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Game #5 –  Alexi Ogando vs Jered Weaver

HollywoodWith the series tied at 2, it now turns out to be a best of 3.  In a series, which was dominated by Tijuana’s hitters in game 1, has turned into a pitching duel after all.    The last time Hollywood faced Ogando, they were no-hit by him for 5 1/3 innings enroute to a 2-0 shutout.  Since that game, Hollywood has turned it around and they have shutout Tijuana’s high voltage offense for 10 straight innings.  If Weaver pitches like he did in game 2, we could have another good one.

Ogando starts the 1st inning  with 2-quick outs before walking Alex Gordon, but then induces Ian Kinsler on a bounce out for the 3rd out.

Weaver gets ’em 1-2-3.  Ogando sets Hollywood down in order in the 2nd to make it 7 1/3 straight no hit innings vs Hollywood.  In the bottom half of the 2nd, Weaver gives up a lead off single to Prince Fielder, however Carlos Beltran, Justin Upton & Billy Butler can’t drive him in and Hollywood has no shut out Tijuana 12 straight innings.

The 3rd inning sees Hollywood go 1-2-3 once again, as Ogando makes it look easy…8 1/3!  Pitching duel here we go…Weaver gets 1-2-3 for Hollywood’s 13th straight inning.  Something has got to give folks!.

In the 4th, with 2-outs, Ian Kinsler steps in….The pitch … bounced to the mound … Ogando with a backhand stab … it’s off his glove and as Ogando spins he falls on the ball … twists … fires to first … and throws it away!  The stadium is silent as they await the scorekeeper call.  All of a sudden the crowd goes wild as an “E” appears on the scoreboard.  Kinsler is safe at first on the error – looks like a hometown call folks!  Kinsler promptly steals second, which leads to an intentional walk to Jay Bruce.  That brings up Wilson Betemit with 2-outs and runners at 1st & 2nd.  He pops it to Joe Mauer to end the threat – keeping Ogando’s NO-HIT streak alive at 9 1/3 innings.  In the bottom of the 4th, with 2-outs, Prince Fielder steps in and hammers a double to right.  However Weaver gets Beltran on a pop out to 3rd and Hollywood keeps it’s own streak intact at 14 innings of no runs.

Now we move to the critical 5th……  Jason Kubel steps in and Ogando gets hjm on a flyout to center.  Then Kurt Suzuki steps in….the pitch comes in … he swings…Suzuki goes down on strikes , BUT WAIT!  OGANDO IS HOLDING HIS ELBOW…..OH BOY FOLKS I THINK WE HEARD SOMETHING POP IN THERE.  HE’S IN AGONY.    Seems like Manager Dave Myers has overthrown Ogando this season and his elbow gave.  Word from the clubhouse is that Ogando is out for the remainder of the Post Season!  Ogando threw 10 innings of no-hit ball over the 2 game series.  Being that the game is scoreless and we are only in the 5th, Myers surprises everyone by calling on Chris Carpenter to face Carlos Pena instead of one of the lefty relievers.  Carpenter’s first pitch to Pena….PENA GOT PLENTY OF WOOD ON THAT….HE WAS LOOKING FOR THAT FAST BALL….HEADED TOWARD THE GAP IN RIGHT-CENTER…..IT MAY CARRY…..IT DOES!!!!  HOLLYWOOD HAS THE 1-0 LEAD!  Carpenter settles down to get Myer’s nemesis in Emilio Bonifacio on a popout, but the damage has been done.  Hollywood has 1 hit and it’s Pena’s homer.   Weaver gets them 1-2-3 once again to make it 15 straight scoreless innings for the Tijuana offense!

The 6th inning is quiet on both sides which moves us to the top of the 7th.  With 2-outs, Kurt Suzuki singles which brings up Pena.  He steps in again against Carpenter.  THE PITCH..IT’S INSIDE AND PENA IS DOWN IN THE DIRT!  I think that was a purpose pitch by Carpenter.  PENA REFUSES TO DUST OFF AND STANDS BACK IN THE BOX STARING CARPENTER DOWN.  Carpenter moves quick to the plate … lined hard over first … Justin Upton races over…he cuts it off in the corner … they’re holding Suzuki at third and Pena’s in standing with a double.  Carpenter is bulled for Sergio Romo, who promptly strikes out Emilio Bonifacio.  Weaver gets 1-2-3 in the 7th and boy his he cruising.  TIJUANA HAS BEEN HELD TO 17 STRAIGHT SCORELESS INNINGS!

