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Game 4:  Clayton Kershaw vs Roy Halladay.  It’s a rematch of game one which saw both pitchers pitch superb, but both get no decisions.  Carlos Pena trots to the plate to start the game.  Halladay throws the first pitch…that’s high in the air to right center….back against the wall…Jason Werth leaps…..does he have it…..NO!!!!  It’s a lead off homerun for Carlos Pena and Hollywood gets out to a 1-0 lead.  Kershaw throw a goose egg in the 1st and Halladay throws one in the Hollywood2nd.  Then with 2-outs in the 2nd, Alex Rodriguez steps in…Arod swings, OH BOY….HE GOT ALL OF THAT ONE!!  Arod ties the game and the once quiet crowd is ROCKING the stadium!  Arod trots around the bases as he ties the game at 1.  We head to the top of the 3rd.  Kurt Suzuki leads off and goes down swinging.  Then Wilson Betemit coaxes a 4-ball walk.  This brings up Carlos Pena again.  The last 2 times Pena has stepped in against Halladay, he’s homered (last time he faced him in game 1 & first time in game 2).  Let’s listen in on the call.  The offering to Carlos Pena… and Pena belts it deep to right … Werth retreats to the wall…does he have room? … his eyes are skyward … and the ball is outta here! CARLOS PENA HAS HOMERED OFF HALLADAY FOR THE 3RD STRAIGHT TIME!!!  Hollywood leads 3-1.  HALLADAY IS PISSED!  In the bottom of the 3rd, Severn fights to get back in it and gets to the tying run to the plate with Marco Scutaro singles to right.  Jason Werth strides to the plate…he grounds to 2nd, Kinsler shovels to second for one, the relay…NOT IN TIME!  Werth reaches on a fielders choice.  With the hit-and-run on, Matt Holliday chops it slowly to Starlin Castro, who fires to 1st to end the threat.  With Hollywood up 3-1, Kinsler walks to lead off the 4th.  He attempts to steal 2nd on the first pitch and is once again gunned down by Ramon Hernandez!  Kinsler went 26-0 throughout the season, but 0-2 in the post season.   Kershaw continues to cruise, and we head to the top of the 5th.  With 1-out, Suzuki steps in….He hammers a double to center.  Wilson Betemit follows with a single to right…Werth up with it…Throws a strike to home as Suzuki  puts on the breaks and holds..  With Carlos Pena coming up, and the fact he’s his 3 homers in his last 3 at bats against Halladay, it’s a smart move.  Pena steps in…the pitch….it’s a bit inside as Pena hits the dirt.  Halladay is not going to serve it up so easily again.  The runners take their leads…the pitcher….SSevernTRIKE THREE, Pena leaves the runners on. Halladay than gets Emilio Bonifacio on strikes and he gets out of the jam.  Kershaw keeps the bases empty until the bottom of the 9th.  Arod reaches on a walk by Kershaw, his first of the game.  Jemile Weeks then steps in….the offering… he jacks one to deep left;  Bonifacio retreats … his back against the fence … and puts it away … one away.  Arod then takes off….the slide…..SAFE!  Angel Pagan facing Kersha…pops it to the left side, Betemit under it….out #2.  Scutaro then arrives to the plate and bloops it to short…Castro reaches up and the inning and threat is over.  Kershaw hands it over to Heath Bell in the 9th.  Werth steps in and grounds it to short, Castro up with it, over to Pena for out #1.  Matt Holliday facing Bell, grounds to Ian Kinsler, flips to 1st for out #2.  Miguel Cabrera steps in…..He didn’t mean to swing, Castro will have to rush his throw….THEY GOT HIM!  HOLLYWOOD WINS 3-1 to take a commanding 3-1 series lead!

Winner:  Clayton Kershaw 1-0
Loser:  Roy Halladay 0-1
Save:  Heath Bell (1)

Homeruns:  Carlos Pena (2,3), Alex Rodriguez (1)

2020 MWBL
SATURDAY 02/22/2020
AT 10:30 AM - ET!