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Mid-West Baseball League Commissioner’s Office – Report submitted by Chris DeMecurio – Corktown Cycle. – June 10th, 2020

The rules are simple. I selected a player to draft with each pick in the 1st round of the 2013 MWBL Draft from the players that were selected somewhere in that draft. Minor league players had to make it up by the end of the 2015 season or it would be a waste of a pick no matter how good they were. Remember, it’s impossible to know what each owner would have done with a chance to re-draft, so I did my best to mix the player’s actual MLB career with their MWBL career and remaining potential. Let’s keep in mind this was for fun. With that said, go ahead and share your thoughts, and rip on some of my re-draft picks, but more importantly feel free to call out owners for their actual picks. 

Image how different the MWBL could have been if the guys listed below had made it up in time.  But, they did not, so they’ve automatically been eliminated from the redraft because they obviously would not have been worth it.  Keep in mind, the redraft is not perfect.  It is just a different way to look at what could have been.  This is 12 rounds worth of players and 28 teams.  This is more to show how difficult it is to manage the chaos of Draft Day.  Since I had not been in the league yet in 2012, it makes it easy for me to laugh at your picks.  My day is coming though.  

This year’s version of the redraft featured the best list of players that did not get called up in time.  In alphabetical order

#37 Sean ManaeaDetroit Crime
#103 Lucas GiolitoChicago Mobsters
#158 Shohei Ohtani – Pittsburgh Lumber Company
#167 Blake SnellHollywood Werewolves
#181 Austin MeadowsVirginia Sluggers
##250 Michael FulmerTempe Tempers

Josh_Donaldson20#1 – Motor City Muscle- Josh Donaldson 3B OAK– Donaldson was drafted as a carded player who already had stints in MLB on 2 separate years.  He just came off a year playing 75 games and hitting a massive 9 HRs.  He did bat .335 with 13 HR in the minors that year, so somebody was paying attention.  Donaldson has finished in the top 10 of the MLB MVP voting 4 times and won the award once.  The 4 time all-star and Gold Glover in the MWBL has bounced around our league his entire career.  Actual Pick: Wil Myers OF TB (Actual Donaldson Rd 2 #56 to Coconut Creek)

Corey_Kluber20#2 – Dallas Cougars- Corey Kluber P CLE- As a MWBL Draft Historian, I still don’t think Dave Myers gets enough credit for the Kluber pick.  With 4 selections left in the 10th round, (277 overall) this has to be the best pick for the value I have yet to find.  I am redrafting him at 2 overall, but there is a case to be made at #1.  Some might take Rendon here, and I wouldn’t battle you on that, but I really wanted to highlight the best pitcher in the draft as an original 10th round selection. Jarl went with Taillon here, and at the time he was probably just as high on everybody’s draft board.  Injuries have really hurt this pick as we have all felt that wrath a time or two.   Actual Pick- Jameson Taillon P PIT (Actual Kluber Rd 10 #277 to Tijuana)

Anthony_Rendon20#3 – Bethesda BandicootsAnthony Rendon 3B WAS – After drafting Martin Perez and Tsuyoshi Nishioka with his first 2 1st round picks in the MWBL, Nik found fire on his third try by actually drafting Rendon.  Recently traded as the centerpiece in the biggest trade since I’ve been in the league (16 players no picks), Rendon had played his entire career with Bethesda, but will now chase a ring with Pittsburgh.  Actual Pick – Anthony Rendon 3B WAS (Actual Rendon Rd 1 #3 to Bethesda) 

Kris_Bryant20#4 – New York Outlaws (From Selkirk) Kris Bryant 3B CLG-.  There is so much to say about Bryant.  He came into the league like being shot out of a cannon winning the Rookie of the Year and MVP right away.  At 28 he is just hitting his prime years as a player, and Scott has held onto him waiting for that payoff.  Actual Pick- Fernando Rodney P TB (Actual Bryant Rd 3 #64 to Yonge Street) 

