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2018MWBLRULE5DRAFTThe 2018 Mid-West Baseball League Rule 5 Draft is scheduled for Sunday December 9th, 2018 at 8:00 PM ET.

The 2018 MWBL Rule 5 Draft Order has now been posted & the complete 56 Pick, 4 Round Selection Order has been posted.

The Draft will be handled by Mid-West Baseball League Draft Coordinator Dr. Stacy & will be done in a Google Spreadsheet.

Please use this link for the 2018 Rule 5 Draft Order

It will then be transferred to the Official MWBL Draft Data Base the next day.

Official 2018 Mid-West Baseball League Rule 5 Draft Database 

D)    Rule 5 Draft

1) The Rule 5 Draft consists of up to 4 rounds. Teams will be allowed to pick from a player pool that consists of:

(a) Players who were released from rosters due to not meeting playing requirements in the just completed season.

(b) Players cut from rosters due to the Competitive Balance Cut down process.

2) Picks for the rounds will be made as follows.

(a) NOTE: The teams in the bottom tier of the league (for the just completed season) will have up to 3 picks, the next 8 non-playoff teams will have up to 2 picks, and the playoff teams will have up to 1 pick.

(b) The process is as outlined below:

(i) Round #1 – Only Bottom 10 Franchises get 1 Draft Pick. (10 PICKS)

(ii) Round #2 – Bottom 10 & 8 Non-Playoff Franchises get 1 Draft Pick. (18 PICKS)

(iii) Round #3 – All Franchises get 1 Draft Pick. (28 PICKS)

(iv) Round #4 – If any teams exercise the Draft and Develop option, their 1st Rule 5 pick will be moved to Round 4 – so this round only occurs if the Draft and Develop option is exercised. Pick order will be the same as all previous rounds.

3) There are 56 PICKS TOTAL in the RULE 5 DRAFT

4) The RULE 5 DRAFT will be held on the Sunday night previous to the MLB Winter Meetings at 8:00 PM ET.

5) There will be a Master List of all available players available well in advance for the Rule 5 Draft.

6) You can send in a Draft List of players you’d liked selected in the Rule 5 Draft if you cannot make this event live. The Rule 5 Draft should take approximately 2 Hours to complete.


DUE MARCH 8th, 2019
8:00 AM ET