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HollywoodGame 6:  Tim Hudson vs David Price.  In game 3, Hollywood had their way with Tim Hudson to the tune of 7 runs.  The stadium is rocking as Price takes the mound.  Price gets thru the 1st with a 1-2-3 inning.  In the bottom of the first, with 1-out, Emilio Bonifacio steps in….The pitch is on the way … base hit to center field … and it gets by Marlon Byrd as it bounces off his glove fielding it routinely.  He’s back from a 5 day injury and looks rusty…it rolls to the wall…Bonifacio hits second under a full head of steam … he’s heading for third ……. they’re waving him home…Byrd’s  throw, here’s the relay … SAFE!…Bonifacio gets under the tag … what a play!  Hollywood leads 1-0.  Hudson is PISSED….you see him yelling something to center fielder Byrd.  Ian Kinsler then steps in….The delivery … that’s rocked to deep left center … it is high … and long … and gone!  Kinsler hits a monster shot … they show movies on flights that long!  Hollywood leads 2-0.  Hudson can only hang his head…….  The game is quiet until the Top of the 4th.  Price in the wind up and delivers….Werth hits it between the 1st & 2nd base hole…..Pena dives, to his feet, tosses to Price covering….It’s WILD!  Werth moves to 2nd on the error.  Matt Holliday steps in….he grounds toward 2nd, Ian Kinsler gloves it…there’s no play at 3rd, so he tosses to 1st Severnbase for out #1.  Miguel Cabrera steps in looking to do some damage….Price walks him.  1st & 3rd and Hollywood killer Paul Konerko looking to find some magic.  He homered off Price twice in game 3.  The infield’s deep … Werth takes his lead at third … Price wheels and deals … swung on….lined towards Pena…he dives…HE’S GOT IT!!!  That’s what gold gloves are made of folks!  Price then gets Ramon Hernandez on a popup and Hollywood escapes another jam!  Onward to the Top of the 5th and with 1-out, Marlon Byrd singles to left center, but Price pitches out of another jam.  As the 7th approaches, Price is still in the game and pitching well.  With 2-outs, Byrd – still trying to atone for his 1st inning gaffe – doubles to center.  Price looks to be wearing down, as he then walks Ryan Raburn with 2-outs.  Before Angel Sanchez steps in, Manager Steve Cutler trots out to the mound.  The pitch … it’s a high fly ball to right … toward the gap … Jay Bruce running … still running… he lays out … and catches it… great catch!  He preserves the Hollywood 2-0 lead!  Hollywood turns to the pen after that.  Steve Cishek in and gets Jason Werth & Matt Holliday easily, then Miguel Cabrera hammers a double to right center.  This again brings up Paul Konerko.  Lucky for Hollywood he can only tie the game.  The pitch … looped to left … toward the gap … if it stays up he’ll get it … and Bonifacio spears it on one hop … Cabrera’s well around third…Mike Roberts has the 3rd base coach waving him frantically… comes the throw home……the play at the plate … and he’s … out!…go to town, WEREWOLVES! … they cut off the run!  THE STADIUM IS CRANKING!!! HOLLYWOOD IS 3-OUTS AWAY FROM ADVANCING!!

The games moves to the 9th…..Hollywood turns to Heath Bell to lock it down….. Remon Hernandez facing Bell.  It’s lined toward 1st…Pena snatches it in mid-air … that was an atom ball…that’s one!  Alex Rodriguez strides to the plate.  Bell comes home … soft grounder to Don Kelly (who was brought in for his defense)… he’s up with it … the throw across the diamond, in time … that’s two!  Byrd, who already has 3 hits in the game, steps in.   And the pitch comes in … it’s hit hard to CASTRO … he takes it on the high hop … throws quickly to first….and he’s … OUT!  HOLLYWOOD WINS…HOLLYWOOD WINS…HOLLYWOOD TAKES THE SERIES 4 GAMES TO 2.


Winner:  David Price 2-0
Loser:  Tim Hudson 2-0
Save:  Heath Bell (2)

Homeruns:  Ian Kinsler (1)

The story of the entire series was pitching.
Hollywood .157
Severn .170

Hollywood 2.08
Severn 2.56

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