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YELICH,Christian HOL  AL .429 1.190 5 21 9 2 1 4 5 15 7 4 0 1 0 0
PLESAC,Zach DAL  AL 2 2 0 0 0.00 13 0 0 2 12 7 0 0 0 1 0
ARENADO,Nolan HIW  NL .481 .741 7 27 13 1 0 2 4 9 1 2 1 0 0 0
CLEVINGER,Mike PIT  NL 2 1 1 0 1.12 16 2 2 5 13 2 0 0 0 0 0

Rosemere Renegades @ Pittsburgh Lumber Company

Series Preview: Last place Rosemere comes into first-place Pittsburgh.
Series Summary: What did you expect? It’s baseball, so always expect the unexpected. Rosemere takes the series 4 out of 7.
The only vindication? Mike Clevinger twirls a NO-HITTER in the final game to save a little face; our first home series after our huge trade overall is a dud.

Long Beach Dirt Bags @ Corktown Cycle

Series Summary: The Dirt Bags come to Corktown, just outside of Detroit, and take 4 of 6, including two extra-inning victories.

Hollywood Werewolves @ Southwest Detroit Fighting Chihuahuas

Series Summary: Hollywood wins 5/6 in Southwest Detroit. A couple of close ones and a couple of blowouts.

Jersey Nor’easters @ Selkirk Steelers

Series Preview: Selkirk is a much better team then in the past with a very scary middle of the Order. Jersey was in town to reverse their poor start.
Game #1: Puig and Greyber Torres homer in the 8-3 Selkirk win as Gibson goes 7+ with 2 earned runs.
Game #2: Alonso and Cooper homer in the 6-2 Selkirk win.
Game #3: Four Selkirk homersAlonso, Torres, and Semien as well as Murphy int he 5-3 extra-inning win on Gleyber’s w run homer in 10th
Game #4: Soroka pitches well and Jersey wins 5-3 as he kept the Steelers from homering.
Game #5: Alonso hits a 3 run homer and Selkirk wins 5-1
Game #6: All Selkirk a 6 hitter by Gibson and Cooper and Lewis homer in the 5-0 Selkirk win.
Series Summary: Selkirk wins 5 of the 6 games. Gibson put his hat in the ring for the pitcher of the week.   Two starts, 2 wins 16.2 innings 15 hits 2 earned runs 2 walks 18 strikeouts
Pete Alonso gets 10 RBIs in 6 games.

Manhattan Project @ Detroit Crime

Series Summary: Detroit wins the series 4-2 over Manhattan

Columbus Explorers @ Portland Lumber Jax

Series Preview: 44-15 Columbus Explorers visit the 24-35 Portland LumberJax
Game #1: COL 3 POR 2
Game #2: COL 4 POR 0
Game #3: COL 5 POR 2 (10)
Game #4: COL 10 POR 2
Game #5: COL 5 POR 2
Game #6: COL 6 POR 3
Game #7: COL 5 POR 1
Series Summary: The Explorers get out the brooms and sweep Portland, who loses their 10th straight.

Bethesda Bandicoots @ Triple Creek Patriots

Series Preview: Re-tooled Bandicoots take on Patriots for 7.
Game #1: 3-0 after 6 full as Hunter Wood dazzles on 4 hits and 1 walk. Triple Creek’s pen then gave it all away as McNeil and Story both homer in the 7th and the Coots go up 5-3. the score would stay that a Littell dominates the last 3 frames allowing no hits or walks.

BB 5 TCP 3

W – Kelly (4)
L – McGee (2)
S – Littell (2)

Game #2: Triple Creek would score in all 8 innings to trounce Bethesda and even the series. Villar led that attack going 6-6 w/ 2 doubles and a HR, Seager drove in 4, and the homers collected 16 hits.

BB 2 TCP 12

W – Gausman (3)
L – Keller (1)

Game #3: Bethesda takes a turn with the pinata and torches Strahm and company for 9 runs. Diza 3-6, Soto 4-5, Story 2-4 w/ 4 RBI, Schoop HR, and 3 RBI scattered much candy. Coots deliver 15 hits and leave 10 on-base (thank goodness).