Carlos_Correa20#5 – Valdosta Snappers-  Carlos Correa SS HOU- It seems like Correa has been in the league for a long time, but the former MLB Rookie of the Year and MWBL 3 time all-star is currently only 25 years old.  It’s all about getting your picks right in order to start a rebuild.  That’s what the Astros did.  Casey had 2 first-round picks in 2013 and certainly did not mess around with the 2nd one taking Correa (Buxton with the 1st).  Not a bad 1st round.  Unfortunately, Fremont has not won the Eastern Division since 2011, but according to his own mid-season projections just released, he should be back on top this season. Actual Pick- Miguel Sano 3B MIN (Actual Correa Rd 1 #27 to Fremont)

Corey_Seager20#6 – Fremont Cannons- Corey Seager 3B LAD- Seager is one of those prospects that made it up just in time.  He is still very young and may finally be done with his injuries. This 2-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year and 2x silver slugger is/was a star in the making, and anybody would redraft him in the top 10 with the potential.  Actual Pick- Byron Buxton OF MIN (Actual Seager Rd 6 #151 to Clovis)

Dallas_Keuchel20#7 – Manhattan Project- Dallas Keuchel P HOU- 4-time Gold Glover, Cy Young winner (Both MLB and MWBL), 2-time All-Star, and a left-hander. There is not much more to say here.  Very similar to Kluber, drafted late as a carded player by Coconut Creek.  These lists continue to prove there are hidden gems in those carded players that have not bloomed yet.  Just looked over his minors numbers, and there was nothing eye-opening.  Actual Pick- Avisail Garcia OF DET (Actual Keuchel- Rd 7 #186 to Coconut Creek)

Jose_Quintana20#8 – Yonge Street Stalkers- Jose Quintana P CWS- If you’re looking for consistency Quintana brought that over his first 5 seasons. It’s also hard to overlook a lefty starter with his skillset no matter the league.  This pick is more about what he has done than what he still has the potential to do (24.4 WAR, 5th highest in this draft).  Quintana is still 31, so he still has a chance to turn around those slowly declining numbers we saw the past couple of seasons. Actual Pick- Travis D’Arnaud C NYM (Actual Quintana Rd 2 #42 to Jersey)

Eduardo_Rodriguez20#9 – Detroit Crime- Eduardo Rodriguez P BOS- I feel like it took Eduardo a long time to start living up to his potential, but he is still 27 years old and is the Red Sox ace.  Had over 200 K’s last year and has lowered his ERA each of the past 3 seasons.  Actual Pick- Zack Wheeler P NYM (Actual Rodriguez- Rd 6 #156 to Chicago)

Marcell_Ozuna20#10 – Long Beach Dirt Bags- Marcell Ozuna OF MIA- Ozuna has hit 37 HR and drove in 114 RBI in a single season.  He can do it on both sides of the field winning both a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award.  His problem is being consistent, but drafting him in the top 10 comes with a big reward.  It’s all about having your players match their good seasons at the same time.  That said, Jackie Bradley had given Peter and other owners some very good seasons.  Interesting Fact: Bradley has been dealt in both a 12 and 14 player deals. (Sacramento involved in both of them)  Actual Pick- Jackie Bradley BOS OF(Actual Ozuna Rd 3 #77 to New York)

Eugenio_Suarez20#11 – Clovis Wheat Kings- Eugenio Suarez 3B DET- Never would I think Saurez would be worthy of the 11th overall pick, but he seems to have found his stride and is now a power hitter?  That’s right, each of his 6 MLB seasons his HR numbers have gone up.  That includes his 49 in 2019!  Which could actually make him a steal at 11. Peter is no stranger to a good trade and unfortunately shipped him off early in his career to Pittsburgh.  He has now found a home in Mesa and Barry could not be happier.  Actual Pick- A. J. Griffin P OAK (Actual Suarez- Rd 8 #208 to Long Beach)

Marcus_Stroman20#12 – Roseville Thorns- Marcus Stroman P TOR- Potential is and was always there for Stroman.  He had arguably his best season in 2019.  He has ace-like material, and I would easily take him in the top half of the 1st round in this redraft.  Maybe pitching behind deGrom can bring out the best in him.  Actual Pick- Miguel Gonzalez P BAL (Actual Stroman- Rd 6 #147 to Chicago) 

