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With the shortened 2020 MLB season the MWBL Commissioner’s Office has made some adjustments accordingly for the 2021 MWBL Season & beyond.

 Draft Date – February 20th, 2021 (no change)

  • The MWBL 2021 Season will consist of 66 regular-season games.
  • 26-week season – Starting approximately March 9th. (2 and 3 games series per week)
    • This is about the same length of schedule that we do now in real life weeks
  • League Manager Start Date will be July 24th, 2021
  • There will be NO Divisions, just American League & National League
    • Each team play will be play 12 teams in their league a total of 5 games & 1 team a total of 6 games.
      • The one extra game will ensure that all teams play 33 home and 33 road games
      • It will be a random draw on which extra team you will play
    • Trading of Draft Picks Rounds 1-3 will not be allowed until after week #6 of the season on or about August 6th in the League Manager Schedule
    • Trade Deadline according to the League Manager schedule will be Sunday, September 12, 2021 (between games 43 & 44)

Rule Changes:

  • MWBL 2020 & 2021 will not have a Rule 5 Draft
  • MWBL 2020 & 2021 mandatory carded cutdown totals will be eliminated
    • No Card cutdowns will still be required prior to the 2021& 2022 MWBL Preview Disk being created
  • MWBL 2021 will not have any usage restriction in place
  • At the end of the 2020 season, each team will be allowed to keep up to (3) of their own NO CARD (NC) players which will count against their 38-man roster
    • Any team keeping an NC player is still required to meet the league coverage requirements
    • The option to give an NC player a 3-year Un-Carded Contract and have them count toward that 12-man Un-Carded is still allowed
    • Any NC player kept can be traded, but cannot be cut until the following season has been completed (i.e. any player kept after the 2020 season cannot be cut until after the 2021 season has completed)
  • Prospects (also referred to as Un-Carded Players)
    • At the end of the 2020 MLB season, each franchise owner will be given the 1-time opportunity to
      1. Keep & extend the prospect’s contract by 1-year
      2. Keep the prospect on the same contract they currently have
      3. Cut the prospect to free up an additional space
        • All prospect extension type decisions are required by October 1, 2020
  • Maximum Batters Faced (MBF) will be prorated down to
    • 440 (for the max limit of 1080 as indicated in the League Guide)
    • 123 (for the max limit of 300 as indicated in the League Guide)
  • Universal Designated Hitter starting in 2021 and will continue in subsequent seasons.  
    • Yes, National Leaguers, this means DH for everyone

Playoffs for 2021:

  • 8 Teams in each league will make the playoffs (Tournament).
    • Sweet 16 Tournament meaning over 1/2 the teams in MWBL will make the postseason
    • This format could potentially be adopted in future seasons
  • There will be 4 rounds – all best of 7 game series’
  • Playoff Rule Modifications for 2021
    • Starting Pitchers listed in each playoff series are limited to a total of (2) appearances in the series
    • A Position Player or Pitcher must have appeared in at least 3 games in the current MWBL Regular Season for the Team that wishes to use the Player/Pitcher in the Post Season
    • Pitchers (Starters & Relievers) must have at least 8 IP in the corresponding MLB season AND pitch 8 IP during the MWBL Regular Season to be allowed to appear in the postseason
    • A Pitcher must have at least 5 Regular Season STARTS in either MWBL Regular Season or corresponding MLB season AND pitch 20 innings during the MWBL Regular Season to be allowed to START in the Post Season
    • Position players must have at least 50 plate appearances in both the MLB and MWBL regular season to start or enter the game prior to the 6th inning for any game in the MWBL playoffs
    • Any rule not covered here will be covered by the League Guide and be prorated in accordance with the shortened season and adjustable by the Commissioner’s Office
    • There will be (1) scheduled off day after the end of the regular season and between each round
      • No days off during the series
      • The playoffs may be delayed due to multiple tie-breakers to make the playoffs
      • The schedule will assume each series goes the full length.
    • Tiebreakers
      • Head-to-Head
        • If more than (2) teams, than add the records for each team affected in the tiebreaker
      • Best Home Record
      • Commissioner Ruling TBD

DUE THURSDAY 02/25/2021
AT 8:00 AM - ET!