BB 9 TCP 1

W – Thonrton (5)
L – Strahm (4)

Game #4: Creek score 3 in the 1st off Milone as Montas, Miller, and Workman hold the visitors to just 4 hits. Even though Triple Creek out hit Bethesda 12-4 they could only score 2 more runs.

BB 2 TCP 4

W – Montas (6)
L – Milone (4)
S – Workman (18)

Game #5: Coots led 5-0 after 7 full but The Patriots score 3 in the 8th with the help of a Calhoun double. Triple Creek would add one in the 9th but come up 1 shy. Soto 1-3 w/ HR and Adams 2-4 w/ double a 2 RBI.

BB 5 TCP 4

W – Odorizzi (3)
L – Bieber (5)
S – Cishek (6)

Game #6: The third tight game in a row goes Triple Creek’s way. Top 5 hitters for Bethesda collected all 8 of their hits. Home runs by Calhoun and Bellinger helped push the Patriots over the top.

BB 3 TCP 5

W – H. Wood (4)
L – Kelly (7)
S – Workman (19)

Game #7: Finale will be the series decider as it’s tied 3 apiece.
Triple Creek scores 2 in the 1st and Bethesda answers with 2 in the 5th. Triple Creek then unleashes The Kracken in the 6th for a 5-spot to put it away. McNeil 2-5 and Soto 3-5 set the table nicely but 2-run homers from Seager and Hiura were too much today.
BB 2 TCP 8w – Gausman (4)
L – Keller (2)
Series Summary: Patriots win the wild series 4-3.

Southbend Lynx @ Virginia Sluggers

Series Preview: Division rivals, 1st place Southbend and 3rd place Virginia hook up over Team Viewer in a Social Distancing series.
Game #1: VIR 9-5 W-Luis Castillo (7-1) L-Freddy Peralta (4-3)

The Sluggers struck quickly and never looked back. Clint Frazier started it with a 1st inning 3-run blast and Rafael Devers went back-to-back to give VIR a 4-0 lead. VIR added 3 more in the 4th when Whitt Merrifield uncorked a Baltimore Special to make it 7-1. Devers ended VIR scoring with his 2nd homer of the game in the 5th for 2 more runs. Castillo took advantage of the runs and struck out 11 on his way to victory number 7.

Game #2: SBL 8-6 W-Mike Foltynewicz (8-0) L-Trevor Williams (4-4) SV-Roberto Osuna (19)

Max Muncy’s 20th homer in the 1st got the Lynx going and then Austin Meadows took over. Meadows pounded out 4 hits on the day including 2 longballs that accounted for 3 RBI. Leading 8-2 going into the 8th, SBL faced a little bit of a scare as VIR scored 4 runs when George Springer and Jean Segura popped 2-run homers. However, Roberto Osuna came in to put out the fire and preserve the Lynx win.

Game #3: SBL 8-5 W-Tyler Duffey (4-0) L-Hansel Robles (1-2) SV-Roberto Osuna (20)

VIR got on the board first with an Anthony Rizzo solo shot, but that was erased by Austin Meadows’ 3-run shot and Mark Canha’s RBI double to put SBL up 4-1 in the 5th, Devers and Segura go back-to-back in the bottom of the 5th to make it 4-3 SBL and they add 1 more in the 6th for a 5-3 lead. But VIR just won’t give up. Carlos Santana lofts a 2-run homer into right to tie it up at 5 and 4 innings of zeros follow. Then, in the 11th, Slugger closer Hansel Robles can’t get anybody out. Logan Forsyth takes advantage of that and laces a 2-run triple into the RF corner and scores on a SF to put SBL up 8-5. Osuna comes in for SBL, faces 3 batters, and does what he does,…game SBL.

Game #4: VIR 10-3 W-Elieser Hernandez (2-1) L-Derek Holland (1-3)

VIR bounced back from the extra-inning loss by scoring 5 runs in the 1st on homers from Carlos Santana and Eloy Jimenez. But the story was George Springer who went 5-5 with 2 bombs and 4 RBI as the Sluggers pounded out 17 hits on their way to evening the series at 2 apiece.

