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GAME #2 – Erik Bedard vs. Jered Weaver

Sacramento’s up 1 game to none as we begin Game 2: Erik BEDARD against Jared WEAVER.  Luckily, for some, fans don’t have to wait quite so long for some offense in this game.  Weaver, however, wouldn’t have much more trouble than did Kershaw.  WEAVER walks Youkilis, but gets easy outs with Daniel MURPHY, Robinson CANO, and Albert PUJOLS in the top of the 1st.  The bottom of the 1st wouldn’t be quite so easy.  Emilio BONIFACIO facing E. BEDARD, ball four … not a good start, ’cause we know he’s stealin’.  Safe!  BONIFACIO’s on 2nd, no outs.  Starlin CASTRO singles toward left, leaving runners at 1st and 3rd with no outs.  Alex GORDON up, the CAPITALS are looking for the play at the plate … BEDARD brings it in, GORDON jacks one to deep left … MORGAN retreats … short of the track and it pops out of his glove … BONIFACIO will score … CASTRO’s headed for second he’ll make it … and GORDON’s on at first … MORGAN picks up the error. CAPITALS 0, WEREWOLVES 1.  And the Capitals do not get off to a good start.  Still, no outs.  BEDARD does, however, induce an Ian KINSLER pop up to YOUKILIS for the first out.  Next up, Jay BRUCE, popped up again high to the right side … and CANO makes the catch for out number two.  Paul GOLDSCHMIDT now facing E. BEDARD; here’s the pitch … swung on … and missed! … and CASTRO’s off the bag … MOLINA throws downhe dives back in … OUT!…strong throw by MOLINA … he’s picked off!  Great play by MOLINA!

Top of the 2nd, WEAVER does what he does best, just like KERSHAW–three up, three down.  Bottom of the 2nd, and BEDARD matches WEAVER; three up, three down.  On to the 3rd … CAPITALS 0, WEREWOLVES 1; Let’s listen to the announcers: “HUNTER facing J. WEAVER … WEAVER brings it home … in the dirt … ball one … WEAVER … lets one go … that’s socked to left … way high … way deep … way out of here! HUNTER hit that on the sweet spot.  CAPITALS 1, WEREWOLVES 1.  And it’s tied up!  While MORGAN would reach with a single, and steal second, he would be stranded while reaching 2nd with no outs–yet another wasted opportunity.

Both Sacramento and Hollywood would scatter a few more between the 4th and 8th innings, but neither could make anything happen until the 9th inning … for another dramatic finish.

Top of the 9th, Javier LOPEZ on the mound and Albert PUJOLS at the plate … The pitch … cut on … ripped to right center … BRUCE gallops for it … he cuts it off; PUJOLS wisely holds first … the go ahead run has reached.  J.J. HARDY up, no outs … the pitch … swung on … strike! … and there goes PUJOLS! the throw … the play at second … and he’s safe … the go ahead run is now at second base.  HARDY is still at the plate … the pitch … and it’s hit right up the middle into center field; PUJOLS is around third … and we have to listen to the call here: “… he ran right through the red light … digging here comes the throw from GORDON … oh!…SUZUKI took a hard hit … safe at home! oh, close call … the gamble pays off … the umpire is calling time … SUZUKI’s down he’s clearly in pain as he leaves the field … that had to hurt he could be gone for the series … and he gets a big hand from the crowd The report from the clubhouse… … WEREWOLVES catcher SUZUKI … injured for 15 days … what? oh, sorry, I didn’t tell you what happened to the batter … HARDY has to hold first CAPITALS 2, WEREWOLVES 1.  SUZUKI is injured … coming in to catch for the WEREWOLVES is Dave ROSS.  And here comes WEREWOLVES manager Steve Cutler … he’s asking LOPEZ for the ball.”  A gutsy move by Pujols and a huge loss to the Werewolves, both in giving up the losing run and in losing their starting catcher for the series.  While the Capitals would put more runners on base, Hollywood would limit the damage to one run and one catcher.  However, once again, the one run in the 9th would be all the Capitals would need for the win.  Mariano RIVERA is coming on to pitch for the CAPITALS … KINSLER up first, and he walks.  Uh, oh.  Jay BRUCE up next; one on and no outs.  KINSLER is trying for the steal … MOLINA turns it around fast … the slide … they won’t get KINSLER this time!  BRUCE still up; let’s listen to the announcers: … now RIVERA pitches … hot shot to the right side … CANO to his left … he has it … no play at third … and he flips to first … in time, one away! … KINSLER moves up … so here we go, sports fans, the tying run is now at third base.  … Carlos PENA facing M. RIVERA … infield drawn in … KINSLER at third with his arms out, crouched … the pitch comes in, grounded hard to short … and they’ve got KINSLER in a rundown … he fires to third, YOUKILIS flips to MOLINA … MOLINA runs him back … flips to YOUKILIS … and he’s out, PENA’s headed for second … the throw … and they get him! … yes!…the twin killing, and they get out of the inning!” FINAL SCORE : CAPITALS 2, WEREWOLVES 1.  The only run surrendered by Sacramento, unearned.

Yet another unbelievable ending to a very close game.  Once again, unrealized opportunities were the difference in the game, and some amazing pitching and defense.  Sacramento left 7 runners on base, while Hollywood left 5 runners on base.  Albert PUJOLS gets player of the game for going 2-4 with one run–his hard-hitting, game winning run at home plate; while Sacramento’s pitcher of the game was once again, Mariano RIVERA and his clutch save.  And, once again, Hollywood’s starting pitcher, Weaver, must win Hollywood’s player of the game.

FRIDAY 10/18/2019
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