Yasiel_Puig20#13 – Virginia Sluggers- Yasiel Puig OF LAD- The future for Puig is uncertain as he is still a FA, but his bat and his Defense is worth a gamble.  It’s hard to deny 3 consecutive 23 or more HR and each with 15+SB seasons.  Selkirk currently owns a 3/38 OF card for Puig. Actual Pick- Kyle Zimmer P KC (Actual Puig Rd 2 #53 to Tijuana) 

Byron_Buxton20#14 – Jersey Nor’easterns- Byron Buxton OF MIN- Drafts are all about gambles, so why not try and maximize value and take a shot here at 14?  Buxton was a former #1 overall prospect.  Although not a bust, Buxton struggled with some things early on.  He has started to play to his strengths which are his defense and his legs.  He may only get you 10-15 HR a season, but if that OBP continues to rise he will continue to see stolen base numbers in the 20s and possibly 30s.  Actual Pick- Hyun-Jin Ryu P LAD (Actual Buxton Rd 1 #6 to Fremont)

Lance_McCullers20#15 – Tempe Tempers (Via Pittsburgh)- Lance McCullers P HOU-  There are a good handful of players here that could go next, but I am going to stick with value once again.  McCullers is still 26 and he is a strikeout machine that continues to try and make himself a better pitcher.  The problem is his health.  He missed the 2019 season with TJ surgery, but he had not pitched a full season in his whole career before that.  Give me the potential of McCullers here vs what we know a pitcher like Michael Wacha or Kevin Gausman has done already.  Actual Pick- Kevin Gausman P BAL (Actual McCullers Rd 6 #159 to Chicago)

Zack_Wheeler20#16 – Chicago Mobsters (Via Iron City)- Zack Wheeler P NYM- It’s tough to give Chicago a pitcher here when Stray already has had 3 of his own pitcher picks in this redraft (Rodriguez, Stroman, and McCullers.  Also drafted Giolito this year but did not make it up as well as Michael Wacha who we will see soon) off the board.  Wheeler, another guy with injury problems early in his career may have finally found his groove.  Now 30, playing with a new team could help, or hurt that.  Again, I’m willing to go for value here once again at 16.  Actual Pick- Trevor Rosenthal P STL (Actual Wheeler Rd 1 #9 to Detroit)

Joc_Pederson20#17 – Southbend Lynx- Joc Pederson OF LAD- Even though I had plenty of time for this redraft I am going to call this one a panic pick for me.  I am not in love with it, but I have settled on it.  Still 28 it’s hard to deny the 39 HR for Pederson last season.  He will probably never hit for AVG.  Actual Pick- Scott Diamond P MIN (Actual Pederson Rd 4 #92 to Yonge Street)

Wil_Myers20#18 – Coconut Creek Crushers- Wil Myers OF TB- Very similar to Pederson, Myers was an OF converted to 1B with some good pop, lower avg, and serviceable years remaining.  Myers is still giving you good SB numbers swiping 16 bags last season.  Not exactly what you want from the number 1 overall pick in the MWBL draft, but I am going nowhere near calling him a bust.  Still a 1st round pick. 18 May be high if you like pitching. Actual Pick- Tony Cingrari P CIN (Actual Myers Rd 1 #1 to Motor City)

Cody_Allen20#19 – Iron City Yinzers (From Chicago)- Cody Allen P CLE- It’s always tough to decipher where in the draft it’s time to select relief pitchers.  This year is nowhere near as loaded as the past redrafts.  I feel like Allen is the best of a select 3-4 from this year’s bunch.  He leads all RP (form this draft)  in K’s, and Saves in his career.  He also had many solid years with an ERA under 3.00 and WHIPs hovering around the 1.10 range. Actual Pick- Darin Ruf OF PHI (Actual Allen Rd 4 #85 to Motor City)

Sean_Doolittle20#20 – Camarillo Quest- Sean Doolittle P OAK- The panic for RP has begun.  Like every draft, once people see the first one go, the lemmings follow suit.  Doolittle has the best career ERA and WHIP among the RP in this year’s draft class. Actual Pick- Brandon Moss 1B OAK (Actual Doolittle Rd 3 #61 to Valdosta)