Game #5: VIR 8-4 W-Jefrey Rodriguez (1-1) L-Nick Pivetta (1-5)

Once again a big inning and longballs helped VIR to a win. Leading 1-0 in the 3rd, the Sluggers Carlos Santana lined one just inside the foul pole for a 3-run homer and two batters later Rafael Devers lofted a 2-run shot to increase the lead to 6-0. Devers wasn’t through however as he added a solo-shot later to help VIR take an 8-2 lead into the 8th. Logan Forsyth’s 2-RBI single finished the scoring for SBL in the 8th and the VIR bullpen came in to preserve the win.

Game #6: SBL 6-5 W-Tyler Duffy (5-0) L-Hansel Robles (1-3) SV-Roberto Osuna (21)

SBL goes out early scoring 4 in the 3rd on a Bo Bichette 2-run double and RBI singles from Meadows and Escobar. George Springer brings VIR within 1 with a 3-run homer in the 4th and Rafael Devers’ 2-run double in the 6th gives VIR a 5-4 lead heading to the 9th. VIR closer Robles is ready in the pen,… “J. ALTUVE facing H. ROBLES, T 9th, 1 Out, Runner on 1st, Behind 4-5… First baseman RIZZO’s on the bag … TILSON with a substantial lead … ROBLES now…hit toward REYNOLDS in deep left … he’s chasing it down … he’s at the warning track…and he watches it sail over the wall … home run for ALTUVE … and two runs score…and this crowd has gone silent … they are stunned.”

Game #7: VIR 10-7 W-Cory Gearrin (1-0) L-Jeff Samardzija (10-2)

Jose Altuve crushed a 2-run homer in the 1st and George Springer hit one of his own in the 3rd to tie it at 2. In the top of the 5th Mark Canha stepped to the plate with the bases loaded,…” and CANHA goes out and gets it…a long drive to deep left field … REYNOLDS galloping back … back … back…and REYNOLDS watches it disappear … a grand slam home run for CANHA!” That put SBL up 6-2. But then came the bottom of the 5th. Anderson, Segura, and Garcia all single to load the bases. “LYNX playing for the double play … the runners take their lead … he cranks and fires…swung on … ground ball to first … TUCKER’s there … and it hits off his glove…and into the outfield … ANDERSON is dished … SEGURA’s right behind him…going first to third is Aramis GARCIA … MERRIFIELD has to hold first…TUCKER is charged with an error.” Suddenly it’s only a 6-4 SBL lead. BUT, the Sluggers are not finished. The next batter is Bryan Reynolds, “oh! look at this! … that baseball is just a memory! … a tape measure job deep to right.” And just like that the lead changes and VIR holds 7-6 advantage. But not for long,…SBL’s Russell Martin chases in a run in the top of the 6th and the teams are tied at 7. But ol’Mo swings again as Merrifield doubles in 2 and Reynolds’ single brings Merrifield in,…VIR 10 SBL 7. And that’s the way it stays as the VIR pen holds SBL to 1 runner over the last 3 innings.

Series Summary: VIR takes the series 4-3. The Sluggers lived up to their name as they “slugged” 20 homers in the 7 games compared to 10 by SBL.
For VIR:
George Springer 13-30 .433 8 runs, 12 RBI, 5 HR
Rafael Devers 10-26 .385 6 runs, 9 RBI, 5 HR.
Bryan Reynolds 12-24 .500 7 RBIFor SBL:

Austin Meadows 11-31 .355 5 runs, 10 RBI, 3 HR
Jose Altuve 7-23 .304 7 runs, 5 RBI, 3 HR
Logan Forsyth 7-22 .318 3 runs, 6 RBI

Yonge Street Stalkers @ Coconut Creek Crushers

Series Preview: Is it time to draft yet?
Game #1: Domingo the German mowed us down in a YSS 12-2 win.
Game #2: Houser and YSS took an 11-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th. CCC then battles all the way back to lose by only an 11-4 score. 
Game #3: In a preview of 2021, Caleb Smith allows only 1 hit with 14 K’s. Shed Long hits a Grand Slam to provide the offense in an 8-0 CCC win.
Game #4: Kris Bryant hits two HRs including a Grand Slam to lead YSS to a 14-4 win.
Game #5: YSS ace Cole and CCC SP Musgrove put on a pitching duel. Cole takes a 1-0 lead into the 8th. Myers hits a PH single. He then steals second is driven in by Mookie Betts to tie the game. In the bottom of the 9th Drury hits a walk-off HR to give CCC the upset 2-1 win.
Game #6: Domingo the German is back and was dealing. He cruises into the 9th with a 3-0 lead.
CCC suddenly remembers how to hit and plate 3 runs to force extras. Nothing doing in the 10th. YSS push across 2 runs in the 11th. CCC attempts to battle back again. One run scores but the tying run is stranded and YSS takes it 5-4.
Series Summary: CCC gives YSS more of a battle than they probably thought.

