  Each pitcher would enjoy easy innings through the top of the 7th with three-up, three-down innings.  In the bottom of the 7th, Sacramento would attempt to strike again … PUJOLS facing Price; Price gets him to fly out to BRUCE in right.  J.J. HARDY, however, has had a bit more success … “PRICE winds and fires … banged to left center … base hit … HARDY rounds first, and holds with a single … that’s HARDY’s 2nd hit of the game for J.J. HARDY, his 6th hit of the series.”  Great job for HARDY, but he’ll be pulled for the speedier Jimmy ROLLINS.  The Capitals are looking to tack on another run. WILLINGHAM at the plate … ROLLINS is off to the races … ROSS strongarms it down there … the slide … going to be close, and this race goes to ROLLINS! … that’s his 1st steal of the series.  WILLINGHAM still at the plate, one out, and ROLLINS on 2nd.  Here’s the pitch … grounded hard to BONIFACIO; he takes the high hop … juggles it … the long throw to first … just in time, and ROLLINS moves to third with Yadier MOLINA walks up to the plate.  MOLINA, facing PRICE, ROLLINS with a good lead off third … here PRICE comes … and MOLINA roped it to second … and KINSLER’s got it! Out number three!  The Capitals lose another opportunity.

SacramentoThe Capitals make several defensive moves that we won’t bore you with here, and brings in Javy GUERRA to pitch the top of the 8th in the hopes of holding off Hollywood’s so-far stagnant offense.  ROSS facing GUERRA; GUERRA into the wind … misses the strike zone … ROSS ambles to first and GUERRA has walked the tying run.  Unfortunately, with Kurt Suzuki injured, the Werewolves don’t have a replacement for ROSS to bring in a pinch runner.  But, WEREWOLVES manager Steve Cutler, looking at his scoresheet, does recall PRICE for batter Edgar RENTERIA.  In return, CAPITALS skipper asks GUERRA for the ball and hands the ball to Edgmer ESCALONA, who will try to hold this one down … he’ll be looking for the double play.  RENTERIA, facing E. ESCALONA, squibs it back to ESCLONA at the mound … ESCALONA turns and throws to second in time for the out … and RENTERIA’s on at first for one out.  And CAPITALS manager George Skiles can’t help himself; he’s once again he’s asking ESCALONA for the ball and hands the ball to Eric O’FLAHERTY, letting the lefty face left-hander Carlos PENA.  WEREWOLVES skipper Steve Cutler, won’t have it, however, and calls back PENA, calling up Paul GOLDSCHMIDT to bat instead.  GOLDSCHMIDT, facing O’FLAHERTY with a big hole on the right side … RENTERIA not wandering too far … RENTERIA is off with the pitch, O’FLAHERTY delivers … bounced toward first … PUJOLS is up with it … no play at second, and he steps on first for the out … the tying run is now at second base.  With two outs in the 8th, this just might be the last and best opportunity for Hollywood to tie up the game.  But, CAPITALS manager George Skiles isn’t done yet; he’s asking O’FLAHERTY for the ball; it will be right-hander Koji UEHARA in to face CASTRO.  UEHARA sets … the pitch … bounced to short … he takes the high hop … fires to first, and that’s the third out!

Steve CISHEK, on the mound for Hollywood, takes care of the Capitals, three up, three down, with ease.  And, on to the 9th we go.  The Capitals bring in Mariano RIVERA for his third appearance of the series, with hopes of earning his 3rd save.  And, RIVERA does what he does best, knocks out the opposition, facing three and that’s it.  FINAL SCORE : WEREWOLVES 0, CAPITALS 1

David Price, like his rotation-mates, earns player of the game for Hollywood by pitching 7 strong innings, giving up 4 hits and only 1 run.  For Sacramento, HARDY wins player of the game for his solo, game-winning, home run; and pitcher of the game must go to VERLANDER for pitching 7 shutout innings.

2020 MWBL
SATURDAY 02/22/2020
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