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Miami Florida – The Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic moved this year to a new day – Christmas Day, & to a new ballpark as well.   Marlins Park Capacity 36,742 patrons made their way in for the Mid-West Baseball League annual Christmas Classic.  This year’s weather was a perfect 73 degrees mostly cloudy with a humidity of 67% & the winds blowing out at 11 MPH.   A perfect day for the 2018 MWBL Christmas Giancarlo_Stanton2018-1CCClassic, as well as a hitters dream as we would soon find out.

The cast of the 2018 Christmas Classic can be found here. This would be a great show for the fans & give great exposure for the league itself.  A perfect way to showcase some of the league’s best bats.

Round I was the solid as the top four players belted out a total of 37 Home Runs.   The six participants who didn’t make the Semi Final Round combined to hit a total of 32 Giancarlo_Stanton2018-2CCHome Runs.   A solid showing for all, except two players.   Joey Votto came up lame with a sore back after just two swings, & though he finished out the round he didn’t pop any over the fence.  Logan Morrison also tweaked something in his hamstring but did manage to get one over the fence & not go Oh-Fer.    A three-way tie between Last seasons (2017) Christmas Classic winner Khris Davis, Nelson Cruz (2016 Christmas Classic Champion & the power house hitting Joey Gallo all tied at 9 Long Balls each.   But it was Giancarlo Stanton’s 10 that won the first round.  Mike Trout finished 5th 1 Home Run short of making the Semi’s or at least causing a Joey_Gallo2018CCTie-Breaker.

The Semi Final Round would see two of these four (Stanton, Cruz, Davis or Gallo) fall off the board & move two of the four on to the finals.   Nelson Cruz was first up & tired early getting only 1 over the fence.   Cruz was disappointed in his efforts but summing up his chances in just three words said “You Just Never Know“.   Joey Gallo was up 2nd & put up a 7-spot walked Giancarlo_Stanton2018-3CCway feeling confident that he could move on said “Well at least I didn’t finish behind Cruz” as he busted out in a smile from ear to ear.   Nelson Cruz also busted up laughing as well.   Khris Davis fresh off last year’s Christmas Classic made a good showing but came up one short of Joey Gallo & ended with 6 long balls.  Davis said “Giancarlo hit 10 in Round #1, I hope he’s tired & I get a shot to defend my title from last year“.   But that was not the case for Stanton, who though did say after round #2 “I was tired in Round 2, but I managed to just get past Davis & I’ll take my chance against that kid Joey Gallo“.  Stanton didn’t put on a clinic or go off the deep end, but he did manage to hit 6 bombs in the Semi’s & made his way to the finals.

The Finals were started by Stanton who cranked up a 10 spot & wowed the crowd the longest Home Run of the day a 575-foot monster blast that mostly fans were still talking about as they exited the park on their way to their cars.  Joey Gallo gave a valiant effort but came up 5 short of Stanton’s 10 & after Gallo recorded his last out, turned and bowed to Giancarlo in a gesturing honor in paying homage to the King.   Gallo said of competing against Stanton “I don’t know how I thought I had a chance.  That dude’s the best power hitter this side of Babe Fricken Ruth“.    Stanton, ever the present gentle giant that he is said “I got my childhood memories, watching the Home Run Derby as a kid. Maybe some kids are watching me & they will one day be on this stage winning the Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic.  I am proud of what I accomplished here today“.

The Christmas Classic Rules are posted here.

J.D. Martinez A.L. Chicago 50 25 35
Khris Davis A.L. Fremont 48 24 34
Paul Goldschmidt A.L. Hollywood 47 24 34
Edwin Encarnacion A.L. Tijuana 41 21 31
Mike Trout A.L. Motor City 39 20 30
Nelson Cruz A.L. Manhattan 38 19 29
Giancarlo Stanton N.L. Sacramento 59 30 40
Cody Bellinger N.L. Triple Creek 49 25 35
Joey Votto N.L. Tempe 48 24 34
Joey Gallo N.L. Pittsburgh 43 22 32
Logan Morrison N.L. Bethesda 37 19 29
Josh Donaldson N.L. Valdosta 35 18 28
J.D. Martinez 5 0 0 5 570
Khris Davis 9 5 0 14 500
Paul Goldschmidt 6 0 0 6 467
Edwin Encarnacion 4 0 0 4 491
Mike Trout 8 0 0 8 499
Nelson Cruz 9 1 0 10 575
Giancarlo Stanton 10 6 10 26 551
Cody Bellinger 4 0 0 4 465
Joey Votto 0 0 0 0 0
Joey Gallo 9 7 5 21 485
Logan Morrison 1 0 0 1 393
Josh Donaldson 4 0 0 4 532

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AT 8:00 AM - ET!