Valdosta Snappers @ Harsens Island Walleye

Series Preview: Valdosta comes to town in a battle of the fish.
Game #1: All Snappers 6-1
W Brooks 1-1 4.80 era
L Beede 5-3 3.14 era
Game #2: More Snapp attack 9-3
W Zimmerman 5-5 3.74 era
L Wright 2-3 5.59 era
Game #3: The Walleye take a 2-1 lead into the 9th. Pujols jacks a 2 run shot to give Valdost the win 3-2
W Kahnle 2-1 4.15 era
L Taylor (BS) 0-2 3.55 era
Game #4: Harsens Island finally get a win as Pitcher Luis Severino hits a walk-off HR 2-1
W Severino 1-1 2.00 era
L Guerra 2-6 5.06 era
Game #5: 3-1 Walleye
W Gonzalez 3-6 3.93 era
L Alexander 3-5 3.59 era
Game #6: All Tyler Beede and the Walleye 3-0
Beede 6-3 2.84 era
L Brooks 1-2 4.75 era
Game #7: The home team takes the rubber match 8-3
W Wright 3-3 5.45 era
L Zimmerman 5-6 4.06 era
Series Summary: Valdosta wins the first 3. Harsens Island wins the last 4. Great series with some great games.

Chicago Mobsters @ Mesa Solar Sox

Series Preview: Chicago heads towards the desert & takes on the Solar Sox in the Sunny Mesa Arizona.
Game #1: Nelson Cruz Homers. Hunter Pence drives in 2. C.C. Sabathia goes the distance in a 2-Hitter (walking 4) Complete Game Shutout.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Mesa 0

Win: C.C. Sabathia 8-1 (3.59)
Loss: Andrew Heaney 2-5 (4.61)

Game #2: Chicago gets 4 runs in the 1st Inning & puts the Solar Sox behind the 8-ball early. Drew Smyly allows 4 Home Runs. Two Home Runs for Nelson Cruz to go along with 6 RBI’s as Chicago cruises.

Final Score: Chicago 9 – Mesa 2

Win: Marcus Stroman 6-4 (4.12)
Loss: Drew Smyly 2-6 (7.60)

Game #3: Nelson Cruz has 3 RBI’s including a Homerun. Joey Votto also Homers & drives in 3. Yandy Diaz has 2 Solo Home Runs. Danny Santana & Dexter Flower have Home Runs. Six on the day for the Mobsters. Mitch Garver & Eddie Rosario have solo Home Run & Jesus Aguilar has a Home Run & 3 RBI’s for Mesa. But in the end, it’s Chicago with the “W”.

Final Score: Chicago 10 – Mesa 6

Win: Josh Tomlin 3-1 (3.13)
Loss: Pablo Lopez 4-4 (5.35)

Game #4: Anthony Kay is a walking machine for Mesa. He walks 9, allows 8 Hits, induces 3 Double Plays & walks away with a 3-1 victory going 8.2 solid (& much needed) innings for Mesa. Eddie Rosario has a solo Homerun for Mesa.

Final Score: Mesa 3 – Chicago 1

Win: Anthony Kay 6-3 (4.77)
Loss: Noah Syndergaard (5-5 (3.99)

Game #5: The sticks come out again for Chicago as Yordan Alvarez has a Triple, Homerun, 3 Runs Scored & 5 RBI’s. Yandy Diaz has 3 RBI’s. Chicago takes the win behind Trevor Bauer’s 7.2 Innings.

Final Score: Chicago 10 – Mesa 4

Win: Trevor Bauer 7-6 (4.73)
Loss: Alex Sanchez 1-7 (9.50)

Game #6: Chicago spots C.C. Sabathia 5 Runs in the 1st Inning as the bottom of the lineup has a big day for Chicago. Nico Goodrum & Andrelton Simmons have 2 RBI’s each out of the 7 & 8 spots in the lineup. Francisco Mejia batting 9th has a 3-Run Homerun. C.C. Sabathia goes 6 Innings and picks up this 9th win. Chicago’s bullpen is tough with 3 scoreless innings in relief from Carlos Matias Martinez & Jimmy Cordero.