Jackie_Bradley20#21 – Columbus Explorers (Via New York)- Jackie Bradley OF BOS- Bradley is always reliable on defense.  He did have 3 seasons with 20+ HRs and is no slouch on the bases.  Solano did have a decent rookie campaign, but, I’m pretty sure Bill would take just about anybody I give him here at 21.  Actual Pick- Donovan Solano 2B MIA (Actual Bradley Rd 1 #10 Long Beach)

Michael_Wacha20#22 – Columbus Explorers- Michael Wacha P STL- Bill goes to the other side here grabbing one of the best starters available.  Wacha only started 30 games twice but was always able to keep his ERA down.  Some seasons Wacha is a very valuable 2-3 for a contender.  Moving forward, I’m not sure if there is any value left, but we have thrown away other players recently like Anibal Sanchez or J.A. Happ who has come back to finish their careers with some decent late years.  Maybe Wacha gets that chance with the Mets. Actual Pick- Lucas Harrell P HOU (Actual Wacha Rd 2 #44 to Chicago)

Yan_Gomes20#23 – Severn Express- Yan Gomes C CLE- I have been in the league since 2016 and in my brief time, it would be rare to see a catcher fall this far.  Gomes is the best catcher in this draft.  Severn found him carded in the 10th round near Kluber, and Kole Calhoun.  He was one of the better hitting catchers in all of baseball for a season or two.  Which isn’t saying much for hitting catchers these days.  But, he will always get you double-digit home runs, so it’s not a wasted lineup spot.  Actual Pick- David Phelps P NYY (Actual Gomes- Rd 10 #275 to Severn)

Corey_Dickerson#24 – Manhattan Project (Via Elyria)- Corey Dickerson OF COL- Early in his career Dickerson was in a loaded OF with Charlie Blackburn and Carlos Gonzalez.  A lineup that featured Nolan Arenado, Troy Tulowitzki, DJ Lemahieu, and Justin Morneau (Morneau still hit .318) combined with playing home games in Denver, and it gives you a nice sleeper selection.  Tempe jumped all over that with the 222 pick.  Actual Pick- Rob Brantley C MIA (Actual Dickerson Rd 8 #222 to Tempe)

Adam_Ottavino20#25 – Tijuana Bottle Rockets- Adam Ottavino P COL- You would really be cashing in on Ottavino right now  Never a closer, but a damn good reliever.  Myers went with Addison Russell here originally.  He is actually still on my shortlist of picks at this point, but not worth the headache.  Actual pick- Addison Russell SS OAK (Actual Ottavino Rd10 #254 to Coconut Creek)

Miguel_Sano20#26 – Tempe Tempers- Miguel Sano 3B MIN- Sure, let’s give Chris a guy with the potential to hit 40 bombs.  Crazy to think he took a shot with Dahl here (did not make it up) and was 1 pick off of Correa.  I wonder if that would have given him another World Series ring.  What does he do with all those rings anyway?   Actual Pick- David Dahl OF COL (Actual Sano Rd 1 #5 to Valdosta) 

Joey_Gallo20#27 – Fremont Cannons (Via Hollywood)- Joey Gallo 3B TEX– Gallo plays too close to the Mendoza line for me to not go higher.  But, if you want to see him hit some dingers he is your guy.  I was surprised to see he was only 26.  Maybe he can find a way to hit for AVG, which would make him an absolute steal here at 27. Actual Pick- Carlos Correa SS HOU (Actual Gallo Rd 7 #183 to Pittsburgh) 

Alex_Colome20#28 –  Motor City Muscle (Via Sacramento)- Alex Colome P TB– Motor City grabbed Colome with the first pick in the 3rd round.  The Muscle will start this redraft by selecting Donaldson and now end it with Colome.  I had it down to Colome, Kole Calhoun, and Trevor Rosenthal.  Rosenthal had a couple of lights out seasons matched by nobody, so I almost went that way.  Colome was good enough and still is performing at his best.  Calhoun just had his best season, so he could have entered the 1st round had I done this in a couple more years.  But, it is what it is.   Actual Pick Bruce Rondon P DET (Actual Colome Rd 3 #57 to Motor City)

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