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Matanzas Cuba – 12/25/2020

BigPapi-SantaDespite the pandemic & Covid 19 Restrictions, the Mid-West Baseball League held its annual Christmas Classic again this year on a warm sunny morning in Matanzas Cuba.   Twelve MWBL came together with masks on for a jolly old time of fun, sun, and Home Runs.

The action started a little out of the ordinary in the 1st round when former MWBL David Ortiz (better know as Big Papi) showed up as Santa Claus & brought in J.D. Martinez with him in his present sack.  Martinez was in a drunken stupor.  “Way gone” is how Ortiz put it.  “He’s blitzed more than one of my reindeer”.  So right off the bat, J.D. Martinez got his 10 swings and didn’t hit a ball.  “Didn’t even come close – maybe he was naughty this year” said Papi.  

Other 1st round action had Cody Bellinger (Triple Creek) whop a high of 10 in the first round.   He was joined at the end of round 1 with Eugenio Suarez (Mesa) with 6, & with 8 Home Runs each from Max Muncy (Southbend) & Josh Donaldson (Valdosta) to make up the Semi-Final Round.

BigPapi-Santa2BigPapi-MilkIn the Semi’s the mashing got even more intense as Suarez hit 13, Bellinger 11, Muncy fell just short of catching Bellinger with 10 & Donaldson brought up the rear with 6.  So moving on to the finals was Eugenio Suarez from Mesa & Cody Bellinger from Triple Creek.  It was going to be an American League vs. National League Final.  

Both players were tired & David Ortiz was passing around Cuban Cigars & Cuban Rum around to all 8 players who were now out of the Classic.  However, J.D. Martinez declined to partake in the drinking saying “Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curve-ball. Straight-ball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him a cigar, rum. He will come.” Soon as that happened Big Papi gave Martinez a milk shower & said “This is what Santa Papi likes – Milk, it does a body good”.  After the last out was made, J.D. still couldn’t hit or walk.

Cody_Bellinger-Christmas-Classic-2020-Runner-Up.jpgMeanwhile, Suarez led off the finals & put on a strong showing with 8 bombs.  Bellinger responded quickly but hitting 3 home runs before making an out, but then hits bat went cold & Bellinger couldn’t hit the side of a barn, or as Big Papi said at the time “J.D. Martinez & you have something in common, you both can’t hit” & then with his big belly laughing self said, “Ho-Ho-Ho – Let’s go find some”…

Eugenio_Suarez-Christmas-Classic-Champion-2So the 2020 Christmas Classic had a winner as Eugenio Suarez of the Mesa Solar Sox blasted 8 in the finals, (Beating Bellinger who finished with 4) and also took the most overall for it as well with 27, again surpassing Bellinger, this time by 2 – 27 to 25.   Suarez’s longest homer was 563 feet.

The longest of the day belonged to Bellinger who in the Semi-Final Round blasted his 1st home run of the round a majestic 592 feet.  

Eugenio_Suarez20All in all, it was a great day in Matanzas & the boys had a blast & took a break from Covid-19 & shared some laughs & fun on a warm day in the sun.

The Christmas Classic Rules are posted here.

Suarez, Eugenio A.L. Mesa 60 30 40
Bellinger, Cody N.L. Triple Creek 60 30 40
Bregman, Alex A.L. Chicago 50 25 35
Martinez, J.D. N.L. Tempe 47 24 34
Soler, Jorge A.L. Yonge Street 47 24 34
Trout, Mike A.L. Motor City 46 23 33
Yelich, Christian A.L. Hollywood 45 23 33
Arenado, Nolan N.L. Harsens Island 45 23 33
Reyes, Franmil N.L. Corktown 44 22 32
Muncy, Max A.L. Southbend 44 22 32
Donaldson, Josh N.L. Valdosta 44 22 32
Alonso, Peter N.L. Selkirk 43 22 32
PLAYER HOME RUNS Round I Semi’s Finals Totals Long
Suarez, Eugenio 60 6 13 8 27 562
Bellinger, Cody 60 10 11 4 25 592
Bregman, Alex 50 2     2 414
Martinez, J.D. 47 0     0 0
Soler, Jorge 47 3     3 477
Trout, Mike 46 5     5 405
Yelich, Christian 45 5     5 500
Arenado, Nolan 45 5     5 493
Reyes, Franmil 44 2     2 370
Muncy, Max 44 8 10   18 558
Donaldson, Josh 44 8 5   13 558
Alonso, Peter 43 3     3 494

SUNDAY 01/10/2021

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