The 8th inning was quiet, so we move to the bottom of the 9th.  Jered Weaver has a shutout, Hollywood has shutout Tijuana for 18 straight innings and the main bullpen contributors, Javier A Lopez & Heath Bell could use the day off, so he is staying out there.  Drew Sutton steps in.  Sutton belts one to right center … base hit … Gordon’s over…Sutton’s going for two … and he pulls up at second with a double … so here we go, sports fans … the tying run is now at second base.  Speedster Darren Ford runs for Sutton.  Ben Zobrist steps to the plate….lined to left…Drew Stubbs charges … and he takes it on the bounce … Ford is held up at third.  Manager Steve Cutler walks to the mound to talk to Weaver.  He seems to be asking Weaver what he wants to do.  Weaver mouths, ‘I got it skip’.  Cutler heads to the dugout.   Michael young comes in and moves Zobrist to 2nd on a sacrifice.  Runners at 2nd & 3rd with 1-out.  Ryan Braun now comes up looking to be the hero.  The infield is deep…. the offering … swung on and it’s toward the gap….BRUCE races in and makes the catch in the webbing … both runners tag….BRUCE turns and sets…. the coach has the windmill churning … he’s trying to score….here’s the play at the plate … and he’s…SAFE!  AFTER 18 2/3 INNINGS, TIJUANA FINALLY SCORES A RUN!  OH AND WHAT AN IMPORTANT ONE THIS IS!  IT TIES THE GAME AT 1.  Weaver intentionally walks Prince Fielder to get to Beltran.  Weaver rears back and fires one last pitch….it’s grounder to Ian Kinsler who flips to Starlin Castro covering 2nd to get out of the jam!  Tie game at 1 and we head to extra innings.

The 10th inning was uneventful, so here we go into the 11th.  Tijuana brings in Sean Marshall to keep Hollywood from scoring.  He walks Starlin Castro to lead it off.  That’s followed by an Alex Gordon double and we have runners at 2nd & 3rd with no outs.  Marshall than intentionally walks Ian Kinsler to load the bases for Jay Bruce.  Bruce singles to right to give Hollywood a 2-1 lead.  Then with 1-out, Ben Francisco is called upon to PH for Jason Kubel.  Francisco steps in….The Bottle Rockets playing for the double play … the delivery … hit in the air to left field….Braun running over … he won’t get it … two runs will score … Braun’s up with it….the throw goes to third, Bruce slides … the throw’s off line! … Bruce beaks for the plate … the throw … it’s too late … another run scores … and Francisco ends up at second…..score that a single … Braun picks up the error – the 3rd Tijuana error on the day and Hollywood leads 5-1!  With a  4-run lead, Hollywood tries to get their bullpen some work and calls on Henry A Rodriguez to pitch.  He walks Mike McCoy and is promptly pulled.  Frank Francisco is next on the list.  He gives up a double to Ben Zobrist and that’s it for him.  With the tying run on deck, Heath Bell is pressed into action.  Bell has pitched 3 innings in 2 days, so Hollywood was hoping to give him the day off.  Bell gets Michael Young on a SF, but it cuts the lead to 5-2 with 1-out.  This brings up Ryan Braun.  Braun flies out to Alex Gordon, for out #2.    With Prince Fielder coming up, Hollywood elects to have Heath Bell face him.  Fielder laces a double to right to cut the lead to 5-3 with Carlos Beltran coming up.  After Bell walks the tying run, he is pulled with the winning run at the plate.  Javier A Lopez is looking to pick up the save.  Let’s listen to the call…….Justin Upton to the plate.  The runners take their lead … the pitch … slashed into the hole …KINSLER to his left….he has it … over to CASTRO covering second … and that’s the final out of the game!  Hollywood wins 5-3 (11) to take a 3-2 series lead!  Tijuana loses 3 at home after taking 2 on the road.  Back to Hollywood for game 6.

Winner:  Steve Cishek 1-0
Loser: Sean Marshall 0-1
Save: Javier A Lopez (1)
Homerun:  Carlos Pena (1)

WEDNESDAY 07/29/2020
AT 11:00 PM - ET!