Final Score: Chicago 9 – Mesa 4

Win: C.C. Sabathia 9-1 (3.78)
Loss: James Paxton 4-3 (4.14)

Game #7: Chicago scores 5 in the 2nd & 3 in the 5th. Michael Tauchman has 2 Hits, (Triple & Homerun) & 4 RBI’s. Buster Posey with a 3-Run Homerun. Chicago gets 6.2 strong Innings from Marcus Stroman & the bullpen (Felipe Vazquez & Luke Jackson) picks up the slack allowing nothing in 2.1 Innings, while striking out 4.

Final Score: Chicago 10 – Mesa 3

Win: Marcus Stroman 7-4 (4.12)
Loss: Andrew Heaney 2-6 (4.78)

Series Summary: Chicago had an amazing 6 out of 7 games & take the series 6 games to 1 in the heat of Arizona. Chicago heads back east with a stop in Southbend & then south to Dallas before heading home. Mesa licks their chops & heads to Manhattan, Fremont & Tijuana before coming back home at the All-Star Break.

Dallas Cougars @ Tijuana Bottle Rockets

Series Preview: Dallas comes to Tijuana for a 7 game series.
Series Summary: Dallas takes the series 5-2.

Fremont Cannons @ Motor City Muscle

Series Preview: Fremont @ Motor City for 7 games.
Game #1: MCM 4 – FRE 2

WP: Verlander (CG)
LP: Gallen
HR: MCM–D. Moore, H. Kendrick

Justin Verlander went the distance with 10 strikeouts, although he did give up an early 2-0 lead. Howie Kendrick’s 7th-inning, three-run HR made the difference.

Game #2: FRE 4 – MCM 2

WP: D. Duffy
LP: Hendricks
SV: S. Greene
HR: MCM–Ahmed

This time, Fremont held on to their early lead. Yuri Gurriel went 3-5 with two doubles. Deuces were wild for James McCann, who also had a pair of doubles.

Game #3: MCM 5 – FRE 4 (11 inn.)

WP: Sadzek
LP: T. Scott
HR: FRE–Baez; MCM–A. Garcia, Candelario

Once again, Fremont couldn’t hold an early lead (4-0 after two innings). Jeimer Candelario’s 7th-inning HR tied it, and Shin-Soo Choo’s RBI single won it in the bottom of the 11th.

Game #4: FRE 11 – MCM 2

WP: J. Vargas
LP: S. Anderson
HR: FRE–K. Davis (GS)

FRE built a 4-2 lead, and then put it out of reach with a seven-run 7th inning (which included a Kris Davis grand slam).

Game #5: MCM 5 – FRE 4

WP: A. Adams
LP: Gallegos
HR: FRE–Ohtani

This time, FRE had to come back to tie it. MCM won it on a Matt Beaty’s RBI single in the 9th

Game #6: FRE 10 – MCM 6

WP: Gallen
LP: Davies
SV: S. Greene
HR: FRE–Kepler, T. Hernandez, Y. Gurriel; MCM–Kendrick, A. Garcia

FRE rolled up a big lead, then cruised to the win, despite a 9th-inning grand slam by Avisail Garcia.

Game #7: FRE 4 – MCM 1

WP: D. Duffy
LP: Menez
SV: Doolittle
HR: FRE–Kepner

FRE grabbed the early lead and held on. Danny Duffy gave up six hits in eight innings, deftly dodging base traffic relatively easily.

Series Summary: FRE takes the series 4 games to 3

Danny Duffy had two wins for FRE; Shane Greene had two saves.

Both teams had 7 HRs in the series, with one grand slam for each team; Max Kepler (FRE), Avisail Garcia, and Howie Kendrick (MCM) were the only hitters with multiple HRs (2 each).

There were two walk-off wins

Sacramento Capitals @ Tempe Tempers

Series Preview: Things are always a little more amped up when Sacramento and Tempe square off.
Series Summary: Tempe blows a late-inning lead in game six and settles for a series split.

WEDNESDAY 07/29/2020
AT 11:00 PM - ET!