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Game #4:  Clayton Kershaw vs Ian Kennedy

In a rematch of game 1, Tijuana seems supremely confident since they trashed Kershaw 12-1 already.    The game remains relatively quiet until the bottom of the third.  With 1-out, Hanley Ramirez doubles to center.  This brings up Ben Zobrist.  Speedy Ramirez edging toward third … pitcher steps off … Kershaw’s back on the rubber the pitch … he swings … no he held up and Zobrist heads to first.  Kershaw seems frustrated that the pitch was called a ball and steps off the rubber and does a circle around the mound.   Ian Kinsler calls time and heads to the mound to chat with Kershaw.  After Umpire Bob Davidson breaks it up, Kershaw steps back to the mound.  With 1-out, Michael Young steps in.  He bounces it slowly to short, Starlin Castro moves up on it, but he only has one play to first for out #2.   This brings up Ryan Braun.  He bounces to third and Wilson Betemit throws across the diamond for the third out.  Kershaw breathes a sigh of relief as he heads toward the dugout.   Emilio Bonifacio leads off the bottom of the 4th.  Kennedy brings it to the plate … that’s high and deep … Beltran is on the run… it’s starting to tail away from him and it drops in….Bonifacio is in second ahead of the throw with a double.  That’s Hollywood’s first hit of the game.  Bonifacio now with an aggressive lead … here’s the delivery…Castro hangs out a frozen rope to left field … Braun charges in for it but he’ll have to short hop it.  Bonifacio holds at 3rd with no one out.  That now puts runners at the corners with no one out for Alex Gordon.  First baseman Prince Fielder’s on the bag … Castro with a substantial lead … the runner’s going…that ball’s hit deep to left field and over Braun’s head … Bonifacio will score as Braun plays the carom … Castro digging around third…the throw comes into Hanley Ramirez as Castro holds and Gordon coasts into second clapping his hands with a  double.  Hollywood leads 1-0.  Fielder calls time and walks to the mound to chat with Kennedy.  Whatever he said, it worked as Kinsler on a comebacker, Jay Bruce on strikes and Wilson Betemit on a fly to right.  With 1-out in the bottom of the 4th, Carlos Beltran bounces one towards short…Castro fields it…over to first….it’s WIDE.  Carlos Pena can’t grab it and it flies into the stands.  Beltran moves to 2nd on the E6.  The kid at short needs to work on the routine throws.  You see Kershaw on the mound yell to Starlin that it’s ok and gives him the settle down motion with his hands.  Castro nods and Kershaw heads back to the mound.  Kershaw gets Justin Upton to pop out, than Billy Butler on the hard grounder to Castro who throws it on target this time for the out.   Hollywood, still sporting a 1-0 lead, gets a 1 out double from David Ross.  With 2-outs, Dave Myer’s nemesis Emilio Bonifacio steps in.  Kennedy delivers … it’s deep to center, over Beltran’s head.  It bounces at the base of the wall….Ross heads home and he’ll score.  Braun is chasing it down.  Bonifacio’s digging for third … SAFE!… he’s under the tag for a triple, RBI and a Hollywood 2-0 lead.   With Tijuana down 2-0, we move to the bottom of the 6th and Kershaw still on the mound.  Braun leads off the inning with a single and promptly steals 2nd.  Kershaw buckles down and gets Prince Fielder swinging.   Then Beltran raps one back to the mound where Kershaw throws ’em out for 2 outs.  Then Kershaw gets Justin Upton to bounce to 3rd for out #3 and we move to the 7th.  The game moves into the bottom of the 9th where Hollywood calls on closer Heath Bell once again – a day after his 2-inning save – after Beltran walks vs Javier A Lopez.    This brings up the tying run in Upton.  Upton hits a high fly to center, Gordon after it and takes it in for out #1.   With the wind blowing in, Billy Butler steps in to try and tie it.  He hits a long fly to right….Bruce back at the track….he’s got it!  Boy if that wind wasn’t blowing, we’d have a tie game.  The last Tijuana chance is Drew Sutton who comes in to hit for Joe Mauer.  Sutton hits a routine fly to center…Gordon takes it in to end the game.  Kershaw was masterful coming back from his game 1 thrashing and Hollywood evens the series at 2 with a 2-0 win.

Winner:  Clayton Kershaw 1-1
Loser:  Ian Kennedy 1-1
Save:  Heath Bell (2)

WEDNESDAY 07/29/2020
AT 11:00 PM - ET!